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  1. File blocked. Also, I call bullshit on this char, he is not actually naked.
  2. These lifebars

    I don't know where they're from.
  3. Lord M's MUGEN videos

    So, I decided to remake the oldest fight currently in my channel. Damn, Diana is so annoying, and her hitboxes when getting hit in the air are weirdly placed, I cannot air combo her properly.
  4. Lord M's MUGEN videos

    Well, I'll certainly keep Bandicam, if only it worked properly in Mugen 1.1...
  5. Lord M's MUGEN videos

    The most challenging part was dealing with one of Kong's bullshit chars.
  6. Lord M's MUGEN videos

    So, I just started using Bandicam, and, for some reason, the video was much smaller, yet it seems to have the same quality.
  7. Lord M's MUGEN videos

    This is a fight that I intended to record before my old videocard decided it wanted to fuck me in the ass. But now I'm back!
  8. The King of Fighters XII / XIII

    Thank you.
  9. The King of Fighters XII / XIII

    Which are the most recommended creators when it comes to accuracy and/or quality?
  10. I intend to make Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo voice patches for Morrigan, Hsien-Ko, Donovan and, maybe, Felicia. The thing is that I they don't really have the voice sounds for every single attack in a regular game, so I want someone to translate their voicelines for me (in the order they appear in the video below), so I can put them in proper places when making the patches.
  11. Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    Thank you.
  12. Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    Which lifebars are those? Are they 1.0?
  13. Lord M's MUGEN videos

    Spoiler alert: awful AI and giant boobs that grow bigger in the end.