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    Leaked Sonic Mania Footage
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    And I survived Hurricane Irma!
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    A sprite commission and tried to make a Super Saiyan Blue Palette for my Goku Sprite. How looks? [VIEW]
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    I like cute traps.

    I like cute traps.
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    This motherfucker lands on you and asks you to buy her newspaper. What do?
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    esp:No se si alegrarme o no porque esta cerca mi cumpleaños. :p eng:I do not know if to cheer or not because my birthday is near
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    Commander Keen Preview 2
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    Gonna release tomorrow cuz this is too easy. [PREVIEW] Source accurate, just missing the birds animation. And this is for 1.0 by the way.
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    You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for...
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    Let's go hunting in, oh, say, Chernobyl? (New FAWN availible) Enjoy and I hope you like the joke :)
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    Man, Kingdom Hearts III is shaping up to be one of the best games I've seen (at least in my opinion) in a while. My favorite world so far is the one based on Toy Story, the Big Hero 6 world looked great too. I would personally like to see a world centered on Wreck-It Ralph. :)
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- N-N-NANI!!!??? The Guy Who Played Segata Sanshiro Is Back!! HE LIVES ON!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! LOL!
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    Happy 19th birthday to me! :D
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    As Fred Durst said: "Guess who's back!!"
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    Made a new stage and uploaded a quick mugen match: [VIDEO]
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    Today is a National Holiday!
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    (Criticizes you in Elephant)

    (Criticizes you in Elephant)
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    Another email password breach 2 days ago, totaling 711 million. Password change time if you haven't already. http://www.iflscience.com/technology/if-your-email-address-is-on-this-list-change-your-password-right-now/
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    I heard it was someone's birthday. And I am here to give the gift of not having a gift BUT SOMETHING BETTER! Paying respects XD
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    Go to sleep.

    Go to sleep.
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    Bowser jr has been updated. Sorry for the status updates for these things, but normally I'd post them in a particular topic from now on. But I actually had TWO updates. Bowser jr updated V2.1: What did I do? Enhanced guarding types on normals Victory quotes (character specific) fixed Buffed up Ai combos a bit Fixed comboability with the crouching strong punch. Replaced the airship explosion with a more "modern" type. Fixed WinKO background bug Fixed Special KO bug Replaced super jump explod Fixed some hitspark's postion. Added some "fixed" animations on one of the winposes. Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B40sSanLRu4bWl9OVXpBRTlqRVU?usp=sharing Also for those who had Pink Ranger's taunt glitch: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B40sSanLRu4bQldDSEtmZ2dIa0U?usp=sharing
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    JoJo part 9 is lookin good so far :P
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    Its September 19th, you know what that means... YARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- The Iron Chef Chairman Makes Every Food Battle Lit!! I Could Only Imagine What It'll Be Like If He Was An Announcer For Fighting Games!! "Arcade" & "VS" Mode Would Be So Epic!! LOL!
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    I Released a stage, check it out please~: [LINK]
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- When You Realize That Fighting Tournaments Are No Joke...This Dude Is Taking Some Serious Ls! Ouch...
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    Memes never truly die. But they can get milked.
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    Lord Brevon has been updated V2! What ever did I do? Update V2: -AI has been buffed THANKS TO DARK LUIGI!! -Damage Dampener has been added -Fixed stopsnd bugs for Biker assist and powercharge -Fixed some guardflags -The commands for Mines are now D, B, a (or b, and c) -Added new WinKO for Cliffside Knockout -Fixed some FG problems for some winposes. -Fixed animations for Electric Gun -Combo text automatically removed when player wins flawlessly. -Fixed character-specific winquotes. -Fixed sound problems with combos and flawless sounds on Time over. -Added a few priorites of hitboxes for the normals. -Added some dust particles for some intros and winposes. Might be more..... Download here! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B40sSanLRu4bWVpvbzZ6aXVtSDQ?usp=sharing
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    TBM Text Log - September 15, 2017
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    Went game hunting this past Saturday, retro game hunting to be exact, and oh boy, I found a nice one :D
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    One of the greatest lies ever told.
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    Another FAWN unleashed, enjoy ;)
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    Yesterday, i watched The Emoji Movie Can someone give me a bottle of bleach?
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    Yo Homies and Mugenites... Mr. MetalGuy is 16 for some Asians and Europe users.. but i am still 15 in other countries.. give me a happy birthday to me.
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    Hurricane Irma is coming to hit Florida. I hope you all to wish me luck.
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    Apparently, the cartridges that CAPCOM and Iam8bit used to re-release Street Fighter II can potentially set your SNES on fire. What's even more interesting is that Iam8bit even included a warning for such a thing. https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/31/16232170/street-fighter-2-snes-cart-anniversary-release-capcom-iam8bit
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    I have a question for you fellows who happen to be studying Japanese language like me. I have a friend (I'm not lying, it really is for a firend) who has interest in learning Japanese from scratch, like I'm doing. I would like to recommend him books for beginners. However, I can't recommend him the books I used so far, which are the books from Marugoto series: The problem with them? They're focused in group activities and losing your fear of communicating with native Japanese people. Thus, their focus isn't grammar or extensive vocabulary, but conversation techniques. And my friend's focus, like mine, doesn't seem to be communication, but reading and listening comprehension. As much as Marugot ocan teach him some grammar and vocabulary, I would rather recommend some books more suitable for self-learning. Something that isn't so kanji-phobic as the Marugoto series. Any recommendation?
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    I'm gonna Angry Birds this joint
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    my first youtube mugen video, hope you guys enjoy it Welcome for any suggestions and comments
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    New issue of the Mutha Fuckin Fawn is on the loose! Check it out here!
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    I really wish I could apologize to certain people on the Internet for some things I said and done. I really wish.
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    Edited Fer619's Chargin' Chuck. Right here
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    Habby Birfday! =}

    Habby Birfday! =}
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    Friendly reminder not to abuse the "Report Post to Staff" button when the post isn't breaking any rules or causing a disturbance, especially if the post in question is from over 4 years ago...
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    That incredibly stupid feeling when you have like 800 characters in your MUGEN, but only really use like 5 of them because Complacent Gaming Syndrome, a.k.a. lazy dumbass