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    So, made a OC Sprite. [VIEW]
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    Here's our first teaser trailer for JJBA: Golden Wind. I really like the look they got going on here. I feel as if this teaser will become the opening. Or at least fragments of it will. Ether way, now we just gotta survive for 3 full months before the series airs. It won't be that painful right? RIGHT?
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    Alright I'm back home from le France at long last. It's been a nice big break. Got to relax while not worrying about work I have to do and the such. I very much needed the rest. This is the 6th or so time I have gone to France for a summer holiday. But this time we rented a different house then we normally do. The house we got was great. It was old and rustic. The walls were made of stone, like, bumby stone. And everything else was made out of wood. I liked this house, the owners did a good job on it. I brought my SNES mini and played loads of games on it. In which I beat Mario World for the 5th time of so. And I'm close to finishing both Megaman X and DKC1. I played SF2 Hyper Fighting with my dad one night and it was a blast. Seriously we were laughing our heads off. I have not played with my dad like that in a looooooong time. We also had a pool. It wasn't as good as the previous one from the house we usually go to since it had unsafe edges and some of the tiles came undone. But it worked. The only other thing I had a gripe with was the bathrooms. They were smol. My head could touch the dammed ceiling. And one of the toilets won't work. Overall I enjoyed my time there. Now, back to reality. And work. And all the other crap I have to deal with. (I could write more but it's 3AM... I need sleep.)
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    Jarquin10 is a god at making sprites. Go check him out. You won't be disappointed. https://www.deviantart.com/jarquin10/
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    Guess who's got himself a laptop that's about 1000x beefier than the last. DID YAH MISS ME? Probably not. Hi anyways! :D
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    I really, really should of told you guys sooner but I'm going to France for the week. So don't expect much from me till the 1st of July. I'll still be on the internet, but not as much since I want to relax. Alright see yall soon.
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    Glad to see my boy Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros Ultimate along with everyone else! This is the best day ever! https://www.smashbros.com/en_US/fighter/55.html
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    Happy birthday, Shantae! Expect a massive update for the half-genie hero this summer!
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    New version of Bomberman's Stadium stage released by me and OldGamer. http://mugenfreeforall.com/topic/35036-stage-new-bombermans-stadium-by-oldgamer-kater15-07102018/
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    Ultra Fatality


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    This right here is a godly remix. Amazing job Mr Noriyuki Iwadare. You smashed this one outta the park. I'm amped for the full version.
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    Oh hey look! Two "princessbitch" accounts. https://prnt.sc/k28ibu https://prnt.sc/k28hw4 Is today the day official "Making Internet Alts" day or something? Sorry, but I can't help but laugh.
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    I haven't done one of these in eons so all I gotta say is Oreo cereal is yummy yummy
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    "I am not a hamster! I'm a scientist!"
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    Yukari is pissed because she ain't in Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle so she takes her frustrations out on one spicy boi: AKA I'm bored so I want to see Yukari do fatalities.
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    Incoming transmission straight from Funkotron! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1578116861/toejam-and-earl-back-in-the-groove/posts/2219859
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    working on a pocket link

    working on a pocket link
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    A few things...one, I'm probably not gonna make another stage again. Two, been planning on updating a few characters; you might've seen my progress on one on my youtube channel, but I'm debating on whether or not I should publicly release it, or jsut only put it out to trusted friends.
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    Ya know, i'm actually happy how well the Knuckle Fighter X/Alpha collection turned out :)
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    It's 2049 and the MUGEN world is fouled with toxic sludge.
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    mfw I find the password for my MFFA account: Well, time to go back into hibernation for the next 2 years.
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    Dat age tho.

    Dat age tho.
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    And here we have Mr. Tabris666 and his sockpuppet accounts downvoting posts like a bunch of spoiled brats...can't say i'm surprised since it's to be expected, after all...why else would they downvote posts like spoiled brats
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    Tomorrow marks the end of a mugen era for me...
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    take this cesarsombra creation i found in his 4shared and add to mugenarchive <Mod edit: Blacklisted link removed>