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    Here comes from the shadows, the new edition of MFFAWN!
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    Mirage Saloon released; Studiopolis and The Core updated Scepter and I did another collab! DL here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s2y6a51y2tkfz0s/MirageSaloon.rar Once again, there's a version for both 1.0 and 1.1. I also updated our Studiopolis and Core stages. Sadly, I wanted to add parallax to them in this update, but I was having trouble and I didn't want to delay this thread any longer. Hopefully I'll get it right some day. Studiopolis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7es3jl39u8wc7l3/Studiopolis.rar The Core: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8lj2m224exl9lae/TheCore.rar
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    MFFAWN #14 (Feb 13 - Feb 19, 2017) - Shadow Fawn

    MFFAWN #14 (Feb 13 - Feb 19, 2017) by gui0007 & Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ Be careful! The Shadow Fawn will eat your soul. Art by Vampiratel Monday, 02/13/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 1280x720] KOF '97 OL - Cruise by k6666orochi (MFG / MIL) VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Hard] Heidern (POTS/Infinite Style) by Falcon Rapper VIDEOS PREVIEW: 1 / 2 Download Link NOTE: Heidern gains an update at Feb, 18. Tuesday, 02/14/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE, RE-RELEASES & UPDATES / 1.0 / AI: Normal] PotSS Blossom and some characters updated/re-released by Synck VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] Outsides of Kingston Falls by N1000sh VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Lucky Luke by Smeagol14, edited by RMaster007 Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Sakura/Dark Sakura by varo_hades VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link Wednesday, 02/15/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / MKP Only (New and Old Versions) / 1.0 & 1.1 / 400x254 & 640x480] Kotal Kahn's Courtyard by RU Design VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 720p & 1280x720] Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Thailand (Adon) by ELECTRO VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Puella Magi Madoka - Magica Portable by fengkkkkkkkkk Download Link [CHARACTERS / EDITS / 1.0 / AI: Hard] George Goodlake and Nmorge Badswamp by WlanmaniaX, edited by Paul999 Download Links: George / Nmorge [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Sabretooth by Misterr07 VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link Thursday, 02/16/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / BETA / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Normal] Pink Panther by Ali VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] SF2 Ken Custom Stage by KAINE (MFG / MIL) Download Link [STAGE / EDIT / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480] KOF 2002 - Italy Stage (NESTS) by RYO2005, edited by Vegaz_Parrelli VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link Friday, 02/17/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE & UPDATE / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Hard] Vegeta and Goku (Super Butouden 2+Custom) by FastFlash Download Links: Vegeta / Goku [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Hard] SSGSS (Super Saiyan Blue) Vegeta (EB Sprites+Custom) by Sustina (Alt. Link with .cns fixed to 1.0) [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Junpei Iori (Persona 3) by Ajiyayakko (Alt. Link) [CHARACTER & STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / Character AI: Easy / Stage Resolution: 640x480] Grillby (Undertale) and Undertale's Waterfall by suimin2393 Grillby's VIDEO PREVIEW Download Links: Grillby / Waterfall [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Cassandra (ROTD, KOF Style) by Zadkiel/Mugen Zone VIDEO PREVIEW Saturday, 02/18/2017 [CHARACTER & STAGE / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / Character AI: Normal / Stage Resolution: 640x480] Woody Woodpecker and V.R. Troopers - Reality Barrier by O Ilusionista VIDEOS PREVIEW: 1 / 2 Download Links: Woody Woodpecker / V.R. Troopers Stage [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Sakura Stage by cldz Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / AI: Hard] Latias (Pokémon) by Secret1056 Download Link [CHARACTER / EDIT & UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Omega Rugal (KOF '95-ish+KOFM) by Ahuron & Aki, edited by Elphizio and Drako Z, updated by The Vermillion VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Sakuraba Sakazaki (Takuma's Father) by Chuchoryu [FULL GAME / UPDATE / 1.0 / 640x480] Kasumi Vortek by Xperimentz & dxwho VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480] Bridge of the Caribbean by Alan KOF/The Darkness VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Hard] MvC2 Sentinel by REDHOT VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.1 / AI: Hard] Tessa/Tabasa (Red Earth/Warzard) by Corntortillas/Violin Ken Download Link Sunday, 02/19/2017 [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.1 / AI: No] Jiggly Bunny by Kazecat Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Raidramon (Digimon) by Ezequiel Torrejon Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Crocodile (One Piece) by wenchu (MFG / MIL) VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link (Mediafire) [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Crimson Viper by Shin Mako/Nexus Games VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Configurable] All KOF XIII chars by eken55 THING THAT IS FUNNY - THE END -
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    Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    And with that, the Master List has been fully relocated and is now completely up to date! @Eclaire Farron #1 Yer music bgmloopstart = 206737 bgmloopend = 5498738 #2 Yer music bgmloopstart = 434203 bgmloopend = 2974325 Sukima's Game ~ Rift in a Friendship Game bgmloopstart = 127735 bgmloopend = 4377372 Simple Minded, Bothersome and Great Youkai bgmloopstart = 3426609 bgmloopend = 8841676
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    isn't the moderation a bit biased?

    Information that no one really cares about. And where's your proof that they are these so called "brainwashed lackeys of guild"? Also Guild isn't full of bad people like you claim. But how would I know when you consistently spew out crap no one really cares about while not considering others' opinions?
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    Trying to make my version of a stage from Nitroplus. [PREVIEW]
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    mugenarchive needs help

    8 pages of nonsense trolling and white-knighting does nothing to further your case. -Adfly is gaining revenue using mugen creations as it's source.(Regardless of whether adlfy has viruses/malware or not) -Downloads are limited to active members of the forum.(Why?) And under the guise of community, these two points alone negate any sense of the word. I am glad MugenArchive exists.I truly am. It's just operating a little differently than most mugen forums. On the virus bit, the people who run adfly aren't the ones who give the content of the ads. They are probably reviewed before they are displayed to anyone, but the company/person advertising could easily change it after it's been approved to add some malicious code. If you do come across something like that again, just report it to the people who run adfly. That being said, THIS is the reason adfly is sketchy... at least to me...
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    Artoria Alter

    Morumo by Amano JACK

    Original character, has two stances which change what weapons are used for the a/b buttons https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AKmcD0gh2ATATgY&id=E04863522FCEE2B9!186&cid=E04863522FCEE2B9
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    mugenarchive needs help

    why the hate ? mugenarchive is the only legitimate archive for mugen, so don't be selfish and it's better than dead links
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    isn't the moderation a bit biased?

    I wonder about that.... I've seen many threads bashing mmv or ma, not being locked like this : you may say, the thread was just informative, but so was my thread, I shared objective information about a dispute in the mugen community, for over a decade the guild was the largest mugen site, suddenly they start a war against the archive, and as a result they lost leadership by a landslide, how is it not important info that everyone should know? why it gets censored? :/ perhaps unconsciously you're being lackeys of guild, don't do that please, mffa is a decent site, while guild is an old horse that need to be put out of his misery, they used to be an okay site but they grew into a bunch of bitter old men and fanatical dictator arseholes who brainwash their users with their opinions and lies, all they care about now is power and control, they are totally corrupt scum, and their community members are the absolute worst, those darkflare & walrus guys are perfect examples of brainwashed guild punks who will immediately resort to personal insults whenever they read anything against the official guild "truth"