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  1. Why dont you use a game recorder such as fraps and disable music to hear only sound effects?
  2. MKImpc7R

  3. Does this stage exist as stand-alone and where to dl? It is from 'Mortal Kombat Defender Earth 3 M.U.G.E.N' but i dont know if the arena is available separately or where it is from. That is a protected project and i dont feel like dl-ing for 1 stage anyway.
  4. Where can I get this Rainbow Dash? EDIT: Never mind, I found her under and maybe latest
  5. Yes I remembered and corrected it, so I use var(59). I use it in statedef -3 and I dont get why the TargetState executes in Round 1. So the idea of my thread will be to figure out how to make it remember that it has to execute the TargetState only when the char has one won round. I can use RoundNo != 1 trigger but it won't help because if P1 (main player) made P2Life < 2 at round 2 and P1 lost round 1, then it would execute at round 2 which would be his first won round and in such case should happen in round 3 only. My triggers run the TargetState in round 1 and I dont know why. I did the second 'VarAdd' to be adding it after the first won round as Win should happen just once but doesnt work to only happen after 1 won round. [State -3, VarSet] type = VarSet trigger1 = StateNo = 5900 var(59) = 0 [State -3, VarAdd] type = VarAdd triggerall = Win ;triggerall = PrevStateNo != [9000,9010] ;trigger1 = P2Life < 2 trigger1 = Var(59) < 1 var(59) = 1 [State -3, VarAdd] type = VarAdd triggerall = Var(59) = 1 triggerall = PrevStateNo != [9000,9010] trigger1 = P2Life < 2 trigger1 = RoundState >= 2 var(59) = 1 [State -3, Non-MKP Sent To Finish] type = TargetState triggerall = Var(59) = 2 ;in round 1 this value becomes = 2 already triggerall = P2Life < 2 triggerall = statetype = S || statetype = C triggerall = stateno != [9000,9010] triggerall = prevstateno != [9000,9010] trigger1 = NumPartner = 0 value = 9001 ctrl = 0 Adding this code is useless, though I was trying to see if I can count won rounds in a match for other purposes too.
  6. I have IntPersistIndex = 58 on the char, so if I used e.g var(61) which is higher, it shouldn't reset? I'm trying to send an enemy char into a finish state like in mk for characters that dont share the mkp code, as right now non-MK chars dont get KOed. And im doing this by putting the code into the mkp chars, who are the only ones that cant KO the non-MK chars. I wanted to use a controller different from Hitdef but im not sure if there are others. I have to put the code in the MKP characters, the ABOVE triggers dont work tho, I dont see the enemy char sent to this 9001 state when I added variable.
  7. Something I've been trying to figure how to do, at first without variable if possible. What triggers do you use to count number of won rounds for the char within an Arcade match? i'm trying to run actions only when a char has won one round and is about to win the 2nd (when P2 life reaches 0 etc). But if the player doesnt win round 1, then round 3 has to be that time.
  8. Hi, making things is fun but once you decide to do a thing, then you want to do another and many, and that starts taking a lot of time.