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  1. When ya wanna mugen but then get drag into the deeps of the gaming heaven for hours.


    ...I hate/Love you TF Fall of Cybertron and God Eater 2

  2. Ok, picking Zen cuz i simply like this HD sprite style--- But the tittle says she´s gonna rekt at Versus.
  3. And another $5 Sprite Commission: Haruhi Suzumiya with her Baseball Uniform and BAT!
  4. I can´t decide if i should buy Bayonetta on steam--- x-x  

    I wanna save some cash for something but my gaming senses tingles.

    1. Noside


      Just wait for a few days and you will get it free, most games on steam get cracked easily.

  5. Random Question: Why asking for more staff? I get the point of the collections cuz thing is really massive.
  6. Pretty sure i saw this (or atleast a similar) character on Nitroplus Blasters
  7. Why does Shin Godzilla looks scary as heck when it a movie made with a guy in a godzilla outfit??? I mean FUCK! Movie is dark as heck and the ost is GODLIKE

    1. Ryoucchi


      But it was cgi, lol

    2. Noside


      That was like a thousand years ago. (last year x3)

    3. Ex☆Cham


      @Noside Well i just saw it yesterday cuz someone at Twitter invited some peeps to a stream of the movie soo... But anyway! Was too good.

  8. I know this is waaay old but The hell? You have the name of a vampire, a warrior and a shrimp V: Erm... Carlos Martinez.
  9. Plz. keep the forum this way.

  10. More stuff: Updated my OC "Angel" stand Sprite by using a 3D model a friend did for me. May need to fix one or two thing with her arms and chin but so far i like the result. $5 Sprite Commission by gamefreak202020 $5 Sprite Commission by ragefulhunter
  11. When Pro Skater Videogames were a must have/must Play.


    Good Ol´ days~ I´M A SUPERMAN.



  12. Zelda Breath of The Wild or Horizon Dawn Zero?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. RedDragonCats17


      I never heard of Zero Dawn, but I'm mostly a Zelda nerd, so Breath of the Wild would be my pick.

    3. ShiroTori
    4. Алексей


      I own both, but am focusing on HZD right now. The story is fascinating. It really draws you in. I've found few flaws and it's all-around a great game. Combat is fun and intense. There's variety to each hunt. You have to approach things differently up against each different type of machine. Zelda is a huge open-world experience, different from any other Zelda game that has existed to date. It even has voice acting, albeit kinda shoddy in places. Weapon break system is kind of annoying, but I guess you'll get used to it. Check out a few reviews of each game to see what you think you'd like more at the time. Nothing is stopping you from getting both either. Can only afford one? Put the other on the back burner and wait for a sale some time in the future.

  13. Zelda Breath of The Wild or Horizon Dawn Zero?

  14. Updating Old Stage from Mugen 1.0 to Full 1.1 I just need someone to test it.
  15. Trying (again) my luck with sprite animations.


    2 Frames, a hell lots to do still.