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  1. Ludger: A couple of grenade fragments that grazed me. Kinda hard to walk so Hugh had to carry me.
  2. Hugh: Is the hospital still open for members though? We got an injured one here. Ludger: Sup... Yomi: Fine by me. I'll go wait outside to see if I can spot Doctor Mathis.
  3. Yui: But...we can't make phonecalls. Yui: Ludger has a phone, but he didn't call us for a while...
  4. Yomi: (Even though the coins are gold, she's asking for the source...) Do you perhaps...reconize those coins miss? Or do you just want to know what kind of currency they are. Jude: Good to know you're fine. Let's get going. At that moment. Hugh: Hey...it's that Lucina chick. Joyce: Another one of your friends? Hugh: We can't exactly call ourselves friends yet. Joyce: I see...so you're the kind of person that prefers the word "coleague" Hugh: Not that either... Hugh: Of all times...
  5. Joyce: Hi there! It's nice knowing you too. Jude: I'm as confused as you are... Jude: But since it led me to both of you, I shouldn't be complaining. Magnum, do you know where Seraph is? The group is waiting by the city's entrance. Yomi: Glad I got through you. Yomi: Now then...I wonder what currency this place uses. Yomi: With that in mind, I guess we can say the future is always changing. So "true" future prediction is just a myth. Yomi: Well...discussing this in public might cause mass panic as the Oracle told us. I'm sure you want to hear about our meeting with him.
  6. Yomi: Alright...fine, let's follow your lead then...I'm sure that when some of us ends up dead or badly hurt by a bunch of monsters, you'll wake up to reality. Yomi: (Well, guess It was too much too good to be true that I would get along with her...)
  7. Yomi: No...what I meant is that we need to do what we can to stay alive so that we can solve this situation. Not knowing when it will happen is exactly the reason why we should be hasty. If we had a deadline in sight, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Jude: That reminds me...Magnum and Seraph aren't around. Yomi: *gives Jude a small remote* Here...press this button. Jude: Eh? Why? Yomi: Just do it! Without insisting on the matter, Jude pressed the button. Then, he vanished without a trace. He would reappear near Magnum and Saber. Yomi: This what I was planning to do in the case we got attacked inside the castle and I had to call my "friend" for reinforcements...but since we didn't need that, I'm instead using it in order to find idiot angels. That disc I gave Magnum was for this purpose. Meanwhile Jude: Huh? HUH? What just happened?
  8. Yomi: Are we in a race against time though? Oh wait, End of the world and stuff...but we never know when it's going to happen. The oracle went loony before we could know more. Yomi: So I suggest we follow this lady's advice and go to Candor in a time when we can actually see the monsters coming. You know how tough the last one we fought really was, so let's rest here for the night.
  9. Ryuko: Didn't get a chance to fight any. Etomo: That was probably for the best. Yui: I never had the chance to check If they survived our attacks...Our group fought like five I guess? Yomi: My...who forgot to turn on the heater? Maybe they're really following the medieval motifs to a T. Seeeing that his words couldn't reach the Oracle, Jude started to follow the group. Yomi: Guess it was too much to ask from a Doctor that mostly specializes himself in healing and curing diseases who is also Spiryte Researcher. Psychological Trauma might be a tad bit too much for you Doctor Mathis. Jude: I assume the next plan is to search for this Athena person right? Yomi: Let's not...If she could hypnotize a room full of veteran archmages with just a whisper, what chance do we have? I bet not even the Ancestor Families can't do much either since they mostly specify in destruction magic instead. Jude: Do we now? Yomi: What? Are you saying you can resist her thing? I heard you punched a Great Spirit in the face, but I don't think that will really help you in this situation. Jude: I wasn't talking about me...Anyway, let's go back to Candor. The Oracle needs some time for himself. Yomi: (Someone else that can resist a mind control suggestion spell? Who could possibily be able to do that?)
  10. Track: Briefing Hinamori: What we learned wasn't that much different from LightFlare. Yui: However, during our investigation, we were attack by Knights of the Fallen. We tried to intimidate them with our strenght, but they've retaliated without saying a word. Agni decided to use himself as a bait in order to keep some of the numbers away. However, when I noticed, I was all alone in the field and had to search to see if my friends were fighting elsewhere... Yui: That's when I saw Tommy...Impaled by a lance wielded by a Red Knight that goes by the name of Muireann...Knight of Chaos. We fought to a standstill but Mirfah ended up bring killed as well. I discovered that she was being brainwashed...She managed to break free briefly from it, but she didn't seem to have an idea she was being used as a weapon of war. Knowing that, there was no way I could her and decided to run instead. Yui: And...well...Here I am I guess...I'm not sure where Lucina went...And felt like I was going to fall into more trouble if I searched for her...Oh yeah, when I managed to run from Miss Muireann, I ran into a girl that gave me some of her own insight in the situation of the Slums. She said that it was never their intention to ever wage war against the King...But feels like there was some communication error along the way...and it spiralled into this. She and her friends never like the presence of the Knights in that place. Yui: And...I guess this is it.
  11. Yomi: Oh my pfft...This gold...It's even worse than I could ever imagine...(I know I shouldn't be the one saying this, but the supposed Oracle that saw the end of the world turned out to be just a puppet...geez...) Despite the seriousness of the situation, Yomi was trying her best not to laugh for two reasons, one was because she was following Hera's advice of not making too much noise and emotion supression. Yomi: Doc...You assume from here...I have too...Recover my composture... Jude: But... Yomi: Not my problem...I already got my answer from this whole charade. Then she follows Idealis and Seth. Jude: If I must... Jude: (Well then...This Athena person must really like spreading chaos on an existing problem...Wait, what if that's the case, then she has her reasons for ruining the summoning ritual...either for her own amusement...) Jude: (Or maybe she's involved in this great danger as well.) Then, he started started to slowly approach the Oracle. Jude: Sir, I think you should calm down. I know you're conflicted with these revelations, but I believe that the world might be suffering a crisis. Jude: If possible, can you tell us the rest of your story? I promise we'll make good use of whatever you tell us.
  12. ((Saturday Double Post Bug that doesn't leave us alone.))
  13. Location: Entrance to the slums Track: Standing the pain Hugh: HUFF...HUFF... Ludger: Hey, don't fall on me now Hugh! Hugh: DAMN!!!!! I still can't believe I'm running from a bunch of mobs!!! Ludger: Let's calm down... Hugh: THOSE BASTARDS KILLED FRANK AND JOSEPH AND I COULDN'T DO NOTHING ABOUT IT....DO YOU EXPECT ME TO STAY CALM? Ludger: I know how you feel... Hugh: If you do, then stop saying me to stay calm...Grrr....Let's just go back to the hangout...Those pieces of shit won't be laughing when we bring the big nu- Then, Hugh realized what he just said. Hugh: Heh...Look at me...The guy that beats weak shits in a daily basis even when they resort to numbers is actually doing the same thing...I'm pathetic... Ludger: Hugh... Hugh: Dammit....This is the absolute worst... Joyce: Um... Hugh: Wha- Startled with her sudden appeareance, Hugh quickly turned around and looked at the girl. Hugh: D-Don't scare me like that! Who are you? Depending of your answer, I might have to kick your ass! Joyce: Well...This might sound strange...but...You guys are from Unitia City right? Ludger: How did you know? Did someone send you here? Joyce: Let's talk on the way. You guys seems like you're in a hurry. Hugh: ...Alright...but If I see that you're in league with those jerk, I'll smash your face in. Joyce: I assure you that I'm in your side. Actually, I've approached you because I want your help with something. Then, with a new addition on the group, they left the slums. Meanwhile, Yui, Hina and Darkflare had finally arrived near the Church. Hinamori: Whew...Fresh air once more...If we're traversing through a sewer again...It will be too soon! Yui: We're back at last. Yui: I wonder if the others managed to leave the slums as well...
  14. Yomi: Actually...let him go...but first...Catch this. She pulled a small metalic disc from her sleeve and threw it at Magnum. One could see the same sigil that Yomi used engraved on it. Yomi: Hold this on for me...And don't lose it. Jude: What is that? Yomi: You'll (probably) see it soon enough. Jude: I see. (I hope we're just overthinking all of this...)