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  1. I kinda understand 4Shared, but how is MediaFire bad? It's the most accessible cloud storage website out there of the rest I've recommended. And I didn't forget about quickdrive because I have never heard of it before.
  2. (PREVIEW) AND... | (I wanted to release this edit several months ago, but never got around to it. Original stage by mh777.) (DOWNLOAD) 3D STAGE PACK | STAGE EDIT (COMMENT) The reason I made these 3D Stages is because I feel that there aren't enough of these kind of stages for M.U.G.E.N. Also, I like them a lot. I mainly used Dolphin Emulator's "Free Look" option to rip from these games (I used a modified Legend of Zelda Collection ISO that ran Mario Kart 64 instead of the intended game which was how I was able to rip from that game using Dolphin in the first place.)
  3. NECRO-BUMP! Donnie's been updated. Check the first post.
  4. I don't know where the other 2 are at, but I managed to find this one.
  5. It's called New Age City & it was made by MarkPachi.
  6. I never thought that I would want something so much until I actually got it. (And in Veanko style, no less.) Anyway, insta-download.
  8. EDIT: Stages are updated. Check first post.
  9. (PREVIEW) "ESCAPE THROUGH THE DISPOSAL TUNNEL" "DOGFIGHT ABOVE THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AFTERNOON)" (DOWNLOAD) (COMMENT) Iridion 3D is a game that was released for the GAME BOY Advance that features "3-D" FMV backgrounds, Mode 7 (like most GBA games), & good shmup action. I plan on converting all of the stages the have the effect mentioned above. The tunnel frames/animation in Stage 1, "ESCAPE THROUGH THE DISPOSAL TUNNEL", are 100% source accurate at 2 ticks per second & 32 frames. However, Stage 2, "DOGFIGHT ABOVE THE PACIFIC OCEAN", isn't quite as accurate regarding frames/animation as the water frames has been halved due to some software I used (the game runs at 60FPS). Although, I do have all the frames somewhere on my PC. And while I think that the animation looks nice as is, I may end up updating the stage in the future purely for the sake of accuracy. If not, I'll just re-rip them. Also, you probably can't tell, but the cloud is parallaxed, just like the source game. The floor is from the game's Main Menu tiles, except that I edited it to look like a floor and slapped the game's Title Logo (which is animated) on it. SPRITES FOR REFERENCE: Anyway, if you don't see me around the M.U.G.E.N Community (you probably will as I skulk around every now & then, but you'd probably give less of a shit, wouldn't you?), then I wish you all Happy Holidays! EDIT: Updated the stages. You'll know it's one when you see it. Credit to Cenobite 53 for feedback.
  10. Happy Birthday, Waifu Smasher Sookie!!


    Here's your Birthday Gif!



  11. Heh. I just uploaded this on MFG a few minutes ago. Bout to try him right now!
  12. Just use MediaFire, 4Shared, Dropbox, MEGA, and/or Google Drive. Although, I personally suggest MediaFire as it's the most convenient of the other 4 I've suggested (except maybe Google Drive). Don't listen to what other people have/had said MF, because if they think MF is bad then they don't deserve to think that SS is good.
  13. That's okay. Just click on "[RELEASES]", then click on where it says "Start new topic".
  14. These look nice, but shouldn't you have put this in the "[RELEASES]" Section since you're the one whe made/converted the stages? I made that mistake once or twice when I was still new here about a year ago.