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    Its time for us to all move on now.....

    I just want to tell everyone as well as every MFFA member who lives in the U.S.: We all understand the recent past presidential election had upset alot of us but we shouldn't stress on it any ways that causes others to feel discomfort about it especially towards members and new members internationally. At this point we should not put our thoughts on politics and focus more on other important things like our neighbors, friends and families. We can also keep our minds off by communicating and doing more positive activities like MUGEN, Video games, etc. For the folks who are still stress about it I suggest you put your minds at ease by meditating/praying and think on more positive aspects to make things better for yourself and others. Keep in mind we should not let political matters interrupt our current lives even if things go for the better or worse. Overall we need to keep moving on and stop stressing our selfs on this matter. As I said before let us focus more on other things to keep this Mugen community strong. Thank you - Galvatron
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    UPDATED Paper mario from Paper mario wii u

    Hi everybody! I am making a new char for mugen from paper mario color splash wii u. he is a six button character with nice moves based from All of paper mario versions. And the sound effects are based from sm64. (So sorry about the death sound i forget to change it) and this char is not cheap,when i press F1,p2 dies easily. A 6 button character Attacks with Hammer etc.. added video. you can see it.
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    Komaki Manaka

    Self Inserts

    JANSEN FRANCA MUGEN PRESENTS... The Self Insert Collection Hello guys,Jansen here. Right now i am made an Collection of Self Inserts. The Collection is Unfinished and in beta. Enjoy. Char Rating Colors: Lime: Good Brown: Crap Dark Green: Joke Character Blue: Cheap List of Self Inserts: Daniel Gajardo Pulgar: CvS Version New Version Very New Version Matias Ariel Zurita: TH_Matias Matias Adam Amundson: adamn Adam MichaelArmaros: Michael(ミカエル) Edward Stephano (It's an Recolor of some K' Edit with Random Voice clips): Edward stephanoV1.0 Other Chars Related to Self Inserts: Denal: newolddaniel
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    Toriel by MEGA_X released (09/20/16)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hn4z5pmrpfizlvm/Toriel-XIV.zip
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    , the Smash HD mario now has 5588 Sprites, 235 Animations, 117 Sounds. isn't there a problem? I'm working on his Storyboard
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    Search Index currently rebuilding. Rest assured we will keep working on this until everything works fine again. It's just turning out to be a lot more trouble than we thought it would. We've been at it all day tho, and we won't stop. Cheers
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    Viewtiful Joe?

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    Hello everybody here comes Miley Stewart, totally new release. ClaudiaProgram III updated, recoded,and re-released by me. Also, Tintin October Patch, all only for 1.0,fixing problem in the intro vs player 2. more details at download page: http://starlight.scruffydragon.com/ I hope ya enjoy. However Sgt.Manuel will be rereleased soon because some infinite issues.the current in my site has infinite issue and non working combos.
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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

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    Ryou's Random Drawing

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    MVC Kogoro Tenzai

    I have made a MVC styled Kogoro Tenzai from Project X Zone, sadly I couldn't find a sound rip for the character, so I had to use sound from a character that i thought sounded close enough. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://www.mediafire.com/file/ip5qi8slhe03pds/Kogoro.rar
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    A person

    Its time for us to all move on now.....

    I don't really see a problem with it, honestly. I find it rather silly that they're angry over a democratic decision made by the people in their country. Anyway, I agree with you on this topic, and I feel as though they should just let it go and move on with their lives. They shouldn't let it impact how they feel about other people, and should instead learn to live with the people they disagree with. If we all just started hating each other for not agreeing with each other on everything, this world would be significantly more torn than it already is. People just need to learn how to agree to disagree.
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    How to Rip SNK Sprites backgrounds with Nebula 2.25b Emulator and Winkawaks Part One How to Rip Capcom Sprites backgrounds with Nebula 2.25b Emulator and Winkawaks Part Two Tools you need to rip Sprite Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/f27zkq719zb6jj2/Ultimate+Emulator+Ripping+Tools.rar Mega https://mega.nz/#!3JZ0TaoI!zsZCmQ6-ZYyNNbx-AdzElT3IVzXpIWDmqDL8f6w7F6c
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    Post Fanart Thread

    Happy National Pizza Day!!!
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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    LOL! XD
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    What are you listening to right now?

    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- It's Thursday Night Again! I Wonder if the Future will End Up in a CyberPunk Era? Here's a Killer Track from...The Future!!
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    Dark Chaos

      Still bored...

    Still bored...
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    Move List (and description): Throws: Hold direction and press + or + Special Moves: Whip Slash (also has an air version): (Damage and recovery time depends on wich button used: does less damage but it's also fastest version of the attack while does more damage but it's the slowest) Upper whip Slash: Animation of the attack depends on wich punch button used: have diferent angles, has both angles. Cross whip slash: hold for more hits for and versions of the move It's combo ability depends on wich punch button used: is the one that does the less damage but the player can combo anything into it, you can combo into version from some stronger basic attacks but you can only combo into from the crouching strong kick (and i would rely on that) Air catch: Catwoman jumps diagonally in an atempt to catch and throw an aerial opponent Evasive Roll: Self explanatory move, version rolls backwards, and versions rolls frontwards Dive kick (air only): Catwoman does a diving kick at her opponent Hyper Moves: Memories: + Catwoman dashes forward in an attempt to catch a victim and slashes her multiple times, finishing with an uppercut Whip Combo: ( + ) or ( + ) or ( + ) Catwoman starts punishing his opponent with a huge combo ranging from cross whip slash into an upper whip slash and finishes with a last whip attack Credits: - Original creator of Original Catwoman: Ninja Brl; - skhsato123 for help in spriting details; - Mugen Multiverse, our home; - Elecbyte for making mugen; https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ams_iP-pzdxVjGcOmpJcENH2GvBY
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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    or this XD
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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    lol i didnt expectd that
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    Sprites and concepts by DartzPie

    wow havent updated here in awhile... Megadimension Neptunia VII Adult neptune ; in Dbfc style? i forgot to post this here-
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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    (LOL!! XD )
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    I am making a new jerry. please put him in this collection ;)
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    (Note: I'm Repost this thread because the old one is Deleted, i'm post again so let people who doesn't have it to try it ) A Large Dragon inside deep Cave. Even Bigger http://www.mediafire.com/file/hiyimyy93dp6jb7/Neitram_by_Dronekiller.rar
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    Bleach Dark Souls Lifebar

    Let's finish old business: DOWNLOAD: http://forum.paodemugen.com.br/index.php?showforum=448
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    Ryou's Random Drawing

    Very nice... Onee-sama
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- It's Sunday Night. Time For Rest...Nah...Time To Boogie!! LOL!! Stay Cool, Yo! ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”
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    Forum's back online :)

    Forum's back online :)
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    Post Fanart Thread

    Guess the reference
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    Haunted Forest (Magnus' Version)

    http://www.mediafire.com/?1jjihfgpt8gk9iv Well....it's different from Thanks Excahm for the link.
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    Happy B-Day!

    Happy B-Day!
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    Happy National TheAnswer Day!

    Happy National TheAnswer Day!
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    Hey, Happy B-Day! :)

    Hey, Happy B-Day! :)
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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    just getting this topic back going:
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    Mister Fael

    Happy Question Day!

    Happy Question Day!
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    Its time for us to all move on now.....

    its not completely ove yet