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  1. Any chance of taking a look at Skeletor and He man by kain the supreme? They've been in need of an AI over haul for years now
  2. Damn those new palettes i gave him looked good in game
  3. I actually released him earlier today
  4. Preview http:// http:// http:// http:// This is my simple yet fun Sprite Edit of Sonic7's Dave ...i redrew over Dave to turn him into jerry (free hand) i also changed a few things to make him not just dave with a diffrent look though some of Sonic7's. Stuff is still there because i dug it lol My favorite part was if you've ever seen Codemonkeys jerry is supper wined up so i thought for his super he should be releasing all of it and showing his real inner self ..in the form of Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls Dunt,Dunt,Dunt Crossover!! Lol ..aslo free handed lol Please enjoy this for exactly what it is .. Changes made from Dave to Jerry Jerry swings Links power sword from the NES loz game instead of a bat Jerry now turns to bill instead of a ninja robot pirate for the super Daves ET game attack is now Jerrys severed hand from the car robber Sunnyvale episode Added win quotes 11 new palettes by me Super special thanks to Sonic7 for creating Dave Ryoucchi for the new large and super portrait's Truetotalempireinc for giving him a voice with a new SND file and a stage that's included Again Enjoy it for what it is k See ya in the pit - ZombieBrock Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/8p2383yybhbp48z/JERRY.rar
  5. Awesome, ill try it out after i get home from work,then mod the read me and do some screenshots and release him
  6. Sure https://m.sendspace.com/file/7htdpo
  7. Yeah definitely https://m.sendspace.com/file/7htdpo
  8. Out of bordem i made a sprite edit of Sonic7's Dave into Jerry from code monkeys i changed alot on him includin attacks and one super but the problem is i can't make him a new SND file with Jerry's voice and that's all that's missing i have a wip topic with him in it on here if u wanna check it out ,thanks for reading
  9. Also i have several tutorials on the forum if you would like to give those a look as well
  10. Jerry is pretty much finished but i don't have home internet so i can't Download the programs to rip the the audio to create the new SND file
  11. That fulgore pal looks nice
  12. Thanx Well given few ideas from the actual show that i thought would be good to replace the ninja robot pirates super i give you Jerry's inner monster.... Bill Cypher !!!! ..what! I like Gravity falls also lol i equate this to Akumas shin go satsu but in 8bit form lol jerry gains strength thru fighting and when his rage is released it morphs him into a true monster ...Bill And yes i drew bill it's not someone elses work
  13. Whoa Zinesis long time no see man! How ya been (this is Zombiebrock btw lol)