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  1. DJ-VAN?

    Well this explains everything...
  2. I can't believe it's been this long...I wonder if they ever unbanned me on infantry is infantry still around? edit: looks like they're havin some kind of technical problem
  3. Recent Purchases

    So earlier today I got paid. I go and finally buy my own wii motion plus. I head home thinking "I can finally finish skyward sword" I get home and the damn power cord is missing.
  4. What is your Saddist mugen memory?

    My sad moment was called system restore, pretty much any mugen character, stage, personal edit, and the one original character I put a crapton of effort into was gone. I haven't had it in me to go back to playing mugen since then, which is why I stay in random chatter. Edit: @Vegaz BSOD Blue Screen Of Death
  5. My reaction: Oh my god a company that listens to it's fans??? Take notes Capcom, and to a lesser extent you too Nintendo.
  6. I lurk from time to time, been busy with doctor visits, havent been to a doctor since I was 18.
  7. Link was unnessessarily nerfed. He's always been a little lacking in the power department. Toon Link/young link, whoever, they maybe the same person but different items wouldnt hurt, they still throw bombs, boomerangs, and shoot arrows. He's had a ton of items and powers at his disposal throughout the Zelda series, Toonlink for example, summon a cyclone and carry him to where ever he wants. Why couldnt that have been a final smash? OH OH give him some of his mask powers, Down+b for young link turns him into his 3 majora forms, final smash being his Fierce deity form. Gannon is still a Falcon clone, give him his damn sword and some of his powers over in the games, no reason to make him have a mix of both wizard and bruiser move. Olimar is a walking failure. Zelda/Shiek for whatever reason takes forever to transform, wtf? Samus should be able to charge her down B and release a power bomb (a short range version of course it would be over powered otherwise). Everything else: I agree with you guys.
  8. My 4 Leon S. Kennedy (Resident evil) Kyo Kusanagi (KoF series) Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia) Serge (Chrono Cross, he's totally human, I checked)
  9. Just as the title says. My sever lack of ****ing free time these past few months gets in the way constantly. That and I'm really lazy. unfinished vindictus fan art (not a bad game if you're into MMO's) A mugen character named after myself (never gonna happen) I might have posted this before... Character concept art (sol's twin) yes it's cut from a bigger pic
  10. Who Are You, Really? cuz I don't feel like digging up my good pics.