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    We grapplers now

    We grapplers now
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    Seriously, what the hell is art?

    Seriously, what the hell is art?
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    I'm an ass because I care.
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    Today is my birthday! Yaaaaaay. And here's to celebrating it:
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    Lower your pain AND the number of fucks you give to another.
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    After a series of testing, it looks like we've FINALLY killed the dupe post bug for good. Now we just wait for the final test this Saturday to see if our efforts truly were successful. @RobotMonkeyHæd
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    Bug update: After too many failed attempts to fix the issue with the help of tech support, I've finally hired a professional to help out. Sooo it shouldn't be long now. And just a heads up, In the next couple days there may be minor temporary issues while the thing gets worked out, but after that we should finally be in the clear.
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    Apparently, someone named Ryan is a BIG fan of Fantasy Zone like me! Check out these beautiful Lego models of the Opa-Opa family! They're a masterpiece!
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    Dear Konami, Whenever you decide to announce the next big update of Super Bomberman R, PLEASE give this wondrous Rocket Knight some love and let him join the roster as Sparkster Bomber. Thank you for the advance. Love, RoySquadRocks
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    Can people please upload img on imgur or something instead this other sites that have limited bandwith
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    If Rare Akuma is cheap and Regular Akuma is powerful then does that mean a common Akuma is weak? #JustMugenThings
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    I lucked out and found a snes classic at gamestop today! Time to install hakchi and add more games to it.
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    Pink Ranger has been majorly updated to V2! What's new: -Replaced sprites for Mega Laser -Special guest characters (and white ranger) now turn directly to p2 while doing attack -Buffed AI -Added proper guardflags -Fixed Victory Quotes -Fixed Major Bug with intros -Replaced Super Jump dust sprites -Fixed all problems with the OHKO move -Widened White Ranger's red beam so the original wouldn't cut itself off on the screen -Fixed The assist's screenbound code -Comes at a closer approach before doing the charged kick -New Move: Bow and Arrow -Replaced all sword-quake like sprites with NEW ones -Hypers no longer give back power -Adjusted Lord Zedd's voice pan Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B40sSanLRu4bQldDSEtmZ2dIa0U?usp=sharing
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    I´m one year older U: yay Also, other stage released:
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    A little late, but enjoy October's final issue of the FAWN, Happy Halloween everybody :)
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    Demanding people to pay attention to your requests is going to do the opposite effect.
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    I miss PhantomBlood.

    I miss PhantomBlood.
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    Did someone say grabs? Did someone say projectiles? How about both?
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    I finally solved the fucking Rubix Cube. No tutorials, no youtube vids, no help, just straight up solved it. I've been messing with that thing while on the phone at work for about a month now. I can do it in about 5 minutes now, reliably. Which means there are 4 year olds on youtube I might be able to compete with.
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    The S09

    RIP Bulma's Japanese VA

    RIP Bulma's Japanese VA
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    damn rip lil peep :(
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    Motivation is in the toilet right now :(
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    I love myself

    I love myself
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    I find the lack of hockey related character in MUGEN disturbing.
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    When i has nothing to do but i'll have to pratice some Combos: http://mugenfreeforall.com/topic/17813-yagoshis-mugen-o-rama/?do=findComment&comment=314444
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    Four of dem videos today
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    ZUN confirms that, depending on how well the Steam version of Hidden Star in Four Seasons sells, he will be porting to Steam all previous windows Touhou games starting with Impossible Spell Card and onward, including the unreleased Gold Rush bonus game (no Steam release of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to Double Dealing Character, unfortunately). He's also confirmed that none of the Steam releases, with the exception of Antinomy of Common Flowers, will have any english or other foreign language localizations, similar to what was done when Double Dealing Character was released on Playism a few years back. Source: https://www.gamespark.jp/article/2017/11/14/76810.html
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    are we still need mugen now? fighthing game this year has so many crossover
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    Question: How do you get popular among those who make mugen videos?
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    DOS Games Club did a really nice podcast of Commander Keen! Check it out! https://www.dosgameclub.com/commander-keen/
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    A person

    For TERA players:   

    For TERA players:
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    I guess I'll drop a stage one of these days...
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    More crazy mugen battles
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    Welp, tragedy news for me. Last week, people raided my main server several times now and it happened for a few days. They are long gone now, but I chose to delete my server because the raiders might start coming the longer I kept the server. So....I made a new one. Hope you guys understand. What did I ever do to deserve this anyway? Link: https://discord.gg/Sqbwqra
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    New Issue of the FAWN is up, enjoy :)
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    New videos are up:
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    If you were a 90's kid you're gonna love this, but first, I'm sure some of you when you got home from school would switch on the television and tune into Nickelodeon. Those were some of the best cartoons to ever air on tv back then, at least in my opinion. My all time favorite has got to be Hey Arnold!, which brings me to this. Remember how the series ended on a cliffhanger? The answers were to be revealed in the Hey Arnold! Jungle Movie. Unfortunately Nick never gave the okay to start production. That is until recently, the movie is scheduled to premiere on Nick and Netflix this Thanksgiving. Its been thirteen years since the show ended, but it's nice to see one of the best cartoons finally receive closure.
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    Mortal Kombat 4 is so underrated. Why? Jerek alone. No clue what his moveset is, but he definitely makes the game. Not a bad newcomer at all, especially after those who would come in Deceptmageddon and X...
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    All this trashing on MvC: I. Bad looking models, shady DLC practices, stupid game breaking glitches... Yet noone mentions the biggest offender of them all: Sigma not dying to a single hadouken or shoryuken.
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    After i don't know how long i finally released something hmmm i miss this feeling
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    Two heads make two mistakes.
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    Welp, at least now we know why Marios gets bigger when he eats a mushroom http://www.news.com.au/technology/home-entertainment/gaming/super-marios-penis-discovered-in-comic-book-character-instantly-savaged-online/news-story/15960d89ef90fde72cf3d69707e6ce21
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    Special Halloween battle!!!
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    Saturday without bugs...what madness is this? Have some videos to celebrate
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    Bug is gone? LET US TEST THAT!
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    Happy Friday! It’s time to brighten up your awesome day, with Fantasy Zone music!
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    Made this 3D Desktop background last night using one of my stages PSDs. Waddaya think? [PREVIEW]
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    The only reason why I still go on this forum is just to role play
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    Oh no... http://gematsu.com/2017/06/accolade-returns-announces-bubsy-woolies-strike-back-ps4-pc