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  1. Some mario sprites ive been working on (sorta)

    MUGEN SSB Mario Sprites vectors stuff

    Im trying to make the looks a bit more expressive and some improvements as well :P

  2. Been a lil while since this site was down :P

  3. a few more MUGEN portraits :P

    MarioMUGENportrait(warnerlike) 2

    Shadow Mario MUGEN portrait


  4. Did a koopa troopa Portrait :P


    the shading isnt the best but i tried

  5. The problem about how Luigi is animated in brawl box is that. The Jump looks distorted (It looks like it was from mario's)
  6. I did a thing (Trying to imitate that Portrait of Warner's Luigi)
    Looking at the Fists: This is really well done to me (besides of all of the different shading comparing to The New Super Mario Bros Artwork)

    MUGEN Mario Portrait (warner like)


  7. sorry maybe my browser is kinda slow at time :P
  8. I just came here for random :P (maybe just that super mario collection and other stuff)
  9. I just came here for random :P (maybe just that super mario collection and other stuff)
  10. Who would i want to see for MUGEN? - A Good Alien Hominid for MUGEN (Roughly 2 versions exist but they both arnt too good) I'd like to see either sprites from the game (not the PC version) or just Custom made - Koopalings. If only if someone would make a good version of them. - A better Sackboy for MUGEN. - Cappy and the Bonneters (Mario Odyssey) - A good Birdo for MUGEN than a boss variant (Alexander William's version is okay. While a few versions are just accurate to SMB2/ SMB USA. But i just want a more custom made Birdo that is somewhat reminiscent to Mike's Yoshi) - A Mr.M For MUGEN (Mario having the Mr.L Role from Super Paper Mario) - Henry Stickmin - Better South Park Characters (There is a Stan Marsh but its a spriteswap of PokemonBoy's Kyle and there isnt much good south park characters :P but only the ones in Marvel Vs Capcom style)
  11. Steve Smith sprite attempt

    (im not the best at imitating a certain spriter's spritework but its the best i got)
    Pose from: American Dad vs Family Guy Kung Fu 2

    Steve Smith Sprite attempt

    also MFFA is back on yey

    1. Pluscross


      Weird flash game.

  12. There are flaws i found in FFS (Fighter Factory Studio) Flaws I found: Sometimes When i open .DEF file after opening other files on that program, It sometimes crashes. When i attempted to find the -3 State by clicking on the list of states. it crashes or certain other states? (I am not sure :P). Whenever i open a character and open up MUGEN to test it or screw around with it it crashes MUGEN saying it cant read some .cns file (usually the first one in the .def). When i try opening up some FFX file it doesnt have all my MUGEN .exe things. On top of that When i apply the settings in the options to change into classic look. It sometimes crashes The Sound section where you test sounds and stuff is laggy. Theres probably more flaws i found
  13. another: When you mean other 2D engines for Fighter Factory: Are there any to list for other 2d Engines?
  14. Literally some characters can be punched like that...


    Thankfully cheats were on for this (Cause ya cant lose studs if you have the invincibility cheat)

    1. Darkflare


      Admitting that you have to cheat is the equivalent of inviting everyone to call you all sorts of mean things.


      Also to laugh and point at you.

  15. Before we got Breath of the Wild (where this is one of the zelda games having full voice acting (except link)


    1. MugenGuy4164


      Im not sure if i can count the infamous CD-I games of Zelda

    2. MugenGuy4164


      If only if nintendo had made an english version of this

  16. (A combined World Heroes 2 and A bit of other Dragon Ball Characters :P + A WIP Spritesheet )

    World Heroes 2 Krillin WIP


    All of the WH2 DB chars (Single Sprite)

    Keep in mind the sprites are kinda ment to be a lil knock off lookin :P

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Now that is interesting, I like the bootleg Krillin one...would go great with World Heroes 3: 28 Peoples (it's like World Heroes 2 on NES but with 28 peoples also 3 is slapped on it :P )

  17. Will there be chances where you can edit a stage/screen pack/ life bar or something like that?
  18. oh look its dem legs for MUGEN but in a beta
  19. Really? I didnt know that thanks for tellin' me that
  20. Some Winquote for The Koopalings (I tried using some quotes from the mario games they appeared in)


     "This is badder than bad. This is baddest!"

    "Bahahaha! It cracks me up when you talk all serious like that."

    "Yo! you made it dis far, But you just couldnt even try"

    "SHUT IT! Don’t make me show you what I can really do the next time when you fight me!"

    "Hmm. You’re serious about that battle, aren’t you?"

    "You should know I don’t intend to try very hard."


    Morton Koopa Jr

    "Have a good time! Have a nice day! Sayonara! So long! Ciao! See you later, alligator! Ciao! Bon voyage! Hasta la vista! Be sure to write!"

    "You couldn't possibly counter any of my Moves!"

    "Guhuhuh... I knew I could beat ya!"



    Wendy O Koopa

    "You could have realized my Candy rings are quite deadly to you teheheheh"

    "Wendy wants violets, not smelly old fire flowers."

    "Got the wind knocked out of your sails, didn’t you?"

    "Guess that's the end of you. Well, that was easy!"

    "Go on, try your best the next time when you face me! It won’t be enough."

    "I’m the most beastly beauty in this World of MUGEN!"


    Iggy Koopa

    "Bahaha! Looks like I win!"

    "What's the matter? Battle Royal not going the way you thought it would?"

    "So what if I'm not as tough as my brothers and sister! I can still get you!"

    "AHAHAHA! You should see the look on your face!"


    Ludwig Von Koopa

    "Hmph! What a bother."

    "Bwahaha! You should’ve known I’m more than you can handle!"

    "Whatever. I’m not impressed! Time for a real leader to step to the plate!"

    "You looking for trouble, buddy?"

    "Gwehehe! You think your puny attack is going to damage me?"


    Few were from that Mario TV show (Both SMB3 and World (Sorta)
    While most are from certain Games and others


    I Havent made Roy Koopa's Quotes yet tho :P


  21. Usually nowadays for me. I kinda hate most of my old creations of late 2014 (December) to early and mid 2015 (January 2015 - July 2015) . (Till Late 2015 (roughly september 2015 to Today) Thats were improvements kinda comes or mostly.
    Usually the first ones were


    - my attempt to make the Koopalings at MUGEN (its really difficult to make what winposes or intros for them since its quite hard to figure out what their personallities are :P). First some SMB3 sprites 2nd MLSS (and other versions i tried) and mostly the infamous ones i dont like the most the ones that uses the crappy DC Template. Today the only versions im currently making uses these sprites :P


    - crappy attempt for a self insert (i hate literally roughly 3 to 4 versions of my self insert character)
    till i remade myself the nth time but using some 8 bit lookin sprites (Sorta) with a lil Dragon Ball stuff in it :P


    - Edits (Mostly bad ones i tried too hard on to make it look good or just little to no effort)

    (other than MUGEN)

    - Bad sprites i did before (Roughly 2011 - 2014) usually there were certain characters or certain things i could NOT Draw

    Today im trying my best on some sprite edits (Ya can't just predict it to be always perfect because no body is perfect)

  22. (continuing) - Characters that uses a trendy palette (Usually in the past they usually use that Madoldcrow1105 maroon outline style which i never or even barely use for reasons) its too bad he stopped that styled. - Bad sound effects on some characters (Even when you try ripping it from some audio of a TV show poorly like how beanfan112 does it). Or even using that distortion effect (Unless you love that effect) which i sometimes do and/or dont at times - Creators that cannot accept feedback and/or criticism or even Stop making trash for MUGEN (though i said that before :P) Usually if they keep on making the same problems then they will just fall to the point where they become as bad as other creators that are notorious - poor attempts at silly soundpacks or certain types of sound packs (which im also bad at tbh) - a Poor edit of an existing character thats bad or even A bad Edit (Im sure the were those notorious crappy Symbiote edits in the past and later they are quite obvious that its just a sprite and pallete edit thats not even a Symbiote edit) - Some People that bash your old MUGEN content or upload them that you dont care about. Although depends on how you do. You simply improve anyways or if you dont improve you basically bash them on what they did to your creations. - Readmes that are garbled Usually they would contain a foreign text thats japanese,korean and/or chinese? (I dunno if there are chinese MUGEN creators) but when you try to open it its just a mess - On top of that. Readmes that try way to hard to be funny - Characters that try to imitate a certain gameplay style (Seen some vids saying something bout that P.O.T.S Style and mosty fails) MVC to me is kinda easy (although its hard to get used to the more combo thing with all of the bouncing of falling down and stuff)
  23. - Characters that often combo you in a corner (Notably Super Mario and Whatever Edit they TRY to edit super mario so badly) - On top of that. Any Super Mario edit that's either a paletteswap or just poorly edited (I hate paletteswaps. They could just basically make up a palette patch but no they dont care... Only some people care.) - The MEGA Update on papyrus and Muffet's original release (Notably the ai. and other things that are unbalanced af like the decap head attack and the Teashooter (Why make it unblockable?) and Some of their attacks are unblockable. (I get the ai is challenge but its unbalanced to me). Also there is a reason why i had to edit both the normal version and the Christmas Version (Festive muffet) - Commands that are Hard to activate (Honestly I like to use commands that are simple like Marvel Vs Capcom like commands: Such as D,DF,F X+Y) Unless you add some time thing where commands can vary to become easier to activate. If its a full circle command then its super hard. For charge commands i don't like them either. - Commands that do not activate at all (Some characters have some commands in the wrong places) (Im not sure what but it can be hard to explain - Characters that often spam (Likely that DCvsMarvel Template and a few other bad templates like the SMVC EOH template) - Lazy CLSNs (Its that important) - Characters that try to be like a boss character but fails: Either a poor spriteswap, High Stats, Or just poorly done - A character with a high defence stat (The most annoying thing is how the block with that which its mostly annoying) - Characters with one frame attacks (You cant even block their attack when the hitdef has a time = 0 thing when they attack with one frame) (unless you put it in time = 1) - Creators Poorly using a character template (Im sure one person tries using my Undertale Template but always fails and never stops and he never wants to quit making more trash) (Additionally its just best to use KFM or n64 Mario's template or Attempting to fix a bad template or Whatever template it is (As long as its not just a spriteswap, but use it as a base)
  24. I once Liked the Ronald Mc Donald edits trend. Then i stopped. Somehow it came back :P


    I love how some sounds in some ronald edits are just loud
    somewhat loud enough to make this :P

  25. So i recently got a nintendo switch and Mario Odyssey
    and i managed to get to the lake kingdom

    And Friend code: SW 6381-2303-1344

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      Woo awesome! Lake Kingdom is actually my favourite one! I'll give you my friend code later if you want.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      you can simply just ask your friend code so i can add you