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  1. I recently got Mario Party 9 From a fleemarket

    And i managed to beat the first stage on solo mode (and That was pretty fun)

    1. Darkflare


      But isn't the first stage of anything the easiest? Nothing to be excited about if you ask me.

  2. i Tend to like SFMs (Some)

    but i cant really animate in SFM (SourceFilmMaker)


  3. Decided to post this Smash Video

    (i got about like 4 amiibos)

  4. I find it strange about this game on the switch: "snipperclips" Some say its a Inapro (Inappropriate) game. But its just that cute...

    also i did a sprite of a Snipperclip in UNDERTALE (Both colored and non-colored)


    again both links dont have an image :PPP

  5. Kung Fu Man + Related Edits

    Another KFM edit (but its Inspired by Choujin's Dragon Ball Z characters) or KFM Choujin Styled Edited by Me cause i tried
  6. I recently got this Yoshi amiibo (well i actually got it earlier :PPP) (And i also like yoshi for no reason cuz i think hes cutie cool and stuff)


    "Image isnt displaying :PPP so i guess the link may tell ya if you click it :PPP

  7. "I used to watch this on a VHS tape long ago" "Aside from that. this song kinda made me cry..." (Both today and the time when i was young ;_;)


    1. MugenGuy4164


      I also did watch a few others of this : A Christmas special and a few other i forgot :PPP

  8. Just a bit of something i see in my opinion: Am i the only one thinking this Music (Parappa 2 Stage 2 Awful Mode) Fits for Underlust? (Basicly Underlust is a NSFW UNDERTALE AU and its one of the worst ones ive seen

    Off thing: The Music of Parappa 2 Stage 2 Awful Mode somehow sounds like Star World from Super Mario World

    1. MugenGuy4164


      Additionally Underlust made me lose my experince of UNDERTALE characters (they MADE toriel look dirty even a few other things i really hate in this Lusty AU)

    2. Darkflare


      Yes, you're the on-


      Never mind that, you mind explaining to the rest of the class why a 15 year old was looking for things like that?

    3. Pluscross


      Ugh. :\ 

  9. Little something: what was your first video game (doesnt matter what console it is :PP or on a Computer)

    I dont remember my first (since the NGC days)

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    2. Darkflare


      Super Mario World

    3. MissingLuigi


      same as Darkflare

    4. YochiIsC00lest333


      I can't remember, what is my first video game

  10. I used play this game a lot when i was a kid

    I may tell my favorite power ups later :P

    1. Darkflare


      Nah, we're good 

    2. Pluscross


      Dang it I wanted to play Generation when I was a kid.


      But NOOOOOOOO... All I got was Frogger Beyond. How the Gamecube didn't get ruined like the PS2 did for me is a mystery. Maybe it was Sunshine.


      Also, clearly, the Rubber Bomb. Best bomb. 

    3. MugenGuy4164


      I even had Jetters (though Generation is based on no anime unlike Bomberman Jetters)


      Probably my favorite bombs in this game are these in this entry: Landmine (unlike other entrys some you cant pick it up but in generation you can pick it up but it explodes in a few seconds) And Remote Bomb (you can just simply use the B button to set it off yourself)

  11. Does anyone know this Shimeji Thing (AKA desktop buddy) it walks around on your screen and you can make your own and stuff

    I did made a couple of Shimeji (but most are just WIP)

    1. Darkflare


      Sounds like spyware to me.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      it may sound like it but its actually some Java Script

    3. Darkflare


      And you think you can't use Javascript to spread spyware?

  12. Little something: The First Console I saw as a little child is perhaps the gamecube and the ps2 but mostly NGC :P

    For a handheld its probably the GameBoyAdvance

    whats your first console?

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    2. SSBK65


      Our family's N64, in 1998.

    3. Darkflare


      First I heard of a family model Wii.

      I don't like it when people lie to me.

    4. MugenGuy4164


      like what could you mean if they lie about the Wii Family Edition

  13. Quick update: I recently got Pikmin 3 for The Wii U (I get it why its dead but still) and decided to play the game (within the pikmin 3 demo game data i also played some where in 2015 or something)

    also spring break is starting

    1. Darkflare


      Thanks man, I wanted an update on your life.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      I tried playing the game on day four (the day where the demo ends i think?) but the controls on the gamepad was complex

    3. Darkflare


      Keep those updates coming mate

  14. Im bored (i also cant wait for spring break at school next week...)

    i wasnt expecting someone to use My Smol Strawberry (alterswap) toriel for this...

    1. MugenGuy4164


      Also here something:

      Regular UNDERTALE Toriel is a beta (so you may at least enjoy this for once :PPPP )

    2. Darkflare


      I mean, if we note the frequency of your status updates, it's pretty easy to see you get bored often. Maybe it's time to look for a hobby that isn't Mugen for those moments you don't feel like doing something mugen related.

    3. Rimu


      I agree with Darkflare. Half of your status updates start with "I'm bored" although it doesn't provide any kind of relevant conversation.


      Even though you might really feel bad, you sound like you're whining over and over and this annoys other members as well.

  15. I think i found the sprite base of axel stone by actarus (i think people may already noticed :P)



    1. Darkflare


      Yea, people have noticed. Mainly because Actarus' creations have been around for years.

  16. Isn't it so strange that MIDIS can have a voice?


    1. Darkflare


      Actually, it's not strange at all.

  17. There wasnt really a good parappa back then

    So uhh this parappa in this video is My Version (Currently a beta)

    Please note Parappa is still in a WIP State

    Random Fact: Parappa makes some bargain bin appearance in A Paper Mario Role Play game in Roblox

    The Game can be found here:

    1. Darkflare


      So what you're saying is that there still isn't a good Parappa..

    2. MugenGuy4164


      actually: There  was not a good parappa (could be an edit of Wolverine) And i think this character dates back to 2000. right now im makin a new one (using the sprites and kfm as its base (it may look like an edit but just simply uses kfm as its base).)

  18. there should be some good UNDERTALE/UNDERTALE Au characters than bad ones...
    The only good Creators that Do Good UNDERTALE/UNDERTALE AU characters are: Me,Mickes,Endercreeper,Gamerduck13,Angrybirdcooler and a few others i forgot...


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    2. Darkflare


      Citation needed on good creators.

    3. MugenGuy4164


      oh those were suppose to be the bads


      Heres the goodies...

      Few of Mine (and a few that are NOT mine)

      (alterswap Toriel/Straw Berry Toriel by me)


      UNDERPANTS Sans by Sanspooltheskeleton


      Repainted Sans/Zens by Me (incase you dont know what this character is based on its UNDERTALE Repainted)


      Sanstaclause by Gamerduck 13


      Frisk BETA by Me


      NEGA Papyrus/ UNDERFELL Papyrus by Mickes


      UNDERFELL Sans By Angry Bird Cooler


      Alphys By Fourthrhyme


      So Sorry by Endercreeper

    4. Darkflare


      Why are all these links from Mugen archive? I doubt any self respecting author would be posting from there

  19. Doesn't it sound peaceful in this console's Menu?

    I also own a PS2 but somehow the clock stopped itself

  20. Site back on again :P

    Im quite curious how it sometimes stops working itself...

  21. a few flaws in this Rob Character that people may have missed


  22. I cant tell how many UNDERTALE (colored) Sprites i made/edited

    And it gets bigger and bigger...

    Optionally you can just at least count how many are there

  23. Im still that curious on how easy this toriel's a.i. is

    also I decided damage dampener in my power star mario bros btw

    and they even manage to beat Ryu and Ken


  24. They almost look identical
    Just made differently


  25. I wasn't expecting Shadow mario's A.i. (My Character) to beat toriels (MegaX's Version)

    He can even beat 2 toriels (pun?) alone!


    1. Ryon


      cause your character is cheap as shit, How much life did you give mario? cause in the 1st video she hit him but his lifebar BARELY dented. wasupwitdat!?


    2. Pluscross


      ...She's not all that hard either...