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  1. Lightning Flik

    How to code fly?

    Not actually Space Harrier but the female character from a famicom game Attack Animal Gakuen.
  2. Lightning Flik

    How to code fly?

    Yeah shooting projectiles while running and flying.
  3. Lightning Flik

    How to code fly?

    Any space harrier style flying code? And no anims when shooting projectiles, aka the character stays idle while projectiles come out? How do I changeanims when character is relative to screen left and right and middle?
  4. Lightning Flik

    MFFAWN #30 (Nov 05 - 11, 2017) - Bulletproof Buck

    Who made Parasite In City Character @ Ho Seong screenshot?
  5. Lightning Flik

    (SNES) World Heroes Lifebars!

    World Heroes Lifebars! No SNDs again sorry. DOWNLOAD: Resolution: D4!
  6. Lightning Flik

    Street Smart

    Karate Man by me.
  7. Lightning Flik

    Soul Blade/Soul Edge Lifebars!

    Wow, nice.
  8. "If any harm comes to Odessa, you'll be sorry."

    1. MugoUrth


      I didn't know people remembered Suikoden. It was a pretty fun game, although I wouldn't call it one of the best RPGs the Playstation had to offer. I really didn't like the mindless bossfights.

    2. Toshio Tenma

      Toshio Tenma

      I've finished both games, too bad the Suikoden 2 may get glitched characters if we use the save from Suikoden 1.

  9. Lightning Flik

    [Cvs2] Morrigan

    Thanks Vibrant.
  10. Lightning Flik

    [Cvs2] Morrigan

    Already have pots' version.
  11. Lightning Flik

    [Cvs2] Morrigan

    Anyone have the old version with original capcom sprites?