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  1. Homework is really pointless when you think about it. I mean, you have enough work at school. In fact, school in general is pretty pointlessly long, so why do we even have it? It's not like we're learning any thing useful for our lives from it. Let alone anything. (I loath math by the way. Especially fractions. Why are fractions even necessary in school when you don't want to be an engineer?)

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    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Everything you learn at school gonna be useful at some point (Specialy if you have good memory), hell even at videogames or cooking, a few things more than others but it´s gonna happen to some extend.


      THO, homework is indeed kinda pointless IMO 

      I recall teachers saying homework was "more or less a little work to help your mind process what we tried to teach you today but at your own phase." 


    3. Xiristatos


      I can name a few things one can really learn in school, such as realizing that you're surrounded by foolish fuckheads everywhere and that you're only gonna be good at any subject if you had the interest in it beforehands... two things that apply to me by the way, with English only being easily my best subject because I mainly communicate on the Internet in English anyway (I'm German, if you're wondering).


      What you will NEVER learn is basically anything that has to do with homework. Those fools who believe that they're good for you and keep you "smart" are wrong as hell. They exist solely to waste your time you would rather spend doing what you love... you know, after already being in school for 6 fucking hours. If anything, they'll only make you despise school with even more of every fire in your soul.

    4. Xiristatos


      Which makes me glad knowing that I already graduated out of this mess back in 2014 and am currently in the much more favorable job training, with a job school (roughly translated from German of course) that barely, if ever, gives you any homework and acknowledges that you're gonna have to work for your actual job as well. And most importantly, you actually learn what's relevant to your job, everytime.


      Still fucking hate my life, but that's something else entirely.