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  1. Character called "Dragon"

    From World Heroes 2 maybe?
  2. What characters are hard for you to beat?

    Every single character made by KAZ and Ikaruga, which I love the hell out of them.
  3. My pleasure man, I love your creations.
  4. Amagon by STG (released 2017-09-18)

    Awesome! I love NES/Famicom characters!
  5. This reminds me of Chuchoryu for some strange reason.
  6. Happy Birthday Duck muh boi.

  7. Characters You Wish Were In Mugen

    Korr from Weapon Lord by r@ce akir@ would be fantastic!
  8. Fidget Spinner by jor8a

  9. Well, id' been collecting thru the years a lot of stuff but specially KOF, from KOF '94 to XII, by posting, requesting, Pm and downloading, some stages took a lot of time to get them, they don't include music, i like to post things clear as possible, not just the name of the stage/char, also from where it comes from originally, it took me like 7000 years to upload pics, stages and also arrange all this, so please enjoy. NOTE: The download links are at the end of each pic piles as a Stage Pack. The King of Fighters '94 Status: Complete Brazil Stage China Stage England Stage Italy Stage Japan Stage Korea Stage Mexico Stage U.S.A. Stage Black Noah Stage Rugal Stage DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...73hivekzbjb09ex Download From Server The King of Fighters '95 Status: Complete Garou Stage Psycho Soldier Stage Rival Stage Rival Moon Mix Stage Ryuko No Ken Stage Ikari Warriors Stage Korea Stage Hero Stage Women Fighters Stage Saisyu Stage Omega Rugal Stage DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...ea64qs98zqzv17m Download From Server The King of Fighters '96 Status: Complete Garou Stage Ryuko No Ken Stage American Midwest Dark Women Fighters Stage Korea Stage Psycho Soldier Stage Hero Stage Ikari Warriors Stage Yagami Stage Bosses Stage Chizuru Stage Goenitz Stage DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...9pat13xz78bbd97 Download From Server The King of Fighters '97 Status: Complete Bali Stage Orochi Bali Stage China Stage Orochi China Stage Japan Stage Orochi Japan Stage Korea Stage Orochi Korea Stage Monaco Stage Orochi Monaco Stage U.S.A. Stage Orochi U.S.A. Stage New Face Team Stage Flames of Destiny Stage Parched Earth Stage Divine Lightning Stage Origin of Human Mind DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...6o12257ku864w7q Download From Server The King of Fighters '98 Status: Complete China Stage Japan Street Japan Street 2 J apan Street 3 Japan Temple Japan Temple Night Korea Stage Middle East Stage Spain Morning Spain Evening Spain Night U.S.A. Train Yard NOTE: This stage was made for Winmugen, still works on 1.0 but when the stage starts the chars are on the way left side of the stage, if someone can fix this i'll really appreciate it. U.S.A. Train Yard 2 (In this stage the Train arrives, don't get tricked by this pic) U.S.A. Train Yard 3 (And this one when the Stage starts the Train is already there) U.S.A. Wharf U.S.A. Wharf 2 U.S.A. Wharf 3 U.S.A. Wharf 4 Black Noah Stage DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...chwr925313cjn24 Download From Server The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Status: Incomplete Arabia Stage Arabia Stage 2 Arabia Stage 3 China Stage C hina Stage 2 China Stage 3 China Wall China Wall 2 China Wall 3 Desert Stage Desert Stage 2 Desert Stage 3 Hong Kong Stage Korea Stage Korea Stage 2 Aquatic Ocean Base DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...j471jvg35l11282 Download From Server The King of Fighters '99 Status: Complete Airport Stage Airport Stage 2 Chinatown Evening Chinatown Night Dinosaur Museum Park Sunny Park Rain Sewage System Sewage System 2 Underground Sewer Lift Vector 70599 A Vector 70599 B DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...lph0vnfos21vydu Download From Server The King of Fighters '99 EVO Status: Incomplete Dinosaur Museum 2 Clocktower Day Clocktower Rain Training Room DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...nw9eud1e1yi1uns Download From Server The King of Fighters 2000 Status: Complete Aquarium Desert Day Desert Storm Factory Frozen Factory Garbage Dump Garbage Dump 2 Korea Street Ship Yard Frozen Ship Yard Zero's Temple Zero's Temple 2 Zero's Temple 3 DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...7xojjcy9wpl96uh Download From Server The King of Fighters 2001 Status: Complete Brazil China Italy Japan Korea Mexico U.S.A. Zero's Stage Igniz's Stage DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...gkb6o1khb1i89ud Download From Server The King of Fighters 2002 Status: Complete Cambodia China Morning China Noon China Afternoon China Night Holland Morning Holland Afternoon Italy Italy 2nd Floor Italy 3rd Floor N.E.S.T.S. Stage Japan Morning Japan Afternoon Japan Night Korea Morning Korea Afternoon Korea Night Mexico Morning Mexico Afternoon Mexico Night Black Noah Training Room DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...2chvb99dlannv9d Download From Server The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Status: Complete Beach Cambodia Day Cambodia Night Chinese Restaurant Day Chinese Restaurant Night Dojo Day Dojo Night Greece Japan Korea Neo-Geo Land Taiwan Taiwan Frozen U.S.A. Night Sky Noah Clone Lab Facility Clone Lab Alert Frozen Clone Lab Clone Zero Stage Frozen Clone Zero Stage Igniz Stage DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...k3x7o1bk9pc99xm Download From Server The King of Fighters 2003 Status: Complete China Seaside China Seaside 2 Czechoslovakia Corner Day Czechoslovakia Corner Night Egypt Desert Day Egypt Desert Night Hong Kong Roof Hong Kong Roof Night Japan Before Gate Mexico's Graveyard Day Mexico's Graveyard Night U.S.A. Steam Locomotive Devil's Door Sky Noah Snake's Entrail DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...j6wvt3iqr9rd2q7 Download From Server The King of Fighters 2004 Special Edition Status: Complete Brazil Docks Brazil Docks 2 Desert Dojo Dojo 2 Garden Jungle Mexico Railway Railway 2 Railway Night Snow Inferno DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...67oj7zde3s57dze Download From Server The King of Fighters XI Status: Complete America America (High Resolution) Athena's Concert Cambodia Cambodia (High Resolution) Colapsing Final Hall Colapsing Final Hall (High Resolution) Italy Japan Russia South Beach Spain Tatuyama Garden (High Resolution) Tatuyama Shrine (High Resolution) Ambitions Abyss Ambitions Abyss (High Resolution) DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...h6vjqngcs6um4o4 Download From Server The King of Fighters XII Status: Complete China Downtown Ancient Egypt Street Terrace Center Plaza Stadium Day Stadium Night DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire...gc1nc362shgogft Download From Server
  10. Tema general[Spanish only/Solo Español]

    It's pretty simple, you can use ctrl combinations such as: ctrl+164 = ñ.
  11. Tema general[Spanish only/Solo Español]

    Did you know that "anos" stands for anus in english. :V
  12. Tema general[Spanish only/Solo Español]

    Ahora aqui? en MFG no te aguantaban. :V

    The 3d models in this one are horrible, like if they were made out of clay.
  14. My reaction to marvel vs. capcom infinite's character list repeating c.redfield,chunli,hawkeye,hulk,rocket raccoon and thor again.



  15. Super BRAWL Fighters Is Now Available

    You still don't get it do you?
  16. Ah! a bug on my screen!

  17. "Alright" "Ok!" "Let's go!" "Indeed" *men and women's voice*

  18. [iPhone/Android] Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm currently playing Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, but I'll download this one.
  19. Stan Lee by malevka1 (February 5, 2017)

    What the flying fuck!??
  20. Reminds me of screwattack youtube channel.
  21. Since you were saying a mugen before the 1.0 version, I was guessing WinMugen or the DOS version, didn't know there was this so called "Hack" one.
  22. I can't believe some people are still using the old DOS mugen.