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    Did a little more work on this one today.
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    South Park

    Collection contains South Park-related stuff for MUGEN. Click in the author name to download. Red denotes an offline creation. CHARACTER SELECT Eric Cartman: Pokemonboy7051 [1st] / AndysMugen [2nd] - JGearyandJSlikk3's Edit / ac70 [3rd] ll Kenny McCormick: Pokemonboy7051 [1st] - DarkLuigi's Edit / ac70 [2nd] Kyle Broflovski: Pokemonboy2051 [1st] / ac70 [2nd] ll Stan Marsh: ac70 ll Butters Scotch: ac70 Craig: ac70 ll Pip: ac70 ll Klyde: ac70 ll Tweek: ac70 STAGE SELECT South Park Street by AndysMugen
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    Post Fanart Thread

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    DS12 Productions

    Post Fanart Thread

    Im so loving this XD
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    Post Fanart Thread

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    Post Fanart Thread

    Tempo is in the house tonight!
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    Post Fanart Thread

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    Post Fanart Thread

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    This stage of mine?

    I once made a stage using these sprites. https://www.spriters-resource.com/snes/battleblaze/sheet/49019/ does anyone have it? I don't even remember the name of it.
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    South Park

    theres another stan thats a spriteswap of Kyle
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    Zelda its only demo BUT is comming the real in December whit more chars in Xmas for celebrate https://www.sendspace.com/file/aq80bt
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    I've been trying to make this... I dont know if im likely gonna work on it a lot...
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    My newest LP! Hope you all enjoy the animus! :3 Part 1
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    black dragon

    crossbones by Black Dragon

    what do you guys think about this is like a ryu sure you can
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    Mister Fael

    Super Vandamming Action  

    Super Vandamming Action
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    Zelda CvS beta by chuchoryu (Nov 20, 2016)

    That would be promising to see. More Zeldas are needed in Mugen! >.<;
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    I think this is a video of her. Skip the anime intro...
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    Maybe he's hoping it will take off like LegendTTA's characters? Those usually get picked up by different groups and get a hundred different builds.
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    Yeah tried this Zelda, missing a butt ton of sprites & animations atm. He probably should have waited till it was much further along. >.<; Sprites look good though!
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    That Guy Sebi

    Super Mario Bros.

    i was thinking color splash, ugh, for whatever reason i said sticker star
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    Shock came down to the basement and he asked where the soda is. This is real BTW.
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    Super Smash Bros Brawl Samus Release 0.5

    ^^^^^^^^^ OLD NEWS ^^^^^^^^^ Here is an early beta. I've ripped a lot of the stuff that wasnt working 100% out. http://host-a.net/u/Odb718/Samus718.rar This link ^^^^ will always be the current version of Samus718. If the link above isnt working you can use this link to download. I have a completely different copy of Samus I'm working on. This is just to show how she plays and to get feed back. I'm looking for people to help make pallets.
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    [Fortune Arterial] Erika Sendou

    http://sw20w.web.fc2.com/others_d.html - Original by Hibariyuki http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4005rkjxs8lwukg - Nipa3008's Edit A chick from visual novel Fortune Arterial.
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    Solid Snake by SeanAlty and beard edition

    Hi guys how are you today I made an edit from Solid snake. When I downloaded this character, it spammed me And I disliked it's sprites cause the character had no bread. So , I edited the sprites. here's the Screenshots: And the download link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/ott3lnsls4pnm6x/Snake_beard_Edit.rar Hope you enjoy.