Creator's Edits Collection: TwistedSynapse & Below273

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Both TwistedSynapse and Below are good friends of mine and I can say with confidence that they're amazing at what they do. If you haven't seen these characters in action yet, I highly recommend that you do.

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I uploaded Below273's chaarcters to the archive, but bad news. Mr Brazil fun killer aka Jansen uplaoded them to the wrong places. Twisted's work are more jokey then Below' I'm guessing so now we will ahve to tell him to move them. And trust me, when I uploaded Below's charcaters he went mad. And I've already had a bad evening myself. CXan one of you guys please tell him to move em. I just want to have fun with these characters. Btw, One time I came to SpriteClub for a quick peak and I saw S H O W T I M E on it. I kinda wanted him. Now I can have him :D.

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It think it is more important to have the original author credited in these uploads, as most of TwistedSynapse's didn't. (You could find them in their respective .def file). Heck, some of the names out there are mispelled. As for the joke part, some of these are more AI patch with funny name than actual joke edits but some of these are, most notably S H O W T I M E and every Below's except maybe Orochi Marisa. Glad that Below's chars have their original author being credited properly.

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We have seen various things in some MUGEN communites that made me go ''sigh'''. This is obviously not the main goal of this collection. Let the mods handle them properly. As we are actually in a warehouse, we are happy that two authors shared us their works for us to like, or don't like, for a fighting engine that we all love and enjoy.


Also...talking about my concerns to TwistedSynapse leads me to responses such as this, so there is no big thing to really worry about. Below's response is basically the same also.Ttbn2Vx.png

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On 2/10/2018 at 1:09 PM, HelloMyNameIsAAA said:

TwistedSynapse & Below273

Well, this happened. These two authors, whose chars are seen in MUGEN betting sites (SaltyBet and SpriteClub), are all edits to existing characters. These are made to fight against AI characters along with other twists. Some of them are very silly, and others are only made for the sake of having an agressive AI along with stronger moves, so download them with caution. Please note that you can see the original author of said characters in the .def file.



Here is some permission I have saved when asking politely about releasing their character publicly. These are not that necessary, but they are useful if I don't want to be seen as a leaker.


8f1aPxS.png CFr8zzj.png






Red: Extremely cheap character





|| FOR MEDICORP AND FOR SCIENCE: Link || Button Masher Onomatopoeia: Link || Ultra VIolent Dan: Link || Playa Heita: Link || Change Dragon: Link || Broly LSSJ3: Link ||



|| Driggle EX: Link || Driver's License Kirby: Link ||



|| RascALEX: Link || TS Link: Link || Blazing Winnie: Link || Ring Man ga Taosenai: Link || S H O W T I M ELink || Jobber Jose: Link ||



|| Hyogas de HYAAAAAAAAAA: Link || Multi-Mongori: Link || M4xime: Link ||




|| Yuki Nagato: Link || Malicious Nue: Link || PressF MedoiLink || Windows 95 Pro Edition: Link ||



fIOFyBd.gif  YT4HF8n.gifDawp11z.gifMWGo3pl.gif55BA8Lb.gif


|| Deathsaurus II: Link || Iori Bogard: Link || Orochi Marisa: Link || Pa-Puru: Link || Heiho: Link ||

Love the characters are there more...

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