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  1. Thanx Well given few ideas from the actual show that i thought would be good to replace the ninja robot pirates super i give you Jerry's inner monster.... Bill Cypher !!!! ..what! I like Gravity falls also lol i equate this to Akumas shin go satsu but in 8bit form lol jerry gains strength thru fighting and when his rage is released it morphs him into a true monster ...Bill And yes i drew bill it's not someone elses work
  2. Whoa Zinesis long time no see man! How ya been (this is Zombiebrock btw lol)
  3. Thanx ..i just don't remember how to make an snd file...i made one like back around 2002 lol..i saw on deviant art full sprite sheet's for several of the characters What's done All sprites 100% edited over from Dave to Jerry Changed his game cartridge attack over to Jerry's severed hand attack Added win quotes What's left I want to change the NRP super over to jerry as his ryu esc outfit from the ET episode and when he attack's have it use the "lock and load " voice clip He needs the new SND New Large and Super portraits Then he will be ready to go
  4. All the Lord sinistro characters are offline so we are in need of Alts
  5. God after all this time something in characters was finally released that intrest me lol
  6. Sweet..i was thinking that if this worked out ,i was gonna attempt black steve but since u want to go for it ,im thinking mr larity ...id love to see Todd
  7. Progress Got all of his hit and fall esc esc done ,also he no longer throws game cardges ...but his own severed hand from the car robber sunnyvale episode! !!! And here is a decent standing shot of him ...im really enjoying this, i hope someone can help me with making him an SND file See ya in the pit!
  8. So yeah i was watching code monkeys earlier today and thought to myself it couldn't be that hard to take Dave from code monkeys and sprite edit him into Jerry ,my two main issue's are thus...he needs a Jerry SND file and also maybe some jerry styled supers im thinking about editing the ninja super into Jerry's Ryu esc outfit from the ET episode. ..but im hoping to work on getting all the sprites outfit changed over tonight Quick preview Original Now the edit Lol i know it goes by quickly but u can see Jerry's finished sprites. ..so basically when im done i need SND help ,maybe a new Portrait. Any takers ...over 17 years in mugen and this is my 1st true edit,all credit for Dave will be given to the original author ofcourse
  9. Welcome to the family
  10. There's also a 1 button instant kill Bill from Gravity falls (im pretty sure he can be found in the anime and toons section on here) im in a hurry or id link it
  11. Much appreciated
  12. From the boondocks,he used to be on here ,but i couldn't locate him ,thanx in advance
  13. Not sure if hes in that long list of links but chuchoryu made an snk styled sprited rumble from gravity falls he released a couple of months back
  14. It's just a palette job
  15. Holy......that shading is outstanding