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  1. Thanks man!
  2. The moment I saw Brainiac....hell YEAH!!!! I hype for him more than Darkseid.
  3. Video or screenshot of the character. You must add that.
  4. Can someone provide a different link, mediafire maybe? Sendspace won't work on me
  5., yea much better now. He also added blade and scythe attack combo in SS Rose form. Pretty nice.
  6. That color separation was good. This is definitely the best sprite for Goku Black in mugen for now. Gameplay was okay considering it's like a CHOUJIN style, I'm fine with that. My only complain is his blade super moves, it's lack of explosion after the attack, make it look lazy.
  7. What did you mean GT is not in Xenoverse 2 at all? GT Goku, SS4 Vegeta and Super 17 were already in Xenoverse 2. Mostly the character from the previous game will be in the game. Only Super character will be released as DLC. Seem like you guys kinda misunderstood here. What I want to see is the character, if possible from all DB franchise. I don't care if their story was canon or not because Xenoverse cover the entire DB multiverse, much like Heroes. Like I said, this is video game. Is better to get more character so we can enjoy playing it.
  8. Each people has their own opinion. There's a tons of people out there are also say that GT is good, they love it. For me I only like the design of GT character, all of them has an originality, never before seen design. What I hate about GT is the presentation of it and making Goku a kid. Toei ruined it. The idea of Baby being the last survivor of Tuffles seek revenge against Saiyan and the Dragon Ball itself became their enemy in the form of Shadow Dragons was actually a pretty dope idea. It just it wasn't present it well. For Super 17 arc, that was actually a good point to bring back Future Trunks, but they screw up, and Super 17 is indeed the worst arc in the whole DB franchise, I also agree on that. I'm personally wanted to see Baby arc and Shadow Dragons arc get re-create back in DBZ/DBS style (like Baby possessed Vegeta body, but this time with his God Ki and SSB for Baby to use, and the Shadow Dragons will have a connection with the Zarama, the creator of Super Dragon Ball, just some idea). For me this two arc has potential. Toei just wasted the opportunity. Now let get back to the topic, this is just a video game. We don't have to take the story seriously and just play with the character. The more character are better. That was many DB community being asking for DBZ games. That why they praise Tenkaichi 3 until now. Plus the story they present in Xenoverse is a new twist for the story that we know, so it's not gonna hurt whether the original story was good or bad for us.
  9. It's already noted about the horrible of GT. It's not so new at all. What majority of DB community hates about GT is of course the storyline, however not the character. SS4, Baby, Super 17 and Omega Shenron are a good addition for DB franchise, more original look then what Super give right now. Many DB fans like the design of GT character, plus this is video game, games like Tenkaichi 3, Heroes and Dokkan Battle has a GT character, and it was well received by fans. More character are better and GT character is far worth than Saibamen, Appule, Rasbery or any other Frieza's soldier as a playable character.
  10. Man, still no word about Baby Vegeta...c'mon DIMPS please add him in the game!!!
  11. Wow, finally I can get back in MFFA!!! It's been so long I haven't check this site. Hope all has return to normal now.

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      Welcome back :)
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      Welcome back Sam! :)

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      Hell yeah! Glad to see you guys still rocking here! I'm back with new look now XD!

  12. What did you mean they won't? Obviously Japter is talking about the upcoming One Piece game on 3DS, which feature a 2D sprites for One Piece characters. This sprites are normal sized character. Like Japter say, pretty sure they're will be many creator out there will take this advantage and create One Piece character, because the sprites is not chibi. Just look at DBZ Extreme Butoden. Many creator has create tons of DBZ character using that sprites. Wenchu also seem interested to make new One Piece character using the sprites from the game when the sprites has been rip.
  13. I knew it they gonna add Deadshot this time. His probably gonna replace Deathstroke for this game
  14. Wow, it's been a long time I open this site. Hope MFFA has back again. Now....SPOILER ALERT!!!!!
  15. He's from Dragon Ball Online actually, alongside Mira and Towa. And his power is nowhere near the level of SS4 Gogeta, that just Dragon Ball Heroes messing up the power level, because that what Dragon Ball Heroes always do.