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    Beelzemon by Synck a.k.a DuckSS Well hello there. It's my pleasure to present you my first character for this year, and that's: Beelzemon Compactibility: Mugen 1.0 (I don't suggest 1.1, since there could be a problem with some sprites) Origin: Digimon Tamers / Digimon Battle Spirit (GBA) / Digimon Rumble Arena (PS1) Style: Digimon Rumble Arena Style Video Showcase: Download Link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AkdG2cHZeaxYarBY8vzWFf4Zl5o He's in "Original characters" folder. Read Readme.txt for further information. Feedback is always welcome! Have Fun!
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    Mae Jae (Original HD Char) 3D rendered+post edit manual Somethings i have been changed since i started this wip this is the new, and final method i developed to do the char STEPS: -1 : Have the idea and create a comcept -2 : Change the style of shading, lighting source, size and general develop style -3 : Try to model a character in 3d so close as possible to the style wanted -4 : Edit shader and render to optimize the result -5 : Edit the palete to turn it more easy for manual edit -6 : Some details, outlines, some fixes, and the 6th color -7 : Finish the sprite and add the hand made art for moves and other minor details Thanks for all those leave "good" feedback and help with this
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    Zombie Spider-Man by onionido [Jan 23, 2017] http://www.mediafire.com/file/hiy9gj6biv5fyvy/p*t*z*.rar
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    PREVIEW DOWNLOAD MEGA INFO Just a compilation i did with Hloader's Screenpack. Hope you guys enjoy it. :)
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    The feast has begun and all are invited: - This project is a legitimate homage to the 15th anniversary of "The King of Fighters 2002" - Several gameplay attributes are based on the original game, without any authorization or consent of SNK Playmore, fan made cannot be sold. - Every interface was altered for this new game : colors, voices, sounds, music, lifebar, portraits, icons, backgrounds, characters, etc. - Several researches were made to join details of plenty sources, to select the best ones and to gather in this considered game. - Directly thanks to the authors of these used items: chars, stages, screenpack. Details : * Winmugen with updated plugins * 135 characters - ( 66 visible + 69 extra chars, occult sidelong in the selection screen ) * 80 new different stages and music * Matches graduation by according to the opponent's difficulty level : (15) arcade mode * Readjustment of movement , speed, volume, parameters and others Upgraded by " Brazombie " 2017 , original project by Hiro-Hiro #Winmugen , DL: https://firedrop.com/34631737b486c6dadaab63174544c7d9
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    Revival Code plus effects

    Revival Code plus effects So i came by this section and noticed no one had posted anything so i decided...hey why don't i give it a try? The more codes shared the more codes known! So this is a revival code, however it only works 60% of the time I've limited it to only give back 500 health and only do it once. [State -2] Type=Assertspecial trigger1=var(21)<1 trigger1=P2Life !=0 Flag=NoKo PauseMoveTime=9999 SuperMoveTime=9999 ignorehitpause=1 time=100 [State -2] Type=NotHitBy trigger1=life=0 value= SCA [State -2] Type=SelfState Trigger1=Life=0 Trigger1=StateNo!=7500 Trigger1=var(21)<1 Value=7500 PauseMoveTime=9999 SuperMoveTime=9999 ignorehitpause=1 [Statedef 7500] type = S movetype = A physics = S velset = 0,0 ctrl = 0 anim = 7500 [State 7500] Type=VarAdd trigger1=time=0 v=21 value=1 <----i may be wrong but this might be how many times you revive, keep it 1 unless your berserker from Fate Stay Night PauseMoveTime=9999 SuperMoveTime=9999 ignorehitpause=1 [State 7500] Type=Lifeadd Triggerall = life<500 <---------edit this for health amount Value=25 Trigger1=1 PauseMoveTime=9999 SuperMoveTime=9999 ignorehitpause=1 [State 7500] type = Pause trigger1 = time = 0 time = 100 movetime = 100 PauseMoveTime=9999 SuperMoveTime=9999 ignorehitpause=1 [State 7500] Type=ChangeState Trigger1= time>100 Value = 50 PauseMoveTime=9999 <--------------pausing time is necessary if you don't you'll be hit out of revival and die anyways SuperMoveTime=9999 ignorehitpause=1 [State 7500, Spark] type = Explod trigger1 = time = 25 anim = 9200 <-------choose a hitspark or another animation to play when the character dies. I would not suggest anything longer than 60 ticks. pos = 0, 3 <-----------position where said hitspark or animation should be postype = p1 removetime = 60 This is a fairly useful code and i'd recommend messing around with it just keep the revival part the same however, This code can't work if the character using it is grabbed and forced into a custom state from p2. Reason why is simple, although the code will try to trigger a noKO, it can't due to some grabs or even certain attacks triggering a KO flag on their hitflag, simply meaning priority will take effect P2's KO hitflag will go off first, the revival will STILL go off but P2's KO flag had done went off which tells mugen it's dead.
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    Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

    Devil Kazuya

    Devil Kazuya http://www.mediafire.com/file/yf801rughl2hyw6/king.rar http://www.mediafire.com/file/mq4r0ddqli3ncaj/paul(2).rar http://www.mediafire.com/file/7plxdbb5qd4r44u/hwoarang.rar http://www.mediafire.com/file/lubi5wbdmb01e88/devil+kazuya.rar
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    Beta moves is part of the development of the beta "char" (renders with digital automatic tratment) whitout the manual finish pixel art this will be used to program a char and test the moves before finish sprites thats way i can avoid to spriting reproved positions
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    They are just showing off. There are few blogs that do this too.
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    Post Fanart Thread

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    +18 NSFW... -Sorry I did not find the spoiler code... there we are, with new stuff like Sexy Nude Ko and Cheap KO. Jessica Smoke screenshots: Compatible with Slime,Kuromaru, Minotaur,Jessica, and Claudilla. My gift for Mai,I am the queen of hentai, not her: Cheap and sexy KO: Claudilla her new hentai moves: her compatibility with Slime, Kuromaru,Minotaur, Jessica and herself. her sexy winpose and sexy cheap KO Annie Polley Sexy and Cheap KO, compatibility with Claudilla and Jessica. link: enjoy them. http://jessicasmoke.paodemugen.com.br How do your char compatible with them read :hacer compatible con Jessica y Claudilla Enjoy it...
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    (WIP) Inkling Boy

    Putting a render over a background and fiddling with the opacity does not make the portrait look as though it's from Marvel vs. Capcom 2; MvC2's artwork has a 'sketched' aesthetic to it with a heavy emphasis on lines, particularly in the darker areas. I mean, if your goal was to have something similar to MvC2 in that you've got an image of the character placed above a background that's all cropped to a specific arrow-ish shape, then yeah, it looks fine.