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  1. mfw I find the password for my MFFA account:




    Well, time to go back into hibernation for the next 2 years.


  2. FourthRhyme

    Papyrus by FourthRhyme Updated (06/17/16)

    You beat me to it for my own character... But anyway, yes, he has some problems. Okay, A LOT of problems. I should have taken them into account first and memed second. I will update to fix these. Sorry!
  3. FourthRhyme

    Skullgirls - Squigly (20%)

    Nice work! The sprites are really fluid. ...and don't feel bad that she's not finished. 20% done is better than 0% done!
  4. FourthRhyme

    Papyrus and Sans's house

    Awesome! Looks like this is going to be Papyrus' home stage. Nice work! (Also sorry you couldn't release this stage with Papyrus. It's slow going, and trying to make sure everything is working.)
  5. FourthRhyme

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    ^^^^^ Hmmm, this character seems really cool, wonder who made it.... Its probably the best ever, and the most amazing character to ever be made... (joking, of course) I came here to suggest my Chipper's Revenge, but it seems someone already has. XD
  6. FourthRhyme

    Freddy Fazbear by "Elecbyte"

    Hmm yeah, about that... Cough.. cough... Cough...
  7. FourthRhyme

    FNaF World: Chipper's Revenge

    So, Five Nights at Freddy's World came out a little while ago (and was pulled from Steam by Scott for having so many bad reviews) and I played it. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. I was debating making a Mangle character, but there is one secret boss that is so absolutely unfair that I thought "Hey, that would be a funny joke/boss character for M.U.G.E.N." The boss is Chipper's Revenge. --Chipper's Revenge-- "My world was filled with colorful creatures, but no... you just wanted to be scared..." --Video of him in action.-- --Video of the actual boss fight.-- The whole point of him is that he is Scott's first character from his first game. But when FNaF went viral, he was left in the dust. So he wants to destroy all animatronics, starting with YOU! Oh, and his attacks deal a full health bar of damage. What's that, you say? How could any game boss kill you in one hit? Well, that's just what he does, my friend. I took a few liberties, such as having him crash down after each jump, and having a health bar that seemingly does not drain, but in the end, its still pretty similar. His only upside is that he has to be close to hit you. Just like in game, he can only be killed by an instant-kill F1 move (aka the Reaper Bytes in FNaF World) or by surviving till the timer runs out, where you will win by default because I coded him to. So its basically a "avoid-the-one-hit-kill" boss. Disclaimer: This is a Joke-esque Boss Character, not to be taken too seriously. Get him here: (Just click on the file you want, then click the line with the arrow on it at the top that says "Download".)
  8. FourthRhyme

    (Lethal League) Candyman By FourthRhyme

    Oops, sorry about that. Next time I'll do it right.
  9. This was something I was working on, but kinda got bogged down with school. Anyway, he's finished now so... Candyman A completely accurate conversion of Candyman from Lethal League! (with a few added super moves.) Created by me, FourthRhyme, he used two buttons like the source game, sound effects and all! He is designed to be a "glass cannon" kind of character. Hits a bit more heavy, but takes a bit more damage. He also has many reverences to Candyman by Aqua, because I thought it works well. He has 6 palettes (of course the black n' white and negative) and has three special moves. A bit simple, but I think its pretty accurate to Lethal League. Download him here! (Just click on the file and then "Download" at the top.) Alternate Link: (provided by SSBK65) (And yes, I may get around to making the other characters, like Latch and Dice)
  10. FourthRhyme

    Microsoft Sam

    Wow I'd never expect someone to make a Microsoft Sam character, but after all, this is Mugen. Cool find. Also obligatory:
  11. FourthRhyme

    Zoe Trent by Ismael Vanegas Quintana

    I looked through her sprites, she doesn't seem to be. All of the power bars and menus have her name a face on them, and no remains of other characters. So this person deliberately designed a Littlest Pet Shop character to have these attacks.
  12. FourthRhyme

    Freddy Fazbear by "Elecbyte"

    Tried him out. He's really only for novelty. I'm really disappointed. I mean, there are characters for Littlest Pet Shop that are better that this! (No, seriously, I just posted one) Well good news, they aren't stolen. He made them using Garry's Mod, similar to his Foxy, and uploaded them to Mugen Wikia, but I guess something happened and he just crudely cut them out from there.
  13. Mugen, a game where you can make anything you want. Even... wait, Littlest Pet Shop? Yes, you heard me correctly, a Littlest Pet Shop character has been made for Mugen. I present to you... Zoe Trent {I found this character a while ago, and saw that its website went down. So here she is.} This is one crazy character. Not crazy because of where it comes from, but just crazy in general. Zoe Trent is created by Ismael Vanegas Quintana. She uses all buttons, but all normal attacks have the same animation. She can fire arrows at high speed, roll various balls that have tons of effects (from launching your opponent to freezing them in place) and has a large number of "modes". These are activated through specific button combinations. For example, Blood makes her deal double damage and Sp. Atk makes all projectiles deal extra damage. She can even summon in characters from Final Fantasy and call in meteor showers if her Power gets high enough! (she has 20 bars of power) Her spriting is very good, but she has very few sprites. I believe her sounds are all from the show (can someone confirm this if they've watched it?) and also has a fully completed story mode that is entirely in Spanish. Oddly enough, her voice is in English. Her A.I. is simplistic and difficult at the same time. She jumps a lot and attacks with her normals, but watch out. If she gets Power she will abuse it, freezing you in place and calling meteor showers on you or other devastating attacks. Link: (Click on her file then click the arrow and line at the top to download her) So remember. It doesn't matter where the character comes from, it matters if they have a full arsenal of insane attacks. -FourthRhyme
  14. FourthRhyme


    I present to you... MUGENEMON This is... well, I have no clue. Its a parody of Doraemon that plays.. well, not very good. It was created by HANBAHAN and uses two buttons with two supers. Very simple, but very buggy. Also do not wear headphones while playing with it. It will hurt. Its kind of terrible. A novelty character if you will. That's why I took it upon myself to fix it up. The link below leads to my Drive which includes the original buggy one and the edited version I made. My changes are minor, simple coding and sprite fixes. I also lowered the volume of the sounds as best as I could. There is a readme that list all the changes. Link: (Just click on the file you want and at the top there will be an Icon of a folder. Click it and then click Download) So enjoy this very odd, creepy, and... well, just plain weird character. -FourthRhyme