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  1. I once Liked the Ronald Mc Donald edits trend. Then i stopped. Somehow it came back :P


    I love how some sounds in some ronald edits are just loud
    somewhat loud enough to make this :P

  2. So i recently got a nintendo switch and Mario Odyssey
    and i managed to get to the lake kingdom

    And Friend code: SW 6381-2303-1344

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      Woo awesome! Lake Kingdom is actually my favourite one! I'll give you my friend code later if you want.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      you can simply just ask your friend code so i can add you

  3. oh look its Johnny Quazar Jimmy Neutron

    but i am trying to make it as a MUGEN character (Cause there isnt a good jimmy neutron for MUGEN :P)


    1. BluEngineerCKG43


      You're making him? Nice! Once you finish it. This one will be a good Jimmy Neutron Char.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      maybe. I just dont know if this will be at least good or something

    3. BluEngineerCKG43
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  4. Zoinks! Hey Scooby. Do you think those funny lookin turtles wants us to battle them?


    1. GarfieldfanMUGEN


      You think you could reupload that version of Scooby in the video? After finding Shaggy on the Archive, I've been searching for the separate version of Scooby. All I could find was the one with Shaggy following him and the one with mobile sprites.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      Ill try reuploading that GBA scooby alone on my website if i can

    3. MugenGuy4164


      and here it is :P

      Keep in mind the file name inside the ZIP file says ScoobyDoo(ALONE)

      just to make sure people dont have a mixed up file name

  5. (im sure some people may not know this)

    You can actually use some  const(size.yscale) whenever you want to align the hitspark/projectile a lil easier

    for example: if you add this code const(size.yscale) in a small character by the Y position thing and scale the character to 2 for example

    it just simply aligns it for you (I have found this code in The_None's Beavis and Butthead)

    At least you do not need to add another .CNS file with some changed code for aligning hit sparks/Projectiles etc.


    What the code should look like?
    sparkxy = -10,-16 * const(size.yscale)

    This works for projectiles aforementioned above but you have to change it to offset (unless its a helper)

    1. Pluscross


      What were you doing in there?

    2. MugenGuy4164


      umm what do you mean?

    3. Pluscross


      Looking around... In code for some odd reason.


      To think of it, there's a mystery I need to solve on one particular character by digging in their code to discover something...

  6. Cappy MUGEN portrait (But hes in is original form)


    Keep in mind the shading is a lot different than the official artwork

  7. Now who would need a better hammer suit just to be suited a bit more
    (and a WIP of Hammer Suit Mario)

    I even did (somewhat better) Basilisx (if you'd know this character from SMBZ)

  8. Is it just me or is that i am quite good for playing as this SSB Mario (and yes its is made by me and its also updated as well)

    The Description on this video may also reference a PS1 Game btw (although its kinda obscure tho)

  9. Recently Made a Boom Boom For MUGEN


    1. Darkflare


      So what was the point of asking if there should have been a Boom-Boom if you were already making one?


      I doubt anyone who makes characters for Mugen bothers to do an interest check first.


    So i heard they released the Kof Undyne


  11. I wonder if we should have a Boom Boom For MUGEN (The one that appeared in Super Mario Bros 3 and a few others) And also Pom Pom

  12. battle of some KFM edits i tried to make


  13. Mario Doll sprite

    Mario Doll Sprite


  14. I did a release thing for 2018

    Contains 2 downloads

  15. (One of the underated Characters of Paper Mario :P for MUGEN) + Final Vid of 2017


    1. SSBKing65✯


      Now this is a much needed villain, shame it never was explained what happened to her in SPM, I guess she passed away. 

    2. MugenGuy4164


      I dunno
      But i do love this underrated character anyways

    3. MugenGuy4164


      On the other side
      We know Mario's Brother Luigi becoming a villain (Becoming Mr.L (roughly) Twice in Super Paper Mario

  16. 2017 is mostly ehh.. i dunno. Right now in my view

    As for 2018 i just hope it gets better

  17. Some spritesheet expansion :P

    Kart Fighter Peach Spritesheet


    Honestly I think the Hummer Team Did a Really Nice job on that Peach Sprite for Kart Fighter

    (Keep in mind theres other Princess Peach sprites from whatever version it is from: Like Big Eli King's and Alexander William's Kart Fighter Peach)


  18. Some DBZ arcade like battle, but they are sorta in the style of King of Fighters

    Those arcade Goku and Gohan Just sorta has similarities to CCI Vegeta and CCI Piccolo


    Cappy MUGEN Portrait


    Cappy MUGEN Portrait (I Simply used Paint and Paint.Net to make it Similar to It's artwork)

    Along with some shading (Sorta good im just not very good at shading like this)

    1. Pluscross


      ...Cheap joke character. Calling it.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      I'd like it just being a normal character :P

  20. (I keep on forgeting things :L)
    How do i make an Image Show up when i post something?

    1. MugenGuy4164


      what if its a: deviantart image, Imgur, or whatever hosting image site thats good

    2. SSBKing65✯


      Same way, they should still appear on this site. 

    3. MugenGuy4164


      I think i got it

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  21. MFFA is back so yeh

  22. I recently made an "english voice pack" for Warner's Joe Swanson (Just for anyone who dont know spanish)

    Download in description from this video


    1. GarfieldfanMUGEN


      What's awesome is that I got a profile visit from Warner not too long ago. I should show him this.

    2. MugenGuy4164
  23. 8 player smash but its the MUGEN Smash Bros Mod

    I find it unfortunate that sometimes a character constantly goes off screen and screams (Depends if it has its death sound)

    1. YochiIsC00lest333


      Just like in Super Smash Bros for Wii U:goodmood:

    2. GarfieldfanMUGEN


      This is basically Smash Wii U but glitchy.

  24. after all these years
    A goomba finally gets the plumber but its cloned (sorta)


    1. Pluscross


      Did he fix it's hyper commands yet. Would be a really neat Goom if they ever got fixed, aside from the random meme taunt...


      I tried changing them to double Hadouken commands, rearranging them... Didn't work.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      Im pretty sure the commands are easy to do. Sometimes it can hard to recognize
      D,D 2 buttons pressed simultaneously

  25. Hide and Seek And You cant run thing in MUGEN (As a stage)