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  1. Holy......that shading is outstanding
  2. Im really sorry to hear that bud,but remember no one is ever truly gone and theres a reason why it's called a grieving process. .because it is just that,a process
  3. Preciate Bud!
  4. The Nes Chin says it has a problem when u try to Dl it
  5. Well damn i hate i missed this thread
  6. I really wish i could release all the pals I've been doing for my personal mugen....excellent as always my friend
  7. These look great man
  8. Thanx This was my master creation for MFFA ,i hate that it is soooo out of date and missing pics because i had to delete them due to people hotlinking them and destroying my Photobucket data and messing up my regular pictures on it and im still without home internet so idk if it or the other updated one i had started a while back...sucks big time
  9. Man that preview was insane
  10. Ummm it's surely going to disappoint us? Lol please tell me you meant to add Not in there
  11. Nice job on these bud ..i need to jam through my mugen to see if i need a new small port
  12. Thankz a ton bud ...very much appreciated
  13. Now that's a more to love mugen character if i ever seen one
  14. Hey bud sometimes this month when u get done with all of those, think u can jam me out one of Golden Freeza? Your choice on the pic,
  15. I really hate my computer for not being able to run 1.1 right now