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  1. 3 hours ago, Flare-Gamer-64 said:

    Bowser is King of the Koopas.

    Asgore is king of the Underground.

    Pretty easy to tell why.



    sometimes toriel reminds me of him (for some odd reason as if he was an actual good father like that nintendo switch parental controls thing)

  2. Looking back how i did asgore
    I had to use a sprite by a friend of mine. Cause if i did the actual sprite from the game (you know cause he has a big robe and all that) then it'd be hard to sprite edit :P

    also why does asgore sometimes remind me of bowser

  3. 3 hours ago, The Auditor said:

    Well, that sucks....but you know Nintendo...they'll take down ANY fan game that had their IPs...I mean, remember Another Metroid 2 Remake?


    But in all seriousness, I hope things turn out better for you, deserve better

    at least sega does what nintendon't (Genesis Does what Nintendon't)

  4. 3 hours ago, Flare-Gamer-64 said:

    In fact MFFA's collections are why I made an account for this place.

    I just came here for random :P (maybe just that super mario collection and other stuff)

  5. 3 hours ago, Flare-Gamer-64 said:

    In fact MFFA's collections are why I made an account for this place.

    I just came here for random :P (maybe just that super mario collection and other stuff)

  6. Who would i want to see for MUGEN?
    - A Good Alien Hominid for MUGEN (Roughly 2 versions exist but they both arnt too good) I'd like to see either sprites from the game (not the PC version) or just Custom made

    - Koopalings. If only if someone would make a good version of them.

    - A better Sackboy for MUGEN.

    - Cappy and the Bonneters (Mario Odyssey)

    - A good Birdo for MUGEN than a boss variant (Alexander William's version is okay. While a few versions are just accurate to SMB2/ SMB USA. But i just want a more custom made Birdo that is somewhat reminiscent to Mike's Yoshi)

    - A Mr.M For MUGEN (Mario having the Mr.L Role from Super Paper Mario)

    - Henry Stickmin

    - Better South Park Characters (There is a Stan Marsh but its a spriteswap of PokemonBoy's Kyle and there isnt much good south park characters :P but only the ones in Marvel Vs Capcom style)


  7. There are flaws i found in FFS (Fighter Factory Studio)

    Flaws I found:

    Sometimes When i open .DEF file after opening other files on that program, It sometimes crashes.

    When i attempted to find the -3 State by clicking on the list of states. it crashes or certain other states? (I am not sure :P).

    Whenever i open a character and open up MUGEN to test it or screw around with it it crashes MUGEN saying it cant read some .cns file (usually the first one in the .def).

    When i try opening up some FFX file it doesnt have all my MUGEN .exe things.

    On top of that When i apply the settings in the options to change into classic look. It sometimes crashes

    The Sound section where you test sounds and stuff is laggy.

    Theres probably more flaws i found

  8. (continuing)

    - Characters that uses a trendy palette (Usually in the past they usually use that Madoldcrow1105 maroon outline style which i never or even barely use for reasons) its too bad he stopped that styled.

    - Bad sound effects on some characters (Even when you try ripping it from some audio of a TV show poorly like how beanfan112 does it). Or even using that distortion effect (Unless you love that effect) which i sometimes do and/or dont at times

    - Creators that cannot accept feedback and/or criticism or even Stop making trash for MUGEN (though i said that before :P) Usually if they keep on making the same problems then they will just fall to the point where they become as bad as other creators that are notorious

    - poor attempts at silly soundpacks or certain types of sound packs (which im also bad at tbh)

    - a Poor edit of an existing character thats bad or even A bad Edit (Im sure the were those notorious crappy Symbiote edits in the past and later they are quite obvious that its just a sprite and pallete edit thats not even a Symbiote edit)

    - Some People that bash your old MUGEN content or upload them that you dont care about. Although depends on how you do. You simply improve anyways or if you dont improve you basically bash them on what they did to your creations.

    - Readmes that are garbled Usually they would contain a foreign text thats japanese,korean and/or chinese? (I dunno if there are chinese MUGEN creators) but when you try to open it its just a mess

    - On top of that. Readmes that try way to hard to be funny

    - Characters that try to imitate a certain gameplay style (Seen some vids saying something bout that P.O.T.S Style and mosty fails) MVC to me is kinda easy (although its hard to get used to the more combo thing with all of the bouncing of falling down and stuff)

  9. - Characters that often combo you in a corner (Notably Super Mario and Whatever Edit they TRY to edit super mario so badly)

    - On top of that. Any Super Mario edit that's either a paletteswap or just poorly edited (I hate paletteswaps. They could just basically make up a palette patch but no they dont care... Only some people care.)

    - The MEGA Update on papyrus and Muffet's original release (Notably the ai. and other things that are unbalanced af like the decap head attack and the Teashooter (Why make it unblockable?) and Some of their attacks are unblockable. (I get the ai is challenge but its unbalanced to me). Also there is a reason why i had to edit both the normal version and the Christmas Version (Festive muffet)

    - Commands that are Hard to activate (Honestly I like to use commands that are simple like Marvel Vs Capcom like commands: Such as D,DF,F X+Y) Unless you add some time thing where commands can vary to become easier to activate. If its a full circle command then its super hard. For charge commands i don't like them either.

    -  Commands that do not activate at all (Some characters have some commands in the wrong places) (Im not sure what but it can be hard to explain

    - Characters that often spam (Likely that DCvsMarvel Template and a few other bad templates like the SMVC EOH template)

    - Lazy CLSNs (Its that important)

    - Characters that try to be like a boss character but fails: Either a poor spriteswap, High Stats, Or just poorly done

    - A character with a high defence stat (The most annoying thing is how the block with that which its mostly annoying)

    - Characters with one frame attacks (You cant even block their attack when the hitdef has a time = 0 thing when they attack with one frame) (unless you put it in time = 1)

    - Creators Poorly using a character template (Im sure one person tries using my Undertale Template but always fails and never stops and he never wants to quit making more trash) (Additionally its just best to use KFM or n64 Mario's template or Attempting to fix a bad template or Whatever template it is (As long as its not just a spriteswap, but use it as a base)

  10. 8 hours ago, GarfieldfanMUGEN said:

    Depends on how many good creations there are. XD


    (Those who are not on the Archive may not get the joke.)

    There is too many bad ones but theres a certain number of good ones :P (But i cant link them cuz archive)

  11. 6 hours ago, AstroInkling45 said:

    Gotta love that Annoying Dog/Toby Fox Sprite i Used (Cuz its fluffy, Soft looking and cute as a Pillow)

  12. 9 hours ago, Weiss_Circal said:


    I have those two in my roster. If I can choose who is harder, I'd probably choose Muffet because 2/3 of her strikers unleash bullet hell on you and has an annoying super that makes projectiles spaw everywhere and it won't end until the next round. Oh, and her Tea Shooter is unblockable and spamable. At least she doesn't have Papyrus' bone traps...

    Thankfully i HAD to edit them