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    RIP to the father of Pac-Man, Masaya Nakamura. You gave us a lot of nostalgic Namco love (including Pac-Man).
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    Sm4sh Lifebars

    What's this? 1280x720 lifebars? M.U.G.E.N 1.1-only? Yes. Sorry about that :P If it's any consolation, there's a 640x480 version too! ...but there's no way I'm getting these working in 1.0 (or WinMUGEN, har). GET SMASHING! For those of you who are interested, the inspiration for these lifebars comes from Vet's video depicting a stamina match with traditional lifebars: It's not a 1:1 conversion, but the overall design is still there.
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    Pink panther's beta release!

    Pink panther's beta release! In the name of God. Hi, How are you? My name is notepad and I'm here to give you information about this character. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* WHAT'S NEW? ******************************************************************************************************************************************* EVERYTHING!!! this is the first and best version of Pink panther, only and only for mugen, beta, 1.0, 1.1. haha so funny. :I but remember, this is NOT a complete version of pink. this is just a beta version,(but this beta version looks good, too) maybe you ask were did Ali get sprites, when He is not a Custom sprite creator. the Answer is, Dear WlanmaniaX. He helped Ali a lot in this way, and made sprites for him. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Files ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Sprites : 755 Animations : 228 sounds : 50 Number of Hypers : 5 Number of specials : 10 additional colors : 3 ******************************************************************************************************************************************* What do we have for Final version? ******************************************************************************************************************************************* More colors More Moves Some sprites should be improved Some errors should be fixed More compatible Animations. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Informations ******************************************************************************************************************************************* This character uses 7 buttons (a, b, c, x, y, z, start) and has 10 specials. He also has a power charge that activates only and only in crouch mode. if you want to power charge, Hold both down button And start button. Try not to laugh when you see how he charges his power! Here's the list of Special moves : ===================================================================================================================== power charge = Hold down + Start dodge = x+a Refile = D,DF,F,a BigNose = D,DF,F,b Dog = D,DF,F,c Chain = D,DF,F,x bmb = D,DF,F,y pink spray = D,DF,F,z Magic = D,DB,B,z Midnight Bliss = D,DB,B,a skat = D,DB,B,b ===================================================================================================================== As you can see, the list of Hyper moves is approaching. Saxophone = D,DF,F,x+y SuperPink = D,DB,B,x+y BullKart = D,DF,F,a+b Karate = D,DF,F,b+c (it's so coooool) Turtles = D,DB,B,b+c ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Rules ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Ali showed you the character's moves. and he hopes you like this char. but he also has some rules. 1. DO NOT UPLOAD BASHING VIDEOS ABOUT THIS CHAR. If I, Ali, find the video, video is reported. 2. If you want to give me feedback, DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEOS. I don't like to see hate or feedback videos about my character such as mario. 3. If you hate this char, Try not to leave a hate comment in char's page. 4. Do not Edit the character. 5. If you want to use sprites, you can call WlanmaniaX. 6. IS there any code that you want to copy? it's free! you can copy whatever you want. :> ... DO NEVER UPLOAD HATE OR FEEDBACK VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Thanks to ******************************************************************************************************************************************* God, for everything. My family, For being awesome WlanmaniaX my friend, For sprites, Sound clips, sfx, some codes, etc Ryon , for Character creation tutorial. MGM, for owning Pink panther. Elecbyte, for MUGEN Virtualtek, For fighter factory 3 Adobe, For photoshop !draw, the app that I used. maybe this one : Dark souls III, For being So hard o0o0o0o0o KlonaD fan, Diamondswag production, Galvatron, etc for waiting and following me to see this character. You, for downloading this character. ===================================================================================================== Bye bye, hope to like this char, god bless :> Eh, this readme was too long, isn't it? i'm a bit bored. so, here is the link : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2dezhlr3eetexi/AAD_zVjaozGObrq9tuOruM4Ca?dl=0 size : 12 TB preview :
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    Thanks for all the bday wishes guys, 60+ of them holy hell
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    MFFAWN #12 (Jan 30 - Feb 05, 2017) by gui0007 'N' Mʀ. SтOLE-THAT-Ho-fυ Monday, 01/30/2017 [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] King by Jmorphman [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: No] Heavy D! (POTS Style) by ultrafatality18/hairline733 VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link Tuesday, 01/31/2017 [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] MvC Sasquatch by Vs. Style Debuts [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] MvC Kaguya Nanbu (PxZ) by Jamesx15 Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Darun Mister (SFEX) by armin_iuf VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGES / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Kinnikuman Muscle Fight - Stadium (Two versions) by Valgallah Download Link [SCREENPACK / EDIT / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480] MUGEN Fighting Jam by Jesuszilla, edited by Alister Savitar VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link Wednesday, 02/01/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Battle Lancer (DnF/DFO) by Raphael VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Nazrin by .DAT, edited to Nazrin Deluxe by SpaceMouse Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Smoke (CvS-ish Sprites) by CARNAGE777 [STAGES / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 320x240] Stages from SD Hiryuu no Ken by Cenobite 53 Download Link Thursday, 02/02/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: None] Gouken (Remake) by Ghost Killer Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] KOF '99 (Sega Genesis Bootleg) - Coliseum by ezequiel-TM Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / UNFINISHED / Win & 1.0 / AI: Normal] Pinkie Pie Revamped by IDGCaptainRussia & Tina VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 & 1.0 / 1280x720] The Last Blade - Yuki Machi, 1864 by mete122 Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] ED-209 (RoboCop) by Ryou Win VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] Find the Death by Dj Luke VIDEO PREVIEW Download Links: Mediafire / 4shared [STAGES / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 640x480] Double Dragon II - Lair of Shadows and Double Dragon IV: Streets by Saiyajin Mui Download Links: DDII - Lair of Shadows / DDIV - Streets [STAGES / RELEASES / 1.0 / 320x240] Helberd Stages (Kirby Super Star Ultra) by TaylorsToonAdventure [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] All MvC2/MvC3 characters by Kamekaze Click in the char portrait to download Friday, 02/03/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: No] Ryu by Shin Mako/Nexus Games VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [LIFEBARS / RELEASE / 1.1 / 1280x720] Sm4sh (New Super Smash Bros. Concept Lifebars) by GarchompMatt VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Configurable] Asuna, Kirito, Yuuki and Eri by Sennou-Room [CHARACTER / EDIT / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Ryu by Phantom of the Server, edited by ShinSmoke Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Broly (Vs. Style) by G-knux19 Download Link [RESOURCE / RELEASE] CMD to Vans Buffering System Converter by Jesuszilla Download Link [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Configurable] All KOF XIII chars by eken55 [SOUNDPACK / RELEASE] Castellano/European Spanish Voice for Warner's Homer by N1000sh VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link: Soundpack only / Char with the Soundpack Saturday, 02/04/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 320x240] Cocoa Cave (Kirby Super Star Ultra) by TaylorsToonAdventure [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 320x240 & 1280x720] Street Fighter Alpha 3 - R. Mika Stage by cldz Download Link [STAGES / RELEASE / 1.1 / 1280x720] Stages from Fire Emblem Heroes by Ryon Download Links: Mediafire / Onedrive Sunday, 02/05/2017 [RESOURCE / COLOR SEPARATION / RELEASE] .sff with Color Seperation for G-knux19's Broly by Speedster/Dan Mt.Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Nappa by TheAnswer Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Fujiwara no Mokou by Ricepigeon [RESOURCE / AI PATCH / RELEASE] AI Patch for Froz's Wolverine by WBPA [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Stan Lee/Spider-Lee by Kidthomas [STAGES / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Kinnikuman Muscle Fight - Ring (Two versions) by Valgallah Download Link - HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND THE END -
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    I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday.
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    Check out my new 8-bit cover :P  

    Check out my new 8-bit cover :P
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    about the guild vs archive war

    Pretty sure you've been warned before for starting this exact same shit. Seems like you didnt listen at all. Thread locked.
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    about the guild vs archive war

    You're a goddamn fool. And that's putting it nicely. Archive being visited more means Guild is going to get killed? Definitely won't go to you for your analytical skills considering you lack them. As has been said, people only go to archive just to upload random shit for the sake of downloading a character they want. Truth is that the people you see in Mugen forums are in the minority among the community. The majority only care about downloading as many characters as they can and building a "collection". So naturally, archive would have more visitors. In terms of having an actual community, Guild has Archive beaten by miles. And the fact that you claim that Guild started the drama proves further that you lack analytical skills and that you're a white knight for Archive.
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    "I apologize for yesterday, I tried dual booting TrueOS. but instead deletes everything off my Hard disk (Including Every MUGEN Characters and CS X TBM Project), I had a huge accident on my Hard drive, so I'm stuck with ubuntu for life." ~CSAvion I told him that he must keep going as I got some backups for him. So please let all root for him to keep on moving! -WIP Characters I saved for him- CS-X-TBM Yoko CS-X-TBM Ami CS-X-TBM Yumi CS-X-TBM Julie CS-X-TBM Chuck Celesteela #KeepGoingAvion
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    O_o 233 notifications..... mamma mia...... well then, I'm sorry every one, my connection looks Broken again (its speed has turned into 20 KB per sec)! it will be fixed soon, and the pink will be downloadable! he is complete, but because of my connection....
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    UPDATE: Posting under a Guest account is now disabled.
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    Some recent commission sprites I've done:
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    I'm Back, My update webite Now.http://sryutaro.wixsite.com/ryutarofuture
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    Artoria Alter

    Seruzad by Azu released 2/13/17

    Seruzad by Azu released 2/13/17 Original character, only has air specials/supers https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ALyPG-G9fWG6Yz8&id=E7674E3D8A2510B5!187&cid=E7674E3D8A2510B5
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    about the guild vs archive war

    Bored, were you? Needed some attention? It's hilarious that you even consider it a war, but then again, you're literally the only person who keeps kicking up the dust. Loads of site views? Well duh, people come looking for MUGEN downloads and pornographic content. Loads of users? People having to sign up to download stuff. Loads of forum activity? People having to post in the forums just to get their rank high enough to bypass download restrictions. Mystery solved. Now zip it.
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    DS12 Productions

    Pink panther's beta release!

    Found a few bugs that you could fix in the full release. Here they are: - I personally feel like his specials could use more sounds - I know that Air B and C is a one-button masher but its movehit is infinite. Try increasing the pausetime. - Also the share palettes boxes aren't checked on certain sprites such as the walking back sprites. - Apparently the rabbit special and the bomb special can be spammed. - Also try to find an explosion sound for when the bomb goes off cause the current sound doesn't go with it very well. - Assist Big Nose and Assist Dog can be spammed - The midnight bliss movehit for QCB + a needs serious work. - The hurt animation time for the saxophone should be shorter as if they stay that way too long even if Pink finishes that hyper - The rabbits don't even attack the opponent when Pink dashes right through them but instead it just disappears automatically as you can see from this GIF: That's all for now. Keep up the good work with the update ali! :)
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    Post Fanart Thread

    Kagerou x sundae
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    It's been awhile, my family and I are taking it day by day, and I know everything's going to be fine. Grandma passed away peacefully in her sleep, her death was tough to endure, and the fact that I was one of the pallbearers only made it tougher, but I'm doing alright. Also, I understand I have a knack for posting some rather sensitive things, and I feel like I owe an apology to everyone here, I don't know why, but that's just how I feel. My main reason for posting as such is the fact that I like hearing others opinions on stuff like that. I know that may sound strange, but that's just me being me, and I would never post anything to cause trouble or to insult anybody, that's a promise. With that being said I should be able to return tomorrow, I miss this place.
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    MFFAWN #10 (Jan 16 - Jan 22, 2017) by Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ and gui0007 You Can't Make This Shit Up For Training, Korean Zoo Security shoots foam at furries. Monday, 01/16/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 640x480] Pixel Marsh by Insigniawarfare / xX-Nero-Xx Download Link Soooo Monday was kinda slow. But this stage more than makes up for it. Tuesday, 01/17/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] Far Away by Dj Luke VIDEO PREVIEW Download Links: Mediafire / 4shared [CHAR / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Metal Slug Alice by cwn [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Haunted Canoe by RU Design VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 320x240 & 640x480] City Streets (Street Smart) by Aspros VIDEO PREVIEW Wednesday, 01/18/2017 [CHAR / RELEASE & UPDATE / 1.1 / AI: Normal] Kiryu and Gojira by Kaiju Wars Download Links: Kiryu / Gojira [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 1280x720] Meteor X (Godzilla Domination) by Kaiju Wars Download Link [SCREENPACK / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Marvel vs. Capcom Screenpack by Mordecool VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHAR / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Aeshi-Nero (Metal Slug / Right side) by nightterror599 VIDEO PREVIEW Thursday, 01/19/2017 [CHAR / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Joe Higashi by Soy Sauce [CHAR / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Yoko Kurama by GersonXBR VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Configurable] Mr. Karate, Elisabeth, Ryo, Robert and Takuma (KOF XIII+Custom) by eken55 Topics: 1 / 2 Friday, 01/20/2017 [FULL GAME / RELEASE / Winmugen / 640x480] The King of Fighters: Challenge to Ultimate Battle by Brazombie VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link Saturday, 01/21/2017 [CHARACTER CS / RELEASE / 1.0] Color Separation for Infinite's B. Jenet by WooshaQ Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 320x240] KOF 2002 UM - Mediterranean Sea by Reginukem Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Sakuya Izayoi by Ricepigeon [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Rashou Mon by KazeSayuru [CHARACTER / UPDATE / Win & 1.0 / AI: Hard] Xehrnyth by LuciferlShiningL Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Bills/Beerus by Sheld VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGES / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 320x240] All Stages from Super Variable Geo by Cenobite 53 Download Link Sunday, 01/22/2017 [CHARACTERS / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: No] King and Marshall Law (Tekken 2 NES Bootleg) by Exclamation_Question Download Link [CHRACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] MvC2 Iceman by REDHOT Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Kiyohime by Hetyo [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Resonance by Deoxgigas Download Link [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Batman by Alucard, edited to "POTS Style" by Tavo Lopez VIDEO PREVIEW [CHARACTERS / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Stegosaurus, Triceratops and T-Rex (Joe & Mac) by Dark Ruler Download Link Weeky Funnies Winner! posted January 18 by Cook4521 - THE END IS HERE -
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    Is this the new Dragon Maid Anime?
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    MFFAWN #13 (Feb 06 - Feb 12, 2017) by gui0007 & Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Husbanndυ Swiggity Swooty, he's comin' for that Booty. Monday, 02/06/201 [CHAR / UNFINISHED / RELEASE / 1.1 / AI: No] Tatsuya Shiba (DBFC: Ignition) by Ryon VIDEO PREVIEW Download Links: Mediafire / Onedrive [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 1280x720] Ship on Fire by mete122 Download Link [CHAR / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Might Guy (NZC+Custom) by CobraG6 VIDEO PREVIEW Tuesday, 02/07/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] My City in Ruins by Charles2011 Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 640x480] Membarances Home by WlanmaniaX Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Emperor Sinzross by goodbot16 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Metal Slug Regular Training Camp by nightterror599 VIDEO PREVIEW Wednesday, 02/08/2017 [RESOURCE / AI PATCH / RELEASE] AI Patch for Ethan Lives Alpha Doll by danzey VIDEO PREVIEW [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Kinnikuman Muscle Fight - Machinery by Valgallah Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Shiryu Dragon (JUS Style) by Shadow Mercer VIDEO PREVIEW Thursday, 02/09/2017 [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Ruili (Nitroplus Blasterz / Edit of Drowin's Toki) by fengkkkkkkkkk/F⑨K VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [RESOURCE / AI PATCH / RELEASE] AI Patch for Froz's Gill by WBPA Download Link [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Charlotta Fenia (Granblue Fantasy) by cwn VIDEO PREVIEW Friday, 02/10/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] KOF '96 - Osaka Stage by Falcon Rapper VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Nega Ryo by Kamekaze Download Link [STAGES / RELEASE & UPDATE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 720p & 1280x720] Barbon's Alley (SOR 2) and KOF '94 - Korea Stage by ELECTRO VIDEOS PREVIEW: Barbon's Alley / KOF '94 - Korea Stage Download Links: Barbon's Alley / KOF '94 - Korea Stage Saturday, 02/11/2017 [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: No] Shinnosuke Kagami (LB+KOF) by lucas9999 VIDEO PREVIEW Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / Win & 1.0 / 640x480] Misaki School (Melty Blood) Gameboy Edition by Saiyajin Mui Download Link [STAGES / RELEASE & UPDATE / 1.0 & 1.1 / 720p & 1280x720] Roof Tops (Riot City) & Gairyu Isle (Samurai Shodown) by ELECTRO VIDEOS PREVIEW: Roof Tops / Gairyu Isle Download Links: Roof Tops / Gairyu Isle [CHARACTER / EDIT / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Haku (NZC) by shingeki no mugen, edited by Yukimaru404 VIDEO PREVIEW Sunday, 02/12/2017 [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / 640x480] Shi'ar Galactic Prison by The Erix [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Kashima (Kantai Collection) by 2580shota (Pass: 練習艦) [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 / AI: Hard] Samus Aran by Unknown Author [CHARACTER / UPDATE / 1.0 / AI: Normal] Sakuya Izayoi by Ricepigeon [CHARACTER / RELEASE / 1.0 & 1.1 / AI: Normal] Goku (Super Butouden 3) by FastFlash Download Link [STAGE / RELEASE / 1.1 / 640x480] Gustab's Final Revenge by Dj Luke VIDEO PREVIEW Download Links: Mediafire / 4shared [CHARACTER & STAGE / RELEASE / 1.0 / CHAR AI: Normal / STAGE RESOLUTION: 640x480] Union (Metal Slug Char) and Metal Slug 7 - Scrap Island Stage by 吳承曇 VIDEO PREVIEW Weekly Funnies Winner! Based in a Status Update posted by RoySquadRocks at Feb, 12 - THE END -
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    Ultraman X by Bakisimu [1/28/2017]

    Ultraman X by Bakisimu [1/28/2017] https://onedrive.live.com/
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    Anyone who uses the Discord chat might want to change their passwords due to a data leak in Cloudflare's servers. https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/23/major-cloudflare-bug-leaked-sensitive-data-from-customers-websites/
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    isn't the moderation a bit biased?

    >says own thread is "informative" >calls people with opinions differing from himself are "lackeys".
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    about the guild vs archive war

    An information thread? Looks like a drama thread to me and I know I'm not the only that believes so. Let's go even deeper, what the hell made you think anyone here even gave a damn about this? You're.not lookong to inform peopke, you're looking to recruit people to your cause.
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    about the guild vs archive war

    Meanwhile, this thread...
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    Junpei Iori by Ajiyayakko [2/17/2017]

    he is junpei iori from shin megami tensei persona 3, persona 3 fes y persona 3 portable
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    Hello, I'm an animator who is full of graditute! Hi! My name is Daniel, and I basically do animations in my free time, a lot of which derive from sprites used in Mugen (which you can view here https://www.youtube.com/user/Hyourinjutsu ), mostly crossover fights inbetween characters and mostly Dragonball what-if scenarios using Extreme Butoden sprites for example: I realised this forum is a really great place, as it really made it possible for me to do all there sort of animations, and thought I should join in to say hello and thank you!
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    Stage Releases: Membarances' Home (with 1.1 compatible) As you may know why I am updating Dib's fully update, well I released his house to replace into the Skool one as Dib's stage update! Download Dib's stage update!
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    Today I will release the updates for my characters (few of them) and re-release some older stuff I released back in 2014/2015. Expect some "love" from me today :P
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    Heidern POTS/Infinite by Falcon Rapper "Porque o guerreiro de fé nunca gela" by: Racionais mc's Hahaha... Prepare for the "Ikari Judgment"... I'm passing here to show you the char that I "recreated", after a certain and tiring time it's finally over ... Well, I present to you "Heidern POTS-Infinite" by Falcon Rapper (Yes I am hehehe myself, in the future) The biggest challenge was the separation of colors, because it was ready and I decided to make more colors to put on his cap so that it could become hair hahaha ... The char is in "POTS / Infinite" mode (graphics and sparks in HD, fights mode setup, see Config.txt) plus have some new punches (preserving all strokes of KOF char, of course) ... Designed to be played on Mugen 1.0 or Mugen 1.1 (some settings prevent it from running in other versions) What you have: Adapted to be played with 6 buttons (3 for punch and 3 for kick) - Moderate artificial intelligence for difficult (just can not stay close to him and get flirtatious, since he likes a hehehe combo); - 60 palettes (12 normal plus 48 extras, activating config.txt); - All sparks in alpha style POTS effect (except those of blood, which were preserved in the original version) - Ending (edited by me, for now only in the Portuguese language, but soon I will be making it available in other languages, I think :|...) - Blows based on version 2k2 UM (besides the "upercut", the average sliding creep and the "aerial cross cutter", blows that were created by me) - Gameplay that can be changed in config.txt (activation of palette selector, aerial combos, original or classic sound mode, standard or classic commands, etc.) ... - Config.txt (You can activate aerial combos, commands, change sounds, etc.) - All POTS / Infinite mode features (Parry, Custom Combo, etc.) - It can be adapted to be played in the ADD004 mode (it can be activated as a helper and be changed during team mode / simul mode, needs to use add004pie.exe, it works without problems, either in the jump tag style or in the style "Running tag", tested on both) - already converted to ADD004 mode, just rename the folder ("states_add004_tag_jump" or "states_add004_tag_run") put the name "states" and be happy ...: D - You can switch between "standard and classic" modes during the fight (read below for commands / special blows) What is missing: - Sincerely, I only have to correct errors that are found, otherwise there is nothing missing, it is running good ...: P Commands: Special strokes "Command mode: Var (45) = 0" Cross Cutter (can be made in the air) = D, DF, F, punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Moon Slasher = F, D, DF, punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Neck Rolling = F, D, DF, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Storm Bringer = F, DF, D, DB, B, Punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Killing Bringer = F, DF, D, DB, B, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Change = Changes to standard or classic modes during fight, spends 500 mp) = Hold down and press "START" Special strokes "Command mode: Var (45) = 1" Cross Cutter (can be done in the air) = "Load" B, F, punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Moon Slasher = "Charge" D, U, Punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Neck Rolling = "Charge" D, U, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Storm Bringer = F, DF, D, DB, B, Punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Killing Bringer = F, DF, D, DB, B, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Change = Changes to standard or classic modes during fight, spends 500 mp) = Hold down and press "START" Supers LV1 (Made with 1 super bar, no change if change the command variable) Final Bringer (can be done in the air) = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Punch Heidern End = D, DB, B, D, DF, F, kick Supers LV2 (Made with 2 super bars, no change if change the command variable)) Final Bringer (can be done in the air) = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, two punch buttons Heidern End = D, DB, B, D, DF, F, two kick buttons Caliburn = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, two kick buttons Super LV3 (Made with 3 super bars, no change if change the command variable)) Ikari Judgment (created by me, I hope you like: D) = D, DB, B, D, DF, F, two punch buttons (indefensible, but any weak kick cuts ...) Preview: VS Screen: Guile & Nash Colors Tribute Ralf & Clark Colors Tribute Broken (World Heroes) & John Crawley (AOF) Colors Tribute Pallete selector: Download link (Updated, some bugs fixed): Credits: Electbyte (Creator of Mugen) VIrtuallTeck (Creator of Fighter Factory) Raposo, Tatsuo & Zelgadis (Por versões do Heidern usadas neste char) Phanton of the server (best sparks and best style for ground fighting) Infinite (Best fighting style and coding for aerial combos) R@Ce Akira (Help in the update, mainly in the speed of the char) Jmorphman (Best effect for custom combos using helpers) Staubhold & Mpower: Report essential errors Gui007 (Help in promoting chars via Youtube) R.O.K. Team (Reign of Kreation): For accepting a crazy in your team ... :D The entire team and members of Mugenguild and Mugen Free For All, in particular members Nedflandershouse, Aumio Khan, Beto, Anderson Masters, Kingxroyo & TheRedBeast. I dedicate this char first to God, because without him nothing would be possible, to my parents and relatives, my bride and future wife and all those who like me love MUGEN ... :)
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    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    Pokémon Giga Flare.
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    http://freedomplanet2.com/demo_win.php The Freedom Planet 2 demo is out! Quite impressive. I have high hopes for the full version.
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    Thanks to all who gave me birthday wishes today! Also, shoutout to @The Magic Toaster, who's also blowing out candles today!
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    But who will investigate Incident Zero?
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    Infinite Kyo

    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    you ever seen one of those internet ships where its so fucking weird but it actually kinda works? a good example is this or Dante and Bayonetta lol Bruh if this was a Screenpack id have so much fun making ports for it
  41. 3 points

    Nazrin Deluxe by SpaceMouse (2/1/2017)

    Nazrin Deluxe by SpaceMouse (2/1/2017) After much delay I am finally releasing Nazrin Deluxe. She is an edit of .DAT's original version, with a whole lot of stuff added. Think Arrange/Crazy Mukuro. And you'll have a great idea of what I've done. You can download her from my MUGEN page: http://spacey.lv/mugen/
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    [Preview] [Download] http://www.mediafire.com/file/dqf1m95g8fd5pbo/Tatsuya_Shiba.rar https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuXptN8AdWGVq1RIeiPYXORwao_O [Comment] Unlike most HD characters, Mine are actually coded with Localcoord 1280x720, and will scale accordingly to match your mugen resolution. He is generally the height of KFM. He is UNFINISHED. I put in alot of work on him, even doing things I've never done before. However his sounds and voices were never ripped, Soooo.. he is incomplete. I would like to point out my favorite aspects of this character is his effects. It's mostly 1 effect, Rotated Scaled and Flipped to fit the moves, Similar to what I did with my Akira (also from this game). Thank you for download, I'm awaiting feedback, He may not get updated anytime soon but I definately wanted him to get out there.
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    Game Thread ~ Touhou RP: Gensokyo Reloaded

    Current Tier List as of 01/09/17;
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    Beelzemon by Synck a.k.a DuckSS

    Beelzemon by Synck a.k.a DuckSS Well hello there. It's my pleasure to present you my first character for this year, and that's: Beelzemon Compactibility: Mugen 1.0 (I don't suggest 1.1, since there could be a problem with some sprites) Origin: Digimon Tamers / Digimon Battle Spirit (GBA) / Digimon Rumble Arena (PS1) Style: Digimon Rumble Arena Style Video Showcase: Download Link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AkdG2cHZeaxYarBY8vzWFf4Zl5o He's in "Original characters" folder. Read Readme.txt for further information. Feedback is always welcome! Have Fun!
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    MUGEN 1.1 Problem (mugen close down)

    MUGEN 1.1 Problem (close down) Hi, I was working on making new screenpack. I almost done the work, but during test it, it caused a problem. When I first start MUGEN, It does not make any problem yet. But after like these below, It closed down with no messages. (sometimes not) - When I finish watch mode game. - When I finish watch mode game and start arcade mode or another new game. - And sometime, when I finish a game, some sprites of select screen or versus screen broken or disappeared. I don't know why I have to go through this. I checked all def files or sff files to check whether I have some mistakes, but nothing was wrong. (like versiondate, sprite no, actionno..) I had thought that this was caused by a lack of memory. But I'm using 16GB(8x2) RAM(though I don't know much about computer..) and maybe this would not be a problem. I tried to change some option in 'mugen.cfg' but nothing solution happened. (like cache, video option) And I also tried to reduce the sff file's size. But it is not solved at all. This is my sff files size. logo.sff = 203KB press.sff = 12.6MB system.sff = 445KB menu.sff = 20.6MB select.sff = 1.88MB versus.sff = 1.62MB fight.sff = 24.4MB (Add) I changed like below but sometimes it happened. logo.sff = 203KB press.sff = 4.63MB system.sff = 445KB menu.sff = 7.62MB select.sff = 5.4MB versus.sff = 8.52MB fight.sff = 24.4MB Could these size be a problem?? Or are there any other reasons??? I am suffering from this problem for two days. Really want to get out of this terrible hell. Please help or give some advice. Sorry for my bad English and thanks for read.
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    Junpei Iori by Ajiyayakko [2/17/2017]

    Junpei Iori by Ajiyayakko [2/17/2017] https://onedrive.live.com/?id=AE178FE807CFE3BB!107&cid=AE178FE807CFE3BB
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    ED-209 by Ryou Win (February 3, 2017) http://ryouwin.smeenet.org/imagens/ED209HD.gif http://ryouwin.smeenet.org/ Direct Link
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    MVC Kaguya Nanbu

    A MVC Styled Kaguya Nanbu has arrived, I believe this is the 5th PXZ character I made. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://www.mediafire.com/file/1gsr9rayvnv28s1/Kaguya.rar
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