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    Gather Sign "Throwing Mt Tokagushi". Like Reimu's "Fantasy Nature", the properties of this move changes depending on its spacing; if used up close, it becomes an unblockable command grab, while if used from a distance, it becomes a projectile attack. Like Kidnapping Oni, the grab version of this move can be followed up with Foot Bellows for some extra damage.
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    Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline CHARACTER SELECT - DORAEMON IV: NOBITA IN THE MOON KINGDOM Doraemon: SUGIO / KAIemon || Nobita: SUGIO || Shizuka: SUGIO || Gian: SUGIO || Suneo: SUGIO EDITS Symbiote Doraemon: Kairi Wild Boar || DONAemon type-D: Absolut_Concept+Absolute_Yveltal || Gian +: SUGIAN CHARACTER SELECT - DORAEMON: NOBITA'S RESIDENT EVIL Doraemon: thunder sword CHARACTER SELECT - SUPER COSPLAY WARS ULTRA Doraemon: Valgallah CHARACTER SELECT - OTHER GAME EDITS Doraemon: Descolor + Dager [Black Widow edit] || Nobita: Mikita + Dager [Sai edit] CHARACTER SELECT - RESPRITED Nobita: Real_espectro || Nimuge's President: Tokinokuni-Kei EDITS Ultimate Nobita: Real_espectro + Unknown || Cyclone Nobita: Anomipolis CHARACTER SELECT - MISCELLANEOUS Doraemon_BD: ロニ坂 || Jureimen: 2580shota || Hanjiemon: Nijikaku || Mugenemon: HANBAHAN || Not pictured: Nobita: Schizoid MISSING Doraemon by Watati Doraemon by Skysuika STAGE SELECT Bizarre Fighters: Doraemon's Stage by Valgallah || Doraemon Akichi by MINI43 || The Smile of Blue Devil by Azami Assault X || Doraemon Mix by Azami Assault X
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    Did someone say grabs? Did someone say projectiles? How about both?
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    The "MVC.def" I made, is the same as the DEF in my Gardevoir edit, the only difference is that I added the path to the files you edited. It works on Mugen 1.1, but on Mugen 1.0 gives error.
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    I have Dexter in my MUGEN but I wanted to upgrade because of his size. I'll be tuned for when this comes out! I'm a huge fan of DDR's characters and I've already put two, but I plan on adding Road Runner and Marvin. I have a lot of memories with Duck Dodgers so I didn't put him in fear of bias. Popeye is scary-strong, he's definitely going to be added.
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    Dear Konami, Whenever you decide to announce the next big update of Super Bomberman R, PLEASE give this wondrous Rocket Knight some love and let him join the roster as Sparkster Bomber. Thank you for the advance. Love, RoySquadRocks