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    Trying to make my version of a stage from Nitroplus. [PREVIEW]
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    Vocaloid and Related Softwares

    Click the author names below the images to download. CHARACTER SELECT - VOCALOID Miku Hatsune: 1st: Unknown / 2nd: Hyperhiroro / 3rd: YU - TOHARU - GarfieldMasterX's edit / 4th: Ouchi /5th: Deretun / 6th: P415 / Unsigned [Kung Fu Miku] Append Miku: Deretun || Maid Miku: Kel_ThuzaD & Furai || Racing Miku: Maruhen || Miku_NATURAL: Nibanibaniniba || Miku Hachune: Ju || Mikudayo: Nijikaku Luka Megurine: 1st: So - Comorep's Edit / 2nd: Annri || Takoluka: Anagram || Kaito: Peg || Rin Kagamine: Nanda || Miku Zatsune: Simon99514 CHARACTER SELECT - VOICEROID Maki Tsurumaki: Takuz3 || Yuzuki Yukari: Nemuineru || Kotonoha Sisters: ShowBuySpirit STAGE SELECT Miku Lounge by Dissidia || Miku Mansion by Dissidia || Violet Sky by Dissidia || Miku Polka by Ju || Miku City by MOTVN || Aqua Sky by MOTVN || Miku Caramelldansen by MrVBScript ADD-ONS SELECT Screenpacks: HM Project Mugen SP by Dissidia [1.0 / 640x480] || HM Project Mugen EXTEND by Dissidia [1.0 / 640x480 & 850X480] Lifebars: HM Project Mugen SP & EXTEND Lifebars by Dissidia [1.0 / 640x480]
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    Seems more Japanese creators are noticing MFFA.
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    This is the first time that talking about depression made me actually laugh: I wonder how an RPG character would be cured from these status, though.
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    Hamster by HEAVYMETALMUSIC201RULES http://www.mediafire.com/file/qejqn0hfvteka7y/Hamster.zip
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    RM007's Sprites

    Stand and Jumping sprites of Wile E. Coyote for Ali. I'm going to make new sprites of Wile E. for him, and I hope he likes what I got for now.
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    Big Green

    The Post-a-Joke Thread

    Why did the corn ditch his girlfriend?
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    Killer Instinct Series

    The KI Collection needs a remake, so here it is. ;) Remember, if you have any MUGEN material related to KI stuff, you're free to post in this thread. CHARACTER SELECT Dewi / Spriteswap / Xandegraf Chaseallendiaz Flamekyo Dewi / Vital Zero Carlillos(SNES) / Lampard201 Chaseallendiaz Chaseallendiaz Chaseallendiaz / Dewi Cesar Sombra Chaseallendiaz / Dewi Mike Obrecht STAGE SELECT Stages by Roach Stages by FiR3-L0rD Stages by Traveler of the Future Stages by MaxBeta Stages by Vital Zero Stages by Kazmer13 Glacius Stage by Taybear & Roach (Hi-Res) Thunder & Eyedol Stages (Normal & HD) by Dakangel Thunder stage by ExShadow, edited by RobotMonkeyHead Orchid & Skull Chamber Stages by ExShadow TJ Combo (NEON 7's Edit), Orchid and Thunder SNES Stages by superkingkong65 Sabrewulf stage (SNES Ver.) by Shwa Stages hosted by Mugen Dream Grand Canyon & Rooftop Stages by SamusAran 78 MORE STUFF SELECT KI Screenpack (Winmugen/640x480) by Gamiac & Chaseallendiaz - Converted & Edited to 1.0 by Taybear - Updated by gui0007 KI SNES Screenpack (Winmugen/320x240) by FiR3-L0rD KI vs. MK Fullgame by Jeffrey_Bones KI SNES Lifebar by FiR3-L0rD & Toxic (640x480) Sprites rips by Kong Arcade Sound rips by Saikoro CHARACTER SELECT Dewi - mugenchars Edit Kofelsalvador - Borewood's Edit The_None / Dewi Mr. I Mr. I Dewi Mr. I Mr. I Dewi / 5h0ck Mr. I Dewi STAGE SELECT Stages by Dewi Stages by Kazmer13 KI Gold Jago & Spinal stages by MackX KI2 Fulgore stage by Flamekyo KI2 Spinal stage by Anomalis KI Gold Sabrewulf & TJ Combo Stages by ExShadow MORE STUFF SELECT KI2 Screenpack (Winmugen/320x240) by Jehovanss Sprites rips by Kong AI Patches for Mr. I chars by Anomalis Note: Really hard to find the KI2 screenpack, but as Ryoucchi said, WebArchive is your best friend. And i'll planning to convert this to 1.0. CHARACTER SELECT Dragon972 Dragon972 & Xandegraf Xandegraf: Old - New Xandegraf(WIP) Xandegraf STAGE SELECT Jago stage by Dragon972 Aganos stage by Omegapsycho Sabrewulf and Kan-Ra stages by Xandegraf MORE STUFF SELECT Killer Instinct MUGEN by Xandegraf Fulgore and Glacius Intros & Endings by Kazmer13
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    Is released in Mugen characters - Bomberman (Character added victory quotes, palettes graphics edits and new sounds is 43% done, updates attacked sprites, new sprites and codes, is released beta). - Bub/Bubblun (Character added victory quotes and attacked sprites, new intros, codes, commands, and sounds is 48% done, upcoming is released beta). Is released beta now. DOWNLOAD NOW: GameBanana: Bomberman, Bub/Bubblun Mediafire: Bomberman, Bub/Bubblun Credits: Bomberman owned by Hudson Soft/Konami Bub/Bubblun owned by Taito Gladiacloud for creating Bomberman and Bubblun, for giving permission
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    Mononobe no Futo (HM/ULiL sprites)

    Well, again, the thread title should make it pretty obvious... Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/k7jv9lz9i33c379/G_Futo.rar
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    SFV Ring of Destiny V1 (1.1 Only) My last release for christmas, enjoy and happy new year. Download Credit: Insanius: KOFXII Stadium spark intro. Survivor_2k, Dark Saviour and Neogouki for public sprites.
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    Old Infinite Kyo Kusanagi A very old version of Infinite Kyo that isn't online anymore http://www.mediafire.com/file/5n0zpdenpt5r9j4/Kyo.zip
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    Scarlet Witch SNK by comorep Found in comorep's private mugen collection http://www.mediafire.com/file/z7uuucr40p2x7mr/Scarlet_Witch.zip
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    Gladiacloud here. I decided to start this in 2017 releasing a new Capcom character. I could not finish it before, but no matter. I'll be honest, it is not so new Capcom character, since it was released several years ago by Infinitymugenteam, but after all these years, he had absolutely need a massive upgrade. The reason is that he had to be added to the roster of "Capcom Universe: Nexus of Heroes" from Beximus, since the sprites of the old version of this character were not very appealing for the game (no offense to Sludge and Acey, you two have done a great job). Who am I talking about? Well, here is... SIR ARTHUR! SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqetQpKH8pFlhHJzpIQegQpzOLMl After four months of work, me, Beximus and Shinzankuro have achieved to make a noteworthy Arthur that enters in Mugen universe. ^_^ About Arthur's gameplay, I can anticipate that it is not the same as MVC3 we all know, even though I took some inspiration from it: his gameplay remembers in some ways that of Megaman from Marvel vs Capcom 1, but for his specials and super moves we have been inspired by the game "Ghouls'n Ghost". :) A big thank goes to Acey and Sludge, who were the first Mugen creators who made a Sir Arthur character for Mugen and they gave me the inspiration. :) Before concluding with the classic "enjoy", do you want to know if I will work on other special partners from Marvel Vs Capcom? Not promise you anything, I will tell you that the answer is yes. It remained only one... and it is not Unknown Soldier ;) But first, there is another character that needs to be done. Well... enjoy and happy new year at all! :D
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    LOL! XD Added your Ancient Island bruh! :)
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    Mall Portal by dragonesku http://www.mediafire.com/file/3gxyzmfhdij/Mall_Portal.rar http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/1/12/1695399/Mall_Portal.rar
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    Voicepacks!! awesome!! also, expect updates @Dumanois: pass me your email so that when i update, i can just send you the characters directly
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    A couple of things to note: -It's hi-res, not low. -The video depicts a completely different stage to the one in the download.
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    I've needed this stage again for years. Thanks so much.
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    this is nice some Darkstalker type feel from this stage I like it
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    Man i love these takes me back to the early days of a place called mugen Thailand had a news feed like this ...bringing this old mugen dog a smile
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    Holy crap. The Hamster vs. Zombie hamster. I LOVED that flash game. It was adorable and glitchy as heck. Thanks a TON.
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    The Post-a-Joke Thread

    What's black, white, and red all over?
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    Shovel Knight has been updated! I totally forgot to add all the hypers for ShovelKnight_Easy.cmd.
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    Check out the new video showcases on the Releases, Wip, and Tutorial boards. Add your videos right to the showcases by clicking the Add a Video button underneath them :)
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    I have an idea for R.O.B. When he wins, the announcer and vice versa should only be in the final round.
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    Kaladgolg by STG Masara ux.getuploader.com/JisakuChara114/download/41/Kaladgolg.zip
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    [Suikoden II] Riou Riou Suikoden II Mugen Character http://www.mediafire.com/file/r2ntc465rscz4ai/Riou.zip
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    The Post-a-Joke Thread

    I like this thread. What kind of cheese isn't yours?
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    Normal+Nests Kyo Ex+Update V.2.1

    I see video combo for you, Thank you My friend :D New Video Combo And Re-Upload. 10 Hyper Drive Combo http://sryutaro.wixsite.com/ryutarofuture
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    CX Orochi K' by іїкШ

    [Preview] [Download] http://www.mediafire.com/file/5xuoovsi6b287sa/CX+OrochiK.zip [Comment] This is hard AI ver of Orochi K' that can stand with Hell's chars. So be warned.
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    Ninja Golf by ZETA (1/1/2017) NINJA GOLF is a classic Atari 8-bit video game : http://ux.getuploader.com/zzzz_mugen_char/download/26/ninja_golf(1.0).zip
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    SCII South France Mansion - Library (1.1 Only) Download
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    Im stil around guys,still playing mugen,still making palettes for my personal mugen..because i have no home internet, just my phone lol
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    Thanks a lot for the updates bruh. :)
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