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  1. How did my CDI luigi character test go?

  2. It seems like someone made a edit of my sunky character


  3. I dont think nintendo will get rid of it okay.... Welp heres a new download
  4. Let me reupload this character I still got it even if the upload is down
  5. I present to u Sunky's Super Sunky Mode (pal7)

    Warning this may contain flashy colors


  6. Heya i made this

    Its not really a edit of Smegol14's Mario All i did is use kfm as its base

    1. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      Looks interesting. Gonna try him out.

  7. You lose

    Its time to get pcikes and special sause everywheeeehehehehehhehe...

  8. Welp heres the file dowload
  9. should i do mediafire link instead?
  10. Meh Cdi-Luigi (Currently Its the only one with similarities to cdi-mario by smegol14) <Mod edit: Blacklisted URL removed>
  11. Sunky's Cereal And Milk Win Pose (Mpeg Pallette)


  12. Sunky's Final Winpose (Mpeg Pallette ONLY)


  13. ...Sunky vs Sunky

    or Remake vs Original


  14. Sunky's X,Y,Z Basics:


  15. Sunky's Dancing Win Pose:


  16. Sunky The Mugen Character Gets a redone thing


  17. U want to know why i made this video and posted it? read the text on video by pausing it cause it moves fast


    1. MugenGuy4164


      No really i got caught by someone and its watching me for real...

      (THANKS obvious me)

  18. new vid

    Now with koryu

  19. A WIP (not mine but for helping)


  20. Skeleton Bros (undertale) vs Skeleton Bros (underswap)

  21. oh look i found plom's ryu...

    ryu is in 4:45

    1. MugenGuy4164


      I may or may not host this character so its best to be patient

  22. new char Bro of CDI mario