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  1. [PREVIEW] [COMMENTS] Palette and voice edits of Blaze by SeanAltly, based on the bosses from Streets of Rage. Palette-swaps there, palette-swaps here. [LINK] https://www.4shared.com/rar/G_DS6tG6ei/MonaandLisa.html?
  2. So, I found out that this guy has a fatality-ish finisher...
  3. When will people tire of this franchise?
  4. So, I was watching a gameplay video from Streets of Rage that had Blaze fighting these bosses that are palette swaps of her so I thought "Well, I have nothing better to do", then this.
  5. Basically, a random compilation, with characters with completely different gameplay types, some of which are bad. I pass.
  6. [PREVIEW] [COMMENTS] Juano16's Female Ninja UMK3 has a Khameleon mode, but its quite obscure and most people don't know how to use it. This edit uses the code given by DoomGuy2nd that sets Khameleon as the default character, allowing her access to all specials, supers and finishers from Kitana, Mileena and Jade. The combo varies depending on the palette you pick: LP/LK for Kitana's fans, MP/MK for Mileena's sai and HP/HK for Jade's staff. [LINK] https://www.4shared.com/rar/OWJsoidaei/khameleonUMK3.html?
  7. Last time DoomGuy2nd showed me how to make Juano16's Female Ninja work like Khameleon, it didn't work. Good thing I found it again in YouTube and this time it did, so, hooray.
  8. Then why are you necroing a thread without even bring something relevant?
  9. Juano16 himself did not remember, I asked him and he didn't. But follow the steps of the description of this video, the method was made by DoomGuy2nd, I just tried and it works. Last time I tried and it didn't work, so I forgot about it, and I want to kill myself for never playing Khammy all these years... EDIT: Her combo varies depending on the palette you chose, but she will have access to all specials.
  10. Are you stupid?
  11. Where is the preview for tha character?
  12. Well, I won't play the character without a damage dampener, but if you fix that, he seems like a pretty cool char.
  13. [PREVIEW] [COMMENTS] Since Skarlet is taking some time to make her actual debut for regular MUGEN, I decided to edit Juano16's Female Ninja UMK3 to make Skarlet out of it. She has some different commands, but mostly its Mileena's moveset with Kitana's fatalities and a red palette I found somewhere on the internet. I'll update her if I get her voice rips and a better palette. [LINK] https://www.4shared.com/rar/U9ZBUcLOca/skarletUMK3.html?
  14. Speaking of chars who weren't converted to MUGEN, I made this little Skarlet edit to be a placeholder for OmegaPsycho's upcoming one...
  15. All of Ali's characters seem to be offline.