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  1. Are those saturday videos I see?
  2. I just found Shinki by Kurogane (thanks to Kaosukage for the link.) http://www.mediafire.com/file/arbvyeek2rnhss2/Shinki.rar
  3. Sun day with fights that are all at night.
  4. Saturday where I post things a bit later than usual
  5. Sunday with Strawberry War, Redundant Tiger and A-Knocked Out Schoolgirl.
  6. We start this edition of Mr.Fael Mugen with music and a kung fu fighter.
  7. Sunday with allergies, swords and trains.
  8. Sunday stuff with demolished residences and Maori...Howard?
  9. Saturday stuff, with the ending of the Axellurd Marathon.
  10. That other time of the week again
  11. Sunday's video where the Axellord Marathon continues