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    Kung Fu Man + Related Edits

    This collection includes versions of the character Kung Fu Man, as well as gameplay and special edits of him. KEY: GREEN denotes a Joke character PURPLE denotes a Cheap character BROWN denotes a Crap character ORIGINAL VERSIONS Version 1 (DOS Mugen) ll Version 2 (DOS Mugen) ll Version 3 (Winmugen) ll Version 4 (Mugen 1.0) ll Version 5 (Mugen 1.0 / 720 px) REGULAR EDITS DivineWolf ll Mike Werewolf (Kung Fu Master) - Chu-nin's Edit ll Warner (KFM 2009) - BK's Edit ll GATT (KFM X) ll BK (Minimum Kung Fu Man) ll Chotto-Komaru (KFMC) Cerenas (Fire KFM) ll NNJMN (Kung Fu Ranger) ll Kyouaku Editors (Kyouaku Fight Man) ll Otto (Missing Power / Giant KFM) ll Otto (Chain Combo KFM) ll Togami (KFM G) Otto (Judo Man) ll Mother Earth (Karate Man) ll Nyatnyo (Kan Cho Man) ll BK (Ultimate KFM) ll ydccdy and EB (Power Kill) ll Unknown Creator (KFM Plus) Mizuchiboy (Omega KFM) II ZLC32 (The World KFM) ll ZLC32 (KFM WX) ll Unknown Creator (Kou Shui Man) ll IIGamesMasterII (Kung Fu Morph Man) ll Unknown Creator (El Gigante) ll GM (Meka KFM) GM (Esper KFM) II 石 (Legend KFM) ll baka_man999999999 (Ped KFM) ll Unknown Creator (The Brutal) ll Mituba (Mathu Oka Man) ll Unknown Creator (Zoom) Tommy Gun ll GDPenguin II Ixnaydk II ChonWang ll Kung Fu Man ll Messatsu SlayerGatsu ll Heroes ll Shunkaku66 ll Arctic Igloo ll Arpa Juano16 ll Nekohoshi ll TAW ll Bawi Howard ll Doloop GAMEPLAY EDITS N64Mario (Capcom) ll N64Mario (V-Ism) ll Chuchoryu (SF4) ll Ryou Win (MVC) ll Ryon (MVC) ll Karter (SSBB) Ikaruga (KOF) ll Chotto-Komaru (SF3) II Gaelik (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) ll En (KFM Toronbe / Melty Blood) ll Unknown Creator (KFM Saiyan / Dragon Ball Z) ll Kusder_Polino (Hokuto No Ken) Zelgadis (KOFXI) ll MikeDaBike (SSBB) ll Unknown Creator (Game Boy) ll fhqwhgads7 (I Wanna Be The Guy) TOOL EDITS KFM edits that were made for debugging tools. Truetotalempireinc (Ghost KFM) ll Truetotalempireinc (Infinite Jump KFM) ll Truetotalempireinc (Invisible KFM) II QK2Key (Checker Man) ll M3 (TRM Man) ll BK (Debug Man) Stupa (Training) ll Sai Jack (Command Line) ll ZLC32 (KFM HT) SPECIAL EDITS Most_Mysterious (Evil Kung Fu Man) - 2009 Edit ll GM (Devil KFM) ll Superkingkong65 (Super KFM) II Y77+ (Monst-style KFM) ll Nekkou K.O.N. (Holy Kung Fu Man) ll NNJMN (Mr. Elecbyte) Y77+ (Kung Fu Paragas) ll Unknown Creator (Robo Kung Fu) ll BK (STG Kung Fu Man) ll Unknown Creator (Garrett KFM) ll Noname (Power Kung Fu Man) Joaomarcosvelez (Orb Kung Fu Man) ll Wing-Syo (KFM X) ll BK (King Fancy Man) ll Otto (Kung Fu Man Neo) ll Troy (God KFM): V5 / V6 II FantasyBladeHeaven (Killer Kung Fu Man) Otto (Cheapest KFM) ll Pullo (The Laughing Kung Fu Man OO) ll ESE-PT (Silly Kung Fu Man) ll Vosper (Dive Kick Kung Fu Man) ll 梨 (KFKFKFKFKFM) ll Unknown Creator (F1 Kung Fu Man) Oggy (The Kung Fu Man) ll Pizzaman (Another Kung Fu Man) - 119way's Edit / Tbone559's Edit Rice (Shin Burning Evil Orochi Lolol Lv. 1 KFM) - ARIEN CRAZY CHAOS Type Version - Piyo's Edit ll Unknown Creator (Evil Clone) ll ShowBuySpirit (Kung Fu Man Arc) ll Arpa (DaR Kung Fu Man) ll Garrionfield (Dirty Kung Fu Man) ll Unknown Creator (LV 2147483647 KFM) STG (KFM Type-S) ll MrWtheomega (Tactical KFM) ll Kani=DoA (Drunk Monkey KFM) ll Ryu1sou (Yanagi-No) ll Devon28746 (Kung Fu Master): V1 - V2 II Unknown Creator (KFM Special) DrKelexo (Colonel McPain) ll Silverzero (Shadow KFM) ll Î (Darker Than Black KFM) ll Superkingkong65 (YTP KFM) ll Î (Blackness of G KFM) ll Î (Giudizio Finale) STG (KFM Type-CHAOS) ll BT-10000 (Shuzo Man) ll Okihaito (Super Fast KFM) ll Sam (Kung Fu Man In Black) II Kurogoma (Flug Man) ll Nalong (What?) ): (CLONING COOL SPONGE KFM) ll ): (CLONING COOL SPONGE KFM - Final Update) Unknown Creator (Why) ll AAA (Kung Fu Munchausen) ll KY (Wakamoto Man) II Josh Geary (Killer Kung Fu Man) Josh Geary (Symbiote Kung Fu Man) II Johnny (Kung Fu Girl) - Duck@ss's Edit ll SYD (Another Kung Fu Girl) - AKFGZ Version - Divinewolf's Edit - Zelgadis' Edit ll Taruse (Kung Fu Mako) ll TheAnswer (Kung Fu Feminist) Most_Mysterious and Silver (Kung Fu Bender) ll Arumikan (Kung Fu QB Man) ll Sonicrulez10 (Kung Fu Stick) ll Zennon Pivot (Kung Fu Mario) ll Works (Brokken) ll TU-KO-NIN (Oni Tachibana) II Tatsu (Bonus Kung Fu Man) Servious (Hack Jack) ll GM (Moon Face) ll STG (Gatotyuman) ll BOH (Strider Hakutyo) ll Basara-kun (Kung Fu Fan) ll Pikapon (Kung Fu Rabbit) Togami (KFM A) ll Otto (Kung Fu Head) KFM Edits by N64Mario Characters included: Koryu KFM, Dead KFM, M.Bison KFM, Blanka KFM, and Tu Shou KFM KFM Edits by Tatsu Characters included: Kung Fu Man, Kung Fu Woman, and Kung Fu Robot KFM Edits by Kusder_Polino Characters included: Kung Fu Akira and KFG Hong Meiling KFM Edits by Kozeni Characters included: Kung Fu Ban, Ta Me Man, Dou Zou Man, Hika Ri Man, Za Hyo Man, Kung Fu Mati, Can Fly Man, Kung Fu Run, Grand Superior Ultimate Man, and Kyodo Hushin Man MISCELLANEOUS Sprite Rips by Loganthekids
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    SUPER MARIO MAKER RELEASED! 1/12/17 SUPER MARIO MAKER https://sites.google.com/site/djhrmugen/ In honor of one of Nintendo's GREATEST idea EVER, SUPER MARIO MAKER, I've decided to make this version of Mario for M.U.G.E.N. He's a 6-button character and has 10hypers & 8 supers. Air Jump goes into "Cape Mode", which has its own move so he actually has 7 air attacks! His air dash can't be activated while in "Cape Mode". His Amiibo hyper are PIKACHU, LINK, SAMUS, SPLATOON, STARFOX, SONIC, META-KNIGHT, MEGAMAN, LITTLE MAC and JOHN CENA? I'm so proud of this....I hope you guys enjoy as much as i do! drop me your Mario Maker levels so i can add them in the win quotes for future updates! Special Thanks again to Cyberguy64 for the amazing Splatoon sprites & Random Talking Bush for the Hand Stylus Rips! AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE MFFA FAMILY. :)
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    NOTE: This post talks about touchy subjects, but I personally respect everyone. I'll be honest I'm very nervous as I type this, mainly because I'm afraid of being bashed, the last thing I want to do is cause trouble, and if any of this angers or offends you, I'm sorry. This is just something I wanted to share. Nobody should be mistreated because of their beliefs, race, or sexual preferences, I personally don't believe in being bias or discriminating others, everyone is different, and that's all that matters. I blame myself for what happened even though my cousin doesn't, but some people just what to jump on the bias bandwagon and take a trip to the discrimination dump. What happened: So....yeah, theirs that incident. Again, I'm sorry if I've offended anyone, so regardless of who you are I respect you, I may not know you personally but if I did, I would treat you no different then a member of my own family, I personally think of everyone here as a family.
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    RIP to the father of Pac-Man, Masaya Nakamura. You gave us a lot of nostalgic Namco love (including Pac-Man).
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    Its time for us to all move on now.....

    I just want to tell everyone as well as every MFFA member who lives in the U.S.: We all understand the recent past presidential election had upset alot of us but we shouldn't stress on it any ways that causes others to feel discomfort about it especially towards members and new members internationally. At this point we should not put our thoughts on politics and focus more on other important things like our neighbors, friends and families. We can also keep our minds off by communicating and doing more positive activities like MUGEN, Video games, etc. For the folks who are still stress about it I suggest you put your minds at ease by meditating/praying and think on more positive aspects to make things better for yourself and others. Keep in mind we should not let political matters interrupt our current lives even if things go for the better or worse. Overall we need to keep moving on and stop stressing our selfs on this matter. As I said before let us focus more on other things to keep this Mugen community strong. Thank you - Galvatron
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    Sm4sh Lifebars

    What's this? 1280x720 lifebars? M.U.G.E.N 1.1-only? Yes. Sorry about that :P If it's any consolation, there's a 640x480 version too! ...but there's no way I'm getting these working in 1.0 (or WinMUGEN, har). GET SMASHING! For those of you who are interested, the inspiration for these lifebars comes from Vet's video depicting a stamina match with traditional lifebars: It's not a 1:1 conversion, but the overall design is still there.
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    White Ranger

    Iori Edits Collection

    Special thanks to gui0007 for supplying the image for the title, this was another highly requested collection, and let's face it we can't have one of Kyo without Iori to match it. Like his rival Kyo, Iori is the heir to one one of the three families that sealed away Orochi 1,800 years ago. His clan was formerly known as the Yasakani. In addition to appearing in The King of Fighters series he has his own drama CD, and is featured in SNK's Band of Fighters as the bassist of the group. He also appeared as the main antagonist in Kyo's spin-off game The King of Fighters: Kyo. Like his rival he has a great deal of edits, ranging from custom gameplay to boss and cheap versions. Enjoy!! UPDATE: This collection is officially finished. Let me know if their's any edits missing. Enjoy :)
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    What happened?

    Well, this has been fun. First off I'd like to apologize to everyone for the down time. And for the 2 weeks of forum content we've lost. Gui and Waefu, I'm sorry about bambi's mother. Both of them. 2 fawns down 2 standing. Gear up for some payback fellas, fawns don't go out like no bitch! To everyone else who's last 2 weeks of discussion and hard work got thwomped by this damned spam bot, I'm sorry. We tried everything we possibly could. So many tutorials I could code our database from scratch, and tech support probably recognizes my number on their caller id at this point, if I'm not in their contacts already. We got hit with a spam bot that inflated one of our old databases up to an enormous 12m and despite all the best efforts of Alexei, Ryon and myself we were unable to salvage anything after October 4th. It was no one's fault, ultimately (other than the source of that bot's) it's just been staff attempting damage control, trying to save those 2 weeks worth of posts / content. Unfortunately it didn't work in the end. Going forward from here, theoretically this should be the last time anything like this happens. I'm currently working on automating regular backups of the entire forum. Nightly backups for up to a week, weekly backups for up to a month, and monthly backups for up to a year. Rather than relying on our hosting services back up and restore capabilities. We'll also have about 4 anti-spam plugins running from here on out. Thank you, to all of you for sticking around and coming back after all this. Again I'm so sorry for everything lost. It was a pretty hard hit, But we're back up and running and we will recover and rebuild!
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    White Ranger

    Goenitz/Goeniko Edits Collection

    Special thanks to gui0007 for the image, as well as suggesting this one. Thanks bro :) Goenitz is the head of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. He has the power to manipulate wind, and served as the final boss for The King of Fighters '96. His full title is Goenitz of the Wildly Blowing Wind. He also appeared as a hidden character in the crossover game, SVC Chaos. Goeniko first appeared in SVC Chaos as a Midnight Bliss'd version of Goenitz. The MUGEN community is what dubbed her Goeniko, since then she has become somewhat of an internet meme. SNK has since caught on, and she is even referenced in one of the pachi-slot games. Their has been some dispute over her character as a whole, some want her to be her own character, while others say that "she" is nothing more then a part of Goenitz's appearance in SVC Chaos. UPDATE: This collection is finished, if anyone knows of a missing edit, I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks :) MISSING EDITS Goenitz by YongMIng ( Has a mix of KoF 99' & KoF 2K gameplay)
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    Gello Guys

    Gello Guys
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    Creator's Collection: DDR / Derrick D. Rowell

    DDR / Derrick D. Rowell This collection includes all characters that have been created by DDR (Derrick D. Rowell). DDR's website can be found here: https://web.archive.org/web/20160607235514/http://ddrcreations.com/welcome_games.htm Characters: Sorcerer Mickey ll Duck Dodgers ll Marvin the Martian ll Opera Elmer ll Popeye ll Underdog Captain Caveman ll Hong Kong Phooey ll Frankenstein Jr. Fat Albert ll Peter Griffin ll Zeus Momasusta ll Sho Nuff - Txpot's Edit Fly Flea II Destroyous Miscellaneous: Saturday Morning Mayhem full game
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    MFFAWN #1 (09/19 - 09/25, 2016) - It has begun!

    MFFA WEEKLY NEWS #1 September 19 - 25, 2016 September 19 [Char / Release] Toriel (from Undertale) by MEGA X (1.0) VIDEO PREVIEW DOWNLOAD [Char / W.I.P] Ryu+New System by Vyn (1.0 / 1.1) WIP TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild) [Full Game / Beta Update] Rurouni Kenshin: Soul & Sword by Aoshi24 (1.1) VIDEO PREVIEW DOWNLOAD + DETAILS TOPIC [Char / Update] Shermie/Orochi Shermie by LunaTuna (1.1) VIDEO PREVIEW DOWNLOAD + DETAILS TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild) September 20 [Lifebars / Release] BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend by Gazira (1.1 / 1280x720) VIDEO PREVIEW DOWNLOAD TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild) [Char / Release] The Beast (from Kung Fu Hustle) by Borewood (1.0) VIDEO PREVIEW DOWNLOAD TOPIC (Mugen Multiverse) [Stage / Release] Kombat Tomb (MK Shaolin Monks) by Adriano GT & Halilscorpion (1.1) VIDEO PREVIEW DOWNLOAD TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild) [Stages / W.I.P] Lung Hai Temple and MotorWay by Adriano GT & BlackSaibot (Win / 1.0) VIDEOS PREVIEW (Lung Hai Temple / MotorWay) WIP TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild) September 21 [Stages / Update and Release] Tomoyo Doujin Street and Box10 Brawl Stage 3 by Borewood (1.0) DOWNLOAD TOPICS (Mugen Multiverse - Tomoyo Doujin Street / Box10 Brawl Stage 3) September 22 [Stages / Release] Renegade Arcade Stages by Vegaz (1.0 / 1.1) VIDEOS PREVIEW (#1 - #2) DOWNLOAD TOPIC [Char / Release] Iron Man by REDHOT (1.0) DOWNLOAD SITE [Char / Release] Charlce by The Magic Toaster (Win / 1.0) DOWNLOAD TOPIC [Chars / Update] Six Touhou Chars (Cirno, Mokou, Koishi, Sanae, Utsuho and Komachi by Ricepigeon (1.0 / 1.1) DOWNLOAD SITE (New Characters Section) September 23 [Char / AI Patch] AI Patch for Vyn's Evil Ryu by SW VIDEO PREVIEW DOWNLOAD LINK [Chars / Update] Pokémon Chars (Pikachu, Charizard and Heracross) by Gladiacloud & Dylanius (1.0 / 1.1) DOWNLOAD LINK ("PKM chars" Folder) September 24 [Char / W.I.P] Goliath (from Gargoyles) by LordShade67 (1.0) VIDEO PREVIEW WIP TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild) [Chars / Update] Marisa, Flandre and Kanako by Ricepigeon (1.0 / 1.1) DOWNLOAD SITE (New Characters Section) [Stage / Release/Edit] Beach-Night2014 by AVPboy6754 (Edit of Beach2014 by Tatsu) (1.0 / 1.1) DOWNLOAD TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild) September 25 [Char / W.I.P] Yuuki (from SAO and DBFC: Ignition) by Sennou-Room NO PREVIEW AVALIABLE WIP TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild) [Char / Patch] Fix Patch to MUGEN 1.1 for Vyn's Evil Ryu by mete122 DOWNLOAD LINK [Char / Release/Edit] Ryu by XenoCard (Edit of Ryu by P.O.T.S) (Win / 1.0) DOWNLOAD TOPIC (Mugen Fighters Guild)
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    Kuroyukihime (updated 5-7-17)

    As of 5-7-17, Kuroyukihime has been updated. kohaku.trinitymugen.net Type-Mugen 1.0+ ---> Characters
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    Hello MFFA, As I'm sure many of you are aware, there has been some controversy lately among various Mugen communities regarding Mugen Archive. The issue, in particular, stems from their choice of site revenue through Adfly. As I'm sure many of you are aware, Adfly has gained a reputation, both within the Mugen community and from reputable sources in the anti-malware communities, for exposing visitors to various forms of dangerous malware through ads displayed on their site. While many people have tried to address these concerns to the owner of Mugen Archive, it has become evident that they have decided to willingly dismiss or flat out ignore these concerns. We at Mugen Free For All do not wish to expose our users to these same dangerous security vulnerabilities. After discussion with the other staff, we decided that the best course of action would be to disallow links to the aforementioned website. Thus, until further notice, links download pages at Mugen Archive are no longer permitted on Mugen Free For All, effective inmmediately. We urge anyone who manages our collection threads to please replace any of the affected download links with safer alternative download links. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.
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    Nokia 3310 by Synck a.k.a DuckSS has been released! Well it's finally here, I present to you my yet finest creation for this year! NOKIA 3310 Sound crazy right? Phone for mugen engine xP Well it took me 3 and half months to create this simple character, and I hope you'll enjoy it. Sprites are pretty much made by me, so I didn't look for others' sprites on internet :P Video Showcase: Download: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AkdG2cHZeaxYarBY8vzWFf4Zl5o Nokia is in "Original characters" folder. Enjoy! ================ Synck Media 2017. ================
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    Ralord's Manifest KOF Characters

    Well... Lets put up what I have so far... I'll be putting all of my Manifest Charaters here with the updates and what not. All characters are NOT edits, and are built from the ground up (Which makes me Smiley face :) ) All Character features -A XI/2002UM/KOFM/KOFXIII style of gameplay -Various Unique modes for each character with different Specials and supers per mode -2002UM MAX Mode -KOF Damage Buffer -Percent damage/ Anti Bullshit overhaul (Will do the same amount of damage to a character with 1000 life and 100 defense as to someone with 100000 life and 9999999 defense, however, it does dampen on characters with less than 1000 life and 100 defense) -Beautiful Effects -Specials, EX Specials (Costs 1000 Power like KOF XIII), Supers, EX Supers, HSDMs and lvl5 Supers (I don't have a name for it) -Power Charge -Strikers -Super Cancels / Dream Cancels -Cross Supers (Unique Supers that extend from a previous super (Not the same as DREAM CANCELing) Current To do/idea list: -Matchover outro -A Fatal KO (Juggling on the Conditions to do it) So with that said... Meet the current Manifest crew Manifest Goenitz (Technically 2.0) Percent completed: 70% 5 modes: Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, Shadow (Boss) Images and video's (if available) in spoilers Manifest Karate Percent Complete: 50% 2 current modes: Precision (plays like KOF XIII Mr Karate but upgraded), Strength Manifest Oswald Percent Complete: 40% 2 modes current Manifest Kyo Percent Complete: 20% Manifest Geese Percent complete: 30% 2 Current modes: Manifest, Manifested Nightmare Beta's may be offered out to people if they desire to make a video on them. Characters however must at least be 50% complete before you can request a beta Looking forward to hearing your comments. Stay tuned for more!
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    Touhou 15.5 has been announced!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! http://tasofro.net/touhou155/
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    Gladiacloud here. What can I say, it was exhausting work, but I Dylanius and we were able to create a new Pokemon character for your roster ... well, actually, the Pokemon is not so new, since there are a lot of versions for Mugen. However, a better version did not exist ... until today. The Pokemon that I and Dylanius release today is: PIKACHU! SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=6591F2879242ADA7!276&authkey=!ALcOihGdxOBsNSE&ithint=folder%2c I will not spoil much of our Pikachu, except that it has the same game system of Charizard and Heracross and that his attacks are based on both Super Smash Bros for Wii and Pokken Tournament. ;) Have fun!
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    The real reason Flandre was locked in the basement for 495 years...
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    Well, this one took a while, but the Iori Edits Collection is finally finished. Remember when I said to think of both Iori and Kyo's collections as another part of their rivalry? (Whoever has more edits wins) Well it would seem Iori got smoked. Total Iori edits = 111 Total Kyo edits = 167 So now we got two collections based on 2 of SNK's most popular mascots, and another collection for everyone to enjoy :) Now the bad news, if your wondering what collection I'm gonna do next, well I'm not gonna start another one for a while. Mainly because I'm reaching that point where I'm starting to lose interest in Mugen, at least when it comes to creating collections. Don't let that get you down though, I'm not quitting Mugen as a whole, just going on hiatus for a while on the collections and I'll still be hanging around the forum, as I still have a few more pictures from vacation to share, and when October rolls around I'm contemplating on starting a Halloween thread, and I'll still update the other collections accordingly.
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    Ok I tried to post this a few days ago, but it obviously didn't work. Holy Shit, I am so sorry to everyone for the problems that have been going on with the site. Here's what happened and what's happening now, - I tried to resolve an issue some users where having by tweaking some of the archiving settings. This backfired in the worst possible way, and caused all sorts of problems. - By shear coincidence, my computer decided to shit the bed completely the second I adjusted those settings. The waiting mouse cursor appeared and never stopped. I tried rebooting in safe mode, only to find the hard drive had completely failed. - By another shear and awful coincidence, my girlfriends computer started getting hacked relentlessley about 2 weeks before this happened. Her gmail, yahoo and facebook password keep getting changed. In effect, I'm extremely wary of using her computer for anything administrative because I don't want to compromise forum security. - So I take my busted computer to the shop, which is normally very quick, and it winds up taking them about 2 weeks to clone the thing. They kept telling me it was going to be another day or 2 but they kept running into problems, both with the drive and with their own internal communications. - During this time period Ryon was able to restore the cp settings to a previous state, which brought us from not working at all, to working but slowly. - We were also able to get him into the bluehost server account and the ips account, but tech supprt has not been effective yet. - When I got my computer back, however, the cloning proccess had only partially worked, and most of the data was corrupted. So I sent it out to a specialist who has it right now, and is charging me a fucking exorbitent amount of money to repair it. They should be done by wed. - I asked the shop to check for signs of tampering, hacking etc, and they said they saw nothing that would indicate it. So our forum security should be fine. However I am still extremely hesitant to use my gfs computer for any of this stuff, seeing how many times her info's been hacked in the last 3 or 4 weeks. I absolutely do not want to compromise anyone's security here. - Once my computer comes back, I'm going to completely dive into into contact with tech support while I learn to adjust all the settings of the site personally. I will make sure this shit is running smoothly by the time I'm done, if not faster than before. This is not exactly the grand re-opening any of us was hoping for. We actually have a couple of really fun surprises up our sleeves for the sute that we were getting ready before all this stuff went down. Once we get these issue's get resolved, we'll start revealing what exactly those surprises are... All I can say in the meantime is I think everyone's really going to enjoy them :) Thank you to everyone who's stuck with us through all this, we will get it resolved soon. To anyone who's feeling the need to take a break from the forum due to the issues, please please please check back in a week or two, and by then everything should be working just fine. Again my sincerest apologies to everyone for having to deal with the slow down. It's in no way permanent. Any questions or even suggestions anyone has in the meantime are more than welcome. -RMH
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    Hi Weegee bye Weegee

    Hi Weegee bye Weegee
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    Tasofro's Touhou engine confirmed more buggy than MUGEN...
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    Cartoon Network

    This collection is for Cartoon Network shows without a collection. Cartoon Network shows with a collection: Looney Tunes / Hanna-Barbera / The Powerpuff Girls / The Amazing World of Gumball CHARACTER SELECT Finn the Human: Madoldcrow1105 - Ivan Luiz's Edit ll Princess Bubblegum: Madoldcrow1105 Jake the Dog: Ivan Luiz: V1 / V2 ll FelixMario2011: V1 / V2 - Dchan250's Edit / Hiperhazz's Edit ll BMO: Mamaluigi339 Ice King: Chief EIN / Blastroid ll Lumpy Space Princess: Blastroid ll Anias: Hugespongebob98 CHARACTER SELECT Mordecai: Madoldcrow1105 - Dchan250's Edit (MVC2) / Ivan Luiz Rigby: Madoldcrow1105 ll Sonicadam2 - Jedipolice's Edit / WlanmaniaX's Edit / Christiandel42008's Edit ll Muscle Man: BeanFan112 Benson: Christiandel42008 / Ivan Luiz ll High Five Ghost: Christiandel42008 - Tanicfan22's Edit CHARACTER SELECT Chowder: FelixMario2011 - Beta Version / Kinoshita ll Mung Daal: BeanFan112 CHARACTER SELECT Bloo: Hyper Beaner - Stickman14's Edit CHARACTER SELECT Skunk: DarbyHearts CHARACTER SELECT Master Shake: Tannerates ll Ignignokt: Kamek / Kyle108 (Spriteswap) CHARACTER SELECT Jailbot: AltoidDealer STAGE SELECT Finn and Jake's Pad by Madoldcrow1105 II Candy Kingdom by Madoldcrow1105 II Regular Scream by Madoldcrow1105 II Muscle Man and High Five Ghost's Trailer by WlanmaniaX ll Dexter's Laboratory by Mugen Toons II The City of Nowhere by Mugen Toons II Mandy's House by Mugen Toons II Mung Daal's Catering Company by BeanFan112 ll KND by Mugen Toons ll Aqua Teen's House by TrueTotalEmpireInc ll Prison Riot by Altoiddealer
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    April Fool's Fighters

    This collection contains characters who were released as April Fool's jokes or on April Fool's Day. Be sure you include gifs with the creations you wish to add. CHARACTER SELECT Singing Gato: Balthazar and Jango ll Killer Croc: fhqwhgads7 ll Darkseid: TheFclass97 ll Clippy: The_None Alex: Most_Mysterious ll Half-Orc: DrKelexo ll Clite: Exclamation_Question ll Dalek: Basara-kun ll Black Glass: MelvanaInChains Loud Demon: Basara-kun ll Satan Z2: Cybaster and Balthazar ll Napalm Trump: Basara-kun ll Killer Whale: N64Mario Saint Pepsiman: Basara-kun ll M.O.D.O.K. D.U.: Dumanios ll Farmer: Team Z2 ll Mr. Satan Serious: Warusaki3 Evil Fei-Long: Vans ll Vanellope: RoySquadRocks (Beta) ll Sonic '06: Superteletubbies64 ll Mickey's Speedway USA: Jenngra505 Gordo: Ikaruga ll Boxing Chen: RicePigeon ll Clonze Kyo: KoopaKoot ll Totally Not Stolen Felicia: Phantom.Of.The.Ser- I mean, J Morph- Jesu- Fcla- ReixSe- Mr.Inf- Jeff Frisk: RoySquadRocks ll Omega Flowey: Endercreeper999 ll Boomy: MelvanaInChains Ahuroken: 2580shota ll Gilgamesh / UT Saitama: Margatroid ll Super Japanese: Ali ll Yee: Garchomp Matt POTS Eltnum: Margatroid ll Sylvie: Koopakoot ll Icon of April Fool's: Redline Iku Nagae: Margatroid ll D4 Mizuki: Ali ll Rick Astley: Unknown Creator - Hyde233's Edit
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    Sparkster released by Gladiacloud

    Gladiacloud here. I struggled a lot, but in the end I managed to finish the second "knight character" in my sign. :) Some of you will like it a lot, others a little less ... who knows :3 Here is the famous Rocket Knight! SPARKSTER! SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=6591F2879242ADA7!276&authkey=!ALcOihGdxOBsNSE&ithint=folder%2c I dedicate the character to Xtuart, since he is one of his favorite characters. :) About the style, I decided to choose the Mugenhunter/Xtuart's graphical style and the Veanko's gameplay, like the Sonic characters, although Sparkster is not a Sega character (is a Konami character). I must add that the use of the tablet for the realization was absolutely essential; In fact, Sparkster is rather difficult to draw from scratch with only pixelart :P I have nothing to add except to have fun (as I always do) and keep an eye on the upcoming silhouette of my sign. My next character will be surely one of the most requested by fans of Capcom games. I think I have already given a small preview in my Arthur topic :) Stay tuned!
  27. 8 points

    Pink panther's beta release!

    Pink panther's beta release! In the name of God. Hi, How are you? My name is notepad and I'm here to give you information about this character. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* WHAT'S NEW? ******************************************************************************************************************************************* EVERYTHING!!! this is the first and best version of Pink panther, only and only for mugen, beta, 1.0, 1.1. haha so funny. :I but remember, this is NOT a complete version of pink. this is just a beta version,(but this beta version looks good, too) maybe you ask were did Ali get sprites, when He is not a Custom sprite creator. the Answer is, Dear WlanmaniaX. He helped Ali a lot in this way, and made sprites for him. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Files ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Sprites : 755 Animations : 228 sounds : 50 Number of Hypers : 5 Number of specials : 10 additional colors : 3 ******************************************************************************************************************************************* What do we have for Final version? ******************************************************************************************************************************************* More colors More Moves Some sprites should be improved Some errors should be fixed More compatible Animations. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Informations ******************************************************************************************************************************************* This character uses 7 buttons (a, b, c, x, y, z, start) and has 10 specials. He also has a power charge that activates only and only in crouch mode. if you want to power charge, Hold both down button And start button. Try not to laugh when you see how he charges his power! Here's the list of Special moves : ===================================================================================================================== power charge = Hold down + Start dodge = x+a Refile = D,DF,F,a BigNose = D,DF,F,b Dog = D,DF,F,c Chain = D,DF,F,x bmb = D,DF,F,y pink spray = D,DF,F,z Magic = D,DB,B,z Midnight Bliss = D,DB,B,a skat = D,DB,B,b ===================================================================================================================== As you can see, the list of Hyper moves is approaching. Saxophone = D,DF,F,x+y SuperPink = D,DB,B,x+y BullKart = D,DF,F,a+b Karate = D,DF,F,b+c (it's so coooool) Turtles = D,DB,B,b+c ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Rules ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Ali showed you the character's moves. and he hopes you like this char. but he also has some rules. 1. DO NOT UPLOAD BASHING VIDEOS ABOUT THIS CHAR. If I, Ali, find the video, video is reported. 2. If you want to give me feedback, DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEOS. I don't like to see hate or feedback videos about my character such as mario. 3. If you hate this char, Try not to leave a hate comment in char's page. 4. Do not Edit the character. 5. If you want to use sprites, you can call WlanmaniaX. 6. IS there any code that you want to copy? it's free! you can copy whatever you want. :> ... DO NEVER UPLOAD HATE OR FEEDBACK VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Thanks to ******************************************************************************************************************************************* God, for everything. My family, For being awesome WlanmaniaX my friend, For sprites, Sound clips, sfx, some codes, etc Ryon , for Character creation tutorial. MGM, for owning Pink panther. Elecbyte, for MUGEN Virtualtek, For fighter factory 3 Adobe, For photoshop !draw, the app that I used. maybe this one : Dark souls III, For being So hard o0o0o0o0o KlonaD fan, Diamondswag production, Galvatron, etc for waiting and following me to see this character. You, for downloading this character. ===================================================================================================== Bye bye, hope to like this char, god bless :> Eh, this readme was too long, isn't it? i'm a bit bored. so, here is the link : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2dezhlr3eetexi/AAD_zVjaozGObrq9tuOruM4Ca?dl=0 size : 12 TB preview :
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    Commander Keen MUGEN preview!!!
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    Selvaria Bles

    Selvaria Bles The Silver-Haired General has been released! Updates for the rest of the AP characters has also been released. kohaku.trinitymugen.net Type-Mugen 1.0+ ---> Characters
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    Shovel Knight updated! (02/25/2017)

    SHOVEL KNIGHT DIGS IN! Introducing... Shovel Knight From the Shovel Knight Series! Shovel Knight is a main protagonist of the series with a same name. He is a chivalrous knight who wears his light, shining blue armor, and his mission is to stop the Enchantress and find his lost love Shield Knight. He uses his Shovel Blade and the Relics to aid him in his journey, and solves many challenging puzzles, going from lair to lair of the Order of No Quarter, showing his great intelligence and strength. Shovel Knight is a shining example of the code of Shovelry: Slash Mercilessly and Dig Tirelessly! Download this special holiday gift now! https://sites.google.com/site/roysquadrocks/
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone.
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    mugenarchive needs help

    I was going to let this thread slide because it still had some merit of discussion until it devolved into a platform for flaming other mugen forums; doesn't matter if its Guild, MA, Multiverse, we don't tolerate this kind of behavior. I'm locking the thread on this basis.
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    MUGEN FREE FOR ALLlll WeeKlY NeWsSzzzz.....#3.2 Nov 03 -> Nov 30thhhh NOV 04, 2016 Dark Cyclops by Volzzilla Naruto Start & Sennin by Mikel8888 Click in the links for preview & download NOV 05, 1991 2016 Kiyohime by hetyo NOV 6, 2016 Gold Tower HD by RU Producciones Mugen 1.0 Mugen 1.1 NOV 7, 2016 Catwoman by Ninja brl, Mistah Jorge and Volzzilla Japan's Sakura Garden by RU Producciones NOV 8, 2016 Ryu SFEX by armin_iuf Broly 2nd Coming by Joe Flizz aka bboy_im Crusader Cast Screenpack 1.0 and 1.1 by OldGamer Itachi by Mikel8888 released NOV 9, 2016 Scorn 2.0 by Daraku and Supaman2525 MK4 Raiden by Bumble_Vin Mid Air Flight by Heka and OldGamer NOV 10, 2016 Devil Man by Suteneko Password: 105 NOV 11, 2016 Benimaru Nikaido Arrange by Anomi Polis NOV 12, 2016 Realistic Street Fighter stages by Vegaz_Parelli Hulk by REDHOT released NOV 13, 2016 Gaara NSTLG by nimpos1 Chiyo Baa by NZC by CobraG6 Monkey D. Luffy by Dr.T Deidara by Mikel8888 Abyss by Predator & Arkady Sons of Yinsen minigame by THE 天 ERIX Sons of Yinsen Stage by THE 天 ERIX Kree Outpost stage by THE 天 ERIX NOV 14, 2016 Soul Cemetery by RU Producciones 1.0 Version 1.1 Version Papyrus SSBB by sumin2393 NOV 16, 2016 Son Gohan (ToSix MvC) by Kenshiro99 Portgas D. Ace (ToSix MvC) by Kenshiro99 Jailbot by altoiddealer updated NOV 17, 2016 Mr. Karate 2ND and OLD Robert by Soy Sauce updated Note: They have a tag mode between themselves. Can be turned on and off on their config [State 10000, TagTeamSystem] type = parentvarset trigger1 = time = 0 v = 40 value = 0 ;value = 0 で off ;それ以外で on SFV stages by Mazermerald SSF4 HD stages by Mazermerald NOV 18, 2016 Kotiya Sanae by Smachu Gaara by nimpos1 Uchiha Hideout by Mikel88888 Aokiji Kuzan by One Piece Mugen OS Naruto Stage Pack by Sektor San Blue Factory of Something by Duke Corvus Mitsuki Stage by Sektor San NOV 19, 2016 Sharon SFEX by armin_iuf Sasuke by RockNGame All chars by Mr. Ansatsuken updated NOV 20, 2016 Princess Zelda CvS by chuchoryu RU Producciones MKX stages, made 1.1 by gui007 Field Night → http://www.mediafire.com/file/at1g6fm9r8viar6/FieldNight1.1.rar Golden Tower → http://www.mediafire.com/file/vcewur7mi269z4i/Golden+Tower1.1.rar Lin Kuei Temple for 1.0 → http://www.mediafire.com/file/61kmyc3c7squ6r3/LinKueiTempleFixed.rar Lin Kuei Temple → http://www.mediafire.com/file/uppg1he9xtd6vcr/templolinkueihd1.1.rar Shang Tsung Garden 1.1 → http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmjhmg1xmb2d842/shangtsunggarden1.1.rar NOV 21, 2016 Black by Heal the World Updated The Master by th3SyLvEsTeR Sasori by Mikel8888 released NOV 22, 2016 Hozmi by NSX2015 NOV 23, 2016 Goku Black JUS by This Boy Saitama vs Goku Black Goku by nardo Hayato by REDHOT released NOV 24, 2016 MS5 Coastline by 吳承曇 Solid Snake Beard edition by Ali NOV 25, 2016 Amusementive Crime 2 - Street Fighter EX 2 by Tradt-Production Shang Tsung Garden by RU Producciones Great Snow Field by David Luan Yautja Ship HD by RU Producciones Apocalyptic War by nightterror599 Squigly by Ryutaro updated NOV 26, 2016 Destroyed City by RU Producciones Chloe Heartfield by Moku Racing Miku 2014 EV Mirai by maruhen Pepsiman by Suteneko Pass:105 Est by Nekome, 1.1 ONLY! Kyabe/Cabba Super Saiyan by Joe Flizz NOV 28, 2016 Degree Below Zero HD by RU Producciones Jiraiya Sennin by Mikel8888 released Mortal Kombat Project Season 2.5 by borg117, Bathory & Le@N updated NOV 29, 2016 Baka Oktavia Stage by fengkkkkkkkkk released InuYasha by CVS Artist and Duralmin Mugen Plus 1.0 by Dan Mt. released (Click to info + screens + download) NOV 30, 2016 Izayoi Sakuya by qysurg released Boa Hancock by qychina Tsunade by Sektor San & Samuns released MFFAWF = Pick of the Week! NOV 27 By Big Fella ~END~
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    Other Magical Girl Fighters

    This collection contains characters from magical girl animes / fighting games that do not have or do not fit in another collection. Magical girl animes with a collection: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon || Cardcaptor Sakura || Di Gi Charat || Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha || Puella Magi Madoka Magica || Pretty Cure Series Magical girl fighting games with a collection: Magical☆Chaser ~Stardust of Dreams~ || Magical Heroines Plus AKAZUKIN CHACHA Seravy Seravy CUTIE HONEY Cutie Honey Mith DEVIL HUNTER YOHKO Yohko Mtr KAITOU TENSHI TWIN ANGELS Haruka Minazuki SHELD Aoi Kannazuki SHELD Kurumi Hazuki SHELD Tesla Violet SHELD MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH Hikaru Shidou Rikard Hikaru Shidou NyanTMKiryu OJAMAJO DOREMI Doremi Harukaze Master Char Aiko Senoo Taruse Hana Makihatayama Pri Pri Man Hana Makihatayama Tokinokuni-Kei Onpu Segawa Taruse Seravy SENKI ZESSHOU SYMPHOGEAR Kanade Amou Mer Tsubasa Kazanari Mer TOKYO MEW MEW Mew Ichigo Mer Nipa3008 YADAMON: MAGICAL DREAMER Yadamon Ibukah YUUKI YUUNA IS A HERO Yuuki Yuuna Arumikan Karin Mikoshi Arumikan ORIGINALS Klarissa Moonflower Noah Etoile C. Tokiko Tokinokuni-Kei
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    This will be my new logo for my website soon!
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    My dad is out of the hospital, as mentioned before he is on a special diet to help lower his blood pressure. I don't know what else they got him on, but I'm just glad he's back home. :D
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    Super Smash Bros. Guest Fighters

    GUEST FIGHTERS COLLECTION This collection contains characters who have Super Smash Bros. gameplay, but did not make an appearance in the actual series as a playable fighter or boss. Atariman: Sonicrulez10 BoBoBo: Sumin2393 Bomberman: Gladiacloud Kung Fu Man: Karter / MikeDaBike Black Mage: Guidine Mr. Incredible: Ultimate Zero: Karter Chowmein Conga: Sumin2393 ll Pincer Unit: Sumin2393 ll Venusian: Sumin2393 ll Venusian Elite: Sumin2393 Naruto: Karter May: Unknown Creator King Harkinian / The King of Hyrule: Ancara4 ll Mama Luigi: SC1614 - Lukethemewtwo's Edit ll Frollo: PROJECT CROSS Amy Rose: Stocking Rose ll Emerl: Karter SpongeBob SquarePants: Sumin2393 ll Patrick Star: Sumin2393 Waluigi: MGSSJ2 / J.NEWMAN ll Koopa Troopa: Karter Leonardo: Karter Marisa Kirisame: Unknown Creator ll Komachi Onozuka: Ricepigeon ll Hong Meiling: Ricepigeon Sans: MUGEN Parade Gram Parson ll Frisk: MUGEN Parade Gram Parson Hotel / Fat Mario: Pizzasause ll Gay Luigi: Yagoshi SEE ALSO Super Smash Bros. Series
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    Jansen Franca Mugen


    JANSEN FRANCA MUGEN PRESENTS... The Collection. Hello guys, Jansen here. Right now this is an collection I am making about Undertale. Well, we already know this collection is the first collection I made in October. Also, we have some chars here including the stages. So, enjoy. NOTE: This collection is unfinished. UPDATE: I am back to Mugen Free For All because the owner of this site got this site back. Char rating colors: Lime = Good Red = Spriteswap Blue = Custom and Edited Sprites Brown = Crap Dark Green = Another Gameplay Dark Gray = Cheap Dark Orange = With Base Char's Moves Purple = Beta CHARS Frisk (by Shane the Ninja Boy || Austin Allen || NathanAwesomeness9000 || Sumin [Super Smash Bros / Custom Sprites]) Sans(by Lebert130 || Bardock181 || FourthRhyme [Glitch Sans/Edited Sprites] || gameandwatch909 || Sumin [Super Smash Bros/Custom Sprites] || AngryBirdCooler [Sans the Comic]) || Camren Springer [Project U Sans] || SydneySotmer [Marvel vs Capcom]) Papyrus (by FourthRhyme || SydneySotmer [Overworld/Custom] || Sumin [Super Smash Bros/Custom Sprites]) Alphys (by FourthRhyme - TylorGoldenYoshi's Edit) Toriel (by SansTheAwesomeSensationalWingDing || MEGA X [The King Of Fighters/Custom Sprites]) Napstablook (by SydneySotmer - Old Version - New Version) W.D Gaster (by AngryBirdCooler || Pizzasause) Flowey (by Mickes || SydneySotmer [Marvel vs Capcom])
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    WARNING: Most of these aren't very good. CHARACTER SELECT Noob Tanicfan22 - Oliver as Latias' edit - CoolAkramTV's edit - CoolAkramTV's edit ("Guest 666") - CoolAkramTV's edit ("Shadow Newbie") / Christian Taylor Nuñez Plúa Builderman Weegeeisgoingtokillm Telamon MarioPingasRobotnik dued1 CZach111 pedrohigin robloxv2 pedro higin DisneyJunior321 Shazam7121 Raulixitsfree Raulixitsfree Mrterter Raulixitsfree Shazam7121 Shazam7121 / "God" Version RenatoOfRoblox sparta412 (DatGuy) - CoolAkramTV's edit lugi2007 RenatoOfRoblox (punching bag) Happy Home EpicLadySponge ROBLOX Happy Builder EpicLadySponge ROBLOX Invisible Noob Raulixitsfree STAGE SELECT Crossroads by Swoogg || Happy Home in ROBLOXia by Xxthathedgehogxx / Swoogg || Happy Home in ROBLOXia (2010) by Userofnames || ROBLOXia City by Xxthathedgehogxx || ROBLOX HQ by Userofnames || Haunted Mansion by Userofnames || Robloxopolis by Userofnames || Sword Fights on the Heights IV by Userofnames
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    Hello, I'm an animator who is full of graditute! Hi! My name is Daniel, and I basically do animations in my free time, a lot of which derive from sprites used in Mugen (which you can view here https://www.youtube.com/user/Hyourinjutsu ), mostly crossover fights inbetween characters and mostly Dragonball what-if scenarios using Extreme Butoden sprites for example: I realised this forum is a really great place, as it really made it possible for me to do all there sort of animations, and thought I should join in to say hello and thank you!
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    Street Fighter III Series (WIP)

    After some long time, I'm back with my collections for MFFA. This time remaking the Street Fighter III collection to have something more up-to-date. Red is offline, Blue is custom, Green is different gameplay and Yellow is WIP. As always, if you find some stuff I don't or you have links for offline chars, you're free to post it here. Let's go!! Phase 2: Added all Other Stuff (stages, screenpacks, etc) and Resources (Sprites & Sounds), next are Special Edited Section SFIII: New Generation Alex: GM / Felicity / Yo- / Ex-Inferis / Fido / GigaHertz / Most_Mysterious (joke char) / Ethan Lives (Power Gear) / 608 (Belial) Dudley: Gargoyle / Tin / JamielAshley / Buckus (CvS) / Kamekaze / Fido / GigaHertz Elena: Phirmost / Umihei / Fido / Kaz / GigaHertz Gill: GM / Villain / SlayerGatsu / Kong (MvC) / Fido / Froz / Tokage (Adam) Ibuki: GM / Jetsetgo & Reza / Farengeit / Kong (MvC) / Midnight Spirit (MvC3) / Jedah12 (MvC) / Mazemerald (SFIV) / Fido / GigaHertz Ken Masters: GM / Cloudius / Rei / ESFAndy011 (MKvSF) / Shirokuro-Neko / Ex-Inferis (Master Ken) / aZCal (Ken lvl2) / Kaz / Duracelleur / Felicity / ShoShingo (Shin Scrub Ken) Necro: Umihei / Cloudius / Rajaa / Saito / MrPiffy (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido / Duracelleur / GigaHertz Oro: Umihei / TheIgniter / Kong (MvC) / Fido / GigaHertz Ryu: Umihei / GM / ATICE (MvC) / DG (MvC) - Edits by / Rei (SFIV) / Kaz / Vyn (Evil Ryu) / Duracelleur / Felicity / aZCal (Ryu lvl2) Sean Matsuda: Muteki / Rei / Misterr07 (MvC) / Buckus (CvS) / DG (MvC) / MrPiffy (CvS) / LaQuak (Master Sean) / Ethan Lives / Kaz / Alexlexus (Dark Sean) Yang Lee: intense_mc / Adamskie / NGI / Buckus (CvS) / Kamekaze / Fido Yun Lee: Umihei / TheNecromancer / Buckus (CvS) / Fido / Duracelleur SFIII: Double Impact & Third Strike Akuma/Gouki: Umihei / CrazyForSF / GM / fAyt / Izumo (SFIV) / aZCal (MKvSF) / Jedb Chun-li: Muteki / J.Lee / ESFAndy011 (MKvSF) / Alexlexus (MKvSF) / MGMURROW Hugo: GM / Adamskie & Tin / Teddylam / Fido / Ethan Lives (Andore Jr.) Makoto: Ruben / One Winged Angel / NHK / Fido / Demon's Eye / Yamori X / GigaHertz / KojiroBADNESS Q: Umihei / Adamskie / Wild Ali / Rajaa / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido Remy: Umihei / Homura / One Winged Angel / MrPiffy (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido Shin Akuma/Gouki: Kung Fu Man / MGMURROW / Duracelleur Twelve: Rei / Kung Fu Man / Fido Urien: Umihei / One Winged Angel / Rajaa / Rei (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido / Froz / Ethan Lives (G Project) / 608 (Urien-Type-B) Special Edited Versions Soon... Other MUGEN Stuff Stages: Zion (NG) / Dark-Shade / Dany-The-Dog (3S) / Caddie / Dark Saviour / Ibukah / Phirmost (2I & 3S Elena) / Kung Fu Man / TestP (2I Akuma) / NeoAtlas (3S Ken) / Rei (3S) / Ruben / Yzan Lifebars: Zion (2I) / Dark-Shade (NG) / Matmut (3S) Screenpacks: Dany-The-Dog (3S) - 1.0 edit by Gui003 / Dr4ch1R (3S) - 1.0 edit by Gui003 / AJ & Kyo-San Kanzaki (3S) / URA(Re:) (Bad ADD-ON 03) Portraits: Saikoro (3S) / Omega Black1990 (3S) Patches: Umihei (Muteki's Chun-li fix) / Jesuszilla (GM's Alex SND) Intros & Endings: Rugal2 (NG & 2I) / Dany-The-Dog (3S) - Capcom Logo Resources Sprites: ZweiFuss / Kong / Grim (3S Twelve) / Badassbill (2I Stages) Sounds: ZweiFuss / Nick09 / Vans (3S Urien)
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    I'll have two #9s, a #9 large, a #7, a #6 with extra dip, two #45s one with cheese, and a large soda.
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    Studiopolis and The Core

    A little collaboration I did with the talented ScepterDPinoy from DeviantArt. He created the pixel art seen here and I converted them into stages. Also, here's some in-game screenshots: Studiopolis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tzlirlm1lxqus7q/Studiopolis.rar The Core: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bd8alz23zy1sod1/TheCore.rar Versions for both Mugen 1.0 and 1.1 included!
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    (UPDATED)Pink Panther W.I.P!

    Hi everyone! this is Ali! Ali, and WlanmaniaX are Working on A nice character that you were waiting for it. Here's the video: 6 button, 3 specials, 1 throw, 1 hyper Working on: more specials,more Hypers, FX and SFX. Stay tuned, And get it Soon! Sprites by : WlanmaniaX coding and the character by : ALI EDIT: added another video: I have to fix some Hypers and specials, Just like big nose And Super Pink's velocity.
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    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://www.geocities.jp/xfunnyventx/
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    Did a little more work on this one today.
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    Whatz up Everyone 'im BAAAAACK! LOL! XD ...I see i need to catch-up on alt of things here. :-P well good to be home. :-)
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    Okay guys, I'm just going to say this right here, right now, but stop giving this person attention. There's like, no point for it.