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  1. There wasnt really a good parappa back then

    So uhh this parappa in this video is My Version (Currently a beta)

    Please note Parappa is still in a WIP State

    Random Fact: Parappa makes some bargain bin appearance in A Paper Mario Role Play game in Roblox

    The Game can be found here:

    1. Darkflare


      So what you're saying is that there still isn't a good Parappa..

    2. MugenGuy4164


      actually: There  was not a good parappa (could be an edit of Wolverine) And i think this character dates back to 2000. right now im makin a new one (using the sprites and kfm as its base (it may look like an edit but just simply uses kfm as its base).)

  2. there should be some good UNDERTALE/UNDERTALE Au characters than bad ones...
    The only good Creators that Do Good UNDERTALE/UNDERTALE AU characters are: Me,Mickes,Endercreeper,Gamerduck13,Angrybirdcooler and a few others i forgot...


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    2. Darkflare


      Citation needed on good creators.

    3. MugenGuy4164


      oh those were suppose to be the bads


      Heres the goodies...

      Few of Mine (and a few that are NOT mine)

      (alterswap Toriel/Straw Berry Toriel by me)


      UNDERPANTS Sans by Sanspooltheskeleton


      Repainted Sans/Zens by Me (incase you dont know what this character is based on its UNDERTALE Repainted)


      Sanstaclause by Gamerduck 13


      Frisk BETA by Me


      NEGA Papyrus/ UNDERFELL Papyrus by Mickes


      UNDERFELL Sans By Angry Bird Cooler


      Alphys By Fourthrhyme


      So Sorry by Endercreeper

    4. Darkflare


      Why are all these links from Mugen archive? I doubt any self respecting author would be posting from there

  3. Doesn't it sound peaceful in this console's Menu?

    I also own a PS2 but somehow the clock stopped itself

  4. Site back on again :P

    Im quite curious how it sometimes stops working itself...

  5. a few flaws in this Rob Character that people may have missed


  6. I cant tell how many UNDERTALE (colored) Sprites i made/edited

    And it gets bigger and bigger...

    Optionally you can just at least count how many are there

  7. Im still that curious on how easy this toriel's a.i. is

    also I decided damage dampener in my power star mario bros btw

    and they even manage to beat Ryu and Ken


  8. They almost look identical
    Just made differently


  9. I wasn't expecting Shadow mario's A.i. (My Character) to beat toriels (MegaX's Version)

    He can even beat 2 toriels (pun?) alone!


    1. Ryon


      cause your character is cheap as shit, How much life did you give mario? cause in the 1st video she hit him but his lifebar BARELY dented. wasupwitdat!?


    2. Pluscross


      ...She's not all that hard either...

  10. The original Adventure Time

    It was Truly made in 2006 and became viral in 2007

  11. heres something that i remember...

    Also this is my first character (but i cant seem to code in this game to make a character)


  12. Its quite strange how my shadow mario creation manage to beat MVC Sonic's (Or some called this thing Gogeta The Hedgehog) A.I.


  13. I like this tikal but its somewhat has this LK problem when the a.i does the combos


  14. I wonder if this may fit for the Menu for a Au called Help_Tale

    Also the text is Spelled HNDERLALP (just in case)

    and heres a sprite edit i did that also may say Help_Tale


    1. MugenGuy4164


      This Music Somehow feels like a corrupted Gameboy Game

    2. Darkflare


      I thought the Undertale hype was over.

    3. MugenGuy4164


      Its not really the Regular UNDERTALE thing Its just an Alternate Universe variant

  15. Those PSI attacks from earthbound


     " Timestamps: 0:00 Hypnosis α 0:01 Hypnosis Ω 0:03 Shield α, Σ 0:05 Shield β, Ω 0:08 PSI Shield α, Σ 0:11 PSI Shield β, Ω 0:14 Shield Killer 0:17 Paralysis α 0:20 Paralysis Ω 0:23 Magnet α 0:26 Magnet Ω 0:29 Hungry HP-Sucker 0:31 Defense-Down α 0:34 Defense-Down Ω 0:38 Counter-PSI Unit 0:45 Enemy PSI Attack 0:47 You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attack! 0:48 Fire α 0:50 Fire β 0:52 Fire γ 0:54 Fire Ω 0:57 Freeze α 0:59 Freeze β 1:01 Freeze γ 1:03 Freeze Ω 1:06 Thunder α, β 1:09 Thunder γ, Ω 1:11 Brainshock α 1:14 Brainshock Ω 1:18 Starstorm α 1:21 Starstorm Ω 1:24 Flash α 1:26 Flash β 1:27 Flash γ 1:31 Flash Ω 1:34 Rockin α 1:37 Rockin β 1:40 Rockin γ 1:44 Rockin Ω becareful of getting seizures  "

    1. MugenGuy4164


      Also i dont know if its possible to do Ninten's Party Members for MUGEN. (from earthbound beginnings)


  16.  Filler thing

  17. I think THAT could be the Hill Zone From Sonic.Exe

    Its just some reversed Music...

    The "HYPER REALISTIC !!!111!!1! thing" is at the end of this video

  18. This was simple to code...

    I think this character will share the files anyways

    1. Ryon


      yeah evil mode is fairly easy to do, but it depends on HOW MUCH you wanna get into it.

  19. Combo Filler...

    I cant tell how much i can code those combos and certain limits on juggle points (i knew what that stuff is its where it limits a certain number of hits)

  20. I once watch dragon ball (or was it dragon ball z) in my very early days (For some reason)


    1. Dark Chaos

      Dark Chaos

      Welp, i was watching DBZ too. Those series are good, but fandom is still cancerous.

    2. Akram


      80% of fans speak Spanish

  21. Midis...

    Once was a great music maker till the distortions of music converters

  22. Off topic thing: Is it just me or is Sony Copying the Nintendo Switch (NX) ? Trying to get attention for the PlayStation fans?

    Fanfact: The Name Playstation originated from a unreleased SNES CDI thing

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    2. Krypto 'SAM' saiyaN
    3. jenngra505


      Actually, he just copied what he read on

    4. MugenGuy4164


      I didn't even look at that website

  23. Something that i feel like working on as another template

    It almost looks like i did a heavy edit of Ryon's KFM MVC template

  24. Im bored so heres a filler number 2

    This character wont be scrapped Since i havent been really working on this...

    Nor it may have Some similar things to Its brother

  25. i found the sprites of YouKai's/Hanyou's 3D Naruto (Well the model of Said 3D Naruto)