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  1. Happy B-Day! This birthday is yours, not Stingy's!

  2. there is actully another Mimikyu, but its just a cheapie.
  3. Diary: Feb. 6

    MEW gave birth

    1. Ricepigeon


      We named the newborn, MEWTWO.

    2. spyssappinmysentry


      oh yeah i forgot XD

    3. DLF, The Meme Lord
  4. I just found a shiny Pikipeck while I was searching for a grubbin!

  5. Happy late B-Day.!

  6. I dunno how random my battles are...

    Also that Undyne is by me and its still in a WIP State :P

  7. Well, it's been one year since I have registed to this site. I just want to say that I have enjoyd my stay here so far and I'm exited for what will come in the future.

    1. MugenGuy4164


      so am i its also been like one year of November 2015 since i joined in said time



      I somehow manage to let my Latroy6 styled Mario Bros Beat Goku and Vegeta (note I only have the english soundpack for this version of goku the english soundpack for Vegeta is gone)


  8. Event Nr. 50
  9. (I remember someone saying about using dream team/ Paper Jam sprites when i said something about smol bowser jr)

    Originally (no joke :P) I was gonna make a dream team mario using the winane a.i. thing (but scrapped :P)

    Also what is that Winane a.i.? I tried to do a fix with that thing

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    2. MissingLuigi


      I don't know exactlly, but from what I read, Winane was the guy that made the code for AI and superarmour.

      Apperantly, he also made a template called Winane A.I which was basicly a Kung Fu Man Template.

    3. DLF, The Meme Lord

      DLF, The Meme Lord

      Junior looks good! When will you release him?

    4. MugenGuy4164
  10. Post your favorite MAD/YTPMV videos here I have been watching MAD/YTPMV videos for two years now and there are alot of really good ones out there, so I made this thread for people who want to share some of their favorites. If your video contains NSFW content (aka if it has Inmu/Gachi in it) please put it in spoiler. Let me start of: Here's a good one And another one
  11. Happy Birthday to:


    Flandre Scarlet

    Hungry Wolf