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  1. there should be some good UNDERTALE/UNDERTALE Au characters than bad ones...
    The only good Creators that Do Good UNDERTALE/UNDERTALE AU characters are: Me,Mickes,Endercreeper,Gamerduck13,Angrybirdcooler and a few others i forgot...


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    2. Darkflare


      Citation needed on good creators.

    3. MugenGuy4164


      oh those were suppose to be the bads


      Heres the goodies...

      Few of Mine (and a few that are NOT mine)

      (alterswap Toriel/Straw Berry Toriel by me)


      UNDERPANTS Sans by Sanspooltheskeleton


      Repainted Sans/Zens by Me (incase you dont know what this character is based on its UNDERTALE Repainted)


      Sanstaclause by Gamerduck 13


      Frisk BETA by Me


      NEGA Papyrus/ UNDERFELL Papyrus by Mickes


      UNDERFELL Sans By Angry Bird Cooler


      Alphys By Fourthrhyme


      So Sorry by Endercreeper

    4. Darkflare


      Why are all these links from Mugen archive? I doubt any self respecting author would be posting from there