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    Check out my new 8-bit cover :P  

    Check out my new 8-bit cover :P
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    about the guild vs archive war

    Pretty sure you've been warned before for starting this exact same shit. Seems like you didnt listen at all. Thread locked.
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    about the guild vs archive war

    You're a goddamn fool. And that's putting it nicely. Archive being visited more means Guild is going to get killed? Definitely won't go to you for your analytical skills considering you lack them. As has been said, people only go to archive just to upload random shit for the sake of downloading a character they want. Truth is that the people you see in Mugen forums are in the minority among the community. The majority only care about downloading as many characters as they can and building a "collection". So naturally, archive would have more visitors. In terms of having an actual community, Guild has Archive beaten by miles. And the fact that you claim that Guild started the drama proves further that you lack analytical skills and that you're a white knight for Archive.
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    UPDATE: Posting under a Guest account is now disabled.
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    Some recent commission sprites I've done:
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    I'm Back, My update webite Now.http://sryutaro.wixsite.com/ryutarofuture
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    about the guild vs archive war

    Bored, were you? Needed some attention? It's hilarious that you even consider it a war, but then again, you're literally the only person who keeps kicking up the dust. Loads of site views? Well duh, people come looking for MUGEN downloads and pornographic content. Loads of users? People having to sign up to download stuff. Loads of forum activity? People having to post in the forums just to get their rank high enough to bypass download restrictions. Mystery solved. Now zip it.
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    SNES-Wild Guns The Red Ride for Mugen 1.0

    SNES-Wild Guns The Red Ride for Mugen 1.0 Mugen stage were rip by using SNES9X Emulator Mugen stage have decent Delta setting Mugen stage have mid size super jump Mugen stage have animation Download location https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-791ZMl86O5dm1rN3RkU1FJWGc/view?usp=sharing
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    Is this the new Dragon Maid Anime?
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    MFFAWN #13 (Feb 06 - Feb 12, 2017) by gui0007 & Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Husbanndυ Swiggity Swooty, he's comin' for that Booty. Monday, 02/06/2017 [CHAR / UNFINISHED / RELEASE / 1.1 / AI: No] Tatsuya Shiba (DBFC: Ignition) by Ryon VIDEO PREVIEW Download Links: Mediafire / Onedrive [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 1280x720] Ship on Fire by mete122 Download Link [CHAR / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Might Guy (NZC+Custom) by CobraG6 VIDEO PREVIEW Tuesday, 02/07/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] My City in Ruins by Charles2011 Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480] Membarances Home by WlanmaniaX Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Emperor Sinzross by goodbot16 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Metal Slug Regular Training Camp by nightterror599 VIDEO PREVIEW Wednesday, 02/08/2017 [RESOURCE / AI PATCH / RELEASE] AI Patch for Ethan Lives Alpha Doll by danzey VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Kinnikuman Muscle Fight - Machinery by Valgallah Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Shiryu Dragon (JUS Style) by Shadow Mercer VIDEO PREVIEW Thursday, 02/09/2017 [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Ruili (Nitroplus Blasterz / Edit of Drowin's Toki) by fengkkkkkkkkk/F⑨K VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [RESOURCE / AI PATCH / RELEASE] AI Patch for Froz's Gill by WBPA Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Charlotta Fenia (Granblue Fantasy) by cwn VIDEO PREVIEW Friday, 02/10/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] KOF '96 - Osaka Stage by Falcon Rapper VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Nega Ryo by Kamekaze Download Link [STAGES / RELEASE & UPDATE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 720p & 1280x720] Barbon's Alley (SOR 2) and KOF '94 - Korea Stage by ELECTRO VIDEOS PREVIEW: Barbon's Alley / KOF '94 - Korea Stage Download Links: Barbon's Alley / KOF '94 - Korea Stage Saturday, 02/11/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: No] Shinnosuke Kagami (LB+KOF) by lucas9999 VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 640x480] Misaki School (Melty Blood) Gameboy Edition by Saiyajin Mui Download Link [STAGES / RELEASE & UPDATE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 720p & 1280x720] Roof Tops (Riot City) & Gairyu Isle (Samurai Shodown) by ELECTRO VIDEOS PREVIEW: Roof Tops / Gairyu Isle Download Links: Roof Tops / Gairyu Isle [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Haku (NZC) by shingeki no mugen, edited by Yukimaru404 VIDEO PREVIEW Sunday, 02/12/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Shi'ar Galactic Prison by The Erix [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Kashima (Kantai Collection) by 2580shota (Pass: 練習艦) [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Samus Aran by Unknown Author [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Sakuya Izayoi by Ricepigeon [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Normal] Goku (Super Butouden 3) by FastFlash Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] Gustab's Final Revenge by Dj Luke VIDEO PREVIEW Download Links: Mediafire / 4shared [CHARACTER & STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / CHAR AI: Normal / STAGE RESOLUTION: 640x480] Union (Metal Slug Char) and Metal Slug 7 - Scrap Island Stage by 吳承曇 VIDEO PREVIEW Weekly Funnies Winner! Based in a Status Update posted by RoySquadRocks at Feb, 12 - THE END -
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    Anyone who uses the Discord chat might want to change their passwords due to a data leak in Cloudflare's servers. https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/23/major-cloudflare-bug-leaked-sensitive-data-from-customers-websites/
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    isn't the moderation a bit biased?

    >says own thread is "informative" >calls people with opinions differing from himself are "lackeys".
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    about the guild vs archive war

    An information thread? Looks like a drama thread to me and I know I'm not the only that believes so. Let's go even deeper, what the hell made you think anyone here even gave a damn about this? You're.not lookong to inform peopke, you're looking to recruit people to your cause.
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    about the guild vs archive war

    Meanwhile, this thread...
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    Junpei Iori by Ajiyayakko [2/17/2017]

    Link mega bisa? https://mega.nz/#!E8RjTZaZ!OKXymSxtMzTmXuTmYagZbyKJeYFF0ShOAcVzkubkAYk
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    Mirage Saloon released; Studiopolis and The Core updated Scepter and I did another collab! DL here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s2y6a51y2tkfz0s/MirageSaloon.rar Once again, there's a version for both 1.0 and 1.1. I also updated our Studiopolis and Core stages. Sadly, I wanted to add parallax to them in this update, but I was having trouble and I didn't want to delay this thread any longer. Hopefully I'll get it right some day. Studiopolis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7es3jl39u8wc7l3/Studiopolis.rar The Core: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8lj2m224exl9lae/TheCore.rar
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    Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    And with that, the Master List has been fully relocated and is now completely up to date! @Eclaire Farron #1 Yer music bgmloopstart = 206737 bgmloopend = 5498738 #2 Yer music bgmloopstart = 434203 bgmloopend = 2974325 Sukima's Game ~ Rift in a Friendship Game bgmloopstart = 127735 bgmloopend = 4377372 Simple Minded, Bothersome and Great Youkai bgmloopstart = 3426609 bgmloopend = 8841676
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    Pullum Purna [SFEX] by armin_iur [Feb 22, 2017] http://www.mediafire.com/file/9bytz4gk0bwzksk/pullum.rar
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    MFFA's Off-topic Thread - Version 2.0

    >Shaggy Rogers >Gold hair There once was a man named Gold Roger
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    Alice the Madness: Hatters Domain by RU Design [Feb 22, 2017] http://www.mediafire.com/file/2e7zwt0b1rw3afz/RU+Design+-+Hatter+Domains+HD.rar
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    [PREVIEW] [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/wnkwb7ukh3e0p9v/SC_Puchiko.rar?dl=1
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    This sounds like troll bait, tbh. And you do understand there are alot of people who aren't African that consider themselves "black", right? Not all "black" people are African Americans. If you are looking for mugen content that is only African, or African American, then just say that. And that will include light skinned people, like Arabs, or Libyans. (When you see Egyptians who look light skinned or Middle Eastern, that is NOT Egypt, that is actually ancient Libya. Egypt AKA Kemet, was all people who looked like Somali and Ethiopians.)There's alot made by all kinds of creators. And theres many black characters, like Elena or Laura. If you mean dark skinned content, that only means parts of Africa. But includes South Americans, Indians, SE Asians, Aborigines, and many Italians too. If you are looking for ethnic or brown content, just say that. If you only want to associate with ethnic creators, MFFA isnt the place for divisive lines. Some of the "whitest" people on this site are ethnic. And some of the "illest ass n's" are white. So... dude, say what kind of content you're looking for. Or what your content focus is on. Japter says he likes to focus on dark skinned characters and content, end of story. The only clue to his nationality is that he waves the Jamaican flag around. And theres tons of white Jamaicans, so who knows what he is unless he tells you. But in 2017, with shit going off as it is, probably not a good idea. All we got is us, xenophobes and the not-xenophobes. Theres enough lines drawn against the brown ppl as it is. And brown is everything under the sun that isnt a hick burning a cross.
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    What does one do when you've got the house all to yourself for the next ten days? (paces around room)
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    Seruzad by Azu released 2/24/17

    Air made an AI patch for her: http://ux.getuploader.com/Air_MUGEN_op/
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    isn't the moderation a bit biased?

    Information that no one really cares about. And where's your proof that they are these so called "brainwashed lackeys of guild"? Also Guild isn't full of bad people like you claim. But how would I know when you consistently spew out crap no one really cares about while not considering others' opinions?
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    The Evolved Ikemen Dojo has evolved one step closer to its final form. It now has live streaming Ikemen (Mugen online). The stream key is available in the dojo, so no twitch account is necessary. Plus it's Much more organized now. 5 sections: 1 ~ Centeal Courtyard w/open live ring, anything goes style. 2 ~ Thumb Fu League with a leaderboard. 3 ~ Tourney Tower with regular tourneys, member and staff held. 4 ~ Ikemen Forge where you run ikemen wip threads and tutorials. 5 ~ Q&A Sanctuary for member to member help. For anyone who's into the idea of Mugen Online, it's worth visiting or revisiting at this point.
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    No worries, I fixed that for you.
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    The Portraits Thread

    https://www.sendspace.com/ https://www.sendspace.com https://www.sendspace.com
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    May I ask what the purpose of this thread is, other then bashing the guild? Statistics mean nothing, many people still visit both sites, some people, such as myself, just prefer some sites over others, that doesn't make the other site any better then the other. Mugen is not about which site is better, it's about creating content for everyone to enjoy, characters, stages, etc. Stuff like this, all this drama is one of the main reason why the Mugen community as a whole is in decline.
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    Pink panther's beta release!

    Its comments like these that can easily be taken out of context and quickly derail the thread. I shouldn't have to remind everyone but stay on the topic of the character itself, and don't use this as an opportunity to bash on another creator or as a platform to advertise your own characters (especially the latter, that's quite rude and disrespectful to the OP, Wlan)
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    I've added quite a few new characters to our KoF edits collection. Many thanks to everyone for your help. I'll try to get back to work on the Orochi/Mizuchi collection sometime later this week ;)
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    MUGEN 1.1 Problem (mugen close down)

    MUGEN 1.1 Problem (close down) Hi, I was working on making new screenpack. I almost done the work, but during test it, it caused a problem. When I first start MUGEN, It does not make any problem yet. But after like these below, It closed down with no messages. (sometimes not) - When I finish watch mode game. - When I finish watch mode game and start arcade mode or another new game. - And sometime, when I finish a game, some sprites of select screen or versus screen broken or disappeared. I don't know why I have to go through this. I checked all def files or sff files to check whether I have some mistakes, but nothing was wrong. (like versiondate, sprite no, actionno..) I had thought that this was caused by a lack of memory. But I'm using 16GB(8x2) RAM(though I don't know much about computer..) and maybe this would not be a problem. I tried to change some option in 'mugen.cfg' but nothing solution happened. (like cache, video option) And I also tried to reduce the sff file's size. But it is not solved at all. This is my sff files size. logo.sff = 203KB press.sff = 12.6MB system.sff = 445KB menu.sff = 20.6MB select.sff = 1.88MB versus.sff = 1.62MB fight.sff = 24.4MB (Add) I changed like below but sometimes it happened. logo.sff = 203KB press.sff = 4.63MB system.sff = 445KB menu.sff = 7.62MB select.sff = 5.4MB versus.sff = 8.52MB fight.sff = 24.4MB Could these size be a problem?? Or are there any other reasons??? I am suffering from this problem for two days. Really want to get out of this terrible hell. Please help or give some advice. Sorry for my bad English and thanks for read.
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    [PREVIEW] [LINK] http://www.brazilmugenteam.com/
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    虹格/ Nijikaku Mugen game (NSFW)

    I've finished uploading the newest version of Nijikaku, you can delete the old one Gal, and Phantom's Sendspace links are also expired. There's two "new" characters, alternate versions of Kiai-San, the fighter Nijiura Maid. New Link: https://yadi.sk/d/dvhutxUk3EHNgL
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    Game Thread ~ Touhou RP: Gensokyo Reloaded

    Current Tier List as of 01/09/17;
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    Nijikaku / 虹格 collection

    Utagai-San got updated (animations, cns)
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    Midis... Once was a great music maker till the distortions of music converters
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    The CPS2 Original Themes

    Oh and one for the Glitch Pokemon too. MissingNo.'s CPS2 Theme by Stephen Bererznicki
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    Junpei Iori by Ajiyayakko [2/17/2017]

    he is junpei iori from shin megami tensei persona 3, persona 3 fes y persona 3 portable
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    B-Vegeta by Sustina [02/17/2017]

    B-Vegeta by Sustina [02/17/2016] https://www.axfc.net/u/3775538 Alt DL link with fixed .cns to work in 1.0
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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    LOL!..... now this is interesting..
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    =New Stage has been added= Mute City (F-Zero) by Iver
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    Artoria Alter

    Morumo by Amano JACK

    Original character, has two stances which change what weapons are used for the a/b buttons https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AKmcD0gh2ATATgY&id=E04863522FCEE2B9!186&cid=E04863522FCEE2B9
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    Hey, welcome! I speak in spanish like you, but you should speak english. :)