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    Dear Mugen Free For All Users, It is my regret to be telling you that I will take a temporary vacation from MFFA. Why? Simply because I want to catch up on my schoolwork, and also try out some bigger, better things. Those who wish to edit or entirely remake my collections may do so in order to help them stay updated. But for now, this is Moltar signing off, and wishing you the best of luck on all future Mugen projects!
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    Nintendo Labo (2018)

    Nintendo Labo (2018)
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    I supposed to put Courage's beta in new Years' Eve because, I need to recreate some sprites I need to save some time! Thankfully, I got a few more sprites to do while I'll release Zim, Dib and Rocko's new updates for Christmas Day or Boxing Day.
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    48 hours until we all get drunk
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    early Nintendo Labo prototype, circa 2003
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Today Was Pretty Hectic... Earlier Today...I Saved My Mom's Life After My Mom Became Dizzy And Blacked Out This Morning. I Stayed Calm And Collected And Was Able To Revive Her And Called The Ambulance. My Mom...Survived! My Mom Hugged Me And Told Me "Your A Good Son. Thank You For Being There To Help Me." My Mom...Survived. My Mom Has Helped Me Through Tough Times And Taught Me The Art Of Helping Others. I'm Glad That I Could Help You Mom. ^_^
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    So AoCF comes out on Steam and whats the first thing I do? This...
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
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    Happy New Year everyone and I'm so glad MFFA is back in business.
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    I recently made an "english voice pack" for Warner's Joe Swanson (Just for anyone who dont know spanish) Download in description from this video
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    Well... I finally used my Mugen after a year or so: And hell, I even added new characters to my roster. Here is four of them: Also, it feels good to be back to Mugen, for now at least. ;)
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    Damn, idk why but i just remembering the Q"Bert Cartoon. XD
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    Finally got time to did a HUGE update on the MvC Collection. And no worries, i'll add the MvC Infinite stuff, stages, screenpacks and some other stuff soon. :)
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    I see that what Gui and someone re-uploaded my characters separately. I guess i'll do that too, i'm gonna upload my characters in MEGA. And so now, i maded 2 topics, check it out.
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    Whoa, this reminds me of certain people in Mugen.
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    I did a release thing for 2018 Contains 2 downloads
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    Happy New Year to MFFA, let's hope this site stays alive this time
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    Happy holidays to everyone at MFFA.
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    Today, the previous characters. Tomorrow, the space ranger.
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    This is the first Christmas where I haven't made a Christmas list. Looking forward to Keen's release. Courage is also looking good. He had better not disappoint me.
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    Make Pop Team Epic acknowledge it copied Super Fantasy Zone.
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    I bet Lunarian science also states that the Earth is flat...
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    This day just keeps getting FUNKIER.
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    Chicks do dig the bad boys.

    Chicks do dig the bad boys.
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    Now who would need a better hammer suit just to be suited a bit more (and a WIP of Hammer Suit Mario) I even did (somewhat better) Basilisx (if you'd know this character from SMBZ)
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    3rd present has been unwrapped! MFFA now has live chat! Check it out:
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    Yes, this status is about that Logan Paul's incident: As someone who suffered from depression enough to consider suicide, and as someone who made a big progress in this regards thanks to starting studying Japanese language, I relate a lot to this video and I feel like it should be viewed by as many people as possible:
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    Anybody coming to the new timeline from the Holiday Presents thread, what do you think? What do you like? What don't you like? What would you change? Any and all feedback welcome, whatever you think we can do to make this thing better.
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    I see some little new page design, i like it!
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    Hmm, time really does fly. Happy 2018. Hope the year's good.
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2018 gonna be good~ ABABABABABABA
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    Happy New year to you all at MFFA!
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    (One of the underated Characters of Paper Mario :P for MUGEN) + Final Vid of 2017
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    2017 is mostly ehh.. i dunno. Right now in my view As for 2018 i just hope it gets better
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    Three videos for you guys. My Christmas video featuring @Ricepigeon's Suika and @RoySquadRocks's Keen: Mecha Dragon vs Grim Matchstick: The last video of 2017, a bashing video:
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    Talk about leaving a first impression.
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    Thank god the site is back. Now I have to remember what I was gonna post before the site went down
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    Glad the MFFA came back, I had been scared.
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    This place was hacked from what I know, I hope nothing was effected and everyone had a Great Christmas! I got some extra money and a nice picture frame. Still looking for chars, finishing my custom Nijikaku game and eventually I'll revamp the old Niji collection and make a separate stage collection. Also started handheld gaming again, right now I'm playing KH Recoded.
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    Finally, MFFA is back!
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    Glad to see this site is back again.
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    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. Also if your traveling to see family and friends, do have a safe trip.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I'll post my Christmas Gifts for ya! All details in the thread below.
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    Well, if they invite you there, I don't think it's to meet Yogi...
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    Or you could just not be on Facebook at all.