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  2. shaokahn64

    Monster: Ancient Cline

    Ok, this is game is 100% furry. but wanna about nsfw edit's ?
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  4. Okay then in that case for future project I just have to make very short sound FX.wav for the system.snd for mugen 1.1 for now on and thank for your info and your help :)
  5. mulambo

    mulambo's artworks

    Joe VS Jeffrey (revision artwork) Development process: http://emanuelepepi.blogspot.com/2018/07/joe-vs-jeffrey.html Full print: https://www.artpal.com/emanuelepepi?i=25149-53
  6. skips2267

    MVC2 Lifebar

    This is a lifebar from MVC2 hd but i changed the portraits to regular portraits s it can work (there are some things that dont work too well with it though) you can download it here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/8rq2w66bbf04lcd/MVC2.zip
  7. skips2267


    im new here
  8. Nodog

    Sony PlayStation

    The old, old Parappa (the one that constantly disappears and doesn't have any Specials or Hypers) is actually made by a fellow named "Wakewakame", according to one of the 4 readmes I got in my download of him. He's heavily based off a Wolverine from the same year he was released (2000), to the point that some references to Wolverine are left unchanged.
  9. AstroInkling45

    So, after Katz Motel was made as a stage...

    No problem.
  10. WlanmaniaX

    So, after Katz Motel was made as a stage...

    Hmm....not sure about that idea by you. I was thinking of a plan that is the mystery stage from a few days later after I finished my video preview of Ed and Courage's updates. Thanks for your suggestion, by the way!
  11. I feel like there should be another stage from Courage such as the Town of Nowhere. The Bagge Farmhouse was already MUGENized, so why not the Town of Nowhere?
  12. A Villager Spritesheet i've been workin on :P

    Its not that complete (Cause it is a work in progress)


  13. after all the years of playing mugen ona keyboard, I play ona pad the first time and its not that bad

  14. MissingLuigi

    Sayaka Miki WIP

    Seems really interesting! Wish you good luck with developing and I'll be looking out for when it's released.
  15. PlasmoidThunder

    Does anyone know how to fix WAV sound on Mugen 1.1 ?

    Repeating what I said on YouTube, it's a known issue with 1.1. The way around it is to increase the fade transition between screens, but that ends up looking really odd. It's not just Arcade Mode where it occurs either, as any menu transition will cut sound effects off.
  16. Shou

    Kamen Rider Series

    Yea its working now. Last time i tried to download, the files is always 0 byte.
  17. (Hyde immediately jump backwards and landed on his feet) Hyde: (I'm not going down, not yet) Hyde: Black Orbiter! (Hyde slashes a circling red projectile towards LightFlare)
  18. Does anyone know how to fix WAV sound on Mugen 1.1 ? for the system.snd because when I select my character the sound only plays haft way ?and how do you go about to make it play the sound all the way for the mugen 1.1 software ?here a video that I made and I explain about it even more detail, I hope anyone can take the time help me out how to config it the sound for mugen 1.1
  19. Hi fido are you using bitmap font or true type font ? also please remove this thing hey dont belong there ;Win quote text winquote.text = "Winner!" ;Default win quote text to show winquote.offset = 270,220 ;320 winquote.font = 5,0,1 winquote.window = 18,171, 301,228 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< remove this because is crap winquote.textwrap = w ;Word wrap also be sure that your bitmap or true type Definition are in the right spacing and size
  20. What a move! LightFlare is here and he's wasting no time! 10 sec in and Lightflare scores the first knockdown! The crowd chants LightFlare's name again as LightFlare takes his stance awaiting the 10 count from the announcer. 1...2...3...4... (That was a bit careless...but I know he's got more.)

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

    I updated [email protected]'s Eternal Sailor Moon!! She can finally works in Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1 😁 Link - https://www.sendspace.com/file/16ko12
  22. AstroInkling45

    Katz Motel (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

    Now that's what I'm talking about! Nowhere isn't the only Courage stage for MUGEN now!
  23. I Know I Do Look At These FINE Barbie Dolls
  24. Yesterday
  25. Nep Heart

    Sayaka Miki WIP

    For the first time ever, I showcase my Sayaka Miki project in a few test matches.
  26. Nep Heart

    Nep MUGEN

    For the first time ever, I showcase my Sayaka Miki project in a few test matches.
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