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Do not worry about the 2011 file name you are downloading the right file I just didn't rename the folder where I made the Rar files thats why it retains its 2011 name.

This is a Dragon Ball Z themed MUGEN FULLGAME

I did not create any of the characters and stages present in the game credits all goes to their creator. I only did a few edits and fixes on the sp and some of the characters in the game.

Game Resolution 640x480

DBZ 2011 Originally made by Ristar87 and Xed – Modified a little by Zinesis

Included here:

Extra folder – containing the newly added chars to the game

Rumble Fish Lifebar by Zion (1p & 2p Combo Fonts 1.0 Fixed by Zinesis)


Ristar87 & Xed – for the 2011 DBZ compilation game and sp

ZINESIS - username/Arklegend Zinesis - username/Izin

Special Thanks to Ryon and the guys behind the MFFA DBZ Mugen Collection

And a BIG THANKS to all of the DBZ character and stages authors

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well the link to that game isnt working, looks great too link 1 and link 5 are down, anyone else get this game and can possibly upload 1 link to mega or anywhere

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