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    TFGAF Special - DLC Pack Patch Part 4 has been Released. http://teamfaustgames.deviantart.com/journal/TFGAF-Special-DLC-Pack-Patch-Part-4-Released-695001475
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    Excahm´s Wips [I Have No Idea]

    Nitroplus - City Top: Hyperdimension Neptunia - Megadimension Planeptune. Hyperdimension Neptunia - Concert Ex - Memorial Sunset: Ex - Accel Arena: These are the more advanced WIPs i have, stages are HD mainly for 1.1 (cuz fuck indexing and RGB) If you have an idea of a stage i could do or a nice looking background i could use please tell me~ May be useful for me later. Feeback welcome
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    My MUGEN wishlists

    Here are my MUGEN wishlists I made so far. Credit goes to thebestml201 for the base.
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    AVGN has been updated [23.07.2017]

    Video Showcase: Description:
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    Custom Aska

    After 10 years of playing mugen I have tried to see if I can contribute however small to the community that has brought me enjoyment in this past decade. I am currently using Ryon's character creation tutorial on youtube to create her so I have to thank him for inspiring me to at least give character creation a shot. This is Aska from TMNT tournament fighters on the SNES, however she plays a bit (or a lot) different. Currently she has no supers or combos since I haven't learned to code them properly. She does have two types of projectiles and a "Shoryuken" in this build. Her sounds are only there because I couldn't stand silence in my character and they might be changed later. QCF+p = fireball (depending on which strength you press she either uses her left, right hands for small fireballs, or both for a Large one.) QCB+p = twisters (Her weak and medium twisters are small and act as anti-airs, Her Strong twister is in front of her and covers the screen top to bottom.) D,F,D+p = "Shoryuken" (Her strong shoryu goes straight up and has a twister come up as if it's pushing her upward.) Some screens Keep in mind she is no where near as complete as I would like her to be. I only wanted to share what I have so far. Hopefully my next build will have at least better sounds And/or supers. I don't mind honest criticism since she is my first character and she is a WIP. Download her here https://mega.nz/#!EElGXbyQ!PY12xkr5HB25VjkYkA_uh2Hhox-AD70MX52ot5V_z4Q I hope you enjoy and let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues so I can try to fix them to better her. Thanks in advance and Have a nice day. :)
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    360s? I'm not exactly sure what a 360 has anything to do with her, wasn't the Xbox360 discontinued?
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    I finally cracked the code on Gloria's 4th and hidden mode and tried it out for myself. It is super overpowered but I like it because of the neko ears. DON'T JUDGE ME >:P P.S. Gloria is made by Pre To not me lol Screenshot Gameplay footage Click here if you want gloria with Pure Silver Mode (sophia) already turned on (just press the low kick button when you select her)
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    Yeppers, Now I just need to spread this around to every other possible mugen site looooool cuz there is no version of gloria out there on the interwebs that has her pure silver mode (aka sophia) unlocked already. SHARING IS CARING LOL
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    I say that Pre To did an awesome job with the design on her sprite.
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    Ty, This mode of hers was hidden in her Gloria_-3.cns file and considering it was all in japanese I spent hours trying to crack the code figuring out what needed to be changed so much trial and error until I finally found it. I can live with her being super OP but only because of the neko ears >w>;
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    I hope someone eventually makes a more...balanced...version of her alternate modes. Oh well, still a decent character nonetheless.
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    (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    Sprite Sheets has been updated =Butterfly Suit Sprite Fixed =Heavy Kick (Stand) Updated +Bee Stung
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    (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    Sprite Sheet has been updated =New Guard +G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A. Special +Lose (Time Over) +Summoning H.I.P.P.I.E.H.O.P. Hyper Level 3 +Victory 5 (Might be the last one) From what I'm seeing so far, the Special Move Sprites and the Hypers are finished.
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    3D naked snake WIP

    Hey everyone, Ali is back with a new character. well, I tried to create this char long ago but i cancelled it. now, I have improved my coding and I'm ready to create snake. overview :