Hello Eveyone, Im Shun

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Hello, Im Shun


Hi, I just created this anime mugen game, its called "Mugengers 2 (the ultimate battle) and it consists of characters from the five (5) top anime's




*One Peice

*Fairy Tail.

With stages from each of this anime and some really enticing soundtracks. Here is the link to download[The_Ultimate_Battle]_by_Olaosebikan_Emmy.rar

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Hey, welcome to the forum!  
Hope you enjoy your time here, and find everything you're looking for.

Please, no worries, but just for future reference, usually if you're releasing something, the spot to post it is the [ RELEASES ] section.  
You'll see it on the front page.  It breaks down into further sub-sections for specific types of releases, and I believe the one you're looking for is here:
Again, no worries, we know it takes a minute to get acclimated to the place.  

Hope you like what you find here :)

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