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  1. where are those chars? (I mean, Cosmos, Ginga and Geed).
  2. Joey Faust has already made Goldor and Avuu.
  3. Nanase is the only one of Armin_Iuf chars who isn't still working on winmugen. Could you fix that problem and make her available for winmugen like the others, please?
  4. I don't know if there are more chars mugenized, but the original game (Amiga) has more chars.
  5. What about the remaining chars?
  6. There's a problem with gorst.zip. the file gorst.snd can't be unzipped. could you fix that problerm and reupload it, please? :)
  7. Apparently, NS's page is offline, too. (No more NS's Anonym?) O.o
  8. I think so, but it looks now like they complement each other; that would explain why Hayabusa (the original ninja gaiden) is the male main protagonist in DOA, and most of the characters are related in both games (Ayane, Momiji, Rachel,...)
  9. Yes, they were; however, they are also the only ones from this game. :( we hope someone creates the other chars, almost like Chuchoryu is doing with Tekken ones. (it's an example)
  10. I wish somebody creates the other characters of the saga (Momiji, Rachel,...) or even from Dead or Alive series (Ayane, Kasumi, and the others).
  11. There are problems with Principal Kuno (Kahuna). When you select him on the roster, the mugen crashes immediately. :(
  12. with different name, only; but they are still the same. I hope there would be more mugenized chars anyway, for Winmugen and the newer versions
  13. Thanks. (y) It works now. :D