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10 hours ago, ennki said:

Good Job.

So cool Ultimate Form.

Two hits of 236C can not chain.


>>other ver (WinMUGEN etc)

Error in writing def file.

1.Fix from [author "Mura, 7Bnanabe"] to [author="Mura, 7Bnanabe"]

2.Fix from [st4=-2, -3.cns] to [st4=-2,-3.cns]

3.[-2, -3.cns] rename [-2,-3.cns]

Other places were OK.

Def file fixed, thank you very much!! n.n

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- Zeronos by Fujiyama (it looks like he made a lot of KR related stages as well, so i added the link under stage section. Also changed the name of KR Tiger's author to "Fujiyama" instead of "a")

- Found out that A-Jin's Blade has been updated and it uses different sprites than the others, so i changed the link and added the new image.

- Amazon Alpha edit by Anomipolis

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On 2017/10/20 at 2:39 AM, KR-Shinkuu said:

Has Ex-Aid been updated so far? I managed to find
but unlike Ghost-making, I was unable to download the files properly. Is there another way of downloading these files?

You may not be able to access the file over time, change the time and try again.

1:ex-aid.7z 2:エグゼイドAI キック頻度低下パッチ.zip

(There is also a bonus patch in Exaid_ActFixidea.7z)

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