Holiday Presents for the Forum

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Holiday Presents for the Forum


This year, behind the scenes, I've been preparing a few special surprises for the forum :)
  I'm not giving any clues, no hints, no "sneak peaks" nada!   I'll just say I think they're going to kick the site up a little bit,
and I reeeallly hope you like em!  There are 4 presents total, and a stocking stuffer that's not shown here,
aaand here's the dates we'll tear the paper off these shiny new toys!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ December 8th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bodhi Day:  the presence of the presents is revealed...

~ December 21st ~
Winter Solstice,  Soyal,  Yalda

~ December 25th ~

Christmas, Newtonmas,  Quaid-e-Azam's Day,  Koliada,  Pancha Ganapati, Decemberween

~ December 26th ~
End of Hanukkah,  Beginning of Kwanza

~ December 31st ~

New Years Eve


d35MaSD.png      3rl2epU.png   

PRMZcCd.png  hzQmRFV.png


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The Clubs feature is now open for business!!!  Wtf are clubs you ask?  Clubs are like little mini forums within the forum.  They each have their own moderators who can manage club members and create topics sections.  And in those topics sections, members can post topics.  Almost like groups on Facebook.  Anyone can start one, and when you do you automatically become the groups Owner.  You can then make other group members moderators or leaders.  (mods can manage content, leaders can manage content and members).  And of course, Global Mods still have run of the show lol They still have all the same authority over the club leaders like any other members.

Aaaand with all that being said, have at it!  It's all you, go nuts, create clubs for anything and everything!  Have discussions about wtf ever you want!  Check the top nav bar, and click Clubs to check it out!

Friendly suggestion, anyone looking to form Mugen Content Creation teams might find this a really useful tool for doing so...

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lol they're being opened over the course of this week.  
I originally wanted to do them all on the 1st, but I didn't have the time to get all of it together, due to the malware issue, and general holiday chaos on my end.
Oh life.   But anyway....


Once upon a time, we had a "What's New?" button on the top nav bar that brought you
to this, how do I put it, "difficult to look at" activity stream.

But now we have a snazzy new "Timeline" button, which brings you to this shiny new 
updated timeline, which I've done up in the theme of other social media sites like twitter and ye ol' fb.

Lots of styling work went into this, pulling back certain text, pushing other text forward to make things easier to read,
easier to pick out what people are actually saying, and who was saying it.  The comments on posts got re-styled to get rid

of that vertical line on the left, round out the edges, and space them properly from the sides.   The discord widget was
completely fuckin overhauled,  and so was the user block widget.  I also converted the popular topics list into a scrolling
top 100 topics, and overall the sidebar might undergo some small changes over the next couple weeks / month as it gets
settled in.  The embeds got some attention, the nav bar and rss buttons got it too.  The top area, custom stream
menu (in the pic where it says "Posts by Members I follow") got completely redone.  but...

The pièce de résistance in this feature is the "What's on your mind?" button up top.  It let's users add a new status update
in the spirit of twitter-book, which rounds out the whole "timeline" theme.

Aaaaaand there you have it.  We now have a social media stream on MFFA  lol have fun, enjoy!  Put it to good use!  
Share shit, drop some fucked up memes on me!

Happy Christmas, Newtonmas,  Quaid-e-Azam's Day,  Koliada,  Pancha Ganapati and Decemberween!!!!!!

(....aaand a little teaser.  We, uh, "might" be voting on some new reaction emoticons to go with it soon, member submissions welcome :)

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Ladies and gentlemen, we now have chat.  Live chat, in a little un-intrusive window that's accessible just about everywhere on the forum.  And not only can you chat about your grandmothers hugs, but it handles picture embedding, let's you spice up your noise with your favorite onion head emojis, member tagging (just click their name), lets you turn sound notifications on and off, aaaaand keeps you up-to-date by auto-posting links to all forum activity.  Links that open in new tabs, so they don't fuck with your scroll flow. This nifty little doohicky does it all.  So, let the babble begin!!!  Happy Hanukkah and Kwanza to those who celebrate!  And happy un-hacked now to everyone at MFFA!!!  Uber special thanks to Aлескей for that one :)

Here's where you find it.  Just click the little tab, and it'll pop out.                                           And here's what it looks like.  Oh yes.                          
F8mXwLG.png                                        qRLqfg1.png


(You must have at least 3 posts before you're allowed to chat, in order prevent spam)
One more to go....

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