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  1. I just realized the version of Shenghuanan on this post is different from the one I have: http://www.mediafire.com/?220m6fq2n48dm21 I downloaded this a few years back on a Japanese (Or was it Chinese?) site, which is now offline. It's essentially the same one by Xiami, but with brutal AI.
  2. Alright, so one day, I just woke up and decided to make a training-type character; similar to that of Training by Stupa. Except instead, this character is loaded with a whole bunch of different features. This is a character with a training menu programmed for the purpose of aiding in character development and also for training. Full list of menu options: Now, I just want to apologize to the people with a disdain for Shiki edits. My original intention with this character was that it was just going to be a small debug character for personal use. I didn't want to just use KFM as a base, instead, I just randomly picked Ark's Illusion No. 17 as the guinea pig to program stuff into. Over time, I ended up adding a bunch more features as a test of "Hey, is this a thing that I'm capable of programming?" So now I have a whole bunch of different training and debugging features programmed into a Shiki edit that I'm deciding to release. This character is also programmed with AI. I even programmed it to be able to make use of the menu features, so that might make for some interesting battles. Even if you don't develop MUGEN content, I reckon that you consider checking this character out at least for the AI. And one last thing, report any bugs you find to me. I haven't exactly tested this very vigorously. I tried releasing this to a couple of friends on Discord, but um... I never really got any reports back. 1.0 and newer only. https://www.mediafire.com/?i8chzx0377gb686 https://mega.nz/#!y0YXySAQ!5-sH4VrdcHFK4XFLuSgUtHJ08Hv6VqOkbMJby70IQQo
  3. Seems like my post got deleted due to the server issues. A while back, I converted Neimenggu and Yun Nan. http://www.mediafire.com/file/onwtrs4d29cfzc3/Neimenggu.zip/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/7wq77tbqwh2tsj3/Yun+Nan.zip Neimenggu is based on the stage with the hills and the horse in the background, not the airplane stage. Depending on what version of DDND you play, there's two versions of the stage.
  4. Here's an updated, albeit highly unfinished version of Beat that I released months ago: http://www.mediafire.com/?sand8b8wwdyrmky I eventually decided to work on a second version of Beat. I wanted to completely overhaul everything, although I never got too far. Eventually, I just canceled the project. A lot of the sprites are discolored and combos are sparse, although there is a paintcan collecting system programmed in, so there's that.
  5. A couple new releases are out: - Snakeman by Laspacho, DCL, O Ilusionista - The Blob by Shadowtak - Phoenix Wright by Blade & Riklaionel (Phoenix already had AI, I re-enabled it + some tweaks) - Rugal by Vyn (A bit half assed. Maybe I might bother finishing it eventually) - Juli by Mouser (Same as Rugal) These will be the last few patches I'll be releasing for a while. I'm getting tired of making patches.
  6. bump. Well, the tournament's finally starting:
  7. For an alternate mirror, I'll be uploading files to Mega as well now.
  8. I've just realized that Tomoka Minato's AI patch has an issue with running. I've fixed it and reuploaded it. Redownload it if you've already downloaded it before. An AI patch for Battle Mahoro by Nipa3008 has also been released, albeit it's now back in the works for a few minor tweaks. Check back tomorrow or so for the full release. I'll be uploading patches to Mediafire whenever I have them finished, but I plan on only making update posts every once in a while in batches.
  9. I learned how to make AI patches a while back and so I've been making some patches for random characters every once in a while. Before any of you guys start getting giddy, I'm not taking any requests for now. Here's a list of all of the patches I have: And here are the patches: http://www.mediafire.com/?2du4qj9q6yo18 (Alternate mirror): https://mega.nz/#F!HhYTWAZZ!9GFKtYgvb_qosxNLzcmlzQ In the Pastebin link above, I mentioned that some of the patches were partially produced using an AI generator (Link). It's a program that surprisingly manages to program AI for characters. It isn't exactly infallible, though (Emphasis on the words "partially produced").
  10. Full Throttle MUGEN Tournament Oof, well, it's been a while since I've last been on here. Anyways, about a month ago or so, I started a video series called "Full Throttle," which is a MUGEN AI tournament series. Season 3 is coming up soon and I decided to do something a bit different. The competitors for the upcoming season are going to be viewer's choice. I made an announcement video a few days ago and there's a character submission form in the description: So go ahead, submit whatever characters you want for the tournament. I'd rather that each person limit themselves to one or two submissions.
  11. A better Billy Mays and Tourettes Guy. There only exist one version for each of these characters and they're both terrible. Tourettes Guy lacks any attacks whatsoever and Billy Mays lacks any animations in general as well as a variety of attacks. Oh, and I'd also like to see Sly Cooper in M.U.G.E.N.
  12. High, I'm Hyde233. I didn't start playing M.U.G.E.N. until about a month ago, although I have heard of it several years ago. I've recently got into making characters and a little bit into stage making. I usually don't get involved in forums very much, although I will probably lurk around a lot and download some stuff.
  13. Oh, apparently someone posted this on here. I'm fairly new to making characters, so I'd like to know what kind of suggestions you would give. How would you improve this?
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