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    Thanks to those who participated in the THRP Gensokyo Reloaded tournament yesterday, and grats to ROS, @TheFclass97 and @GarchompMatt for taking the Gold, Silver, and Bronze titles, respectively.
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    I went to an art community service today, here's some of the sketches we did:
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    A reminder that the Bonanza Bros. and any SEGA IP besides Sonic need to deserve a comeback.
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    Are Zim and Dib just about ready to be released?
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    As can you see, it was his introduction storyboard from my 99% work in progress. It looks if Zim and Dib were nearly done for 100% and they both will be released in this Easter break!
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    I just realized something about the gen 6 Pokemon games: team flare wanted genocide of everything that wasnt their "master race" master race = nazi nazi sounds like "Not Z" we got X and Y.. but Not Z ... Lysandre is Hitler confirmed :p
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    Finally adding attack effects, lol. Just got the normals done now, going to work on the specials. They aren't as accurate to source as I'd like, but they'll have to do for now.
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    Commander Keen's Small Update (and Flower Power Special!)
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    A friendly reminder that if you're going to accuse a mugen forum (whether it be MFFA or elsewhere) of deliberately spreading malware, you better have some good evidence to back up your claim. Libel counts as bashing another forums, after all.
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    Old: New: Also, these:  

    Old: New: Also, these:
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    It seems like Zim is about 100% done, yet he is 99% curently. Still need to do the megadoomer finished and his ending storyboards. And he will be ready to release for Easter. Same goes for Dib, as I need to sprite his Battle Dib and more of his storyboards.
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    Hi Retro Suika's voice is Amitie's Japanese voice from Puyo Puyo (20th Amniversary, Chronicle and stuff) right?
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    OK, I will buy Mario kart 8 deluxe for my Nintendo swi- Oh wait, but it is exclusive for Xbox one, hahahaha!(Sarcarm) For more in formation visit here: http://gameranx.com/updates/id/104368/article/retailers-mario-kart-8-deluxe-edition-will-not-be-releasing-on-xbox-one/
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    Wasn't expecting so much backlash from Alice's removal from THIZ... expect a detailed explanation later.
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    Well... I have 100 subs... Did not expect this...
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    Fuck. Tomorrow's Monday.

    Fuck. Tomorrow's Monday.
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    Why is Cirno looked high tho?

    Why is Cirno looked high tho?
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    You all know what today is  

    You all know what today is
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    Macro management makes eating sooooo much worse. Want that slice of bread? Nope, too many carbs. Some bacon in my omelette? Nope, too much fat. Need exactly 33g of carbs more for the day? Time for 3 rice cakes. Fuck. (Okay, okay. Rice cakes are decent with the different flavors, but still...)
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    R.I.P. Charlie Murphy. And the funny thing is, I was watching Harlem Nights just the other day...
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    GUESS WHO'S BACK!?!? >:)

    GUESS WHO'S BACK!?!? >:)
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    This probably happens a lot to Yukari with her constant gap traveling.
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    you know life is good when you have the Popeye the Sailor man song stuck in your head lol
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    Does anyone know this Shimeji Thing (AKA desktop buddy) it walks around on your screen and you can make your own and stuff I did made a couple of Shimeji (but most are just WIP)
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      Hope it was worth it.

    Hope it was worth it.
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    The Undertaker can now rest in peace ;_;7
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    Got nothin' for today, but I did this:

    Got nothin' for today, but I did this:
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    I try to stay out of politics but it looks like yon can kiss your online privacy goodbye come next week: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/03/28/republicans-are-poised-to-roll-back-landmark-fcc-privacy-rules-heres-what-you-need-to-know/
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    The massive uploads of my creations on MA have been returned. Please do not download anything mine from there, you might get some of my creations which are not updated or something. Be always sure to download my stuff from my Official OneDrive folder.
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    Midori Margatroid

    I must go  

    I must go
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    Yesterday I had to run a coworker to school to pick up his son. His son is in fifth grade. He explained that his son was having issues with a bully. He had already told his son the usual thing on how to handle it, "Tell the teacher and everything will be okay." Well, his son did just that, and nothing was ever done. In fact the teacher would just turn the kid away with the words "If I didn't see it happen then I don't believe you." She even took away his recess time on one occasion for "lying." This has been going on for awhile, and this Thursday his son came home with a bruise on the back of his head. The poor kid has just gave up at this point, and he told his dad. Since nothing was done about it his dad just told him if he has anymore trouble to just strike back. And here is where it just goes from bad to worse. Although his son did stand his ground and actually did put the bully in his place, the teacher, who turned a blind eye all this time, sends him to the principal's office. Thankfully the principal was a bit more reasonable and has actually had similar incidents with this teacher. The only down side is that my coworker's son got suspended for one day, the upside is that the bully has been suspended for a whole week. I personally think his son should not have been suspended, and I personally don't blame him for telling his son to fight back, especially since the teacher was being a snob. My personal thoughts on this: This tells me that all these anti-bullying campaigns that are advertised are nothing more then a big joke. If the teachers and sometimes principals aren't doing anything about it and eventually the victim will snap, thus taking matters into their own hands. Imo this is what causes the majority of school shootings, granted some are done because some people really are that messed up, but hopefully you get what I mean. Worse yet, when such incidents occur, the media always blames video games, music, gun manufacturers, and in some worse cases the parents. In some cases the bully will get off scott free. This is just one issue where your damned if you do something about it, and damned if you don't. Comments? Opinions? Thoughts? What do you make of this situation?
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    So many interesting anime to watch in this season... SO LITTLE TIME
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    There's so many second-rate zombie survival games throughout the world, it's not even funny. I'm surprised there isn't a parody called, like, ZombieZ: The Game.
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    i swear to god man i want Groot to be in Marvel vs capcom Infinite.......it would be amazing
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    Sigma confirmed for MvC:i. I saw this coming years ago before MvC3 was released.
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    Solid Snivy

    Heyyyyyy, Happy Birthday, Gladia!

    Heyyyyyy, Happy Birthday, Gladia!
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    I may not be a fan of Rwby, but I would love to see a Blazblue-styled fighting game of it.
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    Why is Cirno looked brown tho?
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    my god playing Yamazaki in KOF XIV is so damn fun lol he's a beast and so is his theme
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    More evidence that IKEMEN is more stable than MUGEN 1.0: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/discovery-explod-ownership-is-bugged-aka-how-make-p1-use-p2s-sprites-179446.0.html
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    Reminder not to post old releases or releases that has been around for more than one month in News section please. Post them here: http://mugenfreeforall.com/forum/376-characters-warehouse/ Thank you.
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    Argh...Multiple post bug again.
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    It's tiem for moar vidjas [sic]
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    MugenFreeForAll except its actually the nutshack
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    Dink, Franko, Rox Howard Clones, Fiunn, Dooby, and Moorhuhn updated by The None: http://justnopoint.com/lbends/mm13/
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    did yall see the street fighter EX4 trailer? lol it was released on April fools day in Japan but it looks like a solid demo like game people are speculating whether its real or not which it could be for all I know lol here is the trailer