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  1. [PC/PS4/Xbone]Dragon Ball Fighters - Arcsys DBZ Fighter

    Well like I said, this is video game. GT only sucks for the story, but not the character. Majority of fans always welcome GT characters in a game. Obviously they will not add all of it, just an important one, like you said SS4 Goku. That goes for Super as well, is not like they gonna add all new characters from Super. Although for win win situation, I can see that they can add GT characters via DLC. I also want the original DB characters too. The likes of King Piccolo, Tambourine and Devilman should get the love they deserve after Tenkaichi 3.
  2. [PC/PS4/Xbone]Dragon Ball Fighters - Arcsys DBZ Fighter

    Gameplay upload by Namco. Better quality with 60fps.
  3. [PC/PS4/Xbone]Dragon Ball Fighters - Arcsys DBZ Fighter

    Oh c'mon, we don't need that kind of conversation anymore. We all can agree GT is really bad however GT was never dead in terms of CHARACTER. Again this is video game, GT characters are always welcome in it. Up until now majority of fans was so disappointed that DIMPS for some reason didn't add Baby Vegeta in Xenoverse series. They just skip him completely while adding Super 17 and Omega Shenron. What funny is, Baby Vegeta is the only arc in GT that many fans considered worth watching.
  4. [PC/PS4/Xbone]Dragon Ball Fighters - Arcsys DBZ Fighter

    Here the demo gameplay! Stage Destruction and transformation in battle confirm!
  5. [PC/PS4/Xbone]Dragon Ball Fighters - Arcsys DBZ Fighter

    Obviously it will look like Guilty Gear, it was made by the same team. Not that surprised. I hope they added Movie, GT, and DB characters as well. This is the kind of game that we can enjoy all Dragon Ball franchise characters equally! At the hand of pro, hell even Yamcha will be cool in this game.
  6. [PC/PS4/Xbone]Dragon Ball Fighters - Arcsys DBZ Fighter

    Nope, that 3ds game is a bit slower. This one will play like Guilty Gear XRD mostly, with a bit of Marvel vs Capcom style because of 3 vs 3 battle. You can read the game description as it say "ultra high speed battles". Basically, this one will play like a true traditional fighting game.
  7. [PC/PS4/Xbone]Dragon Ball Fighters - Arcsys DBZ Fighter

    Hell yeah, Max has express his interest!!!
  8. [PC/PS4/Xbone]Dragon Ball Fighters - Arcsys DBZ Fighter

    LOL, was about to post this. HELL YEAH!!! Finally the return of competitive TRUE FIGHTING GENRE game of Dragon Ball!!! I love how they chose 2.5D style, meaning the gameplay system is like Mortal Kombat, Injustice and Street Fighter (Budokai and Burst Limit are still 3D game, the move like Tekken). So a 3 vs 3, maybe it will be a lot like Marvel vs Capcom! Either way I'm hype as fuck now. And since this is 2.5D style, Maximillion Dood will probably play this game!
  9. Injustice 2

    The moment I saw Brainiac....hell YEAH!!!! I hype for him more than Darkseid.
  10. Lilimon Released by Ezequiel Torrejon

    Video or screenshot of the character. You must add that.
  11. Superman Beyond (Beta) by Angelus_Silverhead, JARRO77 and borewood2013 [1/10/2017]

    Can someone provide a different link, mediafire maybe? Sendspace won't work on me
  12. Goku Black by Heal the World updated 11/21/16, yea much better now. He also added blade and scythe attack combo in SS Rose form. Pretty nice.
  13. Goku Black by Heal the World updated 11/21/16

    That color separation was good. This is definitely the best sprite for Goku Black in mugen for now. Gameplay was okay considering it's like a CHOUJIN style, I'm fine with that. My only complain is his blade super moves, it's lack of explosion after the attack, make it look lazy.
  14. Dragonball Xenoverse 2

    What did you mean GT is not in Xenoverse 2 at all? GT Goku, SS4 Vegeta and Super 17 were already in Xenoverse 2. Mostly the character from the previous game will be in the game. Only Super character will be released as DLC. Seem like you guys kinda misunderstood here. What I want to see is the character, if possible from all DB franchise. I don't care if their story was canon or not because Xenoverse cover the entire DB multiverse, much like Heroes. Like I said, this is video game. Is better to get more character so we can enjoy playing it.