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    RIP to the father of Pac-Man, Masaya Nakamura. You gave us a lot of nostalgic Namco love (including Pac-Man).
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    Thanks for all the bday wishes guys, 60+ of them holy hell
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    I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday.
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    Check out my new 8-bit cover :P  

    Check out my new 8-bit cover :P
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    "I apologize for yesterday, I tried dual booting TrueOS. but instead deletes everything off my Hard disk (Including Every MUGEN Characters and CS X TBM Project), I had a huge accident on my Hard drive, so I'm stuck with ubuntu for life." ~CSAvion I told him that he must keep going as I got some backups for him. So please let all root for him to keep on moving! -WIP Characters I saved for him- CS-X-TBM Yoko CS-X-TBM Ami CS-X-TBM Yumi CS-X-TBM Julie CS-X-TBM Chuck Celesteela #KeepGoingAvion
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    O_o 233 notifications..... mamma mia...... well then, I'm sorry every one, my connection looks Broken again (its speed has turned into 20 KB per sec)! it will be fixed soon, and the pink will be downloadable! he is complete, but because of my connection....
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    UPDATE: Posting under a Guest account is now disabled.
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    Some recent commission sprites I've done:
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    I'm Back, My update webite Now.http://sryutaro.wixsite.com/ryutarofuture
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    It's been awhile, my family and I are taking it day by day, and I know everything's going to be fine. Grandma passed away peacefully in her sleep, her death was tough to endure, and the fact that I was one of the pallbearers only made it tougher, but I'm doing alright. Also, I understand I have a knack for posting some rather sensitive things, and I feel like I owe an apology to everyone here, I don't know why, but that's just how I feel. My main reason for posting as such is the fact that I like hearing others opinions on stuff like that. I know that may sound strange, but that's just me being me, and I would never post anything to cause trouble or to insult anybody, that's a promise. With that being said I should be able to return tomorrow, I miss this place.
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    Is this the new Dragon Maid Anime?
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    Anyone who uses the Discord chat might want to change their passwords due to a data leak in Cloudflare's servers. https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/23/major-cloudflare-bug-leaked-sensitive-data-from-customers-websites/
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    Today I will release the updates for my characters (few of them) and re-release some older stuff I released back in 2014/2015. Expect some "love" from me today :P
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    http://freedomplanet2.com/demo_win.php The Freedom Planet 2 demo is out! Quite impressive. I have high hopes for the full version.
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    Thanks to all who gave me birthday wishes today! Also, shoutout to @The Magic Toaster, who's also blowing out candles today!
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    But who will investigate Incident Zero?
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    What does one do when you've got the house all to yourself for the next ten days? (paces around room)
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    The Evolved Ikemen Dojo has evolved one step closer to its final form. It now has live streaming Ikemen (Mugen online). The stream key is available in the dojo, so no twitch account is necessary. Plus it's Much more organized now. 5 sections: 1 ~ Centeal Courtyard w/open live ring, anything goes style. 2 ~ Thumb Fu League with a leaderboard. 3 ~ Tourney Tower with regular tourneys, member and staff held. 4 ~ Ikemen Forge where you run ikemen wip threads and tutorials. 5 ~ Q&A Sanctuary for member to member help. For anyone who's into the idea of Mugen Online, it's worth visiting or revisiting at this point.
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    I've added quite a few new characters to our KoF edits collection. Many thanks to everyone for your help. I'll try to get back to work on the Orochi/Mizuchi collection sometime later this week ;)
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    http://i841.photobucket.com/albums/zz340/DarkflareEX/Private/DFcover1_zpssagbh3q1.png I am clearly not good at this...
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    "There's over 800 Donald edits." Stop this nightmare please.
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    is it just me or is Capcom literally only worried about Street fighter and Resident Evil? because it seems like it lol they buried so many great games that could have epic sequels LIKE ONIMUSHA yet they were like "nah fam fuck that"
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    My connection is ALIVE AGAIN!

    My connection is ALIVE AGAIN!
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    Im bored... Somehow Temmie reminds me of Pikachu for some odd reason
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    Since i returned, i'm building my MUGEN again, still need some more characters.
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    Man! what a Mourning I had.. I just accidentally crashed my car when I was on my way home for the weekend. I was so tired I nodded-off a split second and went off road......... .......... Glad im still around......
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    So a friend of mine told me the Jewish religion had fake/non-binary genders. He even showed me a Tumblr post. Oh, and the (two) genders had pretty weird name such as Tumtum.
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    i celebrate this special of 100 content count by giving you a birb thankz
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    bruh the Kolin chick from SF5 looks like she could be Kula's legit mother lmfao she even has ice abilities she does look fun to play though not that I even play SF5 anymore but eh
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    My god, when will people learn that there are only two genders? I'm so sick of people saying there're "agender" or "bigender" or some other fake as hell gender. Same with sexualities.
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    When life gives you lemons... you ask... "WHERE THE F*** IS MY GRAND MAC?!" Thank you.
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    I feel like i can make brutal grabs... it can change 50%
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    I may not be the most religious person, but prayers go out to those affected by the recent anarchy in Brazil.
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    That Opening tho!! :D :D This new arc will be EPIC!
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    This is going to be a thing,
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    We've seen smash HD Mario by ali so why now 3D SSBB Luigi? Although hes currently on hold because of the jump animation frame problem The Nose is messed up
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    Well, I'm editing Duckula. This edit will be much better than the one from 2016. Done so far: -Fixed Crow Brothers assist -Fixed combos -Updated some animations (including the intro against DM) -Fixed Igor To do: -Fix damage outputs -Fix Air Throw -Update some sprites
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    Midis... Once was a great music maker till the distortions of music converters
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    Be careful, the fawn is watching you.  

    Be careful, the fawn is watching you.
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    A teaser for the upcoming batch of extensions
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    i found the sprites of YouKai's/Hanyou's 3D Naruto (Well the model of Said 3D Naruto)
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    ♫ Simba's stuck, Simba's stuck, Simba's stuck on the wall, 'the fuck? ♫
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    Oh man! i almost forgot happy birthday to ya dude..... :-)
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    Please Zim And Dib Full Release

    Please Zim And Dib Full Release
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    Check out my new thread ;P  

    Check out my new thread ;P
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! :)