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  1. I wish someone finished this version of Peach, such a shame EugeneQ no longer works on it. The only thing I can do for her is fix the power return on supers and the stupid special and super commmands.
  2. A good char with an author that looks to fix his mistakes? You're kidding me?
  3. His supers still restore power when used.
  4. I've been trying to get a decent fight against this bear for way too long, either it was too easy or too hard whenever I tried. But finally I found a character that would rid me of this embearassment, it was becoming unbearable.
  5. Yes, exactly that, I change var(59) to 0 and when I play it, the AI still takes over.
  6. 1.0 as well. EDIT: It seems the link went offline.
  7. Also, I can't even play this guy, the command in the readme that is supposed to deactivate the AI doesn't do it, so its always AI only.
  8. Including this one, I assume...
  9. Whenever I try to use him, it says "Error in Archer_N.cns".
  10. Is he from the same creator of this Saber?
  11. So, I was trying to play with Ali's Mina Majikina, who uses SSV style gameplay, but I cannot activate the rage mode to do her "fatality" at the end of a match. I know that to use the finisher the enemy must be weakened and at the second round, and you can activate the rage mode to perform the "fatality" if your bar is full, but I cannot activate it, how do I do it? Link for the character: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=DD9E6829B1DE854C!167&cid=DD9E6829B1DE854C
  12. Is there any good version of Archer or Lancer there at all? Still, I'll wait for your judgement on that, I never know when a MB-ish char is cheap or not.
  13. Okay, but this link directs us to the "other" creations, the one with the SS folders is this: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=DD9E6829B1DE854C!164&cid=DD9E6829B1DE854C
  14. I always fear any Vs-type character release. But it seems solid from the video, so I'll give it a try. EDIT: She seems pretty good, except for the fact that HER HEALING HYPER RESTORS 90% OF HER HEALTH AND DOESN'T DEPLETE HER POWER METER!!!
  15. Kintaro seems to have quite high cooldown times on his specials, it almost feels like he is balanced sometimes, so much that I ended up losing to Shao Kahn once.