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  1. I found a Jimmy Neutron Character: the file is called uk's unfinished mugen characters
  2. I found these dipper and mabel chars dipper: mabel:
  3. ugh I hate my old phineas and ferb. thank you for putting it under crap character
  4. ness: add this ness to the ssb4 section
  5. hoi ben.

    thanks for following me

    1. MugenGuy4164
    2. superearthboundkid


      also yochi found HCL's pikachu. making another HCL char found

  6. on an offline website I also found the fixed link for drowins lucas edit
  7. i finally found one of hcls chars. its his ness.
  8. hey guess what? i found him for you.
  9. also heres a link to replace the drowin style lucas
  10. i think a unknown creator made him.
  11. drowin style lucas.
  12. hey i found a 3d melee ness.