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    Courage the Cowardly Dog

    We interrupt this character to bring you...... COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG! If you may remember this cartoon from your childhood or when you are grown up to revisit, he is my current character in work in progress! This cartoon was my all-time favourite Cartoon Cartoons growing up, next to Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Sheep in the Big City and Dexter's Laboratory. Here's the pallete template if you have any ideas: As you may see what's coming, I had those sprites from what I made: Later on, I need to make the video preview of him along with George.
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    (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    Hello folks, let me introduce you to the Collab Character... Kuki Sanban (NUMBUH 3) from Codename Kids Next Door (This was suggested by WlanmaniaX) Please note that I'm only doing a few of those sprites so If you want to assist me to make few of the sprite progresses for me as well, Click Here Oh and send me a PM when you're done. =Sprite Contributed= WlanmaniaX TuffTony =Future Coding= ??? =Updates so far= Stance Running H.I.P.P.I.E.-H.O.P. Hyper Waiting Walking Animal Transformation Inspired from Operation: H.A.M.S.T.E.R. Final Memory: JAM Sprite Contributation by WlanmaniaX and edited by me. Fire Kuki Hyper Inspired from Operation: H.O.T.S.T.U.F.F. Victory Victory 2 Inspired from the Original Artwork Pose Kuki Reaper Victory Inspired from the cameo from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Big Boogie Adventure Sprite Contributation by WlanmaniaX and edited by me.
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    The King of Fighters XII / XIII

    With proud, i finally remade the KOF XII / XIII collection. Click in the author name to download and if you have any material related to KOF XII / XIII, you're free to post. Color Guide: Red is Offline, Orange is Beta, Purple is custom/another gameplay, Gold is WIP. MEMBER SELECT Ash Crimson: Randy Fenrir / Bey / Dragon972 & or2=3 / Capone / Djiwright || Human Saiki: Randy Fenrir / or2=3 - Yaret's Edit / Capone / 41: 1.0 - 1.1 / Nisoo7 Kyo Kusanagi: Nekohoshi / Ahuron - Mechzer's Edit(Classic) / Hork || Benimaru Nikaido: Iori974 / Kempachi-mx || Goro Daimon: Ck3675 & Pain228 / Eken55 EX Kyo Kusanagi: Nekohoshi / k6666orochi / Grief / Luster / Ryutaro: Old - Old2 - New Terry Bogard: k6666orochi / Kempachi-mx: Old - New / Ck3675 & Pain228 / Kashif || Andy Bogard: Capone / Iori974 || Joe Higashi: Misterr07 / Ck3675 & Pain228 Billy Kane: Iori974 / Kempachi-mx || Ryo Sakazaki: Rejy2505 & Night / Richoador / Eken55 || Robert Garcia: FedeStalker / Eken55 / Kashif Takuma Sakazaki: Capone / Nekohoshi / Eken55 || Mr.Karate: Ahuron (Alt. Link) / Duracelleur / Capone / Eken55 / Ck3675 & Pain228 Iori Yagami: TightRiam / or2=3 || Mature: Randy Fenrir / 41(1.1 Only) / DaNaru250 || Vice: or2=3 / 41 || EX Iori Yagami: 41: 1.0 - 1.1 / TightRiam / Darklos / k6666orochi Elisabeth Blanctorche: Flowrallia / P-Tan / Eken55 || Duo Lon: Capone / 41(1.1 Only) / Dls / Kempachi-mx || Shen Woo: Ahuron Kim Kaphwan: Capone / Ck3675 & Pain228 / Kempachi-mx || Hwa Jai: Ahuron / Capone || Raiden: Descolor / Kempachi-mx Mai Shiranui: P-Tan - Odb718's Edit - Unknown's Edit / Humi / Capone || King: NS / k6666orochi / or2=3 / Humi - Betalille's Edit / Kempachi-mx Yuri Sakazaki: Rejy2505 & Night / 41 Fake / Eken55 || K': TightRiam - Nekohoshi's Update - HaiJin's Edit / Ck3675 & Pain228 / Kempachi-mx: Old - New / QuickFist(CvS) Kula Diamond: P-Tan - Kamran Bernstein's Edit / Capone / DaNaru250 || Maxima: Ahuron Athena Asamiya: k6666orochi / Capone / Rejy2505 & Chenchox97 / Bruce White / Dharkst_Dhost || Sie Kensou: k6666orochi Chin Gentsai: Iori974 / Kempachi-mx || Ralf Jones: Rejy2505 - Duracelleur's Edit / Ck3675 & Pain228 / Felicity / Eken55 || Clark Still: Rejy2505 / Felicity Leona Heidern: P-Tan - Yaret's Edit || Saiki: Elecbyte / Borewood - BoyBoyz's Update / Capone / 41(1.1 Only) || Evil Ash: Nisoo7 / DeathRaGeoous Chars fixed by BoyBoyz (TightRiam's EX Iori and K', or2=3's Human Saiki, Misterr07's Joe, k6666orochi's Kensou and Terry). Chars hosted by Shin Yagami Iori974's Benimaru & Billy SNDs fixed EDITS SELECT Kusanagi: k6666orochi / Tobikage - JeanBureau's Edit || Classic Kyo: 41 || Nightmare NESTS Kyo: Ryutaro || Psychopath Kyo: Dr.Kelexo Doppo Orochi & Katsumi Orochi (Takuma Edits): Tokage || Neige (Leona Edit): Zenjidoh || Element (Iori Edit): Zelgadis & Unknown Editor Bloo (K' Edit): Tutaya || Yuki (Kula Edit): GodVictor || Ami (Kula Edit): Alex_z || Syouzan Matsuo (Takuma Edit): Descolor STAGE SELECT All KOF XII Stages by Darek (640x480) Stages by k6666orochi (1280x720): Kyokugen's Dojo(1.0/1.1) / Coliseum Rooftop(1.0/1.1) / Esaka Day(1.1) / Burnt Remains(1.0/1.1): Old - New Old South Town: 1.0 - 1.1 / Mr. Karate's Dojo: 1.0 - 1.1 / Sky Noah: 1.0 - 1.1 Old - 1.1 New / Vessel Room(1.0/1.1): Ver.1 - Ver. 2 - Ver.3 Clock Tower(1.0/1.1) / Pao Pao Cafe(1.1/Beta) / KOF '95 Remix(1.0/1.1): Old - New Stages by ExShadow (960x720/1.0): KOF XII Stadium Night / Brazil / Coliseum of Roses / France / Coliseum Destroyed Stages by Luisito23 (1280x720/1.0 & 1.1): Desert: Old - New / Esaka Night / China: 1.0 (480p.Patch) - 1.0 (720p) - Update - 1.1 by Ace-Million (720p) / India: 480p - 720p / USA Stages by KAINE (640x480): Coliseum Destroyed / Coliseum Misted / Vessel Room / Training Stages by Darek (640x480): KOF XII & XIII Stages / KOF XIII Original Stages India by xXNeroXx || England by EvilAkuma1000 - 960x720 Patch || Egypt (Three Vers.) by Master Yoda Brazil by Dragon972 || Burnt Remains by Noctis Caelum || Japan by Websta (1280x720/1.1) ADDONS SELECT Screenpacks: by Zion (KOFXII/640x480/Win) / by Tiloger (KOFXII/640x480/1.1) / by EnlightendShadow (KOF XIII/1280x720/1.0) by HLoader: KOF XIII Arcade (640x480/1.0) - KOF XIII Steam (640x480/1.1) Full Games: by EnlightendShadow & Ristar87 (Old Screenpack) / by 一方王者 / by Coki Lifebars: by Kohaku (KOFXII/320x240/Normal) - 1.0 Patch by Daniel100 - 640x480 Edit by gui0007 by HLoader (KOF XIII/1280x720/Custom) - 640x480 Edit & 320x240 Edit by TheShinHado Others: Palletes by Night / Resource Rips by Aokmaniac13 (Sprites, Music and FX)
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    Project X Zone

    Notes: Red Text - Offline Click The Author Name to Download List Of Character - Kite (By Tsukasa_Mike || By Tsukasa_Mike & Yukihiko) -Kogoro Tenzai (By Jamesx15) - Dante (By Cliff-A) - Lady (By Betalille) -Kiryu Kazuma (By Jamesx15) -Mii Koryuji (By Jamesx15) - X (By Hetyo || by Yukihiko) - Chrom (By Jamesx15 || by Golumitu) -Lucina(By Bagilu) - Kaguya (By Jamesx15) -HeiHachi (By Mikel8888) -Chun Li (By Sektor) -Hibana (By Varia31) NOTE: There is a lot of PXZ characters has entered MUGEN out there. So if any of you got some. Tell me and I upload it to collection.
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    Sheriff updated! (07/11/2017)

    SHERIFF SHOOTS THE COMPETITION! Introducing... Sheriff from the Sheriff Series! Sheriff is the first protagonist that appeared in Nintendo's arcade game in 1979 before Donkey Kong and Game & Watch. In this game, You aimed the sheriff's gun by way of an eight-directional dial controller, which you would depress to fire. The goal of this frontier shooter was to protect the territory from various scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells. This character is activated in unique game mode, meaning you play just like in the arcade game, but you only have three lives though. When you got hit, you will become immune for 3 seconds. I tried my best to make this character play like in the source game, but I almost nailed it. LOL! XD Download this special 4th of July gift now! https://sites.google.com/site/roysquadrocks/
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    Guilty Gear Series

    Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters. Color guide: Blue is custom gameplay. Yellow is WIP / Unfinished. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link. NOTE: Edits with questionable quality and NSFW edits wont be included. CHARACTER SELECT Guilty Gear: The Missing Link Sol Badguy: AOAO / Scott / Wakarohi / Yutomi / SeanAltly [CVTW] / ShinRei [CVS] Ky Kiske: AOAO / HK / Lucifer7 / Yutomi / ShinRei [CVS] Eddie / Zato-1: Third / 叶あかね & 参 号 Testament: AOAO / M.I.T - EX Version / The Man Axl Low: DopeFiend / Kayui Uma Chipp Zanuff: Angel Myst / The Man Dr Baldhead: Bad Darkness Justice: AOAO / The Man / Yutomi Potemkin: Fujy [Mecha-Potemkin] Baiken Seishino: Angel Myst / Zkil May: Staran Millia Rage: AOAO / Tuki no Turugi Guilty Gear Judgment Judgment: Kishio / DeUcEoVsPaDeZ / Boryema [CVS] Guilty Gear Petit/Petit 2 Chip Zanuff: Allen Sol Badguy: Ixnaydk Guilty Gear X/XX/XXAC/XXAC+/XXS/XXR A.B.A: Fraya / Muteki Anji Mito: MEKA / MEKA + Neat Unsou / Muteki / Takazaki Baiken Seishino: Fraya / Muteki / Nanashi-Saso / Takazaki Axl Low: Meka / Muteki / Boryema [CVS] Bridget: EL / Fraya / James / Muteki Eddie / Zato-1: Muteki / Ponta Faust/Dr. Baldhead: Muteki Dizzy: Chikuchikugonzales / EL / Fraya / Muteki / Nana / Taiyaki / Third / Tokei Chipp Zanuff: Meka / Muteki / Muteki + Chu-Nin / Boryema [CVS] I-No: Ashman / Fraya: Regular / Boss / Meka / Muteki / Boryema [CVS]: Regular / Boss Jam Kuradoberi: AOAO / Fraya / Muteki / Rem / Boryema [CVS] Ky Kiske: Akutagawa / Diogo M / Meka / N.I.J / Muteki / Rei / Boryema [CVS] / Shuu [HNK] / Way-Oh [En-Eins Perfektewelt] Justice: Carbuncle / Muteki / Tonan Johnny: AOAO / Fraya / Muteki / The K.M.D. / Kisaragiryuto [Melty Blood] / ShouBuySpirit [SS] Kliff Undersn: Muteki / Lazerrobotduck / Boryema [CVS] May: EL / Meka / Muteki / Tuki no Turugi / Reikyuunakimono / Boryema [CVS] Robo-KY: MIMI / Muteki / Ukege / Boryema [CVS] Millia Rage: Fraya / Muteki / Nana / R-R / Boryema [CVS] Holy Order Sol: Akutagawa / Djfue / Fraya / Fraya (Boss) / Muteki / Boryema [CVS] / Flowrallia [HNK] / Flowrallia [KOFXIII] Sol Badguy: Amachi / AOAO / Fraya / Muteki / Boryema [CVS] / Flowrallia [Arcana Heart] / Way-Oh [En-Eins Perfektewelt] Venom: Muteki Potemkin: Muteki / Ponta / Tin / Boryema [CVS] / Tokage [Potemkin Ogre / Blazblue] Testament: Muteki / Boryema [CVS] Slayer: Fraya / Lupanda76 / Muteki / Boryema [CVS] Zappa: EL / Fraya / Muteki Guilty Gear ISUKA Robo-KY MK-II: MIMI / Ukege Zako-Dan: Aotsuki - Zako-C: Zako-1 Leopaldon: Kurogane / SUI Guilty Gear DUST STRIKERS Gig: Cyanide Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Ramlethal Valentine: Eiton Original Characters Old Robo-KY: Ukege Robo-KY MK-III: Ukege Robo-Jam: Ukege Robo-Sol: Ukege / Boryema [CVS] Kyko Kiske: Panda & Way-Oh / Panda & Beppu / Zero-Sennin Xechs: Rei Fidei: SoloRazr Edited Characters Toneire: Togami Bleyze: Togami Satsujinki: Ageha Seiren: Ageha Omni Psych Super Dizzy: Seven Dark Order Sol: Daimonmau Sol Engrenado: Daimonmau True Power Sol: T.O.P.S Hyper Justice: T.O.P.S Robo KY Type-P: Rei Super Dizzy Angel: Seven Omni Psych Jam: Seven Omni Psych Justice: Seven Omni Psych Chipp: Seven Ky & Sol: Qwerty SoLaR: BlackCurl Copy Dizzy: Rei STAGE SELECT Guilty Gear: The Missing Link Stage Pack by XGargoyle / Stages by BadDarkness / Axl's Stage by Dark Saviour / Justice's Stage by Margatroid [1.1] Guilty Gear Judgment Fatal Judgment & Rural Chaos by Kung Fu Man Guilty Gear X Stages by MEKA / Stages by Type Wild / Faust's Stage by Scal / Justice's Stage by Sensei Yoda Kilff's Stage by BadDarkenss / Dizzy & Testament's Stage by Neat Unsou Guilty Gear X Advance (GBA) Stages by Cenobite53 Guilty Gear XX Stages by Choiyer / Stages by Black Dahlia Isis / Stages by ExShadow [1.1] / Stages by MEKA / Stages by Type Wild Guilty Gear XXAC Stages by Doburoku / Stages by Type Wild / Holy Order Sol's Stage (Custom) by Excahm / Paris (Custom) by Kuroneko / Baiken & Anji's Stage (Custom) by Namu Ami Dabutu Guilty Gear XXR Stages by Choiyer / Stages by Type Wild / Kliff's Stage by Tetsuo9999 / Guilty Gear XXS Stages by Choiyer / Stages by Doburoku / Nirvana by DartzPie / Nirvana (Custom) by ExShadow: v1 - v2 / Paris by ExShadow Guilty Gear ISUKA Stages by Neat Unsou / Stages by MEKA / Sol & Ky's Stage by DABA SCREENPACK SELECT Guilty Gear X Screenpack by Doorhenge [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear X Screenpack by Kannazuki [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear xX Screenpack by Sword Dancer [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XX Screenpack by Lost Time [Winmugen+/320x240] LIFEBARS SELECT Guilty Gear XX Lifebars by Illure [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XX Lifebars by Falcon Kick [1.0/640X480/1280X720] Guilty Gear XX Lifebars by Lost Time [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XXAC Lifbars by Qwerty [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XXS Lifebars by Lost Time [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XXR Lifebars by Lost Time [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear Xrd Lifebars by Rayzo & Shichibukai [Mugen 1.1/1280,720] ADD-ONS SELECT Guilty Gear XXAC Intro by Kronos Guilty Gear XXAC+ Intro by Celest Guilty Gear XXS Intro by Fenrir Guilty Gear X/XXS Character Ending by Lost Time Guilty Gear XXAC Hitsparks by Unholy Freeman GGXrd "Costume Patch" for Muteki's Ky by 酷斯査 波里諾 FULL GAME SELECT Guilty Gear XXAC+ Ultimate Mugen by Zinesis Guilty Gear Xrd Arc Wars v1 by Mustard Seed Comics RESOURCES SELECT Guilty Gear XXS/Guilty Gear ISUKA Sprite Rips by Kaihoku Guilty Gear XXR Sprite Rips by Xenozip & Blip
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    Martial Champion

    Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters. Color guide: Blue is custom gameplay. Yellow is WIP. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link. CHARACTER SELECT Bobby: Joey Faust || Hoi: Joey Faust || Jin: Masa00341 || Racheal: Choiyer / Masa00341 || Titi: Masa00341 || Zen: NGI Chaos: Joey Faust / Sakuraka || Mahambah: Joey Faust STAGE SELECT Stages by Cenobite53 || Stages by Reginukem
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    We've been noticing lately a lot of people have been posting incorrectly so we've devised some rules once again for the standards for posting items on the warehouse section of the forum. Let's start with few things: 1. Posting format: Please apply these format whenever you post a content in the warehouse. [PREVIEW] Screenshots/videos of content visual goes here. [DOWNLOAD] Download links goes here. [COMMENTS] Optional; if you have some review of the content being posted, it goes here. A good example of how its being done. (Yeah, you need to include the bracket tags). 2. Visual preview: it'd be nice if you use your own screenshot instead of copy pasting from someone else. Important: If you are to post NSFW content, make sure to put the preview in a spoiler and put [NSFW] tag in the thread title. 3. File links: always include link to author website, unless the file is already offline or said website is hard to navigate. Don't direct link files on their website's server like this. Some web server known to forbid this and directed you to 404 error page. Important: Refrain yourself from linking to ad referral sites (such as adf.ly). MUGEN and all its content are meant to be free, and any attempts to monetize them are prohibited. In addition, redirecting people to a webpage that requiring signing up (such as facebook group) is considered to be very inconvenient. Please don't do this as well. 4. Remember to use the search box to check if any content has been posted before, to avoid double posts. Feel free to re-post a content if the older thread has broken link though. All being said, stay out of trouble and have a nice day.
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    Aquapazza Stages

    Click the link below each preview images to download. [1.0] Apple Palace by Excahm [1.0] Castle Tuskur by Excahm [1.0] Castle Avalon by Excahm [Winmugen+ and 1.0] Castle Avalon by Ouchi [1.0] Comic Hall by Excahm [1.0] Comic Hall - Afternoon by Excahm [1.0] Goddess Palace by xX-Nero-Xx [1.0] Playground by Excahm [1.0] Red Moon by MadlaX [1.0] Urban Freeway by Excahm [1.0] Witch's Ruins by Excahm [1.0] Witch's Ruins - Rain by Excahm [1.0] Yamayura Village by Excahm [Winmugen+ and 1.0] Yamayura Village by Ouchi [1.0] Zen Room by xX-Nero-Xx
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    Komaki Manaka

    Original Chars

    Komaki Presents... Original MUGEN Char Collection! This collection is for Original MUGEN char content. Reubenkee's Original MUGEN Chars: Dragon Claw Taruse's Original MUGEN Chars: Reika Murasame, Hory Marlu and Hime Kawano OP NOTE: Hime Kawano has NSFW content (no hentai) but her panties always appear. Wani_Shimamura's Original MUGEN Chars: Yoshinaka Hinata,Natsuka Fuou and Nanoha Tsukikage Other Original MUGEN Chars: Stella by kotoyuki Kaname by C.Komaru Mikage Hiroki by toto Ohosi Nagisa by SANKITI Morumo by Amano JACK Ono Kohaku by Mariru Mao WPR and Mao D0 by Akkin Yomi by SKWT More coming soon.
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    Lord Batros

    Jerry From Code Monkeys

    Preview http:// http:// http:// http:// This is my simple yet fun Sprite Edit of Sonic7's Dave ...i redrew over Dave to turn him into jerry (free hand) i also changed a few things to make him not just dave with a diffrent look though some of Sonic7's. Stuff is still there because i dug it lol My favorite part was if you've ever seen Codemonkeys jerry is supper wined up so i thought for his super he should be releasing all of it and showing his real inner self ..in the form of Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls Dunt,Dunt,Dunt Crossover!! Lol ..aslo free handed lol Please enjoy this for exactly what it is .. Changes made from Dave to Jerry Jerry swings Links power sword from the NES loz game instead of a bat Jerry now turns to bill instead of a ninja robot pirate for the super Daves ET game attack is now Jerrys severed hand from the car robber Sunnyvale episode Added win quotes 11 new palettes by me Super special thanks to Sonic7 for creating Dave Ryoucchi for the new large and super portrait's Truetotalempireinc for giving him a voice with a new SND file and a stage that's included Again Enjoy it for what it is k See ya in the pit - ZombieBrock Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/8p2383yybhbp48z/JERRY.rar
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    Big Green

    The King of Fighters '94 / '95

    There are some characters from the game that haven't been converted yet. As such, they won't appear until they get converted. Characters: Kyo Kusanagi: David Demianoff (2002-ish), Huolisi, G.D (Beta), Wakarohi Benimaru Nikaido: Sekirei, Duende Macabro Goro Daimon: 41 Terry Bogard: David Demianoff (2 versions, 2002-ish), Duende Macabro, Aioria2525 (Edited) Andy Bogard: David Demianoff (2002-ish), Duende Macabro, Sorrowedge (Beta) Joe Higashi: David Demianoff (2002-ish) Ryo Sakazaki: Sekirei, David Demianoff (2002-ish), Death Smile - Original / Sai's edit, Rick (Edited) - Original / Dorodoro's edit, Lucifuego (Mr. Karate/Edited) Robert Garcia: Sekirei, David Demianoff (2002-ish), SMI, Rakutai (Edited) Takuma Sakazaki: Sekirei, David Demianoff (2002-ish) Athena Asamiya: Sekirei, AthenaX - Old / New, Raiwa - '94 / '95, Fumitsuki, Shimon Sie Kensou: FEL Ralf Jones: Robo Z - Original / AthenaX's edit Clark Still: Tin Mai Shiranui: Sekirei - Original / Lows 9.0's edit, David Demianoff (2002-ish), Anamochi - 94+95 version / 94 Rebout version, Mast-chen + Operrom (XI) King: Sekirei, T^T, U-Jin - Original / Bahamut Dragon Angel's edit Yuri Sakazaki: Sekirei, David Demianoff (2002-ish), Fervicante, Rakutai (Edited) Kim Kaphwan: David Demianoff (2002-ish), Juanxoc Choi Bounge: Fangke Chang Koehan: Noise Low, Don Nadie (Chang and Choi/CvS2) Lucky Glauber: NS, Nyko - Original / Tim Markworth's edit, Robo Z (Beta) Rugal Bernstien (Round 1): Bad Darkness (Six Buttons), Omega Clarens Rugal Bernstien (Round 2): David Demianoff (2002-ish), Bad Darkness (Six Buttons), Warusaki3, Ali, STG (Stronger Rugal/Edited), 41 - Old / New (Both Rounds) Iori Yagami: Sekirei, David Demianoff (2002-ish), Huolisi, Rakutai (Edited), FEL Billy Kane: Sela, Mr Karate (XI UM) Eiji Kisaragi: Misamu K Young, J.Lee, Ahuron (2002) - Original / Violet's edit Saisyu Kusanagi: David Demianoff (2002-ish) Omega Rugal Bernstien: David Demianoff (2002-ish) - Original / Anomi Polis' edits, Noise Low, Bad Darkness, Glasses (XI UM), Sykotik Stages: 94 Stage Pack - MFG version / MFFA version 95 Stage Pack Ryo2005's stages Survivor 2K's stages Caddie's stages Dark Saviour's stages Dj Rao + Xutie's stages Duende Macabro's stages Death Smile's stages Matmut's stages Type Wild's stages Electro's stages Juan Carlos' stages Vegaz's stages - 95 USA / 95 Saisyu / 95 Mexico Falcondurap's stages - 95 Mexico / 95 Middle East Wolf Jaws' 94 Japan stage Kuco's 94 China stage XGargoyle's 94 Brazil stage Testp's 94 England stage Mattasaur's 94 Korea stage Kaine's 94 USA stage Fangke's 94 2nd Rugal stage Fred's 95 England stage Lord Sinistro's 95 Korea stage Addons: Dark Saviour's Addons Mugencharskofhd's Screenpack Matmut's Screenpacks Eduardo Bonafini's Screenpack Claudio Toxi's Screenpack S.K.Y's Screenpack Gazira's portrait packs A.I Patch for Chang by Noise Low Jansen Franca Mugen's Full Game Resources: Magma Dragoon's sprite rips Insanus' sprite rips Dan Mt's sprite rips - 94 / 95 Tsuya's sound rip Kaine's portrait rips Kong's fighter rips
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    Made a Goku Sprite based on DBFigtherZ --VIEW- Looks good?
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    Fairy Tail DS

    Click in the author name to download. Red is offline/missing. Yellow is WIP. CHARACTER SELECT - Fairy Tail Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen Natsu Dragneel: Mikel8888 / MNIN / Noctis / Uchiha / Wolf Stak / Vbnm || Erza Scarlet: CVS Artist / Fernandinho_FM / LegendTTA / Mikel8888 / ParadoxPunk / Sgn15 || Gray Fullbuster: Alexei / Fadli_HULK Lucy Heartfilia: Uchiha - TempoDragon's edit || Gajeel Redfox: Giovanni / Kazushi / Mikel8888 / Uchiha || Laxus Dreyar: Kazushi / Sgn15 Mirajane Strauss: Betalille || Makarov Dreyar: Fadli_HULK || Loke: RockNGame || Totomaru: Kishor || Jose Porla: Sgn15 || Happy: Megaman CHARACTER SELECT - Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou Natsu Dragneel: Mikel8888: Normal - Dragon Force - ASCE12's edit [Poison Dragon Cobra] / John Issah || Erza Scarlet: Monkey D. Yomi / Mikel8888 / Ryoichi-kun || Lucy Heartfilia: Monkey D. Yomi Gray Fullbuster: Alex. D. X4 / Monkey D. Yomi / Mikel8888 || Laxus Dreyar: Akashi Mugen / Monkey D. Yomi Mirajane Strauss: Monkey D. Yomi / Mikel8888 || Wendy Marvell: Mikel8888 || Cana Alberona: Monkey D. Yomi / Mikel8888 || Elfman Strauss: Mikel8888 || Lisanna Strauss: Mikel8888 Bisca Conell: Mikel8888 / Monkey D. Yomi Levy McGarden: MidNight / Mikel8888 || || Mystogan: Mikel8888 || Jellal Fernandez: Alex. D. X4 / Mikel8888 || Gajeel Redfox: Mikel8888 || Juvia Lockser: youmon92 / Gabrieldra6 Lyon Vastia: Monkey D. Yomi || Midnight: Alex.D.X4, Roger-kun & Alchemist10 CHARACTER SELECT - Custom / Edited Sprites Natsu Dragneel: StormEX || Fire Dragon Igneel: 1st: Xasor / 2nd: Doggiedoo + Isair MISSING STUFF Please let me know of any Fairy Tail related MUGEN stuff that isn't included in this collection. STAGE SELECT Stages by Dan Mt. || Stages by Fernandinho_FM || Stages by Mikel8888 || Stages by Monkey D. Yomi || Stages by Kain T. S. - Pack 1 / Pack 2 Stages by Kazushi ||Stages by Necro_rk || Fairy Tail Guild by Harsh || Fairy Tail Guild by Unknown Author || Lucy's House Place by Wolf Stak SCREENPACK SELECT Screenpack by Legendary Team (1.0 / 640x480) || Screenpack by Wolf Stak (1.1 / 1280x720) OTHER STUFF SELECT Sprites & Sounds Rips: Sprite Database - FTGMK / FTGKD || Sound Rips by LATDS
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    Joy Mech Fight

    Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. CHARACTER SELECT GOOD ROBOTS EYE Yamabe Yuji HOONO Yamabe Yuji GIANT Yamabe Yuji NEO Komipa / Yamabe Yuji SASUKU Yamabe Yuji SENJU Yamabe Yuji SKAPON Maruta / MASA / Matsuri Atono / Tokei / Yamabe Yuji TIGER Yamabe Yuji EVIL ROBOTS I DACHON Tamago Kanten EVIL ROBOTS II BOCOBOCO Tokei / Yamabe Yuji GEL Yamabe Yuji GEO Yamabe Yuji JIBBER Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji GRAK Tamago Kanten OLD Yamabe Yuji SKATER Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji ZAK Yamabe Yuji LAR Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji EVIL ROBOTS III GARBORG Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji GHOSTON Tamago Kanten GIGANT Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji HOVER Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji JOHN Tamago Kanten SHENLONG Tamago Kanten STAR Yamabe Yuji SUPER ZAK Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji LEGEND Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji EVIL ROBOTS IV WAI Tamago Kanten KAEN Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji GAEAN Tamago Kanten NAY Tamago Kanten HANZOR Tamago Kanten ASHURA Tamago Kanten SKAPOKON Tamago Kanten LEO Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji HOUOH Tamago Kanten / Tokei / Yamabe Yuji Unused Robots GIGANT-P Tamago Kanten / Yamabe Yuji PIERRE Yamabe Yuji STAGE SELECT Joy Mech Fight complete stages by RideTheFire
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    Finished these two sprites this sunday: [VIEW]
  18. 5 points

    Other Sega Games

    This collection is for Sega games without a collection. Sega games with a collection: Sonic the Hedgehog / Virtua Fighter / Streets of Rage / Golden Axe / Altered Beast / Guardian Heroes / Eternal Champions / Vocaloid CHARACTER SELECT Opa-Opa: Foxtlot ll RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Alex Kidd: OrochiWeapon2000 CHARACTER SELECT Joe Musashi: Chuchoryu ll The Disciple X ll Slack86 ll Leon CHARACTER SELECT Michael Jackson: Metal_Shadow - RockRage8962's Edit CHARACTER SELECT Wonder Boy Shion: SpaceMouse ll Asha: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Mobo Bonanza: RoySquadRocks ll Robo Bonanza: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT ToeJam: RoySquadRocks ll Earl: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Ecco: Kairi CHARACTER SELECT Arle: M3 - English Voicepack ll Amite: M3 - English Voicepack ll Witch: Southern Cross ll Feli: Etoile CHARACTER SELECT Dynamite Headdy: Sonicadam2 ll RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Sketch Turner: Farendiet / Dcat Power CHARACTER SELECT Wild Woody: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Ristar: RoySquadRocks / Unknown Creator / Sonictheadam2 CHARACTER SELECT Tempo: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Pulseman: SpaceMouse / N64Mario CHARACTER SELECT Vectorman: Ax CHARACTER SELECT NiGHTS: Nintendo Sega CHARACTER SELECT Beat: Hyde233 CHARACTER SELECT Amigo: Dark Chaos CHARACTER SELECT AiAi: Ax CHARACTER SELECT Sakura Shingouji: Haruwo CHARACTER SELECT Kite: Tsukasa_Mike
  19. 5 points

    The King of Fighters XI

    Collection with the characters from KOF XI. Red is missing/offline. PLAYER SELECT HERO TEAM Ash Crimson: Jin - oskr's Edit (Old - New) - MC2's Edit - Lancel's Edit - YUKIHO@P's Edits (EX - Proto) Zack & dante951's Edit(XIII) - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - DarkLuigi's Edit MDK & Joahie / Ikaruga / S.K.Y. & D-Tox(XIII) / Ina / GeorgeW / MichaelAmaros(XIII) / Stephengi / Swipergod('98) Jjong1917(XIII) / Glasses(XIII) / Bebop(CvS2) / Chazzanova & QuickFist(CvS) Oswald: Ahuron - Zaiko's Update - Kjha435y's Edit - R@CE Akira's Edit(SvK) - D4 Patch - Gaelik's Edit / Ikaruga / Vans / Fishbed / MichaelAmaros Shen Woo: Ikaruga / Vans / MDK / Jjong1917 / С³¬[nealvs] / Jin - ptzptz 7's Edit(XIII) - Shin Yagami's Edit - Unknown's Edit - D4 Patch RIVAL TEAM Elisabeth Blanctorche: Fervicante - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - ptzptz 7's Edit(XIII) / Aomura / Raposo / Swipergod('98) Duo Lon: Ahuron - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - D4 Patch / S.K.Y. & D-Tox / Swipergod('98) / Infinite(SvK) / Chazzanova & QuickFist(CvS) Benimaru Nikaido: Bug - Aioria2525's Edit / Ryo2005(RotD) KYO & IORI TEAM Kyo Kusanagi: Jin - Shin Yagami's Edit - Opirus Edit - Fabian29's Edit - oskr's Edit (Old - New) Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - Unknown's Edit(XIII) - Vegetasan & Delusion's Edit(XIII) - D4 Patch Ina / Ikaruga (Old - New) / Beppu / HIro=hiRO (Old - New) / Sorenari / Jjong1917(XIII) / H.A.L.L(XII) / Infinite(SvK) Iori Yagami: Ikaruga / Beppu - Unknown's Patch - Lash's Edit / MDK / Zelgadis - Welcome All's Edit / Vans / Tombston / Sekirei Shingo Yabuki: Beppu / MDK / JFCT555 / oskr (Old - New) / Nimaime(with Momoko) / ·ç» / Ryon FATAL FURY TEAM Terry Bogard: Vans / Beppu (Normal - EX) / Ikaruga(2002UM) / Mouser & Jerzy Kim Kaphwan: MDK / Jjong1917 / Mouser / Castagnopolis Duck King: Ahuron - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) / Mouser / Vans AGENT TEAM Vanessa: KoopaKoot / Ahuron / Dark-Shade(2002UM+XI) / Raposo / Swipergod('98) / S.K.Y. & D-Tox "Blue" Mary Ryan: TESTP & Jerzy (Win - 1.0) - ryosdegloria & zonda1523's Edit / ActJapan & Kjha / TESTP & 119way Ramon: Hilune ART OF FIGHTING TEAM Ryo Sakazaki: Ikaruga / Joahie & MDK / Zelgadis - Jerzy's Edit / Jjong1917 / Castagnopolis / GeorgeW Yuri Sakazaki: Fervicante - 119way's Edit / KoopaKoot King: MDK & Joahie / Aomura / Yaten('97+XI) / Kotori(XI+XIII) K' TEAM K': MDK / Beppu - Hazakura's Edit - KamranBernstein's Edit / Mouser / / Black (Old - New (pass: mugen)) / K.O.D - Shin Yagami's Edit(XIII) Jin(XI+Edit) - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - D4 Patch - oskr's Edit (Old - New) - Roach's Edit - Glasses Edit - &&'s Edit(XIII) - ptzptz 7's Edit(XIII) Swipergod('98) / SeanAlty(CvW) / NAO&M, MikelAL93 & Sky79 / Ikaruga (Old - New) / Ina / Dash / Infinite(SvK) Kula Diamond: DaNaru250 / Beppu / Bug / David Demianoff - 119way's Edit - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - Choiyer's Edit Chikuchikugonzalez / SeraphTears / Black (pass: mugen) / Infinite(SvK) Maxima: Beppu / Jerzy - K6666orochi's Edit - Shin Yagami's Edit(XIII) / Black (pass: mugen) / S.N.K / Swipergod('98) / Infinite(SvK) MARK OF THE WOLVES TEAM Bonne Jenet: Fervicante - ptzptz 7's Edit(XIII) / P-Tan(2002UM) - Duracelleur's Edits (ToSix - KOFA) - Koldskool's Edit(CvS) Infinite(CvS) / Ryo2005(RotD) / Swipergod('98) Gato: Beppu / Liam / MDK & Joahie / Tan / K.O.D - Zaiko's Edit - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - Kjha's Edit Tizoc / Griffon Mask: Ahuron / Oscar12345 IKARI TEAM Ralf Jones: Vans / Crow - Kjha's Edit / Zzzasd & Tan / ¥´¨ì§ÚªºÀY¤F Clark Still: Tan - Infinite's Edit(SvK) / OrochiKOF97 - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) Whip: Joahie & MDK / LunaTuna(2k2UM+XI) / Yaten - Zaiko's Edit(2k2UM+XI) ANTI-KYOKUGEN TEAM Malin: H" / Zelgadis / KoopaKoot / Juke Kisaragi / Joahie & MDK / Zayro / Chin-ya Kasumi Todoh: Juke Kisaragi - P-Tan's Edit / David Demianoff & Zaiko('96+XI) / Ainotenshi Eiji Kisaragi: Ahuron (Old(2002) - New) - Violet(2002) - Zaiko's Edit - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - KamranBernstein'ss Edit Vans - Shin Yagami's Edit(2002UM) - Zonda1523's Edit(2002UM) / Ikaruga / Ryo2005(RotD) / David Demianoff(AOFF) / Dorodoro PSYCHO SOLDIER TEAM Athena Asamiya: Ahuron - Choiyer's Edit - Anomi Polis Edit / KoopaKoot / Chikuchikugonzalez / JFCT555 / MichaelAmaros GURI - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) / Sheld / Man / Mast-chen / KID / Akkin(D4) - AthenaX's Edit(XIII) / Mondregon(2k2UM+XIII) / 608 Sie Kensou: Bug / JFCT555 - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) / Neo (AI Patch) / Aomura / Swipergod('98) Momoko: Juke Kisaragi - P-Tan's AI Patched - ptzptz 7's Edit(XIII) / Nimaime(with Shingo) HIDDEN CHARACTERS (Arcade Version) Adelheid Bernstein: Jin(XI+Edit) - D4 Patch - Jerzy's Edit - Shin Yagami's Edit(XIII) - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) / Beppu (Normal - Omega) KoopaKoot / Mr.X-File / Chikuchikugonzalez / Stephengi / Bey(XIII) / Swipergod('98) Gai Tendo: Ahuron - Duracelleur's Edits (ToSix - KOFA) / Bannana(Buriki One) Sho Hayate: Ahuron - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - KamranBernstein's Edit / Vans / Ainotenshi Silver / Silber: Ahuron (Normal - Duracelleur's Edit(ToSix) - God - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA)) - D4 Patch / MDK / Bannana(Buriki One) / IKEISLEGEND(CvS) Jyazu: Ahuron - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) - Gaelik's Edit - Zadkiel's Edit HIDDEN CHARACTERS (PS2 Version) Hotaru Futaba: Juke Kisaragi - P-Tan's Edit (with AI Patch) / M3 - Duracelleur's Edit(KOFA) / Vans Mai Shiranui: Juke Kisaragi - 119way's Edit / KoopaKoot / Zelgadis - oskr's Edit / Mast-chen & Opperom('95+XI) Swipergod('98) / Ryo2005(RotD) / David Demianoff(AOFF) Robert Garcia: Joahie & MDK / Jin - Jerzy's Edit - Kotori's Edit / GeorgeW / Chazzanova(CvS) Tung Fu Rue: Raposo / Jerzy (Win - 1.0) Kyo Kusanagi (NESTS Saga): Butti & Zaiko / Beppu / Jin - Fabian_29's Edit Mr. Big: David Demianoff & Jerzy - KamranBernstein's Edit / Aomura / Ryo2005(RotD) / DD(2002UM) Geese Howard: Jin - Evil Homer's Edit - oskr's Edit (Old - New) - Unknown's Edit / Ikaruga BOSSES Shion: Juke Kisaragi - P-Tan's Edit (with AI Patch) - Dark Miguel's Edit / Otasira(Beta) Magaki: Jin - Beppu's AI Patch - Zaiko's Edit - Zonda1523's Edit - C.A.N.'s Edit - Y&K's Edit - DarkLuigi's Edit Saurer's Edit - 金蛇天尊's Edit(Cheap) - !universe's Edit (Old - New) - Unknown's Edit(KOFS) STAGE SELECT MFFA Stage Pack || MFG Stage Pack || Stages by Misamu || Stages by Namu ami Dabutu || Stages by Type Wild || Stages by Alex || Stages by Dark Saviour Stages by Ryo2005 || South Town Alley, Russia's Ice Festival and Cambodia's Ruins by JedahUK || Athena's Concert by Darek || Shuttle by MadkaT The Final Hall: by Juke Kisaragi / by LESSARD || The Different Space by Kung Fu Man ADD-ON SELECT Screenpacks: by Sword Dancer (Custom/1.0/640x480): Original - With Portrait Pack || by Frank_9926 (Custom & Normal/1.0 & 1.1/1280x720) by MadkaT (Normal/Win & 1.0/320x240) || by Xiondash & kofguy (Normal/Win/640x480 - pass: kofguy) Full Games: by EMTM (1.0/640x480) || by Jerzy (1.0/640x480): Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 || by Unknown (Win & 1.0/640x480) Lifebars: by Sword Dancer (Custom/1.0/640x480) - Portrait Pack by Mizter Puyo || by JJWE, Jesuszilla & Vans (640x480) || by JFCT555 (320x240) GAME RIP SELECT Characters: by Insanius || Sounds: by God Ryu || Portraits: by KAINE || FX: by Insanius (Hit Sparks): Normal Sparks - DM/SDM Sparks
  20. 5 points
    Now that you've read the rules above, let's start with some tips that hopefully will help you. Extracting sprites/animations from a character for preview usage 1. First off, you will need a Fighter Factory program. Fighter Factory 3 is the current version and widely used one. Get it here. After you extracted the program from the .zip file, click ff3.exe to run it. 2. Choose "project" tab and then select "open". 3. Browse through your MUGEN folders and locate the desired character. Choose "open". 4. For extracting animations, hit the "animation" tab (the button marked with red circle) 5. Usually, the very first animation that appeared is the standing animation that you can use. 6. You can also browse through to find other animations that you like. 7. To save them as .gif, click the cactus icon. A save option will appear. 8. For extracting portraits/sprites, hit the "sprites" tab (the button marked with red circle) 9. Click the magnifying glass icon. Two boxes will appear at the bottom of fighter factory. Type "9000,1" in the left box and hit "Find". 10. The character's portrait will appear. 11. You can also browse through to find other sprites that you like. 12. To save them, click the button marked with red circle. An option box will pop out, just hit "OK" 13. Remember to save them in .png format. Inserting hyperlinks to images and texts 1. Highlight your image or text, then click the "Link" option (marked with red circle) 2. These box will pop out. Insert your link in the marked areas, then hit "Update". 3. Important! After you customized your texts, such as changed their color and sizes, this feature will bug out and no longer allow you to enter hyperlinks. It is heavily suggested that you customize your texts after you're done with all the hyperlinks. With the recent forum update, this bug has been gone. Recommended sites for images and files Images http://photobucket.com / http://imgur.com Files http://www.mediafire.com / http://www.dropbox.com / http://onderive.com / http://mega.co.nz (For other list and discussion, visit this thread) Thanks for reading, and happy contriibuting!
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    Zatch Bell!

    Click on author names to download: ;Brago by "Tetsuo" ;Brago2 by "Shimon" +Stage in the archive ;Earth by "Shimon" ;Keith&Berun by "Shimon" ;Layla&Al by "MEMUU" ;Paty by "Shimon" +Stage in the archive ;Riya&Arisie by "Shimon" ;Tio&Megumi by "Shimon" ;Uma by "Shimon" +Stage in the archive ;Victoream&MohikanAce by "Shimon" +Stage in the archive ;Wonrei by "Shimon" ;Zatch by "Shimon" ;Zeon by "Shimon" +Stage in the archive ;Zofisu by "Shimon" +Stage in the archive
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    - No readme. What is it with authors not taking the time to create a readme before releasing a character these days? - Infinites. A ridiculous amount of infinites! - Priorities, and lots of them. Holy hell, those collision and hitboxes... - Although the author considered Mario to be SSB style, it plays nothing like it. - No required palettes to be mapped, which creates debug flood. - Missing required sprites. - Most of Mario's hypers give back power. - Mario has no clsn during his whirlwind hyper. - DBZ sounds? Why? It's not one of the worst Marios I've seen, but it still needs a lot of effort to be put into to be quite honest...
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    Rest In Peace Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park :'( https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/20/arts/music/chester-bennington-linkin-park-dead.html
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    Crash Bandicoot by MGSSJ2

    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?y50g0ux8yqoa1su All comments are welcome :)
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    It's alive....it's...ALLIIIIVVEE!! Heh, I just made my populous reference from the classic movie, Frankenstein (if you know what I mean). So there you have it, their final releases (Zim, Dib and Rocko as examples) were done compared my older ones I made! While you test Zim, Dib and Rocko, please send a feedback after you see any problems. Download those Nickelodeon characters!: Zim: Updated into V3.1! Dib: Updated into V2.1! Rocko: Updated into V3.3! According from the news, you will be excited after you hear Rocko's Modern Life and Invader ZIM has both been revived for their TV movies!
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    Capoeira Fighter 3

    Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. CHARACTER SELECT Arubim: SxVector || Zumbi: SxVector || Cobra: SxVector || Angoleiro: SxVector || Aleron: SxVector Gator: SxVector || Maionese: SxVector || Pantera: SxVector || Bulldog: SxVector || Helicopter: SxVector Lei Long: SxVector || Panda: SxVector || Chompoo: SXVector || Zumbi Azul: SxVector Kuan Yin Shen: 119way - Alternate link || Angus:119way - Alternate link STAGE AND OTHER STUFF SELECT Stages by 119way - Alternate link || Stages by DooM
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    Dave The Minion By Mr.ASpartaX37

    Please don't abuse the report button just because you didn't like the feedback that was given to you. Weiss's personal opinions about the Minions/Despicable Me franchise aside, he has some valid points here: Infinite fireball spamming, Normals with practically zero reach, the vomit super dealing an obscene amount of damage for its level cost, lack of recovery lag on said attack and others, making them unpunishable, gaining power back from supers, misaligned hitsparks, misaligned effects, incorrect sprite effect alignment & priorities, sprites and animations of questionable quality, unnecessary ecchi touhou pics that have nothing to do with the character itself, poorly cleaned super portrait, and that's all just judging from the video alone without actually touching the character in MUGEN. From my experience, this is usually a big indicator of even more problems in the underlying character code. This is not productive to discussion or an appropriate response to character feedback. Don't post like this.
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    TFGAF Special - DLC Pack Patch Part 4 has been Released. http://teamfaustgames.deviantart.com/journal/TFGAF-Special-DLC-Pack-Patch-Part-4-Released-695001475
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    Ok, let get this off my chest. Here's what grinds my gears. Why the hell are there too many crappy Disney characters for MUGEN?! Most of these characters like Dipper, Mabel, Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Phineas, Woody, Buzz Lightyear make great choices for MUGEN characters! Why can't these people just leave it to the good MUGEN creators? Some of these disgraceful versions of them are spriteswaps of other MUGEN creations like Kyle108's Phineas being a spriteswap of Daffy Duck, TESTMACORONI's Dipper a spriteswap of King Harkanian, randy big head's Star a spriteswap of Pocket Captain Cold, etc. They have to at least put effort into them, like making the correct coding for them, make awesome sprites for them, make amazing attacks, specials and hypers for them, etc. Hell, at least we have some good Disney characters for MUGEN, like Aperson98's version of Darkwing Duck and edits of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, DDR's Sorcerer Mickey and Zeus, chibasin's Perry the Platypus, DJ HANNIBALROYCE's Aladdin, RoySquadRocks' Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix Jr., and more! So, I really wish there were more of these awesome MUGEN creations of these awesome Disney characters.
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    [DMC3] Lady (with Project X Zone sprites)

    " Maybe somewhere out there even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one. Don't you think ? " Lady is a Devil May Cry protagonist who, unlike every other playable character, is human. She mostly relies on guns to defeat her enemies along with her rocket launcher called after her mother Kalina Ann. She isn't really a close combat styled character. Most of her attacks are inspired by her DMC3 boss version, her Project X Zone's appearance or her DMC4SE's playable version. Credits goes to : Abilities : Images : Download here, or here !
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    RIP MS Paint 1985-2017, it's been a good run. https://amp.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jul/24/microsoft-paint-kill-off-after-32-years-graphics-editing-program
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    Ranma ½

    Collection remade. Click in the author name to download. PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Chōnai Gekitōhen Ranma Saotome: Masa || Genma Saotome: SonSon3000 / Jhfer - Colosse's Edit || Cologne / Granny: Rubeus - Colosse's Edit || Happosai: Masa Note: Masa's Ranma and Happosai comes with their "Street Combat" versions. Principal Kuno: Unknown Author - Colosse's Edit PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Hard Battle / Bakuretsu Rantōhen Ranma-chan / Ranko: NyanKiryu: Site Link - Mirror Link || Akane Tendo: Quasar Mind Mousse: Rubeus - Colosse's Edit || Ukyo Kuonji: Nyo: Site Link - Mirror Link / Heaven-e-Hell || Happosai: Doctor M - Colosse's Edit Hikaru Gosunkuji: Yu-Toharu / KFM Spriteswap - Colosse's Edit || Gambling King: Span: Site Link - Mirror Link / Puppet - Colosse's Edit || Shampoo: Elecbyte Pantyhose Taro: Yu-Toharu / Timji(Human Form/KFM Spriteswap) - Colosse's Edit / Rubeus(Beast Form) - Colosse's Edit Not mugenized yet: Ranma Saotome, Genma Saotome and Ryoga Hibiki PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Super Battle / Chougi Rambuhen Ranma Saotome: AnkokuNaitou / Ironjw / Pneophen: Site Link - Mirror Link / Moyashi - GohanSSM2's Fix / Evil K'999: Original Link - Alternative Link / SonSon3000 Ranma-chan / Ranko: Zero-Sennin: Original Link - Alternative Link / Jhfer / Toni: Site Link - Mirror Link / Timji / Rexxon Akane Tendo: AnkokuNaitou / KGenjuro / Sana Sagara & Namaguideran: Site Link - Mirror Link Ryoga Hibiki: AnkokuNaitou / LegatoB: Site Link - Mirror Link / Ranmasama / Ryon(KOF) || Ukyo Kuonji: Namaguideran: Site Link - Mirror Link / Jorge Campos Mousse: Unknown Author || Tatewaki Kuno: AnkokuNaitou / KGenjuro || Shampoo: AnkokuNaitou / Sano Sagara: Site Link - Mirror Link Mariko Konjo: Fervicante: Site Link - Mirror Link || Kodachi Kuno: CharimanKaga Genma Saotome: KGenjuro - Colosse's Edit - Unknown Creator's Edit(Winnie the Pooh/Spriteswap) / Basara Herb: AnkokuNaitou || Hinako Ninomiya: Namaguideran PLAYER SELECT - Custom / Edited Sprites Ranma Saotome: Garci || Ranko: Chibasin || Rouge: Jhfer(Shampoo's Sprite Edit) - Colosse's Edit || Cologne / Granny: Gouketsu / Happosai: Gouketsu STAGE SELECT Stage Pack (Contains stages by Jhfer and Sano Sagara. Also the Coliseum Stage by Alex) || Food Ring & Waikiki Beach by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster || Stages by Span Stages by Ze Sensei || Stages by MadkaT || Train Stage by O Ilusionista: Site Link - Mirror || Akane's House by Duende Macabro || Stages by Cenobite 53 OTHER STUFF SELECT Screenpack: by Ze Sensei(1.0/320x240) || Portrait Pack: by Fer619 || Sprites Rips: from Hard Battle by Fret / from Super Battle: by Redblueyellow & RadSpyro
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    A crossover fighting game where you can play as characters from BlazBlue, Under Night in Birth, Persona 4 Arena AND RWBY? SIGN ME UP!
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    As someone who enjoys drawing, I relate so much to this:
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    Fidget Spinner by jor8a

    This character was released more than a week ago but no one seemed to notice. Yes, this is real. You're not dreaming. Fidget Spinners have made their way into MUGEN. It has hitboxes while moving or jumping so you can just move toward the opponent for cheap KOs. It also has cheap tornado moves that can OHKO opponents. Link: https://www.4shared.com/s/faLDny8j7ca
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    So you blur a bunch of good sprites and call the character HD. hmm....ok.
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    The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

    This collection contain all of the characters from The King of Fighters 2002 UM. Red is missing/offline. Orange is WIP. Only chars with 2002 UM gameplay + edits. You can check the KOF 2002 collection here. CHOOSE CHARACTER Kyo Kusanagi: Ikaruga - concord20's Edit / Vans / Rejy2505 / Jin & KamranBernstein / Nekohoshi || Benimaru Nikaido: Rejy2505 / Ikaruga Goro Daimon: Ahuron - AI Patched / Sander71113 & Zonda1523 / Sander71113 & El Solo - KamranBernstein's Edit / Sander71113 & Shin Yagami Iori Yagami: Ikaruga (Old - New) / Vans (Old - New) - KamranBernstein's Edit / Ina(2k2UM+XI) / Jin(2k2UM+XI+Edit) - AI Patched - Kjha435y's Edit - k6666orochi's Edit Mature: Juke Kisaragi - AI Patched / KoopaKoot || Vice: KoopaKoot / Aomura / OrochiKOF97 & Kofguy Terry Bogard: KoopaKoot / Ikaruga / Zzzasd & Kjha435y / Jerzy & Mouser(2k2UM+XI) / Showard(XI) - KamranBernstein's Edit(2k2UM+XI) Andy Bogard: Jerzy (Win - 1.0) / David Demianoff(XI) - oskr's Edit - 119way's Edit (Old - New) - Kjha435y's Edit / Rejy2505 Joe Higashi: Tobikage / Swipergod & Kjha435y / David Demianoff(AOFF) / K.O.D(2k2UM+CvS) Ryo Sakazaki: KoopaKoot / Noobic Cube || Robert Garcia: Jerzy & Cirio / Ikaruga / Vans || Yuri Sakazaki: NMY Athena Asamiya: KoopaKoot - Rejy2505's Edit / Aomura / Mondregon (pass: mondregon) / Ainotenshi Sie Kensou: JFCT555(2k2UM+XI) - AI Patched - Rejy2505's Edit || Bao: Rejy2505 / Mondregon / Juanxoc(2k2UM+XI) Vanessa: Raposo - Kjha435y's Edit / Rejy2505 (Old - New) / Dark-Shade - Shin Yagami's Edit Seth: Nyankoro & Kjha435y / Nyankoro & greensteppe89 / Rejy2505 (Old - New) || Ramon: Tin & 119way - Zonda1523's Edit Leona Heidern: NAO&M & 119way - AI Patched - Shin Yagami's Edit - Kjha435y's Edit / KoopaKoot / Pgyu / Ahuron & P-Tan - Lash's Edit / LunaTuna Ralf Jones: Dark Saviour & Vans - 119way & D.Cutrim's Edit / Men's Club || Clark Still: Men's Club / Zzzasd & Zonda1523 / OrochiKOF97 & Kofguy Yashiro Nanakase: Ahuron - Kjha435y's Edit - Shin Yagami's Edit - Lash's Edit - Luis_Luna's Edit(Orochi Yashiro) - 119way & D.Cutrim's Edit / Rejy2505 / Azami Shermie: Ahuron - Duagi's Edit with AI Patch - Shin Yagami's Edit - Lash's Edit / Juke Kisaragi / BluishCat - AI Patched LunaTuna / Adamskie & Zonda1523(Orochi Shermie) - 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New) || Kofguy(Win Hi-Res/640x480) (pass: kofguy) || Saizo(Win/640x480) Full Game: Hloader & Fermperez(1.0/640x480) - Converted to 1.1 by gui0007 || 119way & Combone(1.0/640x480) Lifebars: Hloader(Win & 1.0/640x480) || Checho & Xverso(Win/320x240) || Krizalid99v2(1.0/640x480) Portraits Packs: Dark Saviour (MAX2 Ports) Stages Sprites Pack: KAINE & Dark Saviour Intros: JFCT555 || KoF || Checho Mid Boss / Bosses Pre-Battle Intros: Severus (Nameless / Krizalid / Clone Zero / Original Zero / Igniz / Rugal)
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    Jerry From Code Monkeys

    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Oh Snap! LOL! This Is Awesome! Code Monkeys Is A Very Funny Show Full Of Awesomeness! Brings Back Memories! Awesome Creation On This Lord Batros, Sonic7, Ryoucchi, and Truetotalempireinc!
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    Hey its fun for while. but its time for me to say goodbye to MFFA. God bless and take care everyone
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    Clay Fighter Series

    Click the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP CHARACTERS Clayfighter / Clayfighter: Tournament Edition Bad Mr. Frosty: Frantic || Blob: Shadowtak || Bonker: LordShade67 / Xandegraf || Blue Suede Goo: Shadowtak / Xandegraf || Helga: Shadowtak / Xandegraf Ickybod Clay: LordShade67 / Shadowtak / Xandegraf || Taffy: Shadowtak || N. Boss: Shadowtak / Xandegraf Clayfighter 2: Judgment Clay Blob: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf || Slyck: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf || Ice: Metasponge64 || Bad Mr. Frosty: Metasponge64 || Jack: Metasponge64 / LordShade67 Octohead: LordShade67 / Shadowtak / Xandegraf || Tiny: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf || Butch: Xandegraf Googoo: Xandegraf || Spike: Xandegraf || Hoppy: Lord Sinistro || Sarge: Xandegraf || Nanaman: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf || Dr. Peelgood: Xandegraf || Kangoo: Xandegraf || Thunder: Xandegraf Clayfighter 63 1/3 Boogerman: : Basara-kun || Happy Harry Houngan: Xandegraf || T-Hoppy: Xandegraf || Bad Mr. Frosty: Basara-kun / Xandegraf || Dr. Kiln: Xandegraf || High Five: Jeffry081 Earthworm Jim: Basara-kun / Dr. Kelexo || Sumo Santa: Xandegraf || Kung Pow: Some Guy / Xandegraf || Taffy: Xandegraf STAGES All Clay Fighter 1 Stages by Cenobite53 || All Clay Fighter 1: Tournament Edition Stages by Cenobite53 || All Clay Fighter 2 Stages by Cenobite53 || The Crib by Shadowtak || Clay Keep by Shadowtak || Mudville Gardens by Shadowtak || Bungle Jungle by Shadowtak || Frosty Workshop by Shadowtak || Under de Clay by Shadowtak || N. Boss Stage by Shadowtak || The Blob Stage by Shadowtak || Frosty Stage by Shadowtak || Opera House by Getafix Mount Mushmore by Getafix || Boxing Ring by Getafix || Burning Clay by Nori-ban || Frosty Fort by Nori-ban || Opera House by Nori-ban || Ickybod Clay Stage by Nori-ban Happy Harry's Hut by Xandegraf || Camp Canaveral by Xandegraf || Viking Theater by Frantic Note: most of Shadowtak's stages were offline. The list above consists of the only obtainable stages from his archived site. FULL GAMES Super Clay Fighter by Xandegraf Super Clay Fighter by Xandegraf, converted to 1.1 by Gui0007 ADD-ONS Clayfighter 63 1/2 Sound Pack by Basara-Kun
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    Ult Howard Arena (Fatal Fury - Tung Fu Rue)

    Separated the background & added multiple deltas as well as added X & Y parallax to the separated ground. Last added the rain from round 2, which starts pouring around time 1:20. Link : https://electroslair.blogspot.com/
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    Made this.

    Made this.
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    DB FighterZ - Asteroid Battlefield

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    Let's start from square 1. Judgespear. The most probable main reason for his popularity was because he was one of the first to use Warner's Homer in a Mugen video. Of course, the idea of Homer taking on the likes of Ryu and co. was silly, but it's the idea that people liked. JS would later make a group called Team SMRT to update that Homer(Spoilers: It wasn't that much better from the original version and the original version had it's share of serious flaws). They would later do the same for Warner's Peter and Giant chicken when they got released(Same results as Homer [There was also an edit to a Johnny Maximum but I think that was a solo JS thing]). People from this era will remember JS's Peter vs. Sakura video for appearing in G4TV's Attack of the show as a MvC1 hack with Peter Griffin. Did JS pioneer the way for Mugen videos on YT? Honestly no. There were others who also did Mugen videos at the time, he wasn't even the first. JS just happened to be the most noteworthy one of them all. Mugen teams The short version is that these were the a person's current rotation of characters that he would most likely use in a Mugen video. The long version is that people used these teams as a way to express their individuality and style. I don't know what the first Mugen team was but it certainly took off and you saw it very prominently among the YT Mugen community. It also made for another storytelling method as people would use them to tell their adventures as an excuse for certain Mugen fights. Nowadays, there are only very few of these teams left. Everyone hates, cheapie busters, etc. People hate broken shit. Simple as that. Criticism was much harsher back in the day. And their way was to...well....do this. It's not done so much anymore because we realized this was stupid. The criticism I look at that thread link you posted.and I don't see what it has to do with this. But I will mention that back in the day, accuracy to source was pretty much everything. But this was due to the stigma from most custom creations being really bad like......like current day PotS style. So really nothing has changed, it's just not as vocal. Uh no, a character being broken does in fact mean it isn't well made. As cool as Reu's evil duo looked, they were broken for the wrong reasons. His Dragon Claw is the only one I can consider well made if you treat him like a boss character. AI has nothing to do with it. I've seen well made characters with strong AI and poorly done ones with weak AI. The Drama Ah yes, drama. Let's be honest, no matter the era, there will always be drama. That Haruhi you mentioned did become busted in later updates adding unnecessary stuff and ultimately becoming a fetish character. I do remember a certain someone being offended when their Waifu got beaten, which was really stupid and made him an easy target to spite. Yea, the drama was ridiculous but when is drama not ridiculous? Honestly, JS says that's the reason he left, but I think it was because he got dragged into it and became part of the drama as well. The other reason could be that he was looking for a way out of Mugen to focus on his fan games and he found it this way. Conclusion The era shouldn't be forgotten. We can't pretend it didn't happen. It wasn't all bad, there were some good moments that came from it and some of the stuff is still used now. Heck, I dare say it also produced the best YT Mugen videos. There was more variety in character usage and it's just more exciting to see a human player overcome the odds. Most videos now are just cookie cutter Capcom and SNK characters in AI battles.
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    Excahm´s Wips [I Have No Idea]

    Nitroplus - City Top: Hyperdimension Neptunia - Megadimension Planeptune. Hyperdimension Neptunia - Concert Ex - Memorial Sunset: Ex - Accel Arena: These are the more advanced WIPs i have, stages are HD mainly for 1.1 (cuz fuck indexing and RGB) If you have an idea of a stage i could do or a nice looking background i could use please tell me~ May be useful for me later. Feeback welcome
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    Im so sick of MvC2 characters and the same old recycled Street Fighter characters being recycled into brand new "MvC" style. Can they do Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct characters instead of making the 80th Sakura, or the 145th Dan. Or do like Duracelleur and Infinite and make non-capcom characters into the style? Think out the box. Please. No creativity.
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    The Powerpuff Girls

    I'm sorry, but we don't live in 2007 anymore.