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  1. I like these aesthtics, they look good to me. Good luck on the project, I'll be looking forward to it. And take it slow if you need to.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. these sprites do look quite similar.
  4. Well, then I'll quickly get these two out of the way. Thanks for the short time it was opened again!
  5. Thanks for completing that request. Gonna ask for this song song. Kinda surprised no one wanted this looped before.
  6. Glad to see this is back! Would you mind looping this from 0:53 onwards?
  7. Spotted an error. You added the seizure warning icon to DJHANNIBALROYCE's Ditto, not his Omanyte. Not sure if Ditto has flashing lights aswell though, i haven't had that character in my roster for a while.
  8. Welcome to the forums. Can't say much more than have a good time :)
  9. Nice collection so far! To contribute, i found this Biollante (a rather OP one) on Mugen Archive, the creator is Burninggodzillalord, edited by another known as Matti. Since i don't know of any other links, here's a reupload. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R62tl7vVAMOCQ66nId0WDbSFnfPcL-nc
  10. Seems really interesting! Wish you good luck with developing and I'll be looking out for when it's released.
  11. Shouldn't YajyuImouto be considered semi-NSFW? She does contain quite some (albeit censored) sprites from a certain NSFW source and these do show up even if not fighting NSFW characters (in most of her hypers for example).
  12. That is what i meant. For example, if you take the normal KFM included with the game (can't provide screenshot) and knock him off the stage he will always try to "recover" with a Kung Fu Knee. Playing as him reveals that if you press any of the command button while trying to come back reveals that he is automaticly using ther move.
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