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  1. When Pro Skater Videogames were a must have/must Play.


    Good Ol´ days~ I´M A SUPERMAN.



  2. Zelda Breath of The Wild or Horizon Dawn Zero?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ex☆Cham


      @RedDragonCats17 I have no doubt that I will go for zelda always.


      Buuut, i wanted to know which game the forum mems would pick or atleast preffer.

    3. Ex☆Cham


      @Noside Specialy Coppel´s clients.



    4. RedDragonCats17


      I never heard of Zero Dawn, but I'm mostly a Zelda nerd, so Breath of the Wild would be my pick.

  3. Updating Old Stage from Mugen 1.0 to Full 1.1 I just need someone to test it.
  4. Trying (again) my luck with sprite animations.


    2 Frames, a hell lots to do still.



  5. Well screw =/ I´mma get into debt again but i totally want that Zelda and Nintendo even if the battery doesn´t last so much.
  6. Err... Anyone wanna help me to finish a stage? Just need a LIL help rendering something out.

  7. Dragon Screamer.
  8. Trying to make my version of a stage from Nitroplus. [PREVIEW]



    1. DartzPie


      Someone is working with there mugen creativity bones,  <3 ;D 

      ubetterfinishitthistime :<

    2. sonikun


      Looking great, mate

    3. Ex☆Cham


      @DartzPie Well, i only did that much since i had a day off.


      Why don´t you help me a bit?

  9. Welp, made something :P
  10. Who made the "Grand Re-Opening" banner up there?

    1. Galvatron


      I believe it was RMH


  11. Listening to "Nier" Ost... Oh my.... :crywithno:



  12. Stuff i did during these few days off i had. ^A fucking dogoo... Best Villain ever. ^1st one is my OC and the 2nd is Blanc from Hyperdimension Neptunia. A friend asked me to do Blanc using the same sprite i did for my OC so... Was easy and fast. No panties version (NSFW): ^My OC and a Friend´s OC doing... The Oniichan thing. Took me 2 days to finish (And gonna fix some stuff i just noticed...Later) Welp... That´s all i have right now... Waddaya think?
  13. I have today of so... Decided to try and sprite my OC (the girl) with a Friend´s OC doing the Oniichan thing :P Not done yet tho, lot of fixes to do.


    Waddaya think so far? [PREVIEW]



    1. sonikun


      Looks great, mate.

    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Damn, nice looking sprite man.  You really pulled that 2 tone shading off and made it look good.

  14. Anyone here uses Discord? Just looking for someone to chat with on group of whatever.

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    2. Алексей


      Yes, it's fairly new and still being set up somewhat, but there are a few members there.

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Yup, like Алескей said, it's still sort of being set up, but it's functional enough at this point.
      Here's the link:  https://discord.gg/yesZ9vz

      We'll do an official announcement once the next forum upgrade comes out.
      The FACEBOOK button on the top bar's getting replaced with Social Network.
      Underneath it'll have Discord, Evolve, Facebook, and Youtube.

    4. Ex☆Cham


      Okey? I guess could be interesting...