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  1. Project.13

    Creator/Editor's Collection: AVPboy6754

    Nah, it's not just you. Pictures are borked.
  2. Kyo-1, Kyo-2, and Kusanagi-SP by SailorMaRs1030 These characters were hosted on Kamekaze's site, but it doesn't seem like the links are working anymore. Does anyone happen to have these characters? Thanks in advance.
  3. Project.13

    Fire Stage by Manoichi

    Preview image isn't working.
  4. Project.13

    Hiryu Wanted

    Looks like Zerberus Dante's Hiryu to me. The only link I know of is offline unfortunately, but at least you've got an author name to help with your search.
  5. Project.13

    Anti-11's Works

    All the image links are down because they're hosted on Photofuckit Photobucket. Any chance that can be fixed?
  6. Project.13

    Strider Hiryu

    If you're referring to the Lady Hiryu in the screenshot, that's actually his Mai Shiranui in a special intro. You know Mai Shiranui, the female fighter from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters who's kind of fluent in that combat style about using their sex appeal and revealing outfits to throw their opponents off guard and distract them?
  7. Project.13

    Devil May Cry Stages

    Might wanna switch the image hosting from Photobucket. They don't allow sharing off site anymore.
  8. Project.13

    Nightmare Yamazaki by Ra Lord

    Thanks, man. Been looking for this guy for ages.
  9. Nightmare Yamazaki by Ra Lord Can't seem to find a proper version anywhere, and the 4Shared link I've seen on here doesn't work anymore. Does anyone else happen to have this character?
  10. Project.13

    Lifeend's (Offline) Edits

    Image links are down.
  11. Project.13

    MVC Kiryu Kazuma

    Image link is down.
  12. Project.13

    Street Fighter Alpha

    The Onedrive for H's characters seem to be down. Any way to fix that?
  13. Project.13

    Interior Crocodile Alligator stage

    Images are broken.
  14. Project.13

    Manual Stage 1 star by sumin2393

    Image link is dead.
  15. Project.13

    Various Stage Edits

    The preview images for Cambodia and Rain on the Buildings are down.