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    MFFAWN #12 (Jan 30 - Feb 05, 2017) by gui0007 'N' Mʀ. SтOLE-THAT-Ho-fυ Monday, 01/30/2017 [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] King by Jmorphman [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: No] Heavy D! (POTS Style) by ultrafatality18/hairline733 VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link Tuesday, 01/31/2017 [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] MvC Sasquatch by Vs. Style Debuts [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] MvC Kaguya Nanbu (PxZ) by Jamesx15 Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Darun Mister (SFEX) by armin_iuf VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGES / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Kinnikuman Muscle Fight - Stadium (Two versions) by Valgallah Download Link [SCREENPACK / EDIT / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480] MUGEN Fighting Jam by Jesuszilla, edited by Alister Savitar VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link Wednesday, 02/01/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Battle Lancer (DnF/DFO) by Raphael VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Nazrin by .DAT, edited to Nazrin Deluxe by SpaceMouse Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Smoke (CvS-ish Sprites) by CARNAGE777 [STAGES / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 320x240] Stages from SD Hiryuu no Ken by Cenobite 53 Download Link Thursday, 02/02/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: None] Gouken (Remake) by Ghost Killer Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] KOF '99 (Sega Genesis Bootleg) - Coliseum by ezequiel-TM Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / UNFINISHED / Win & 1.0 / AI: Normal] Pinkie Pie Revamped by IDGCaptainRussia & Tina VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 & 1.0 / 1280x720] The Last Blade - Yuki Machi, 1864 by mete122 Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] ED-209 (RoboCop) by Ryou Win VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] Find the Death by Dj Luke VIDEO PREVIEW Download Links: Mediafire / 4shared [STAGES / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 640x480] Double Dragon II - Lair of Shadows and Double Dragon IV: Streets by Saiyajin Mui Download Links: DDII - Lair of Shadows / DDIV - Streets [STAGES / RELEASES / 1.0 / 320x240] Helberd Stages (Kirby Super Star Ultra) by TaylorsToonAdventure [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] All MvC2/MvC3 characters by Kamekaze Click in the char portrait to download Friday, 02/03/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: No] Ryu by Shin Mako/Nexus Games VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [LIFEBARS / RELEASE / 1.1 / 1280x720] Sm4sh (New Super Smash Bros. Concept Lifebars) by GarchompMatt VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Configurable] Asuna, Kirito, Yuuki and Eri by Sennou-Room [CHARACTER / EDIT / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Ryu by Phantom of the Server, edited by ShinSmoke Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Broly (Vs. Style) by G-knux19 Download Link [RESOURCE / RELEASE] CMD to Vans Buffering System Converter by Jesuszilla Download Link [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Configurable] All KOF XIII chars by eken55 [SOUNDPACK / RELEASE] Castellano/European Spanish Voice for Warner's Homer by N1000sh VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link: Soundpack only / Char with the Soundpack Saturday, 02/04/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 320x240] Cocoa Cave (Kirby Super Star Ultra) by TaylorsToonAdventure [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 320x240 & 1280x720] Street Fighter Alpha 3 - R. Mika Stage by cldz Download Link [STAGES / RELEASE / 1.1 / 1280x720] Stages from Fire Emblem Heroes by Ryon Download Links: Mediafire / Onedrive Sunday, 02/05/2017 [RESOURCE / COLOR SEPARATION / RELEASE] .sff with Color Seperation for G-knux19's Broly by Speedster/Dan Mt.Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Nappa by TheAnswer Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Fujiwara no Mokou by Ricepigeon [RESOURCE / AI PATCH / RELEASE] AI Patch for Froz's Wolverine by WBPA [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Stan Lee/Spider-Lee by Kidthomas [STAGES / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Kinnikuman Muscle Fight - Ring (Two versions) by Valgallah Download Link - HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND THE END -
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    Stage Releases: Membarances' Home (with 1.1 compatible) As you may know why I am updating Dib's fully update, well I released his house to replace into the Skool one as Dib's stage update! Download Dib's stage update!
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    MUGEN Competition

    Welcome to my MUGEN Competition series that show A.I battles of all CvS style characters in three different mode: Single, Simul and Turns. 1/ About character: - All characters are POTS/Infinite style (or similar). - Balance system, not so strong not so weak. 2/ About A.I: - Each character has a fighting style that suit with his/her advantage: + Attach quickly with strong combo. + Move slowly, defend carefully and charge up. + Break defense by rolling or throw technique. + Spam projectile continuously. - Many strategies and behaviors in Simul Mode: + Combine to make some combo. + Power charge: They will charge up to help their team. ++ Some good characters will stop charge up and run to help partner from dangerous situation. ++ Some characters don’t stop charge up to help partner because their effective Super, or because they are an evil character (they are cruel and selfish so they don’t care much about a partner). + Some characters will spam Super more than usual in Simul Mode. + Teleport type characters will use their advantage to stop a spamming projectile / power charge type character. and much more..... Please leave a comment. I hope you enjoy it. LET'S BURN TO FIGHT!!!
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    Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. CHARACTER SELECT HUMANS Regular Lance: DarkCipherLucius || Cipher Sin: DarkCipherLucius || Killa Jax: DarkCipherLucius || Leila: DarkCipherLucius || Im War: DarkCipherLucius || Antherica: DarkCipherLucius || Mage: Dark Ruler || Hero: Setsugetsu Soldier: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Youkumo: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Ling Fengling: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Female Boss: The Doctor || Warrior: The Doctor Resprited Nagi: Nagi AkaPrestonXD's Maplestory Full Game Version 1.0 FlammingFire || Jicu || AkaPrestonXD || SteathyDog || KioHeart || Lyricals || Paradises || Samiku Trilium || Roey || AronKwak Version 1.5 Magiliene || jayciea || TheBrendan12 || YurikaNijino || BananaChipx || Catharsis || Bran || Jackie Andesh || Risult || iPrestonKill Version 2.7 MyTheary || Scrolled || Stylist || k3mikee || Phat || MrsTeddys || MrTeddys || Zyvr Friendless || historio || SweetSorbi Version 3.3 Misaur || Puggss || heartstilas || Koan || NesasBlade || AntonyAho || pvht || RachelFailz Disastifide || iincrease || Veroria Version 4.3 AGummiScare || Bootremp || Cerolim || ImprobableXC || KayeBunny || Lucida || YunaLegacy || Near s1mpel || Amaze || xStandardz Version 5.4 Hotoke || 4GreenTea || B1ngsu || AcousticCyphers || anthonysgf || Dion || Temp Kooki || OnePunchMang || UnFair NON-HUMANS Reptiles & Amphibians Manon: The Doctor || Brexton: The Doctor || Crocodile: The Doctor || Big Toad: The Doctor || Igloo Turtle: The Doctor || Python: Eggbomber101 [Vore / NSFW] || Leviathan: Dark Ruler || Dark Cornian: Dark Ruler Drake: Dark Ruler || Ice Drake: Dark Ruler || Lucida: Dark Ruler || Red Dragon Turtle: Dark Ruler Land Creatures Tae Roon: The Doctor || Hogull: The Doctor || Griffey: The Doctor || Pink Been: The Doctor || Mano: The Doctor || Giant Centipede: The Doctor || Chlorotrap: The Doctor || Xerxes: Dark Ruler Keynoceros: Dark Ruler || Blue Kentaurus: Storm0062 || OlyOly: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Tamamushihime: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL Sea Creatures Serph: The Doctor || Fish: The Doctor || King Clang: The Doctor || Octopus: The Doctor || Time Whale: The Doctor || Peeking Lord: The Doctor || Pianus: The Doctor Slimes Green Slime: The Doctor || Bubbling: The Doctor || Devil Slime: The Doctor || King Slime: The Doctor || Xmas Slime: The Doctor Plants & Mushrooms Tomato: The Doctor || Poison Tree: The Doctor || Mushroom Mom: The Doctor || Mushroom Dad: The Doctor || Orange Mushroom: The Doctor || Berserkie: The Doctor || Stumpy: Dark Ruler Golems & Rocks Coke Golem: Dark Ruler || Dark Stone Golem: Dark Ruler || Flame Mixed Golem: Dark Ruler || Ice Golem: Dark Ruler || Ice Mixed Golem: Dark Ruler || Raging Golem: Dark Ruler || Stone Golem: Dark Ruler || Metal Golem: Dark Ruler Poison Golem: The Doctor || Nest Golem: The Doctor || Mixed Golem: The Doctor Demons & Undeads Papa: The Doctor || Skelegon: Dark Ruler || Spirit of Rock: Dark Ruler || Crimson Balrog: Dark Ruler || Balrog Jr.: Dark Ruler || Sailor Ghost: Storm0062 Mechas Droy: The Doctor || Frankenroid: The Doctor || P. Clock: The Doctor || Snack Bar: The Doctor || Timer: The Doctor || Boombox: The Doctor || Alishar: Dark Ruler Humanoids Olivia: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Aufheben: Dark Ruler || Iruvata: Dark Ruler || Orca: Dark Ruler Giant Bosses Horntail: Dark Ruler [1.1 Only] || Vellum: Dark Ruler || Bergamot: Dark Ruler || Zakum: Dark Ruler [1.1 Only] || Lord Balrog: Dark Ruler [1.1 Only] MISSING CHARACTERS Fishies by The Doctor And some more that i couldn't locate. ADD-ONS SELECT Maple Story Lifebars by DCL [Winmugen+/320x240] FULL GAME SELECT MapleStory Full Game by AkaPrestonXD
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    Medarot / Medabots

    Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. Note: password for getuploader links is mugenCHARACTER SELECT Metabee Muro: Normal - AI patched Metabee Ron Brass Muro: Normal - AI patched Rokusho Muro: Normal - AI patched / SUI Peppercat Muro: Normal - AI patched Arcbeetle Goemon Beastmaster Goemon Zero Suicide Mif God Emperor Zen God Emperor Zen Krosserdog Ezequiel Torrejon STAGE SELECT メダロット弐CORE Stages by Muro MISSING メダロット弐CORE Screenpack by Muro
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    Resident Evil Series

    Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. CHARACTER SELECT CAPCOM / SNK STYLED Leon S. Kennedy: 1st: Wou / Wou + Jamesx15 [MVC] / Wou + Duracelleur [KOFA] / 2nd: Shin Ken Master / Armin_Iuf [MVC] / xSnow [CVS] || Jill Valentine: DarkWolf13 & Walruslui [MVC] / Ryou Win [MVC] / Magus [MVC] / Ryou Win + The Pizzaman [MVC] / Sludge [MVC] / Aaron Alejandro [MVC] / Big Eli King [MVC] - Kamek's Update / Warusaki3 [CvS2] / Zeiba [Custom] / Lost Avenger [CFE] / SeanAlty [CvTW] / DivineWolf [CvS] / Flavio Camarão || Albert Wesker: 1st: H. Hero & The Pizzaman: Old - New / L. Girl: Old - New / 2nd: Fabry Taz 3rd: Flavio Camarão || Chris Redfield: 1st: Magus & 5k0rX & The Pizzaman / Fabry Taz / 2nd: Fabry Taz / 3rd: Nestor & Riklaionel / Flavio Camarão || HUNK: Wto38 / Duracelleur Claire Redfield: 1st: Armin_Iuf / 2nd: xSnow [CVS] || Ada Wong: Mathri William Birkin: 1st: Choiyer + Unknown Author / 2nd: Armin_Iuf / 3rd: Flavio Camarão || Alexia Ashford: Flavio Camarão || Mr. X: SeanAltly / SeanAltly + Fabry Taz || Zombie: The Pizzaman Nemesis: 1st: Cv de Gotham & The Pizzaman / RMH [MVC] / 2nd: Armin_Iuf || Tyrant: The Pizzaman / RMH Hunter: Armin_Iuf || Licker: Armin_Iuf || Cerberus: The Pizzaman || Black Tarantula: The Pizzaman || Neptune: The Pizzaman POCKET STYLED Leon S. Kennedy: Emiliano David P. || Jill Valentine: Human || Licker: Kidthunder OTHER STYLED Leon S. Kennedy: Zeeky Zapper || Gore Zombie: Kidthunder || Not pictured: Albert Wesker: Lumppowraca || Barry Burton: Lumppowraca || Nemesis: Unknown Author BONUS GAMES Biohazard Bonus: CHOUJIN / Zombie Chaos Bonus: The Pizzaman / RMH || Crow Hunt Bonus: P.O.T.S + Angelic Charon PALETTE SWAPS Not pictured: Bimmy Wesker: Gollum2000 [Jimmy Lee palette swap] || Albert Wesker: Fernando678782 [Neo palette swap] STAGE SELECT Resident Evil Stages by Dj Sonic || Resident Evil Stages by KMMouse || Resident Evil Stages by Flavio Camarão || Chaos in Raccoon City by Ruben || Infected by MOTVN || Kijuju - Before The Infection by Black Dahlia Isis Mansion by Lin_km_yu || Mansion Grounds by Dead- X || Raccoon City Police Department by GLB & Markpachi || Raccoon City Rooftop by Riklaionel || Theatre by Betochac || Umbrella Lab by Da_Maverik Western by Kaiman || Wesker's Lab by Ferretshadow
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    Characters Sanada Yukimura by Syouga Date Masamune by Neat Unsou Katakura Kojuro by Neat Unsou, by Neat Unsou + Chu-nin Maeda Keiji by Ahuron, Tukisuna, Syouga, Rei Uesugi Kenshin by Syouga Mouri Motonari by Neat Unsou Takenaka Hanbei by 五右衛門, Tukisuna Toyotomi Hideyoshi by Rei, Kuri Honda Tadakatsu by Rei Oda Nobunaga by 五右衛門, Rei Oichi by Unknown Creator (Calls himself Elecbyte), Rei Chosokabe Motochika by Gal129 Stages Anegawa (Oichi's stage) by Rockzouh,Wargame Hasedo no Tatakai (Katakura Kojuro's stage) by Neat Unsou Honnouji (Oda Nobunaga's stage) by Jam, Kung Fu Man, Excahm Itsukushima (Mouri Motonari's stage) by Alfred, Jam, Excahm Inabayamajo (Takenaka Hanbei's stage) by Excahm, Jam Kawanakajima (Uesugi Kenshin's stage) by Wargame, Jam Kyoto Hanamichi (Maeda Keiji's stage) by Wargame, Jam Nagashino (Sanada Yukimura's stage) by Wargame, Jam Osakajo (Toyotomi Hideyoshi's stage) by Excahm, Jam Sekigahara no Tatakai (Honda Tadakatsu's stage) by Wargame Shikoku (Chosokabe Motochika's stage) by Excahm, Jam Suiragehara (Date Masamune's stage) by Wargame, Jam Sekigahara no Tatakai - The Last Party (Sengoku Basara: The Last Party) by Neat Unsou Extra AI patches for Sanada Yukimura by Syouga and Date Masamune by Chu-Nin
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    Power Rangers Series

    Click the author names to get the desired version of a characters! Note: This collection will also host Super Sentai stuff, if any. CHARACTERS Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (SNES) RED RANGER BLACK RANGER MEGAZORD Red Ranger: CybersolX / Gary Fischer || Black Ranger: Ermac Won || Megazord: Pyrovivi Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (SNES) KIMBERLY WHITE RANGER GOLD RANGER Kimberly Hart: Intense || White Ranger: MICROmor || Gold Ranger: CybersolX Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (SNES) THUNDER MEGAZORD MEGA TIGERZORD LORD ZEDD NINJA MEGAZORD SHOGUN MEGAZORD LIPSYNCHER GOLDAR SILVERHORNS Thunder Megazord: Pyrovivi / Redline || Mega Tigerzord: Redline || Lord Zedd: DarkSideJoe / Demonlord Ninja Megazord: Redline || Shogun Megazord: Redline || Lipsyncher: Alucard4ever / DarkSideJoe / DarkSideJoe & Unknown || Goldar: Cesarsombra / DarkSideJoe || Silverhorn: Douglas Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Genesis) GREEN RANGER RED RANGER EVIL RANGER MEGAZORD DRAGONZORD MINOTAUR Green Ranger: Kokuryu / Kokuryu & DragonRanger84 / Kokuryu & DragonRanger84 & Barrysun / LaParca Shielded Red Ranger: Kokuryu & Unknown || Evil Ranger: Kokuryu & Unknown || Megazord: Naruto500 Dragonzord: Geno || Mighty Minotaur: DRACUL Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (Genesis) RED RANGER BLUE RANGER Red Ranger: Alexei Roschak || Blue Ranger: Jok Power Rangers: Super Legends (DS) PINK RANGER Pink Ranger: DS12 Productions Super Sentai NES / Famicom Games JETMEN TIGER RANGER Jetmen: Maniac || Tiger Ranger / Yellow Ranger: DuckSS Power Rangers GBA Games BLUE DINO RANGER BLUE S.P.D RANGER Blue Dino Ranger: AndrewColonico || Blue S.P.D Ranger: Cichostudios Custom / Original Sprited CHANGE DRAGON CHANGE DRAGON GREEN RANGER IVAN OOZE Change Dragon: Andre Marquez [1st] / Knightblue777 [2nd] || Green Ranger: AxSeeker || Ivan Ooze: O Illusionista STAGES MMPR: The Fighting Edition Stages by Magma Dragoon MK-II || MMPR: The Fighting Edition Stages by Nori-ban || MMPR: TFE - Lord Zedd's Stage by Squirtle || MMPR SNES Stages by Cenobite53 || MMPR SNES: Area 1 by TempesT MMPR SNES: Area 2 by O Illusionista || MMPR SNES: Area 6 by Zinjonovic || MMPR SNES: Area 7 by Zinjonovic || MMPR SNES: Main Frame by Djoulz || MMPR SNES: System Room by OldGamer || MMPR SNES: Gnarly Gnome by Vegaz || MMPR Genesis: The Bridge by NotAGoodName || Choushinsei Flashman by Luiz Chuck ADD-ONS Movie Voicepack for O Illusionista's Ivan Ooze by Glisp
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    KOF 95 Ryuko Stage by Vegaz [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] It's a friggin RANBU! [COMMENT] One of my favorite stages from one of my favorite teams. Its got animation, superjump, zoom and looped bgm. Credit to RYO2005 for the original stage.
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    Infinite Kyo

    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    Popeye the first superhero
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    Post Fanart Thread

    Happy Valentine's Day!
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    Check out my new thread ;P  

    Check out my new thread ;P
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    Since i returned, i'm building my MUGEN again, still need some more characters.
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    When you open the bag of chips
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    Post Fanart Thread

    Kagerou x sundae
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    Today I will release the updates for my characters (few of them) and re-release some older stuff I released back in 2014/2015. Expect some "love" from me today :P
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    I'm thinking about redoing Shock from scratch. Good news.... I will release an edited character tomorrow. HINT: He's the man who shoots faster than his shadow.
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    MORTAL KOMBAT EDITS IN THIS COLLECTION, YOU WILL FIND "HIDDEN" NINJAS FROM MK SERIES. CHOOSE WISELY. Rugal2 & MKP Team MK1 NINJA EDIT: MK1 Human Acid YochiThMaster333 & Kazmer13 Chon Wang & Kazmer13 Aice Man & Bruno Arno Bdragon09 MK2 NINJA EDITS: MK2 Snake, The Lin Kuei, MK2 Aice and Blue Dragon YochiThMaster333 & Kazmer13 YochiThMaster333 & Kazmer13 YochiThMaster333 & Kazmer13 MK2 NINJA EDITS 2: MK2 Human Inferno, Hime and Cold the Ninja Psyperion Mike Obrecht Idiot MK3 NINJA EDITS: Dragon Soul, Slash and Rainbow Ermacking101 Ermacking101 WingsOfMind Indrid Cold Unknown Author WingsOfMind C.Y.K MK3 NINJA EDITS 2: NightSouls, NightGhost, Nightmare, Reiko Kahn, Albino, Dark and Dark Shadow Ermacking101 Ermacking101 Tremor Reptile Armand & Superben2008: Old - New Unknown Author Unknown Author MK3 NINJA EDITS 3: Viper, Bloodstone, Norman, Lin Kuei Inferno, Ben, Wintage and Flame (Old Version) Damian Neco Dike Aice Man Dike Aice Man Aice Man MK3 NINJA EDITS 4: Chenchori, Flame (New Version), Satan, Human Flare, Human Acid (Old Version), Aice and Aice Evil (Old Version) Dike Aice Man Neco Scorpion's Hell Aice Man & SubVII MK3 NINJA EDITS 5: Grounder, Freeze, Human Inferno, Snake and Torch Ermacking101 Aice-Man FEMALE NINJA EDITS: Synthinia and Zenaku Ermacking101 ShaoKahn500 Ermacking101 Ermacking101 Ermacking101 psyno Ermacking101 Ermacking101 Ermacking101 CYBORG EDITS: Keer, Cyborg Ermac (Old Version), Plasma, Aquos, Cyber Red Scorpion, Cyber Rain, Zenith, Storm and Diablo Borg117 KinG Sannamy Luciano Scorpion's Hell Mod & Aice Man Merygate Aice Man Shinnok CYBORG EDITS 2: Cylar, Cyber Tremor, Nekron, Disaster, Acid (Old Version), Alakron (Old Version), Cyborg Blaze, Flare and Monnitor Unknown Author WingsOfMind Chameleoncyborg Unknown Author Nelson tem(A) CYBORG EDITS 3: Cyborg Reptile, Toxic, Cyborg Ermac (New Version), Icedroid, Incolor and SheBorg Dike Merygate Unknown Author Borg117 Dark Kung Lao CYBORG EDITS 4: Ksylatron, Leviathan (Old Version), LK001, Propagator and Raptor Aice Man & Bigjohn Scorpion's Hell & Bigjohn Dike & Bigjohn The_None Mod & Bigjohn Tyler Merygate & Bigjohn OTHER EDITS: Aice Evil, Acid, Human Acid, Jesse, Alakron, Lance and Leviathan Basara-kun GAMEBOY MK1 EDITS: Frosty Ninja and Angry Ninja
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    Hello everybody. -Kim Maree from Jackie Chan's arcade games. -A good Bebop from TMNT. -this will be read absurd but a Shang Tsung who can morph in any character at your roster!
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    What's that one the lower left hand corner of the screen?
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    a dynasty o samurai warriors in mugen