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    • Masterhand128

      After a stupid drama...I´ll back and I´ll forgot that drama!
      Sorry about my brother´s behavior(I think he should stop his behavior) and Daniel(Sorry for you about that hyperbole) is right that fangame was a sh*tty idea!
      This is time for celebrate:
      But for the moment I need a little a break...
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    • Mister Fael

      Not usually my job...but this is so stupid...
      · 0 replies
    • MugoUrth

      Since when did "Salty" replace the term "Butthurt?"
      · 2 replies
    • Cook4251

      I've got good news. You see, there's no to wonder where your god is. Cuz he's right here, and he's fresh out of mercy...!
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    • Txpot  »  TMC55

      Replying to this message you sent me  ("Rip sprites from 2d fighter maker") In case you didn't get it:
      I ripped the sprites using a combination of recording a video of the characters fighting using Hypercam 2 and then print-screening and editing the images, and changing some of the values of the files itself to try and open them from the "2D Fighter Maker 95" editor (Although that failed to get the sprites).
      Bizarre Fighters seemed to be encrypted, because it can't be opened in any of the fighter maker editors without using a hex editor, so I decided to rip them out the hard way. If your game just so happens to be locked in the same way, just opening them from a program won't work.
      This is the method I came up with to get the information from Bizarre Fighters:
      Here's how I did it using the Free Hex Editor, "XVI32":
      1. Open the character file (example: "[name].player" files) using the hex editor.
      2. Change the first seven letters you see that says "KGTGAME" in the decimal address panel into "2DKGT95" (a newly-created/RTP .player file's first seven letters you see). Save the file.
      3. Try to open the file in the editor for 2D Fighter Maker 95 editor. To do this, create a new game, select the "Players" tab, and then right-click the empty space and select "Add Player From File". It will come up with an error that says "Err.Open Player C:\[Bizarre Fighters folder]\[name].player.img". If this happens, you're on the right track.
      4. Make a copy of the hex-edited file in the same folder and add the extension ".player.img" to the copied file.
      5. Repeat step 3 to make the error say something like this: "Err.Open Player C:\[Bizarre Fighters folder]\[name].player.sound". Repeat Step 4, but add the extension ".player.sound" to the copied file. After this, you should have 3 character files: "???.player", "???.player.img", and "???.player.sound"
      6. If all went well, you should be able to open the file! If not, open the file that was duplicated with the extension ".player.img" using the hex editor and change all but the letter "D" into "." (use the hex address panel and use "00" to change the letters except the letter "D".)
      7. Now you should be able to open the file!
      However, this is all I got up to. Out of the 696 sprites I can view from Mario using the editor, I can only rip out about a few sprites perfectly. Every other sprite comes out garbled.
      I also noticed another user here called Valgallah who posted stages for the same game. Maybe s/he has the answer to what you need.
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