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  1. I just remembered I forgot to post the fight against fatass. Kazecat has some weird fetishes...
  2. Don't take the Friendship at the end as me having any love for those two, I just used it because I wouldn't be able to Fatality both of them and didn't want to give the survivor the pleasure of seeing the rival die.
  3. I know the newer version is in the database, but I'd like this one from the video, the one before it.
  4. I really hope to see Morrigan in this game, I hope Yamori has plans for her.
  5. Its been a while since I last played with Chizuru, so long, in fact, that I actually got good enough at comboing with her.
  6. Aside from being cheap as all hell, this garbage gets invisible all the time and makes some loud as fuck sounds. I get its just a meme character, but even Bowsette deserves better.
  7. Normally I ignore some character issues, because I don't expect everything in MUGEN to be perfect, but standing on air is one of the worst things that can happen.
  8. Wow, Superior Soldiers had some weird shit, didn't it? I mean, look at the idle stance of Cattydox/Broadway, what the actual hell? Not to mention she constantly saying "prrrrrrrr" or something like that.
  9. Is it just me or this "better" version of Carnage is not really better and has really shitty spritework?
  10. Yeah, no, it really doesn't. WinMUGEN has been outdated for several years now, even I, who normally get attached to older versions of certain things already use 1.1. If you complained about 1.0, that was one thing, but Win? Too old, don't expect much.
  11. More like Ada Wrong... seriously...
  12. I can't find it anywhere. It has to be from SFA1.