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  1. "Come with me, if you want to live"

  2. ♪ Fell in love with shawty, money like Shaq
    Welcome to the party!
    ♫ *dancing*

  3. Ricky Berwick should be a Stand in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Manga.

  4. Burning with revenge, no one can stop me.

  5. Can't escape from crossing fate!

  6. So I just finished watching Unfaithful (2001) and holy shit, that movie gives so fucking bad ideas to married women.

  7. Dark Metamorphosis!

    1. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      glows red and starts healing


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    2. Pluscross


      Holy crap that is a lot of One Piece back there.


      If I hear Vegeta say "You're wide open!" one more time...

    3. Pluscross


      Speaking of DBFZ more, what does that Dragon Ball meter do? Pretty sure that wasn't in the last beta...

    4. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      This video should explain it:



      Short version: When you successfully perform & finish a combo, you get a Dragon Ball. When you get all 7 AND max out all 7 gauges of your Super Meter, the next combo you perform & finish will summon Shenron.


      It's actually more impractical than it sounds, especially when it comes to Top Players. So it's not too worrisome.


      It's also not a "I win!" Button.

  9. "What a strenght!! but don't forget there are many guys like you all over the world."

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      I posted that on Mugen Archive's chat a few weeks ago.


    2. Noside


      What a coincidence.

  10. Happy Birthday Duck muh boi.

  11. My reaction to marvel vs. capcom infinite's character list repeating c.redfield,chunli,hawkeye,hulk,rocket raccoon and thor again.



  12. Ah! a bug on my screen!

  13. "Alright" "Ok!" "Let's go!" "Indeed" *men and women's voice*

  14. ♪ I'm getting all the money! and getting all the hoes! ♫ *Russian Kid Voice*

  15. Just finished reading Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable and oh boy, I was a little disappointed on how it ended, but good overall, now moving on to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo.

  16. Metal Gear Survive = Left 4 Dead game, this time Konami went too far, fucked up big time!

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    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      *breifly logs in*

      You need to see this

      *quickly logs out*

    3. Doomguy


      RIP in Piss Konami: 198X-201X

    4. Solarflared


      wasn't this a fake blog or something?

  17. Dr. Lazarov, Y U so evil!?

  18. Kefka what are you laughing about!? 

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      That dude is practically The Joker of the Final Fantasy series.

    2. Mister Fael
    3. Noside


      Exactly guys! :=D:

  19. Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 was awesome! I just can't wait to see Episode 50! Goku vs. Black!

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    2. Noside


      No, it's an "Evil Goku"

    3. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Ok good. Bc if its Goten, Im done. Still tho, looks kind of young and thin to be Goku... Gokus a jacked middle aged man

    4. Noside


      I don't know if it has something to do with all this timeline thing, we'll just have to wait on the next episode.

  20. Decide the order of your team *Robot Voice*

  21. Defeat Mutated Derek

    1. Doomguy


      Well if it ain't Mr. Douchebag himself.
      Derek Simmons.
      He turns into f*cking DINOSAURS.

    2. Noside


      That's correct sir, you win!

  22. I just noticed your avatar now, Ash and Pikachu are twerking? LMAO!! 

  23. Now just don't forget, this ain't kung-fu come on again!