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    April Fool's Fighters

    This collection contains characters who were released as April Fool's jokes or on April Fool's Day. Be sure you include gifs with the creations you wish to add. CHARACTER SELECT Singing Gato: Balthazar and Jango ll Killer Croc: fhqwhgads7 ll Darkseid: TheFclass97 ll Clippy: The_None Alex: Most_Mysterious ll Half-Orc: DrKelexo ll Clite: Exclamation_Question ll Dalek: Basara-kun ll Black Glass: MelvanaInChains Loud Demon: Basara-kun ll Satan Z2: Cybaster and Balthazar ll Napalm Trump: Basara-kun ll Killer Whale: N64Mario Saint Pepsiman: Basara-kun ll M.O.D.O.K. D.U.: Dumanios ll Farmer: Team Z2 ll Mr. Satan Serious: Warusaki3 Evil Fei-Long: Vans ll Vanellope: RoySquadRocks (Beta) ll Sonic '06: Superteletubbies64 ll Mickey's Speedway USA: Jenngra505 Gordo: Ikaruga ll Boxing Chen: RicePigeon ll Clonze Kyo: KoopaKoot ll Totally Not Stolen Felicia: Phantom.Of.The.Ser- I mean, J Morph- Jesu- Fcla- ReixSe- Mr.Inf- Jeff Frisk: RoySquadRocks ll Omega Flowey: Endercreeper999 ll Boomy: MelvanaInChains Ahuroken: 2580shota ll Gilgamesh / UT Saitama: Margatroid ll Super Japanese: Ali ll Yee: Garchomp Matt POTS Eltnum: Margatroid ll Sylvie: Koopakoot ll Icon of April Fool's: Redline Iku Nagae: Margatroid ll D4 Mizuki: Ali ll Rick Astley: Unknown Creator - Hyde233's Edit
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    Aggressors of Dark Kombat

    Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters. Color guide: Blue is custom gameplay. Yellow is WIP. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link. CHARACTER SELECT List of Characters Bobby Nelson by Shimon, by Basara-kun Gou Kidokoro by Fujy Joe Kusanagi by Basara-kun Kisarah Westfield by Fervicante Fuuma Kotaro by Yoshi-OK, by Basara-kun Lee Hae Gwon by Envymask666) Leonhart Domador by Arma_X, by Basara-kun Sheen Genus by GM SPECIAL VERSIONS/EDITS Joe Kusanagi by Mr. S STAGE SELECT Stages by Chok || Stages by KAINE || Stages by Nyko || Joe's Stage by MINI43 || Lee's Stage by POTS Lee's Stage by Alex || Lee's Stage by mh777 || Sheen's Stage by Hiram Yagami OTHER STUFF Game OST - Provided by LansingWolverine
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    Power Rangers Series

    Re-posting for the sake of better previews. Click the author names to get the desired version of a characters! Feel free to post any missing stuffs. Note: This collection will also host Super Sentai stuff, if any. CHARACTERS Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (SNES) RED RANGER BLACK RANGER MEGAZORD Red Ranger: CybersolX / Gary Fischer || Black Ranger: Ermac Won || Megazord: Pyrovivi Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (SNES) KIMBERLY WHITE RANGER GOLD RANGER Kimberly Hart: Intense || White Ranger: MICROmor || Gold Ranger: CybersolX Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (SNES) THUNDER MEGAZORD MEGA TIGERZORD LORD ZEDD NINJA MEGAZORD SHOGUN MEGAZORD LIPSYNCHER GOLDAR SILVERHORNS Thunder Megazord: Pyrovivi / Redline || Mega Tigerzord: Redline || Lord Zedd: DarkSideJoe / Demonlord Ninja Megazord: Redline || Shogun Megazord: Redline || Lipsyncher: Alucard4ever / DarkSideJoe Goldar: Cesarsombra / DarkSideJoe || Silverhorn: Douglas Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Genesis) GREEN RANGER RED RANGER EVIL RANGER MEGAZORD DRAGONZORD MINOTAUR Green Ranger: Kokuryu / Kokuryu & DragonRanger84 / Kokuryu & DragonRanger84 & Barrysun / LaParca Shielded Red Ranger: Kokuryu & Unknown || Evil Ranger: Kokuryu & Unknown || Megazord: Naruto500 Dragonzord: Geno || Mighty Minotaur: DRACUL Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (Genesis) RED RANGER BLUE RANGER Red Ranger: Alexei Roschak || Blue Ranger: Jok Super Sentai NES / Famicom Games RED HAWK TIGER RANGER Red Hawk [Jetman NES]: Maniac || Tiger Ranger / Yellow Ranger [Zyuranger NES]: DuckSS Power Rangers GBA Games BLUE DINO RANGER BLUE S.P.D RANGER Blue Dino Ranger: AndrewColonico || Blue S.P.D Ranger: Cichostudios Custom / Original Sprited CHANGE DRAGON CHANGE DRAGON GREEN RANGER IVAN OOZE Change Dragon: Andre Marquez [1st] / Knightblue777 [2nd] || Green Ranger: AxSeeker || Ivan Ooze: O Illusionista STAGES MMPR: The Fighting Edition Stages by Magma Dragoon MK-II || MMPR: The Fighting Edition Stages by Nori-ban || MMPR: TFE - Lord Zedd's Stage by Squirtle MMPR SNES: Area 1 by TempesT || MMPR SNES: Area 2 by O Illusionista || MMPR SNES: Area 6 by Zinjonovic || MMPR SNES: Area 7 by Zinjonovic MMPR SNES (Edited): Main Frame by Djoulz || MMPR SNES (Edited): System Room by OldGamer || MMPR SNES (Edited): Gnarly Gnome by Vegaz MMPR Genesis: The Bridge by NotAGoodName || Choushinsei Flashman by Luiz Chuck Hikaryo ADD-ONS Movie Voicepack for O Illusionista's Ivan Ooze by Glisp
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    SpongeBob SquarePants

    CHARACTER SELECT SpongeBob SquarePants FelixMario2011 (MVC): V1 / V2 / V2 Alt / Jedipolice's Edit / Infantry00's Edit ll Madoldcrow1105 (MVC) - RageShengLong's Edit ll Skulpter34 - TheNoahGuy1's Edit / Yuranto70's Edit UchiaCody - MUGENJF's Edit / Dchan250's Edit ll Sumin2393 (SSB) ll TheGamer12345 ll AngryNoahs (GBC) AngryNoahs (MVC) ll Ivan Luiz (Spriteswap / Super SpongeBob) ll Unknown Creator (Spriteswap / Robot Chicken SpongeBob) Patrick Star MUGENJF - AngryNoah's Edit / Misdreavuslord159's Edit (MVC) / Sumin2393's Edit (SSB) / Idiot's Edit (Sub-Patrick) Ivan Luiz - TurrentJACK's Edit / BeanFan112's Edit ll Madoldcrow1105 (Beta) ll Puno (Joke / Hornet Patrick) Squidward Tentacles Warioman - Zobbes' Edit (MVC) / Misdreavuslord159's Edit (MVC) / Rapthemonkey's Edit (MVC) ll Mugenfan (Joke / Morbid Squidward) Sandy Cheeks Webkinzspongebob - Tanicfan22's Edit ll Zobbes / Metalkong1's Edit ll Ivan Luiz Mr. Krabs TheSlkMugen - Zobbes' Edit ll Gruntzilla94 (Joke / Moar Krabs) ll Gamesmasterxtreme (Not pictured / Joke / Moar Krabs) Plankton Ivan Luiz ll Ihavedahswag (Spriteswap) Gary Misdreavuslord159 ll Ihavedahswag (Spriteswap) Doodle Bob Infantry00 ll AngryNoahs Mermaid Man Alerkina4 STAGE SELECT Bikini Bottom by Xedarts ll Bikini Bottom by EXShadow ll Krusty Krab by TheSlkMugen ll Krusty Krab by Xxthathedgehogxx ll Krusty Krab Exterior by Nour Atef ll Chum Bucket by Alessiofuffa3 ll Chum Bucket by Knuckles999 ll Chum Bucket by Mugen Toon ll Jellyfish Fields by MUGENJF ll Weenie Hut Juniors by MUGENJF ll Doodle Bob's House by AngryNoah ll Doodle Bob's House by Alessiofuffa3 ll Nowhere by ToonAlexSora007 ll Morbid Squidward / UNSURE by Unknown Creator
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    MFFAWN #17 (Mar 06 - 12, 2017) - I'M BACK!!

    MFFAWN #17 (Mar 06 - 12, 2017) by gui0007 & Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ Sorry for the long absence ladies and gentleman, lot of trouble to solve in real life. :P But here it is, MFFAWN is back! The other editions will come very very soon. ;) Monday, 03/06/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480 & 720p] Fighter's History - Lee (China) Stage by ELECTRO Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] EB Goku (SvK Style) by Boryema Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTER / UPDATE / Win & 1.0 / AI: Normal] Another Athena (KOF 2000) by xxxXx Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] White Flames Orochi Kyo by M_Kei VIDEO PREVIEW Tuesday, 03/07/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.1 / AI: Normal] Kibanohara Ethica (Nitroplus Blasterz) by Eiton [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480] Here Comes the Boss by Dj Luke Download Links: Mediafire / 4shared VIDEO PREVIEW Wednesday, 03/08/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480 & 720p] Fighter's History - Mizoguchi (Japan) Stage by ELECTRO Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGE / RELEASE / All Versions / 640x480] Gundam Battle Assault - Decadent Stadium by VidGmr1996 Download Links: Mediafire / MEGA [STAGES / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 640x480] Vaporware Stage Pack by Basara-kun Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 320x240 & 640x480] Dragon Ball Z (Arcade) - Kame House by aspros Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTER / RELEASE / BETA / 1.0 / AI: No] Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) by Karl Hari Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW Thursday, 03/09/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 1280x720] Hotel Mario - Mushroom Kingdom by omegatails91 Download Link Friday, 03/10/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: CHEAP!] Espada Goodman by lucas9999 Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Hattori Hanzo Uruka (Yatagarasu / KOF Style) by lucas9999 Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480 & 720p] Fighter's History - Fei-Lin (China) Stage by ELECTRO Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW Saturday, 03/11/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] The Red Temple by OldGamer Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Normal] MvC2 Megaman/Rockman by REDHOT Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW Sunday, 03/12/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / BETA / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Sunset Shimmer (MLP: Equestria Girls) by ToonAlexSora007 Download Link VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGE / RELEASE / All Versions / 640x480 & 1280x720] Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland - Battle against Nightmare by N1000sh Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Hard] Zen Kasen Ibaraki (Touhou 14.5) by Deoxgigas Download Link Weekly Funnies Winner! Posted by Yagoshi_The_Yoshi - THE END -
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    Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters. Color guide: Yellow is WIP. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link. CHARACTER SELECT Rash Lord Sinistro / Pyrovivi / Buckus / Ultra Fatality Pimple Ultra Fatality / Endoedgar Jr. / CybersoulX Zitz Ultra Fatality / CybersoulX STAGE SELECT Stages by MackX & Getafix // Battletoads Genesis Final Stage by PAVGN
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    柊 明

    The Idolm@ster

    Click on the author names below for the download link. Main series characters Producer, Haruka Amami M@STERPIECE by "HaloVeli". Makoto D4, Makoto Kikuchi by "fu-lin". Hibiki Ganaha by "gunmin" (You have to download the main file and the SFF file). (Joke Character) Cinderella Girls characters Mizuki Kawashima by "fu-lin". Uzuki Shimamura by "nani(type1)". Sachiko Koshimizu by "cwn". (Joke Character) BBEMYBABY by "bus". (Joke Character) Other characters IMR-765-S Kisaragi by "HaloVeli". Nonowa-san by "Mizoochicrash". Nonowa-san by "w,h". Stages The Idolmaster Stage (Akira Hiiragi) The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Stage (Akira Hiiragi) Front of 765 pro (Ouchi) [Offline] PIPIPI stages - Imas: Live For You! - Imas Haruka (pic) Nonowa (pic)
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    Are Zim and Dib just about ready to be released?
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    Ultra Fatality

    Super Battletoads

    Stompin Time, Its Pimple turn to join the battle http://www.mediafire.com/?p5qjybu1r74u19u Pimple by Tetsu The Hidden Rain --------------------- M.U.G.E.N This version updated: 8/24/2013 Pimple, Real name George Pie The muscle of The Battletoads, He's the tallest and the slowest but the most powerfu Pimple doesn't think things through he jumps right into battle sometimes it has got him into trouble but mostly out of it Pimple's attacks are made to do heavy damage to completly destroy his opponent George Pie, Stompin things out since 1991 Controls -------- Basic Controls -------------- Pimple is a 4-button character. Button X is his weak punch, button Y his strong punch, A for weak kick, and B for his strong kick. although he doesn't really have kicking moves his a and B attack is another Storng punch. Throws ------ Pimple currently doesn't have a throw due to my poor coding skills (sorry) but don't worry upon updating he will have one and maybe more :) Combos ------------ Old School - y,x,x,x,b Battle maniac - y,x,y Super Arcade - x,x,x,x,x Grab N Bash - b,b,b,b,b,b Hard knock - a,a,x Head Strong - a,a,b,x Special Moves --------------- D,F, x - Hammer Down D,F, b - Motor Head (can be done in the air) x+y - Charge x+y - Spin out (only done in the air) B,F, y - Crash D,U - GTFB B,F, x - Boom a+b - Stomp Hyper Moves (each uses 1 power bar) ------------- D,B, x+y - Touchdown D,F, a+b - Ram Super Moves (each uses 2 power bar) ------------- D,F, x+a - Rock out D,F, x+y - Crush Ultra Moves (each uses 3 power bar) ------------- D,F, y+b - Stoned I seen a post that said Rash was 20mb so if he is also this amount of memory its because they have an full mp3 song in there snd for rival music go ahead and delete it if you have to and or want to becuase they don't have any rivals at the time but themselfs which will play a different sound so yea hope you guys enjoy the second member of the battletoads
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    I just realized something about the gen 6 Pokemon games: team flare wanted genocide of everything that wasnt their "master race" master race = nazi nazi sounds like "Not Z" we got X and Y.. but Not Z ... Lysandre is Hitler confirmed :p
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    Ultra Fatality

    Super Battletoads

    It's finally time for The battletoads to grace your mugen homes with there awesomeness First up is............... Rash http://www.mediafire.com/download/9wv7qg34cvbnu5p/SBT.Rash.rar Rash by Tetsu The Hidden Rain --------------------- M.U.G.E.N This version updated: 8/23/2013 Rash, Real name Dave Shar The comic relief of The Battletoads, He's the fastest and self proclaim the coolest and the crazist he is also the smallest of the toads and the weakest although his speed gives him the advantage he doesn't have as much power as zitz and pimple's but with all that speed he sure does make up for it Rash smash hits are all made to be flashly and cool like him like his ball and chain and double cleat showiing off his fighting skills although flashy they still pack a punch so watch out Dave Shar, just an cocky average joe, Now an ass kicking battletoad and still cocky Controls -------- Basic Controls -------------- Rash is a 4-button character. Button X is his weak punch, button Y his strong punch, A for weak kick, and B for his strong kick. although he doesn't really have more then one kicking move his B attack is another Strong punch mixed with kicking moves. We will use the notation: D - down F - forward U - up B - back x - button X (weak punch) y - button Y (strong punch) a - button A (weak kick) b - button B (strong kick/Punch) When falling in the air, hit buttons X and Y at the same time to recover. Hold a directional key when recovering to move a little bit in that direction. If you are near the ground when you hit xy, you will do a ground-based recovery instead. Standard Movement ----------------- U - Jump UF - Jump forwards F - Walk forwards DF - Crouch D - Crouch DB - Crouch or low guard B - Walk backwards or high guard UB - Jump back F, F - Forward dash B, B - Back dash xy - Recovery (when falling) Basic Standing Attacks ---------------------- X - W. Punch Y - S. Punch A - W. Kick B - S. Kick Basic Crouching Attacks ----------------------- X - Low W. Punch Y - Low S. Punch A - Low W. Kick B - Sweep Kick Basic Air Attacks ----------------- X - Air W. Punch Y - Air S. Punch A - Air W. Kick B - Flying Kick Throws ------ Rash currently doesn't have a throw due to my poor coding skills (sorry) but don't worry upon updating he will have one and maybe more :) Combos ------------ Old School - x,x,x,x,x (Rash old school battletoads 1 punch combo) Battle maniac - y,y,y (An remixed Battletoads battle maniac combo) Super Arcade - a,a,a,a (Rash deafult super battletoads combo) Grab N Bash - b,b,b,x,a,a (An remixed super battletoads combo) Ball N Chain - a,b (An kick combo that hits high and low great for trip ups and linking more combos) Foot loose - a,a,a,b,a (An flashy kick combo) [while crouching] Scratch N Sniff - x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x (this combo is not a damage dealer but an great linker with the big boot combo or an sweep kick) Big Boot - y,y (This combo kicks p2 into the air for air combos) Special Moves --------------- D,F, a - Spiked Cleat (An great anti air and juggler) B,F, b - Double Cleat (Great move if your overwhelmed kicks all enemies off you and can also be done in the air) B,F, a - Air Double Cleat (only done in the Air) D,B, a - Axe Kick (Rash Jumps towards p2 and does an spin kick while his leg is in the form of an axe can be done in air) D,B, b - Axe Kicks (Same as Axe Kick but rash does multiple hits can be done in air) D,F, b - Ra-Tsu-Maki (Rash most flashy move doing a triple spin kick into the air and then booting p2 into the ground can be done in air) D,B, x - Spring Kick (Rash turns his leg into a spring and does an standing flying kick) D, b - Spring Stomp (This is an good overhead move while jumping over p2 stomp them into the air or down to the ground it also gives you 1 extra jump only done in the air) B,F, x - Clap (Rash turns his hands into to giant tamberines and claps p2) Hyper Moves (each uses 1 power bar) ------------- D,B, x+y - Pound N Time (Rash smashes p2 into himself then taunts and kicks them away) D,F, a+b - Super Ra-Tsu-Maki (Rash kicks foward then turns to do an number of spin kicks flying towards p2 finishing it off with an spiked cleat setting p2 up for more combos) D,B, a+b - Air Super Ra-Tsu-Maki (The same as super ra-tsu-maki but instead of flying foward rash flys upward into the air then ending it by kicking p2 down to the ground this super can be done in the air) Super Moves (each uses 2 power bar) ------------- D,F, x+a - Raked (Rash Jumps into the air and lands on p2 as p2 lays on the ground rash charages up his hand and claws p2 body ending with an huge charged claw can be done in the air) D,F, x+y - Ranging Rash (Rash rushes p2 and if connected rash beats down p2 with an flashy combo) Ultra Moves (each uses 3 power bar) ------------- D,F, y+b - Smashing Strikes (Rash gives it his all in this super only using Smash hits rash delivers and nasty combo to p2) D,B, y+b - Speed Kills (Rash taunts p2 in a chance to hit him in his one and only counter attack if hit rash bumps into p2 and shows off how fast he really is) Credits ------------- First i want to thank Melcore for the battletoads sprite sheet don't know who he is but yea there made by him so yea All of my annoying testers if it wasn't for them being some cry babies my characters would have lots of bugs [Testers] Ryon Persaud Staubhold Laharl Mfmichi For making my pals in the short amount of time he had we would of done more and better but we thought hey fuck you lol just kidding we did our best only had a few mins to do it And lastly and most important who wins the most credit Ryon Persaud This dude has done way to much for me and my mugen stuff man really huge thanks to this guy he put off his own wife in child for me lol kidding ya'll but seriously this guy has done a shit load for me in my characters so all i have to say is thank you sensei ryon ^_^ If i forgot anybody in the testers or just to thank im sorry you know who you are though Now enough reading it's Stompin Time !!!!! Be sure to check my within the rain files to find out my next and current wips well see ya
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    Homestar Runner

    CHARACTER SELECT Homestar Runner TheNoahGuy1 Strong Bad Weegeeisgoingtokillm / Pgrs111MAGEN (Joke) Homsar GaryCXJk (WinMUGEN) / GaryCXJk (M.U.G.E.N 1.0) Stinkoman Acey STAGE SELECT Main Page 13, Math Kickers, Strong Badia, and Sweet Cuppin' Cakes by GaryCXJk || The Field and Old-Timey The Field by Tanicfan22 || 20X6 The Field by Acey || Bubs' Concession Stand by yoyoyo3311
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    Hi Retro Suika's voice is Amitie's Japanese voice from Puyo Puyo (20th Amniversary, Chronicle and stuff) right?
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    OK, I will buy Mario kart 8 deluxe for my Nintendo swi- Oh wait, but it is exclusive for Xbox one, hahahaha!(Sarcarm) For more in formation visit here: http://gameranx.com/updates/id/104368/article/retailers-mario-kart-8-deluxe-edition-will-not-be-releasing-on-xbox-one/
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    Wasn't expecting so much backlash from Alice's removal from THIZ... expect a detailed explanation later.
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    Two chars that were shared before and have dead links so I'm merging them in one topic. Akira: A cute redhead who's a pretty basic char, her AI's normal and she's got some simple moves & grabs. Emily: A dragonriding-witch who has good AI and strange moves like sending exploding stickmen and summoning clowns with chainsaws, as well as basic magic and dragon attacks. Get both here.
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    Well... I have 100 subs... Did not expect this...
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    Chrono Trigger

    Hi guys, this is my first collection on MFFA. This collection contains characters from the game Chrono Trigger. CHARACTERS: PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Crono: Kyo Kusanagi / The Demon of Laziness Marle: Kyo Kusanagi Lucca: Kyo Kusanagi Frog: zenjidoh Magus: Kyo Kusanagi / Raisu ENEMIES AND BOSSES: Gato: Balthazar & Jango Dragon Tank: Balthazar & The_None Slash: Xardion Son of Sun: Ahuron Lavos Spawn: Ahuron Lavos Core: Ahuron Dream Devourer: 這い寄る混沌 STAGES: Zenan Bridge: Kyo Kusanagi / Dissidia Magus' Castle: Sonicbrawler77 12,000 A.D. - Dark Ages: Kyo Kusanagi The Land of Zeal: Dissidia Year 2300 A.D. - The Black Omen: Ryoucchi Chrono Trigger MUGEN Full Game: Jorge Bahamonde CTM Standalone Characters: Jorge Bahamonde / SilentProtagonist (Contains Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Frog, Ayla, Magus, Inner Lavos and Lavos Core) Let me know if you found any Chrono Trigger-related stuff or a link is offline. BUT... THE FUTURE REFUSED TO CHANGE...
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    Fuck. Tomorrow's Monday.

    Fuck. Tomorrow's Monday.
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    The Amazing World of Gumball

    You forgot about MGSSJ2's Gumball. (Edit of Cattigan's version) http://www.mediafire.com/download/l05ba0u5a9z5jzi/Gumball.rar and EvilDarkSpiketheMaster's Richard (Spriteswap) http://www.4shared.com/rar/elU4AmoHce/Richard.html?
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    "Damn would it be cool if Cyrax was in the Challenge Pack." *Phone alerts me of a new MKX update 5 mins later.* "Oh cool. New MKX update." Game finishes updating. "You know what? Fuck it. No retry glitch for this guy." *Gets Cyrax out of Challenge Pack* "YEAH BOI!"
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    Yesterday I had to run a coworker to school to pick up his son. His son is in fifth grade. He explained that his son was having issues with a bully. He had already told his son the usual thing on how to handle it, "Tell the teacher and everything will be okay." Well, his son did just that, and nothing was ever done. In fact the teacher would just turn the kid away with the words "If I didn't see it happen then I don't believe you." She even took away his recess time on one occasion for "lying." This has been going on for awhile, and this Thursday his son came home with a bruise on the back of his head. The poor kid has just gave up at this point, and he told his dad. Since nothing was done about it his dad just told him if he has anymore trouble to just strike back. And here is where it just goes from bad to worse. Although his son did stand his ground and actually did put the bully in his place, the teacher, who turned a blind eye all this time, sends him to the principal's office. Thankfully the principal was a bit more reasonable and has actually had similar incidents with this teacher. The only down side is that my coworker's son got suspended for one day, the upside is that the bully has been suspended for a whole week. I personally think his son should not have been suspended, and I personally don't blame him for telling his son to fight back, especially since the teacher was being a snob. My personal thoughts on this: This tells me that all these anti-bullying campaigns that are advertised are nothing more then a big joke. If the teachers and sometimes principals aren't doing anything about it and eventually the victim will snap, thus taking matters into their own hands. Imo this is what causes the majority of school shootings, granted some are done because some people really are that messed up, but hopefully you get what I mean. Worse yet, when such incidents occur, the media always blames video games, music, gun manufacturers, and in some worse cases the parents. In some cases the bully will get off scott free. This is just one issue where your damned if you do something about it, and damned if you don't. Comments? Opinions? Thoughts? What do you make of this situation?
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    One of the folders in the character files has an alternate snd with her voices already though
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    There's so many second-rate zombie survival games throughout the world, it's not even funny. I'm surprised there isn't a parody called, like, ZombieZ: The Game.
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    My reaction to marvel vs. capcom infinite's character list repeating c.redfield,chunli,hawkeye,hulk,rocket raccoon and thor again.
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    Zhe Prime (DivineWolf style) by Hairline733

    Zhe Prime (DivineWolf style) by Hairline733 PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Link: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/zhe-prime-179340.0.html DETAIL <Normal> .Throws: .Minegumo: F + y (Throw Forward) .Murakumo: F + b (Throw Backward) .Yukikaze: F + z (Knockdown, Chain From Normals) <SPECIAL> .Chisou Katame: D, DF, F, + any punch .Chisou Katame(EX): D, DF, F, + any 2 punches (Knockdown) .Taikuu Katame: F, D, DF, + any punch .Taikuu Katame(EX): F, D, DF, + any 2 punches (Sends Opponent in the air) .Noboru Tsuke: F, D, DF, + any kick .Noboru Tsuke(EX): F, D, DF, + any 2 kicks (Hard Knockdown, Ender) .Kyoushou Katame: D, DB, B, + any kick .Kyoushou Katame(EX): D, DB, B, + any 2 kicks (Hard Stun) <SUPER> .Senkou Katame(MAX): D, DF, F(x2), + any punch .Kakusan Katame(MAX): D, DF, F(x2), + any kick .Asashin No Ishi(MAX): DB, DF, + any kick <LV2 SUPER> .Kaiten Katatokkan: D, DB, B(x2), + any 2 punches <LV3 SUPERS> .Saishuu Katame: D, DB, B,(x2) + Medium Punch + Medium Kick
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    PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://ikrgmugen.web.fc2.com/kof98.html INFO Sadly they don't a Special Intro against each other, so i hope Ikaruga did that in future updates. Overall, they're great! :)
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    Space Crash stage 1.1 & 1.0

    The stage brings superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option file. DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/s3dz8g7lab5s3s3/SpaceCrash+Stage1.1%261.0.rar
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    Alice may have gotten cut from Incident Zero, but hey, at least we have Shinki and Yukari now.
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    Sigma confirmed for MvC:i. I saw this coming years ago before MvC3 was released.
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    Futabu 69

    Project X Zone

    Nice to see this collection moving forward! <3
  34. 1 point
    Tag team 2hu confirmed http://www.tasofro.net/touhou155/system.html
  35. 1 point


    Collection remade. Click in the author name to download. PLAYER SELECT - Inuyasha: Sengoku Otogi Kassen / A Feudal Fairy Tale Inuyasha: Meta Gouki - Duralminn's Edit / Noctis / Sandaime Hokage / Parawhore-Otaku: Normal - Human - SSJ / VinceJ: Site Link - Mirror Link / CVS Artist (CVS) Kagome: VinceJ: Site Link - Mirror Link / CVS Artist (CVS) || Miroku: Alexei Roschak || Sango: Alexei Roschak / Lord Sinistro & Shadowtak: Site Link / Mirror Link Kikyo: Ricepigeon - Snowwolf's Edit Sesshomaru: Akimoto / Oz & <Sesshomaru> & Darkteam / Max_Bloodstone || Kagura: Ricepigeon Youkai Inuyasha: Yami Mario || Naraku: Superdragon || Koga: Metal_Sniper_64 Not mugenized yet: Shippo and Totosai PLAYER SELECT - Inuyasha: Secret of The Divine Jewel Inuyasha: Diogo PLAYER SELECT - Custom / Edited Sprites Cyber Naraku: Ricepigeon / Jaken: Ichiron47 STAGE SELECT Mushin's Temple & Bone Eater Well by Alexei Roschak OTHER STUFF SELECT Lifebars: VinceJ (Winmugen / 320x240) || Portrait Pack: Omega Black 1990 RESOURCES SELECT Sprites Rips: from AFFT (Spriters Resource) / from SoTDJ (Sprite Database)
  36. 1 point
    I've finally reached 1.4K Subscribers on YouTube! And here's a Video Special for it.
  37. 1 point

    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

    Edit of Ahuron's Shin Shishioh by Zadkiel. https://mega.nz/#!1gslWaRS!pBzgWkbsmbHWc-3zsLOAGnCniRq9VADjaWZ7DWKwXos Edit of Hirohiro's Haohmaru by ptzptz7. http://www.mediafire.com/file/74v1mi6u4u3nqvw/haohmaru_KOF.rar Edit of Aomura's Cyber Woo by Zadkiel. https://mega.nz/#!spFkGShI!60AHG_tZyKjan3aIIJg8bU-XUUEzH27LaoQ6BrLEL4U
  38. 1 point

    Garou: Mark of the Wolves

    Edit of 119way's Kain by Zadkiel. https://mega.nz/#!xsFWTSBZ!HUYTSsO5pf7kxAkHXIxpfIELtWVcKpnWTdIZZSQdd_I Edit of Abuhachi's Grant by Zadkiel. https://mega.nz/#!54tmHYTb!Z_J6CW7m8MENj3jiYo0I6qdmnrhJnd2xGnT7a4zKhYk
  39. 1 point

    Fairy Tail DS

    Update: - Jose Porla by Sgn_15 - Natsu Dragon Force by Mikel8888 - Cana Alberona by Mikel8888 - Jellal Fernandez by Mikel8888 - Juvia Lockser by youmon92 - Midnight by Alex.D.X4, Roger-kun & Alchemist10 - "Cobra" by ASCE12 (This seems like a palette swap of Mikel8888's Natsu)
  40. 1 point
    Finally i get free time to update the Collections, especially the Collections that i did. Maybe some new Collections will come, so please check the Collections thread and stay tuned! ;) http://mugenfreeforall.com/forum/13-characters/
  41. 1 point
    Xavier Renagade Angel is a glorious show.
  42. 1 point

    Marvel Vs. Capcom Guest Fighters

    I released my own MvC edit of Pizzasause's Pikachu. Click here
  43. 1 point

    Tenshi RP Style Alpha 3

    Ok thanks for the feedback.
  44. 1 point

    New Job Openings

    @RobotMonkeyHæd If I might throw in my 2 cents here, I can understand the two social media positions & collections curator, but I don't feel that the global moderator position is something we should be handing out freely. Imo, it should be an internal position amongst existing staff, as not only do they have moderator experience from being a local mod first, but that they've shown themselves capable of handling the position of global moderator. Global mods are a pretty high position with a lot of power and responsibility associated with it, and not something I would just hand out unless I knew the person I was giving it to proven themselves to be capable of the position. I'd suggest opening a position for local mod first and then promote to global mod as needed, it would be more effective in the long run.
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    finally, someone from my home country, and here I was thinking I was the only one
  46. 1 point

    Marvel Vs. Capcom Guest Fighters

    Here's the link to my MVC Kaguya. http://www.mediafire.com/file/1gsr9rayvnv28s1/Kaguya.rar
  47. 1 point
    D.B.S Revive

    D.B.S Revive's Revamped Palettes

    Rouga Zanma by kagetsu yuki 1. Black Rez 2 2. Olive Drab 3. Ken 4. Diamond 5. Hugo 6. Denim Dude 7. Wolverine (MvC) 8. Q 9. Negative Q 10. Shen Woo Download: http://www.4shared.com/rar/tRRCCFnmce/Rouga_Pals__kagetsu_yuki_.html?
  48. 1 point

    World Heroes 2 (NES Bootleg)

    Wow, thanks! Never thought it would've actually been found for quite a while. Will update the collection as well as add your version of Mario.
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    1. Character: DivineWolf, Infinite, P-Tan, KoopaKoot, SeanAltly, and Rikard; Stage: EXShadow, NoZ, Vegaz_Parelli, K6666orochi, and Margatroid. 2. Rock music (Bands like Sevendust, Linkin Park, Nonpoint, and Crown The Empire come to mind). 3. Favorites that come to mind are Saints Row IV (XBOX 360), DEF Jam Icon (XBOX 360), WWE SmackDown VS. Raw Series, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (PS2), NBA Street V3 (XBOX), and Whacked! (XBOX) 4. Anime: Fuu (Naruto) ; Cartoon: Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe); Video Game: Chihiro Fujisaki and Ibuki Mioda (Danganronpa series) 5. The Xtremist, Bootleg, Mochi Platter, Infinite Glory Blue, and Biohazard palettes come to mind being my favorites so far.
  50. 1 point

    [Gaia Crusaders] Seiyen

    By Aiyacos. Had this sitting on my 4shared folder for a long while, waiting for the right time to post it. It's just some offline character by some author who did some obscure releases. Its not bad but its not too good either.