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  1. Author: Manoichi, Sprites Juansennin Download free at MugenWorks
  2. 1280x780 850x480
  3. To obtain the password in the subject write a comment on the site
  4. The universe: Naruto M.U.G.E.N render: OpenGL Version M.U.G.E.N: Mugen 1.1 Author: Manoichi Благодарности RBM-Kyuubi за оригинал графики. В течение пары дней сделаю облака, туман, светоосвещение. Download from MugenWorks
  5. new project. Requests for the creation of such materials lay on my forum under orders. And feel free to comment gentlemen ^ _ ^DOWNLOAD: 2:
  6. Very good work ) Can you send me the stage??