Fate/stay Night

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From Fate/Sword Dance




Archer edited by Seravy

Assassin's voice

Lancer's voice

Rider's voice

Archer's Alternative palette (closer to the actual game/anime versions)


Based on Fate/Zero (Nitro Royale gameplay)



Saber edited by SxVector (Melty Blood Gameplay)





Caster edited by SnowWolf (Warning: Cheap)


From Fate/Hollow Ataraxia



Battle Moon Wars



Melty Blood-Styled



Other-Styled (High-Res)



Password for Sakura: rokuyuki

Password for Saber Extra: deadhead

Password for Rider: rider


Bad characters

Those characters are bad-programmed, badly edited and highly unplayable, added just for collection sake


Fate/Zero = pure ownage



Fate/Sword Dance Stages by Ouchi

Fate/Stay Night Stages by Uso=Bidan

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Stages by Uso=Bidan

Arranged Stages by Kileak



Fate/Stay Night Screenpack by Uso=Bidan [320x240/Winmugen+]

Fate/Stay Night Screenpack by Zinesis [640x480/1.0]

Fate/Unlimited Code Lifebars by Kohaku [320x240/Winmugen+]

Fate/Unlimited Code Lifebars by DartzPie [1280x720/1.1]

Fate/Stay Night Intros by Shiroto

Combo font from Fate/Sword Dance

Custom Portraits

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It got the new update of oresama (the Gilgamesh with armor), but I still need to update Sakura, I was holding to announce both together but here it is. Everything else is up to date

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I think the saber in the Fate/Sword dance section is incorrect, it's the j_saber, from fate/zero.

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Saber from Fate Sword Dance and Zero Saber are the same, both use the same link. Anyone have the Fate Sword Dance version ?? cuz that s the one missing.

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we didn't forget Ultimecia has been gone for a loooong time these are her threads alot of em :/

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Here's copy paste this line to her .def file then save it.



 [Info]name = "iriya"displayname = "Illyasviel von Einzbern"versiondate = 11,22,2000mugenversion = 11,22,2000author = "TABIBITO"pal.defaults = 1 ; Files for the player[Files]cmd     = iriya.cmdst      = -2&-3_2.cnsst3     = common1.cnsst2     = iriya.cnsst4     = DUST.cnscns     = iriya.cnssprite  = iriya.sffanim    = iriya.airsound   = iriya.sndpal1    = iriya.act

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Anybody know how to DL Saber in the top of this topic? http://mugen.the-chronicles.org/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=895

Under the Saber's portrait pic that appear, there is a [Download Saber] button, you have to click it many times, cuz in that website you get a message like this :



Slow Down! You are trying to download files too quickly. You must wait 12 seconds before you may download another file.

Well, try it like 10 times giving it some mins between every try, you will get eventually.


Good luck.

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