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    That's right everyone...


    ...if anyone has a M.U.G.E.N. character they wish to see me fight, then feel free to make a request, however...


    ...there are some rules that MUST be followed:


    1) Any and all characters selected for me to go against must actually be BEATABLE, and not just that, but beatable by NORMAL means. This means, characters like Crazy Catastrophe, Rare Akuma, Dark Donald, and so on are OFF LIMITS.


    2) All battles will be either 1v1, 1v2, 2v1, or 2v2, and NOT in TURN format (single or simul).


    3) Only the WINNING attempt will be recorded and uploaded to my YOUTUBE, however, I may upload all my FAILED attempts (with audio of me screaming and getting pissed off) after uploading my first 100 videos.


    4) All fights will consist of 1 ROUND, unless you say otherwise, but a maximum of 2 ROUNDS is acceptable.


    5) All fights will consist of any character(s) you choose (that are acceptable to fight against) versus any NON-CHEAP characters from my roster, but in most cases, I will be using Syao Syao, CU The Stickman, Brian/Dave/Earl/Richter (by StickOfDoom), Ryustick, and Combo Stickman V3.


    If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or just something on your mind, feel free to contact me by any of the following accounts listed below (as well as my YouTube).






    Thanks for reading (if you actually did).

  2. Yeah, those were suggested to me and I downloaded all 3 of them already.
  3. perhaps? or this?
  4. Is there a decent Duke from KOF: Maximum Impact for MUGEN? Like, I remember facing this guy as a boss in one of my games and he was a real jerk to fight, always in your face and slamming you into the ground. If there is one, got a link, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Thanks, but I already downloaded all of those, I'm curious if there is something out there that just wasn't mentioned on the wiki.
  6. Besides a few mini-games and the character "Street Fighters", are there any other characters which are NOT mini-games (or possibly are mini-games) that are made up of multiple characters attacking all at the same time. I already have Shark Attack, Street Fighters, Strength Training, Tarkatan Horde, Karate Guys, MK Training, AVP Training (both marine & aliens), Clone Kyo, Rox Howard Clones. So, are there any others I may have missed, I would greatly appreciate knowing what they are and where I can find them. (Also, please don't mention Monsterball or Pokemon Trainer, I'm looking for characters that have multiple attackers all at the same time, like as if you were doing a 4v1 situation or something like that).
  7. By any chance does someone have: 1) A MOTIF (not a screenpack) where the window settings are 640x480. 2) A MOTIF (not a screenpack) where the number of character slots are 300 to 400 maximum. Like, long story short... ...all I need is a basic edit of the regular mugen MOTIF (system.def & select.def) that has a WINDOWED setting of 640x480 (meaning when I open it up, it'll be WINDOWED in 640x480) and a total of 300 to 400 characters (maybe even 500 if you already have it set like that). I'm not really concerned with having a fancy screenpack or whatever, but if you have one, I'd prefer if it wasn't fancy or animated, just a generic black, grey/gray, and white appearance, nothing special. Anyone have something like this, if so, I'd appreciate it.
  8. Thanks Galvatron, may your day be amazing my friend.
  9. Thank you for the information SSBK65 and also for the kind words, it is highly appreciated and you have my respects. I hope everything works out for you in your life and that all things appeal to your future. ^_^
  10. For many years now, I have been a fan of the M.U.G.E.N. project and have been around since the very first version of it, and because of that, I have a deep respect for not only the game itself, the people playing it and expanding it into one of the greatest PC games ever created (or well, at least in my opinion anyways). So with that being said, I shall introduce myself to the best of my knowledge and let you understand who I am as a person and why I chose to join this community... My name is Josh (or Joshua, whichever you prefer), and I'm living in the state of Nevada (located in the USA, in case you're from another country reading this). I grew up playing games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and many others. Though times have changed and the games have expanded, they just don't seem to feel right to me. As much as I enjoy a good 3D fighter (like Tekken), there are certain games which I honestly cannot stand now that they have "converted" into a 3D "masterpiece" (according to some people). Games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat just don't feel like themselves anymore, don't feel like my childhood, and certainly, don't feel like the inspiration of the series. All and all though, I do not hate these games, I just can't adjust to them, they are not what I remember. I'm currently living with two cats (both of which NEVER shut up), I'm attending my local college to study psychology and possibly get into game design as well (although, I doubt I'll pursue it). I'm in the process of creating a few characters for MUGEN, although, my skills are very poor and I can't seem to create a worthwhile character (currently trying to make a Mortal Kombat character). I'm also in the process of creating a few games using programs such as RPG Maker and Game Maker, but I have delayed those for now until I finish college. Other than that, I'm a guy who enjoys reading/writing Creepypastas, I watch anime from time to time, I go on Urban Exploration (Abandoned Exploration), and that is about it. Also, I have a quick question for anyone who's really into MUGEN as much as I am. Oh and one more thing, are there any other games besides Mortal Kombat that has characters designed after real people and not animations or CGI or whatever?