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    Finally MFFA is back it's been long time....Anyways welcome back MFFA.
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    ...So every time I click the banner or home button up top I get logged out.
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    What happened?

    Well, this has been fun. First off I'd like to apologize to everyone for the down time. And for the 2 weeks of forum content we've lost. Gui and Waefu, I'm sorry about bambi's mother. Both of them. 2 fawns down 2 standing. Gear up for some payback fellas, fawns don't go out like no bitch! To everyone else who's last 2 weeks of discussion and hard work got thwomped by this damned spam bot, I'm sorry. We tried everything we possibly could. So many tutorials I could code our database from scratch, and tech support probably recognizes my number on their caller id at this point, if I'm not in their contacts already. We got hit with a spam bot that inflated one of our old databases up to an enormous 12m and despite all the best efforts of Alexei, Ryon and myself we were unable to salvage anything after October 4th. It was no one's fault, ultimately (other than the source of that bot's) it's just been staff attempting damage control, trying to save those 2 weeks worth of posts / content. Unfortunately it didn't work in the end. Going forward from here, theoretically this should be the last time anything like this happens. I'm currently working on automating regular backups of the entire forum. Nightly backups for up to a week, weekly backups for up to a month, and monthly backups for up to a year. Rather than relying on our hosting services back up and restore capabilities. We'll also have about 4 anti-spam plugins running from here on out. Thank you, to all of you for sticking around and coming back after all this. Again I'm so sorry for everything lost. It was a pretty hard hit, But we're back up and running and we will recover and rebuild!
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    mugenarchive needs help

    If it means anything, GameBanana has a M.U.G.E.N section.
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    MFFA is BACK! also 7 Days of Madotsuki is FINISHED!
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    Well fellas, MFFA is back. With some errors, but they'll be fixed at the time. :)
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    Kaneki Ken

    One Piece Kaizoku Battle 2016

    - Charaters: - Info Game: - 64 Charaters - 31 Stages - All Characters Are Of Good Quality And More Special - Video: - Download: One Piece Kaizoku Battle - BETA 1
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    http://tradtmugen.blogspot.com/ Lair of 4 Kings - Street Fighter V ________________________________________________________________________________________ Underground Arena - Street Fighter V ________________________________________________________________________________________ City in Chaos - Street Fighter V ________________________________________________________________________________________ Forgotten Waterfall - Street Fighter V ________________________________________________________________________________________ Union Station - Street Fighter V ________________________________________________________________________________________ Shadaloo Base - Street Fighter V ________________________________________________________________________________________ Hillside Plaza - Night - Street Fighter V ________________________________________________________________________________________ Taekwondo Arena - Tekken 3 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Blast Furnace Ultra Street Fighter 4 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Ogre's Temple - Tekken 3 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Mexican Temple - Tekken 3 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Martial Arts Dojo - Tekken 3 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Laboratory Courtyard - Tekken 3 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Hong Kong Street - Tekken 3 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Punk Alley - Tekken 3 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Forest - Tekken 3 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Old Garage - Fallout 4 ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Catacombs - Fable III ________________________________________________________________________________________ Cosmic Elevator - USF4 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Egyptian Ruins - SoulCalibur 2 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Holding Out For A Hero - Just Dance 2015 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Vortex Queen - Ecco the Dolphin ________________________________________________________________________________________ Vortex Future - Ecco: The Tides of Time ________________________________________________________________________________________ Tomb Raider (2013) stage pack ________________________________________________________________________________________ Baths - Another World ________________________________________________________________________________________ Nimes Town Hall - the real world ________________________________________________________________________________________ Palace - Another World ________________________________________________________________________________________ Old Aperture - Portal 2 ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Desert Rocks - Turrican 2 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Most Holy Dichotomy - SoulCalibur 5 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Animus Black Room - Assassin's Creed Revelations ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phoenix Court - SoulCalibur II ________________________________________________________________________________________ Forest - Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate ________________________________________________________________________________________ Home - Dead Or Alive 5 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Aircraft Carrier - Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate ________________________________________________________________________________________ Desert Wasteland - Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate ________________________________________________________________________________________ Haunted Iorelei - Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate ________________________________________________________________________________________ Sandcave - Minecraft ________________________________________________________________________________________ Mushroom Island - Minecraft ________________________________________________________________________________________ Cavern - Another World ________________________________________________________________________________________ 12 21 2012 - real world, "end of the world" ________________________________________________________________________________________ Urban Retreat - real world ________________________________________________________________________________________ Room 302 - Silent Hill 4 ________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-173 stage (comes with SCP-173 character) ________________________________________________________________________________________ Office - Five Nights At Freddy's 2 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Antartica - Street Fighter x Tekken ________________________________________________________________________________________ Undertale ________________________________________________________________________________________ Amusementive Crime 2 - Street Fighter EX 2 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Temple of Ascension / Akuma Stage - Street Fighter V ________________________________________________________________________________________ Frosty Boulevard - Street Fighter V
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    https://sites.google.com/site/altoiddealer/ https://yadi.sk/d/EzoQKbqmzBibq
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    Hello MFFA, here my Best Work! :) This is imperfect and Hi-Res version The legendary fighters in the upcoming SKULLGIRLS This long time, I bring you character update that looks more like a new character. She already has every Super move in Film. Updated! -add face/back down Recovery -fixed Inferno of Leviathan (following ememy missing to floor stop moving on the hyper) -All blockbuster damage up +5% -fixed All Special DOWNLOAD:
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    The forum's home botton and sig is fixed now. :-)
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    Post Fanart Thread

    Anuvista & Pharaoh-san
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    Added some new stuff, especially the new versions of DBZ EB chars by Kenshiro99 and G-knux19 and Ginyu by Kenshiro99. I think that some images are messed up, if yes, let me know.
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    Post Fanart Thread

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    Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden

    OP updated: Updated the links to Kenshiro99's and G-Knux19's characters, added Perfect Cell and Ginyu by them, fixed the link to RAHLONNIR's Beerus, and added a link to Adoriendson's Frieza.
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    A little reminder of the November character that's coming Cynos is to be found in the 15th or so!
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    With the site back up, it's time to update this place...One last time. It came to a point where I simply can't think of any idea for posters. But this doesn't mean I'll quit SFM. Specifically because I'm considering doing webcomics from now on. So I'm thinking of finally making an Deviantart of tumblr account to put them in (Despite the bad things I've heard of those places.) So with that, I hope you enjoy these last posters. #1 - Uzume in Battler's pose #2 - Kazuma Kiryu and Frank West #3 - More Uzume with Battler's Pose #4 - And now, referencing a Sega Dreamcast game #5 - Something I wasn't going to post here, but whatever. #6 - Relaxing at the park #7 - Death from above #8 - Another god eater reference And that's all, I'll be locking this thread next month or so. I really would like to make more, but I'm uncreative, plus, I don't take requests. So see ya back in my mugen videos.
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    Incoming! This one may have already been posted, but got lost along any other posts between October 4th and a few days ago. These three have not been posted:
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    I miss this Thank you so much all of your hard work :3 Thank you for making my day good!!
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    O Ilusionista

    Killer Croc released

    Guys, if anyone wants to contribute with palettes, please send to me. And not simply steal my work and put your name as the author, saying that "love my works". Its not the best way to show appreciation to someone's work, you know...
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    He released two more. :) SFxTK Antartica Stage Undertale Last Corridor
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    Well, MFFA is back so, here we go! >:) EPISODE 190 ENJOY!
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    I know its old news now but if anyone want to discuss about the new Nintendo system I updated the topic here: http://mugenfreeforall.com/index.php?/topic/22061-ns-nintendo-switch-the-new-nintendo-system/ here the vid about it:
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    What happened?

    Woah! i that messed up, :-( but as you said RMH we can rebuild from what we lost. As long we have a strong community we can regain looking forward. :-)
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    So basically someone picked Reza's Cyclops, made a mess with it and called it "Dark Cyclops"? You know, if someone got a dark palette for Cyclops and put on some distorted voice on him, it would be a better Dark Cyclops than this.
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    I have a move suggestion, why not have it so he can squash the opponent with the pillars from Gyromite? Feedback: Air Y doesn't hit the opponent.
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    Finally, everything has been back to normal :) I can't believe what one, but just one, spambot can do to the whole forum.
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    Jerry Mouse

    Maybe if could use custom sprites of Jerry, it would be better looking than the bootleg sprites. I have made my sprite for your character.
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    [DBFC] Tomoka Minoto

    Me too...
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    interesting... i like your sqigly
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    Hello, guys! I am happy to say with you my edit of Alice´s Oktavia is very near to be complete and here is all my progress I did for her(Yes she is female): What New in this edit? -Added a second phase: The Crazy Mode. -Added two new moves: Sympsomiun Magarum and Sword Charge. -Added a new requirement for Sword Slash and Hyper Wheels, she will can use these moves only in the Second Phase. -Added a Configurate.txt where you will can remove the red blinking of Oktavia when she has less HP, if you see annoying and you will can remove the instant kill of Sword Slash if you see very cheap. -Added a Damage Dampener(Thanks to Ricepigeon for making his code). -Added an AssertSpecial with a timerfreeze for stopping the round timer. -Changed her HP from 4000 to 2000. -Changed Sound effects and added some Sound effects. -Altered the wheels hitboxes. -Fixed an ownpal problem for the wheels and that means these helpers can´t be changed the color to red when Oktavia gets hurt for making more sense. -Fixed a player´s push problem of Oktavia, generally that glitch occurs when a character falls or gets up. -Removed the "Kyouko" move(I will use this state as a templete for the 3 phase intro). -Removed her old intros and substituted a new intro where you can see Sayaka(I used the sprites of Otzkai´s version) transforming into that witch. What nex? -Adding the tree phase(In process). -Changing her death animation. -Probably adding other few moves. -Probably the wheels will be hittable by normal attacks. -Probably increasing the width of Oktavia´s hitbox for avoid the players get to close to her. Here is a video of my edit: Special thanks to Alice for making this boss character ,Shinzombie for his feedbacks and Otzkai for his Sayaka´s sprites. Any ideas and suggestions are open! :)
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    At long last, the site is back.
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    Many pictures on several threads do not seem to be showing up. Is this because of the site's image proxy?
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    What happened?

    a bot got in somewhere thats for sure. It sucks we lost 2 weeks of content the main thing that really hurts us here is the news. we lost a good deal of news cause of this. Hopefully someone can repost all of that...
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    YAY! Finally! Lets hope it stays up this time. >.<;
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    What happened?

    And I was just about to ask Alexei if it was okay to make these details about the databases available to the public, but it seems RMH was already way ahead of me lol. From what he told me though, it sounded like the database that was affected was one from MFFA's old web host from 3 years ago, which Ryon apparently forgot about after the site's hosting changed around that time?
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    Well. it looks like everything is back in order, I was afraid this site was history. Just before October arrived I mentioned how I was taking a brief hiatus from creating collections. Well, you'll be happy to know that my hiatus is officially over, so you can expect another KoF edits collection, this one won't be as big as Kula, Kyo, Iori, or K', but I'm sue you'll all love it. Which character is it? Well, here's a hint: "You may not want to attend church if this guy is it's priest." ;)
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    Welcome back everyone! We made it, we're alive! And it is So good to see everyone back and commenting again! We got about 2 weeks of data blown off by a spam bot, but whatever they say, the sky hasn't fallen on us yet! Here's a link to the topic with the details.
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    MFFA is finally back again!! YES!!!! Also, Kid Dracula, the fearsome Demon King, has joined MUGEN!
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    I'm back oooohhh!, wait MFFA update long time!
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    Post Fanart Thread

    Looks like Muffet got it made now
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    I greatly dislike how Nintendo is regarded as better than Sony or Microsoft when Nintendo is just as shitty if not more in some ways as both of them.