Rick Strowd (CvS3/DivineWolf style) by Hairline733

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Rick Strowd, the boxer from the Fatal Fury now in DivineWolf style. Rick's move is relatively fast and revolves around quick, frenzy combos although that may cause him to get punishment if his opponent defend well. He can also switch to defensive by using counterattack technique.





Link: https://goo.gl/akp4HE




.Gung Ho!: F(or B) + PP (near opponent)               
.1,2: F + strong P (Overhead, chain into strong P, strong K)



.Shooting Star (EX): D, DF, F + P (PP with 500MP) 
.Hellion (EX): F, D, DF + P (PP with 500MP)
.Blazing Moonburst Fever (EX): D, DB, B + P (PP with 500MP)
.Divine Blast (EX): D, DB, B + K (KK with 500MP) (Ex Version Unblockable)
.Step Hook (EX): B, DB, D, DF, F + K (KK with 500MP)
   .Second Step (After Step Hook): K



.Gaia Press(MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P (PP with 2 super bars)
.Tivaci Beatdown(MAX): D, B, D, F + P (PP with 2 super bars)
.Howling Bull: F, B, DB, D, DF + KK


<Lv3 Super>

.White Wolfs Fury: D, F, D, B + medium P + medium K

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