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  1. MKJ - Orochi K' Update!

    That would be nice if I had a little child version of Whip, but I can use the normal Whip. Thanks!
  2. MKJ - Orochi K' Update!

    Thanks, I was implying you give feedback based on how the char, the effects, and the sounds look so far from this vid I uploaded. I am actually planning to change his XIII flames to blue ones, and anything else that people suggest. And let's just say computers and super glue don't work well with each other in office spaces.... Heh, thanks brother! :) Hmmmmmm..........soon, very soon......sorta......maybe......I think.......probably........yeah....
  3. Here is the next update to Orochi K' progress so far, you don't want to miss this! Sprites by 中国电信china user Edit by me Big portrait by Cyleong2013 Changed the effects of his Orochi Trigger Added teleportation moves Added new grab special with juggling Added a custom heatdrive Added a new SDM Added a new HSDM And added super/dream/max cancel effects. Sorry for such a long wait, I actually haven't able to do anything for a while since my Computer was broken for a few months...Feedback would be appreciated!
  4. KOF: Orochi K' by MKJ

    Thanks, I'm really just making stuff up as I go. and yeah, real hard to make it look nice with the lack of good sprites...seriously. And after this guy's done, THEN Iori...just you wait ;) I'm glad you really like it, I appreciate it. It'll be worth waiting for, I promise.
  5. Sorry for such a long wait, been busy with life n' stuff. But here is a little video of my progress of Orochi K' so far guys, requested by a friend. I'm limited on Orochi adapted K' sprites, so don't expect too much of that. But I promise you it will be pretty good. If anyone would like to help me out on said sprites or whatever, give a shout. So far: - basic, special, grab, and super attacks with complete XIII hitsparks/supersparks- K' voice snd, XIII snds, various sfx put together myself- XIII flame effects, orochi effects and various 608 effects - 2 DMs and 1 SDM right now Note:This char will not be XIII accurate, so don't particularly expect all of the XIII perks to be applied to him (hyperdrive mode, whatever...).
  6. My pleasure, hope you enjoy it.
  7. They can be my guest if they want to, cuz I sure as hell can't do it, heh....I'll need to learn sometime though.
  8. Cuz I suck at pals basically.
  9. Was just a few errors needed to be fixed, updated link again....oh and thanks, hope you enjoy it.
  10. I got the stages from creator MatterX9, he has his own website here full of stages he made:
  11. I'm FINALLY done with stuff on True K' now, new normal moves, new intros, good AI, new specials, 5 lvl 1 supers, 4 lvl 2 SDM's, 4 lvl 3 HSDM's (including EXTINCTIONS), and 2 lvl 4 NEO EXTINCTION HSDM's.... Here is a preview of the new moves I added recently if you've seen my vids before, and me against God Rugal in the Ultimate Return: http-~~-// And here is the link, enjoy: Credit where credit is due: - dbdrummer7,Dope,evilakuma1000, and -Genesis- for private testing, debugging and feedback. Made a lot of a difference in this project - C.A.N./Madame CanCan/The C.A.N/MugenBro for private testing, debugging, feedback, suggestions, guidelines, finding a good dampener and a lot of other stuff that perfected almost 75% of this char. - DeUcEoVsPaDeZ/20S for the guidelines on A.I., Helpers, his works and other stuff that helped me get started on Mugen a few years ago. - SamSouji for inspiring me with his crazy characters and providing other effects I used in K'....nice guy!
  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Maybe in a little while, so far I've got the second lvl 4 NEO EXTINCTION to make and two other lvl 3's, plus dampeners and a KOF reset system due time, but not too long.
  13. Alright, took longer than I expected but quite a few patches,tune- ups and changes made to K'. Changed his Crimson - Star Road, his final heatdrive a little, made a new lvl 2 heatdrive, changed his combo-ability, and Finished one of his lvl 4 NEO EXINCTION moves. Oh, and I also played with the AI a little: If anyone is willing to give reports on AI, Supers, commands, etc. Notify me as soon as possible, as well as give feedback and such.
  14. Thanks, heh I kinda wish he was as good as that Terry. He has diagonal projectiles in the air. Air dashes and guilty gear bursts? Mmm, dunno if i'll actually put those in, but when he is being attacked I could have him initiate a recover, dash to the opposite side of the stage and shoot out a fireball to disrupt the opponent at the cost of maybe one and a half powerbars....maybe? I'll have to think about that.
  15. I understand, no hard feelings honestly. yeah most edits may have one of these things, but I don't want to have a bunch of K' chars in order to have variety, I kinda want a little bundle of them in one char to say the least. But trust me, i'm not gonna be doin' this all of the time.